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Since I found this site a week ago I've been glued...

Since I found this site a week ago I've been glued to my computer screen, I'm sure many of you can relate to that! :) I'll skip all the long details but as many others, mine developed suddenly and quite some time after my school friends, as I remember being jealous of their tiny bras when I had nothing to put in one! Skip forward a few years and I was in a club on a night out and i heard an ex boyfriend (referring to me) saying " God! Where did they come from!!" Referring to my rather large boobies. Since then I've just ambled along, hating clothes shopping and absolutely dreading spending near £40 for an awful parachute like bra. But only in the last 6 months or so have I actually considered it and thought... Hang on, it is possible to have lovely small boobs and be able to buy attractive underwear! I did hesitantly after pressure from my mum and sisters go to see my gp about Nhs funding, the appointment ( which I embarrassingly cried though) came to an end after she said the words no woman considering a breast reduction wants to hear... "Gosh, people kill for boobs like yours! count yourself lucky!" So that was a no then....
Some weeks later I booked in for a consultation with a local surgeon, but chickened out and cancelled (imagine what I'm going to be like when my surgery date comes round!) but I'm now booked in for a consultation at Transform on Saturday. I'm interested in Paul Clarke as I've read so many reviews praising his neat scars, and I know someone who's had a BR with him, and she's very happy. So if anyone's had surgery with him or at Transform , please share your experiences. I would love to hear them! Will let you all know how my consultation goes and if I'm sure about it will upload my 'before' pics. Arghhhh! Not a pretty sight.

Can't believe my boobs are on the internet...

I went for my consultation at transform, it was with a care coordinator ( I think) it was fine, but I don't really know anything now that I didn't before I went in. I'm booked in to see my surgeon in early August.... That's when shit gets real I imagine.... She said that he will tell me the cost and likely size..... ARGHHH! I went into h and m after my consultation and was just stating at all the tiny lace bras! :) I'm still undecided on a b or a c cup, as my shoulders are quite broad, and I've heard a lot of people wishing they had gone smaller.... So any advice would be welcome...

I'm still convinced I'm going to chicken out when the time comes round, that is one of the reasons I have come here, I've seen the overwhelming support from this community and I hope that will get me through....

Does anyone have any tips on what you can do in the months leading up to surgery? I'm pretty fit and healthy have a great diet ( if I may say so) and do a little exercise.. My biggest fear is definitely seeing the incisions for the first few times when I have frankenboobs, and the thought of something coming open or getting infected scares the hell out of me, trying not the think about that...... :0

On another note never realised I had one bigger boob until I took these pictures.... Or quite how depressed they look from the side..

Surgery date booked!!!

It feels very real now, i decided against any more consultations with Transform, i didn't have the best feeling about it anyway, and that was only confirmed by a few other peoples opinions. So, i met with a local surgeon, who actually performed the same surgery on my older sister almost 10 years ago. She's very happy with her results and showed me her scars ( or lack of them! ). The hospital is Nuffield Newcastle Under Lyme, and the surgeon Is Dan Prinsloo. He was serious, but very detailed and understanding. Such as when i explained i want to be a C cup, but would be very unhappy with a D cup, but OK with a B cup. I took in a whole list of questions but only needed to ask one or two as he was very thorough. When he examined me he told me I was a great candidate for surgery and we could get a lovely result from the surgery... then proceeded to tell me my nipples would be about 13cm higher than where they currently are! HAHAHA. i didn't even know you could have nipples up there.....

During the consultation when he was explaining everything and describing how he would make my boobs full and perky, i don't know how to explain this but i was so happy and smiling inside. I nearly broke out into song in the middle of his office, not sure how that would have gone down..... :)

The hospital looks like a blinkin hotel too, which is a nice bonus. So I'm booked in, 6th October. It's really actually happening.....omg

I've heard alot of brits saying they just got a good support soft sports bra for after surgery. Any opinions on this..? Do i need a post surgery bra?

My biggest fear is still approaching the day and being too afraid to go through with it. Or running away from the hospital in a gown with my boobs all marked up because i changed my mind. I just need to keep remembering the end result. I keep telling my sister i have this image in my head of frolicking around in a sun dress braless playing badminton. Haha, any time i want to play sports i have to wear two shock-absorber bra and its still veeery uncomfortable.

Weight Loss and Booby Dreaming

My Surgeon told me at my consultation that i should get down to my goal weight before surgery, at first i was a little offended (i'm maybe 7lbs over my goal weight) but it makes sense of course to stop any future drooping. So far i've lost 3lbs, 4lbs to go to get to my lowest weight in over 4 years! But as they say, the closer you get to goal weight the slower and more difficult it becomes.

On another note. I CANNOT for the life of me stop staring at peoples breasts. I just want to go up to women and ask what size bra they wear. But it might get me arrested so I will just keep looking from afar. God, I sound like a peeping tom. I want it to be October already.... Does anyone know how to update your surgery date?? It's saying I'm about 35 days post. I wish.....

