Day 1 Post Operative - Manchester, GB

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Mr Mahdi and the team at Transform Manchester are...

Mr Mahdi and the team at Transform Manchester are superb - 295 unders performed yesterday to replace 'empty' 47 year old breasts - as you can appreciate the bra maybe doesn't do much justice to the results underneath but at this stage I don't think I will be posting public undressed pictures. My surgeon was consultative and a great listener and we are both very happy with the results. As you can appreciate last night was a bit rough as I had drains and the massage machine on my legs so it didn't aid a restful sleep - will keep you posted on my progress - tired but happy and very glad I finally made the decision to do something for me!!

Panicked a bit today

Had a sneaky peak at my dressings - right one perfectly clean, left one was stained with what looked like yellowish liquid and blood - rang my surgery and they invited me to go in so they could take a look to see it was nothing untoward.

I managed to get into Manchester and my nurse removed the dressings off leftie and took a look - absolutely nothing to be worried about, totally normal to have some discharge and was only bloody because the 'leak' had come thru the wound - but dressings were actually very clean in general.

Nurse said they were healing well and I had the opportunity to look at them in the mirror - already starting to soften and scars very clean, with nicely shaped and pink nipples - phew what a relief. Only a tiny bit of bruising and nurse gave me some tips and confirmed a few questions I had.

Right one was left in original dressing as it is clean, this is the generally less painful side possibly because it's my dominant side.

Back on Friday for dressings removed and hopefully the all clear for a shower!!

I also found a great anniversary card for my hubby on 15th September - it couldn't be more true ????

Day 4 getting easier

Feeling a lot better today, even brave enough to take off my own bra and go 'near them'. Showed hubby he was super impressed and managed his expectation that they are likely not to stay so 'big' - men - so visual.

Took a few shots for you hard to really see in a black bra and my dressings are not matched so makes one breast look different to the other

Very pleased with progress and pain is now minimal - yes mornings are a little stiffer but then isn't your whole body?!

Sleeping really very well since Sunday the whole raised head and shoulders bit is super comfortable which I never thought I would say for a front sleeper! I bought a foam 45 degree wedge and have 2 or 3 pillows on it was only about £17 and is more than sufficient - I keep my shoulders and head on this and apparently this helps with swelling and not final breast positioning

I can honestly say that the main thing going into all of this is preparation

I mean this across all aspects of life - health, weight, diet and fitness I truly believe have helped me so far in this recovery- I feel a lot stronger mentally and physically than I believed I would and I thank myself for that.

Be honest with yourself about what you really want, make your outcomes realistic - wish boobs are great but what looks great on a 20 or 30 year old might be way off what the realities of 3 big babies, weight loss, body condition and gravity will produce on a 47 year old body that looks better in clothes - if I can keep in this headspace things are going to be just great.


I am a very active person, I aim for my 10,000 steps a day and I run 5km, 3 times a week - I don't like to sit still - I went with my daughter for a 3/4 mile dog walk yesterday which was lovely - my daughter is 25 and has been amazing - a bit wary of me doing this at first but super supportive now

Yesterday afternoon whilst sitting still I just fell asleep on the sofa, I woke up and read and then fell asleep again and so on - I have just woken up in bed and it's 10am! I feel a wave of fatigue has just come over me from nowhere!

I am back at work tomorrow although I work from home so that's not bad and I am going to take it easy and just get refocused it will probably do me good to have some structure back

Breasts feel fine but yesterday evening they tightened up very hard and felt like they had crept back up my chest and I felt restricted so I wonder if all this has been connected

Epilogue - my period arrived this morning so all of the above was probably a combo of surgery and Mother Nature - thanks Mother Nature


Friday can't come quickly enough

Day 6 - couldn't wait a minute longer

My dressings come off tomorrow - I could not though go a minute longer without a decent hair wash and a shower - I am grossed out by myself.

So I got out the cling film/seranwrap and bound my breasts and dipped in the shower - generally I stayed out of the flow but it felt blissful and I deal CLEAN!

One of my dressings got a tiny bit damp but I dried it on the cool setting with my hair dryer and 6 days on it must be closed - it was closed pretty much 2 days on when I had my dressing changed Monday - the difference is doing this today and tomorrow I am hoping will be nothing .

Lovely to get out of the bra and change for a clean one and get some fresh air. Nipples are pink and soft to touch but still numb but they have never been particularly sensitive to the touch so think this is normal

I did feel a trickle of water between my breast and I have never felt this in my life it felt great

Day 6 pictures attached

Back at work today and a colleague rang me - how were may days off? Great thanks - just a few odd jobs to do around the house lied me ;)

Day 7 - The Day of Reckoning!

