44 Yrs Old Implant Removal Without Replacement - United Kingdom

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Hi I have had my implants in for about 11 yrs now,...

I have had my implants in for about 11 yrs now, for the last few yrs I have hated them! They feel heavy and make me look bigger than I accually am. I had them done just to fill them up a bit after breast feeding , I was happy with my B cup but they were a bit saggy, wish I had uplift then instead!

Gutted delayed surgery

Totally gutted! Saw surgeon last night and he is not happy to do my explant and uplift! So I now have to wait four!!!! Mths for my original surgeon. I know this is for the best but I want them out yesterday!! Feeling pretty low but at least it will get done eventually and I have about 10lbs to lose so will be better to have done then I suppose , so pissed off!!

Nearing surgery date!!

Staring to feel very anxious about surgery in 11 days!!! Alternating between hating implants and can't wait for them to be out, and looking at them thinking they don't look to bad am I making a mistake!! I know I'm doing the right thing I'm just worried I will be unhappy with the uplift result ! I'm grumpy not pleasant to be around and can't concentrate on anything!!! I'm making mistakes at work and generally hate everyone and everything at the min!! I just want it over with now!! I have told a little white lie to work to get the time off because I had no holidays , I told them I had a capsule so I needed to have implants taken out. I don't tell lies and I hate telling them this so I think it's making me more anxious ! I don't talk about my surgery really with anyone even close family I just want to be left alone to get on with it so I'm not really doing so good emotionally at the min.

Surgery day

Today's the day!! I have just had breakfast even though I really struggled to eat my stomach is like a washing machine this morn!! Hubby has got up with me, very nervous about how I will feel later when they are gone! I can't concentrate on anything and my stress cleaning has gone into over drive the last few days! I have only told a few people what I'm having done so I don't get pestered with questions. Will post pics as soon as I can.

All done!!!

Well it's over!! They are out and surgeon has done a fab job! They look great already but only had a small peek and can't see underneath at scars. I was in a lot of pain when I woke up yest and got worried but it subsided after few hrs when painkiller etc kicked in and now I'm just very sore but have not needed painkiller this morn. Will post pic when I'm home and change bra. The only thing I would advise anyone is ask your particular surgeon what bra to get because I bought an expensive Macon one and he did not like it so had to use my old faithful sweaty Betty sports bra which he preferred and I had took just in case!! Have to stop on way home and grab another so can swop !
Mini meltdown just before I accually went for surgery and I felt bad for my hunby and nurses, but I just asked off the cuff about sick note be use patient co ordinator has said it would be no prob them giving me one and I told a small fib to work that I had a capsule that had to be removed because I had no hols left! Anyway nurse said no they do not give sick note because it's elective surgery !!! Well I broke my heart panicking about losing job just before they took me down !! So not good! I'm hoping they will be able to sort something for me this morn if not I will try ask my own doc! As it turns out they did remove capsule and have sent it off to pathology! Ramble over now sorry , I am beyond pleased to have the implants out and back to normal !

Day 2 post op

Hi I wasnt really upto taking pics yesterday but managed to do one this morn at day 2/3 . I am very uncomfortable when moving about , if I sit still it's not to bad dont really think painkillers are helping . I am grumpy and irritable not being able to do any cleaning etc which is bonkers I know I'm a loon, I'm just fussy and don't like any one else doing it ( my poor hubby!!) boobs look really good I think , I feel very swollen and left they took capsule from is bit more painful. I have blood under right breast and not sure if should get it checked, nurse did say. Bit of blood was ok I'm just not sure if this counts as a bit ( put pics on)

8 days post op

Really pleased upto now, think I have been very luck very little bruising. Right side still not healed as well as left . Had dressing changed for the first time yesterday and got to have a look. Still tiny bit of blood on right dressing this morn but could just be from having it cleaned and redressed yesterday . Feeling much better not as tired and pain is minimal to none last few days, it's mainly uncomfortable when moving about.

14 days post op

Dressings off! Still sore but not to bad. my boobs feel bigger than when first had op? Has anyone else found this? I know I'm still swollen but thought they would go smaller not bigger?

6 weeks post op

Happy with results, been back for check up an surgeon wants me to stay in sportsbra another 3/4 weeks! Skin is still tight and he said will soften and change shape. I did try have a bra fitting the other day and it just stressed me out! Nothing fit right but if shape is still changing as he said I will try again next month. Overall I am very happy with size, scars etc. Just glad to have those heavy silicone bags out!!!
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