Contraceptive pill? Dianette

I've not been very good about updating, I keep forgetting that I am even having the op, and then moments of blind fear and panic when I think about it. I wonder if any of you know if it's okay to carry on taking Dianette contraceptive pill/birth control. Have any of you taken it up until surgery? And also would anyone recommend genie/bali type bra? I'd appreciate any feedback. Thanks!

A long journey...

I doubt anyone is still following my story, as they are now probably out living their small boobed lives! And I'm so happy for each and every one of them. I was due to have my surgery last October in a private hospital. I went for my pre-op 5(ish) days before. Could not believe i was finally going to do this, i was finally going to have the body and the life I had always dreamed of. Then a day later came the phone call that told me my blood work was abnormal and the operation was cancelled. I was gutted. From here nobody told me what was going to happen next, so i visited my GP soon after and i was referred to a haematologist at a local hospital. My appointment with this doctor was in November. I then heard nothing until January, when he told me he could not help me and referred me to Dr Thachil at Manchester University Hospital. Months and months have passed, blood test after blood test and FINALLY my doctor has drawn up a plan and said he is happy for me to have the surgery. For anybody interested, i have very low yet enlarged platelet levels in my blood. This can cause real problems with blood clotting after surgery. So probably for the best i didn't go ahead with the major operation straight away. So, this is finally good news! After 8 months i have finally been given the go ahead to have this life changing surgery.... Except he will only sign me off, if i have the operation done in an NHS hospital, with the haemostatic support that i need. Private hospitals, such as the one i was due to have my surgery at, do not carry blood etc, in the case of me needing a transfusion. Also to have the support and help i need would add thousands and thousands to the cost of an already very expensive surgery. I will update with my NHS journey so far in my next review, i don't want you ladies falling asleep on your keyboards. :)

Getting a breast reduction on the NHS..

..Can sometimes feel like trying to find a unicorn house pet. My consultant finally told me he was happy for my surgery to go ahead, as long as it was in an NHS hospital. So from here i visited my GP and asked her what the protocol would now be, given that my only option was via the NHS. As she sat in silence for 5 minutes looking through my notes, with clearly no idea what i was talking about, and finally, oh yes! the breast reduction surgery. here it is. Bearing in mind I've seen this doctor several times through this process.... sigh.. She said she would refer me to a surgeon at my local hospital, Royal Stoke university hospital. The referral letter came through in May for an appointment in August. Starting to feel like I'm trying to complete a marathon through peanut butter here... Long story short, if that's possible, my consultant thought i had waited long enough and asked Wythenshawe hospital if they could see me. I saw a plastics nurse on 4th June, it didn't lift my spirits to say the least and i ended up crying in the hospital corridor. She was really quite cold and told me i'd have to jump through loads of hoops to get the surgery. I tried to explain to her that i had tried privately and the reason i was there was because my consultant had told me this was the only way for me to have this operation. She was pretty uninterested with this and told me, he may be an expert with blood but he knows nothing about breasts. So okay.. off i went to have some medical photographs taken. I was told my file would be passed to three surgeons, two of them had to agree i needed the surgery. I called them yesterday, two months after my appointment for an update, and the LOVELY nurse on the phone told me it's such a slow process because the nurses just have to try to shove files at the doctors whenever they can, and usually that's only once a week, obviously in between surgeries. She then said, if it makes you feel better lovie, the first consultant said yes! THE BEST NEWS I HAVE HEARD SINCE LAST OCTOBER. :) I know that this doesn't mean the surgery is definitely going ahead, but one yes out of three, is the closest I've been so far. She told me to call again later today and they might have another decision for me, the next surgeon it goes to is a female breast surgeon, so i just hope she gives me a yes. Keeping my fingers, toes and legs crossed for good news! x

Reminds me how much I need this

Sometimes I find myself playing down their size in my head, and thinking Im not worthy of this operation. But seeing pictures really reminds me how big and uncomfortable and unfitting they are.

Feeling very very lucky right now....

After three weeks of chasing up Wythenshawe Hospital, i finally got an answer. Two consultants have seen my file.... And it's a yes!! I asked the nurse if she was joking! She was so lovely and i could hear her smiling when she gave me the good news. :) I really haven't accepted it yet. Feel like she's going to call me back and say she got the wrong file or something! She said a letter will now go to my GP who will need to apply for funding. My GP was quite hopeful about this, due to the problems i have had above. But you never do know, i've heard of some people waiting 6 months to hear back and some 3 weeks. I'm just praying now for this to be a smooth journey. My head is spinning at the moment anyway. If any ladies here have any information about funding, times etc, i'd love to hear from you. x