Have been waiting for this day all week

My dressings came off today

Nurse said they looked fantastic and I have to agree

Nipples are a lovely warm colour, scars are neat as is stitching and nothing to worry about at all

Tape has been applied and the all clear for a legitimate no cling film shower - back next Friday for a further appointment before my holidays

Drove today for the first time since last Friday - thankfully I have an automatic which helps and a parking camera but getting the ticket from the car park machine was interesting :)

Will let you know how the bathing goes tomorrow

Moody Day

Been a bit moody today and quiet - tired I think and thinking of how much I have to do this week before we go on holiday next Sunday including a day for work in London (dreading that)

Went shopping for my sons school uniform today - it was weird I felt like everybody was looking at my chest - I felt paranoid - I wore a black tshirt and skirt - my bra comes up really high and I am finding this frustrating when it comes to tshirts and tops - I won't die though and am sure I will get over it. Went into the department store browsing swimsuits for an October holiday - no idea where I will be size wise so these may have to be a late purchase.

Did have a great shower this morning and shaved my legs - shaving my underarms was a challenge as the shape has totally changed and I didn't want to strain lifting my arms too high - might be easier by the end of this week maybe

Once again had a really good nights sleep - woke with no pain and a much softer and lighter feeling in my breasts although were the usual dull aches of initially standing up out of bed

Took the last of my antibiotics today - feels very good to be pill free

Going to change my tapes tomorrow so might take some pictures of them fresh out of the shower :)

Christmas in August

Changed my tapes today after a shower but next time will take the tapes off straight after as they had started to dry and I was worried I might pull off my nipples! :)

Had all my tapes pre cut and ready to go and it was a great opportunity to see what scarring is looking like - I will be an expert XMAS gift wrapper although o have had my gifts early this year

Bruises are starting to fade and my nipples look amazing you can't tell they have been off!! Scarring is super neat and not angry looking and I am going to continue photos each day - I hope I don't lose my phone somebody will get a shock

As expect side aspect is high but front is looking great and back on with the bra which I have had to fasten tighter on the bottom two hooks as suspect swelling is going down around torso - I read you shouldn't weigh yourself - however I am a daily weigher and I have lost a pound or two even though I have gained a couple of pounds - my brother saw one of my husbands Facebook posts and said I was looking too thin - you can rely on your family to make you feel great - he doesn't know I have had surgery

Things to do today I need to do some online clothes shopping a few bits for hols nothing extravagant just tops that might get me some much needed colour from the sun that has been sadly lacking so far

I should have shares in Macom :)

I am back at the surgery on Friday for my second nurse appointment post procedure I actually see Mr Mahdi again on the 19th September

Not much sensory or visual change with my breasts today - one day at a time but took me usual pictures for progress

When I went to my 1 week post op last Friday my Macom compression bra was starting to become more loose underneath I had bought 2 of their large size to accommodate swelling - rather than button it up all the way to the top which would have been slightly too tight over my breasts I hooked the bottom three on the tighter fitting - this morning even that looked too baggy - if you can have such a thing with a garment like this :)

So I ordered 2 more in medium to take to my appointment Friday - I measured my under breast area at 34" this morning so loss of weight and swelling seems to be bringing this area at least back to normal

I would recommend this product - they are not cheap but are recommended and probably the price of a fairly decent regular bra - customer service is good as are customer reviews

The bras are not attractive although they take the guess work out of cup size post surgery - they wash and dry really quickly as well - I hate the little bow detail on them though just not me :) so - after Friday I might have 2 Macom bras for sale worn literally a handful of times - one clay, one black in medium about 36" or I might be sending the new order back for a refund

Expensive business this surgery isn't it?


Was in London yesterday which meant a train journey of 2 hours each way and a commute to station by car and a mile or so each way on foot - resulting in a late 10-30pm return home which in turn meant - exhausted

Very warm yesterday by UK standards and a man made fibre bra was horrible - so variable at the moment that my bra felt tight underneath - a couple of days ago it felt baggy!!

I had to readjust the shoulder straps as it was super painful pulling my scars under my breasts and it made me nervous that I was doing damage to my healing - my nipples were also sore and throbbing not a happy day

Feeling better today with a 'looser' bra - and pics show bruising is going - I am back at the clinic tomorrow and I think I have a couple of little hard stitches to come out

Changing tape is gruesome - my face must be a picture as I grimace worrying that I am going to open a wound or pull my nipple off - unlikely I know

Getting easier to cuddle now as less painful and yesterday I am hoping was a one off

Took a tshirt picture today and they are looking great - confidence in spades - chest out, shoulders back, head held high :)

As Gary Barlow Says

Have a little patience.....

Right is definitely still higher up I can start to see that now but know it's not forever

Good news that I have the all clear to lay flat in bed and if I roll onto my side no big deal - will not damage

Visited the nurse this morning and she took out a couple of little stitches that were loose enough to move and left the others to come out naturally as it is better for the scar healing to leave well alone

Tape to be removed in shower for ease and re-taped each day

Also had a re-jig with my bra to offer some more upper pole compression and email comfortable - ha if only

Weather in France next week 33 degrees in a nylon bra - my colleague said don't forget your swimsuit I explained the bra was a permanent feature for the next 4 weeks anyway!

Lovely comments from readers on here and grateful for the feedback

Back to back

Was so lovely to get rid of my wedge pillow last night - I had a good nights sleep on my back almost totally flat with one pillow but did wake in the night and add another to support my shoulders so must still need a little more support than usual

Turned one o my side this morning when awake and felt okay but don't think I will be choosing that position for a while to sleep in

Pushing myself up and leaning on elbows in bed now too so arms and reach are more comfortable to use

Spent a good half hour out of my bra this morning lovely to rest from the restriction of this torturous garment

Pics showing not much change probably but like to keep a record of how things are progressing day by day

My breasts are like optical illusions in clothing they look normal size and nothing to write home about - naked they look massive :)

Hope I don't get frisked

Off to the airport for a short 1.5 hour flight to France

I don't like crowded places and I hate the security check its full of panicky and disorganised pushy people - concerned about that - hubby is doing all the lifting and luggage not that we have much

Had hubby touch my nipples with my eyes closed to see if I could feel them - I didn't have to do much persuading as you can imagine - still no sensation but not worried in the slightest - if that feeling never came back it would be a fair swap for such lovely breasts :)

Les Boobs

Posting from the middle of rural France whilst out walking as it's the only place with a red ale signal

This break is doing me good it's like forced rest with plenty of sunshine, sleep and good food

We had temps of 35 all week last week and I can guarantee that a compression garment and severe heat don't make for a comfortable nights sleep

I cannot wait to wear a regular bra it has irritated my skin underneath my scars and has formed little sores - nothing major and they are drying up but it's been unpleasant I might have a pic to attach

Still have pesky stitches that are not for coming out so will be contacting my clinic when I get back next week to see if I can go get them seen to although appreciate it can affect the outcome of scarring

I also have a bruise that reminds me of a little cross tattoo that is not going anywhere - mmmm

Scars are started by to fade and smooth although taped breasts are not good in heat- the tapes dry out and it's easier to remove them dry

Nipples lovely

I have been sleeping in my side too and that has not been at all uncomfortable in fact I think it has helped to soften things up by acting like a massage

Definitely seeing a reduction in swelling a lovely gap between my breasts is appearing and it does not feel swollen in the valley at all

Breasts are much softer and feeling like breasts I can gently squeeze them now they are not rock hard and the slopes are coming on nicely but still are different as I expect - shininess is also going on breast area - a little dry skin but suspect that is from my bra

Zingers are not bad and there is little discomfort

Taking pics and the latest are attached

I will say though having your breasts done is like redecorating one room in your house - that room looks great but then the rest of the house looks like it needs modernising

Ignore the horrid French bathroom tiles ;)

Hope you are all well and a bientot for now

Paula X

Home from hols with the 'girls'

Back at home and back to work and very much rested - starting to feel even more like natural breasts now, sitting better and a nicer softer feel

My holidays wasn't without its worries it was so very hot and uncomfortable and not recommended but plans are plans

I went back to my surgery today as late last week whilst away I had a couple of little issues with stitches that decided they would pop thru and start to bleed and be wet :( also a little blistering under my right breast - but it was crazy hot and I think tape and polyester are a bad mix

I made makeshift dressings out of sanitary towels and even a Mickey Mouse plaster - I bet one of those has never been used for that - to keep any dampness on wounds dry and went bra less for a couple of hours to air them and they have cleared up a treat - my nurse said I had done just the right thing and that tape could cause reactions in some patients so to leave them off one day and back on the next - she is happy with current scarring it's flat and isn't spread out so tape is working but maybe less necessary now as we near week 6

I tried one of my old too big bras on today and it fits well - I have so many different sizes so didn't pay much attention

Wore a lovely size 10 (UK) dress today worried that I wouldn't be able to zip it up, it did and it looked impressive with lovely shape up top without baggy bra cups empty of breast - today my form was all Me! :)

Forgot 'wound' pics

Could have cried today - in a good way

I am going on a Caribbean cruise in October and ordered some dresses from ASOS yesterday

They arrived this morning and I had an instant try on

I could have cried - a few weeks ago I would not ever have entertained these styles and shapes and likely would be panicking about finding a strapless bra - now just looking for tape and nipple covers

I am overjoyed after just 34 days! :)

Best thing I have ever done

With Pics

3rd time lucky with pics?!

5 weeks old today

5 weeks after surgery today - made the mistake of washing both Macom bras yesterday so had to wear a sports bra which felt super comfortable in comparison

Small bruise is starting to fade and scars are lovely and flat at this stage

No complaints whatsoever

Pics from yesterday

Pics from new clothes try in yesterday hopefully

A real bra

Okay so it's not very sexy but I went to get measured today at good old Marks and Spencer - wandered into Victoria's Secret and wandered right back out again - I see my surgeon a week Monday to hopefully get signed off at week 6 and pass the normal bra test - if so I have no bras that are non underwired - hence the reason for purchase - so few nice looking bras without an underwire so still have to put up with practical lingerie for now - also didn't want to pay a fortune for something that may not fit in a few weeks

Anyway measured at 36 (small frame broad back) D!

Almost 6 weeks

I can't believe how fast this has gone! Everyday they improve - last night I removed my tape, I am not wearing it all the time currently, and two stitches came out - the pesky one under my left nipple which is the one that caused that trouble a couple of weeks ago and one under my right breast - as I pulled gently they unravelled and I had to hold on to the sink as it freaked me out! A couple left but glad things are progressing on that front - I showed my sister in law the other day - she used to work at the breast clinic and said she had seen some horrendous results in the past but that mine looked amazing :)

Being brave!

Today I thought what shall I wear ? I have NEVER gone braless - from what I can remember EVER! At least not in 30 years! Anyway today I tried in a dress that I have not worn often because my bra always showed and it looked awful - plus it was a bargain :) Cath Kidston whose prints I love - anyway say the result of Mr Mahdi's magic work and 6 weeks after my surgery I am being brave and strutting it in my favourite city - look out Manchester - forgive my serious selfie face

Freedom - as George Michael would say

Ditched the compression bra for the day will replace at bedtime in the meantime lovely little cover up and feeling feminine at last

6 weeks today :)

I had a call from my surgery yesterday - was I ready for my appointment with Mr Mahdi on Monday? I said I couldn't wait - she said oh why? I said I could t wait not to feel guilty about not wearing a compression bra 24/7 (I put it back on last night after yesterday's hiatus)

Looking lovely this morning and feels like such a landmark that I have made it this far and in mostly excellent health

I cannot wait to start exercising properly again (I don't count walking) as my weight hasn't fluctuated that much but I feel my tone (or what I ever had of it) has - so with his blessing next week I am going to run some intervals in about 3 bras ;)

D-Day Today

Wish me luck for my 6 week date with my surgeon today

First run in 8 weeks!

Protecting my investment with 3 bras! Going to start off with intervals - super nervous about this!

3 bra support!

My Befores!

Yesterday an envelope arrive with my before and after pics from the surgery - you've seen plenty of my afters - here are my befores! Wow

Week 8 Update

Cannot believe it has now been 2 months!

I am seeing fewer changes now and I guess from now any changes will be subtle

I have read surgeons opinions that you should not change massively from the operating table apart from the obvious swellings etc in terms of OP to final result and I think I agree with that I don't feel massive monumental changes

Started running again but struggling a bit - I do need the BEST bra I can find so any tips appreciated I am running in 2 bras currently if not 3 and it is restricting my air flow so I find I am out of breath quicker and that isn't allowing me to maintain a pace or distance without intervals

I must admit a few twinges during and after a run even into the day after

Braless now at night at that feels weird I am still not used to taking everything off at night who would have thought I would miss those bras

Healing very nicely with redness and hardness in scars but very happy that these over time will sort

Off on my cruise in less than 3 weeks and the wardrobe is coming along nicely - hope you are all well

Mr Mahdi

A gentleman, no nonsense, choosy with his procedures, excellent reputation for very neat work and a natural result

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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