Preparing for funding

I have an appointment with my GP next Monday to send off for funding, so I've been looking at local criteria etc. I've photocopied all my relevant hospital letters and written a letter to send off with the funding application. I got professionally measured at Marks & Spencer's yesterday... 34GG, so I'm sending that off with the application too. They are even bigger than I thought! I have no idea what I will do if the funding isn't approved. But I'm feeling super positive and happy! Was wandering around M&S yesterday looking at 34B/C bras. So impossibly small and cute and pretty! Whheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :) I emailed my local CCG and they said the maximum time they take to make a decision about funding is 56 days, but that would be unusual. I'll let you all know when i hear back. Sending my luck and love to any ladies that have had or are about to have their new boobies x


I've just picked up a letter from my GP, informing me i have been granted funding for my breast reduction. Feels sureal and amazing. So happy.

update on funding times etc;

I thought it would be really helpful for uk girls trying to get NHS funding, to know wait times etc. Since i was desperately trying to find this information while i was waiting! My G.P sent off my funding request on 17th August. They then sent a request for more information, and i returned to my GP 10th September. I then chased up my local CCG and they updated me that two people had seen my file, and couldn't come to a decision, so my case would go to a panel review 10th October. After they have made a decision they promise you a decision within 14 days. And i received my 'yes' 15 days exactly after my case went for review. I just wanted to let you know, and don't be afraid to chase people up. It's your case and you have a right to know what's going on. In total, it took about 10 weeks, and this was including a request for more information. It can take much less time though! Stay positive if this is your situation, and know that it will happen when the time is right! xx

I finally have a date!

I finally received my date for surgery! My operation is going to be 7th April, it feels good to say that. My surgeon is very intent on aiming for a c/d cup. He says this sizes will suit my frame, as I am 'wide' according to him. Oh, and not to forget 'broad'. I find it quite hilarious how brutally honest surgeons can be. I have told him several times that I would like to be as close to a C cup as possible., but he is intent on making them a size that will suit my body. He seems very concerned with aesthetics. Which is a relief, as that was one of my concerns with having the op with the NHS. He also said my nipples will be around 6cm higher. Oh yeah. That's pretty awesome. Small boobies here I come!


Had my pre operative assessment on Saturday, had blood pressure checked, ecg, blood samples etc. Everything went great, and all the nurses i saw were fantastic! One thing i am a little disappointed about, is that i cannot have anyone stay with me before my surgery, my mum will be dropping me off around 7.30am, and we were both presumed she would be able to stay for a while, to keep me calm! The nurse said she will need to leave as soon as i am signed in. I will probably be sharing a room with up to six other people too, which makes me nervous. But this is how it goes down when you're getting the operation for free i guess! Shouldn't complain! Another thing on my mind at the moment is how soon after my surgery i will be up to seeing my partner. We are long distance (1hr45 away from each other) and have been together for around a year and a half. He is adamant he wants to drive here to be here for my surgery and when i get out of the hospital. While i know this is so lovely and i'm very lucky to have such a great boyfriend :) i'm not sure i will be ready to see him straight after surgery, greasy hair and all. And i'm pretty sure there wont be any room for him in my bed with the epic pillow fort i am planning on building. Any advice from anyone about this kind of thing, i.e. seeing your partner for the first time after surgery? Hope you're all great lovely ladies xxx

Post surgery bras

I wasn't sure what kind of bra to get for after surgery, so I just went online and ordered loads of soft stretchy type bras, mostly in medium. It's so hard to know what to keep and what to send back, as they just look impossibly small and ridiculous! This is a black stretchy soft bra in medium... If this fits after, I will be one very happy girl. Does anyone know if I should be looking at medium or larger? I'm expected to be around a 34C/D after surgery. Eeeeeeeeeee! 20 days to go!

Before pictures

These are the pictures I sent off with my funding application. Just posting them with the hope they might be helpful to other girlies out there. Next pictures I post will be my afters! Will be two weeks until surgery on Thursday. Waves of excitement/buzzy feelings mixed with 'holy shit...' At the moment.

For laughs

Trying on a 34D bra. It makes me look so much bigger than I am, busting out at all sides. I nearly ended up paying for this, as it nearly imploded trying to contain these crazies.


ONE WEEK TO GO! Can everyone tell me what they packed in their hospital bags please? :) I just want to make sure sure i have everything i might need. Cannot believe this is finally happening for me, feeling a little bit blessed x

Can't believe it's happened again

Got a phone call this morning from the hospital to say my operation had been cancelled due to the junior doctors being on strike. Apparently there is not enough medical staff to be able to do the operation safely. Sucks.

New date

Operation has been rescheduled for 19th May. Eughhhhh.... Trying to stay positive, going to use the next six weeks to get in the best shape i can. And it will be a good birthday present for my 25th on the 28th May. Thank you for your support and understanding x

Okayyyyy.... countdown resumes again

One week until my operation!.... hmmm....that sounds like deja vu... I've been feeling like a right debbie downer since my operation was last cancelled, but I'm back to being a positive polly! Feeling super excited now, but won't feel real until I'm in that bloody hospital bed! I'm really focusing on controlling my nerves the morning of my surgery, as i think that will be the point where I'll want to bolt out of the hospital with my boobs all marked up and my bum hanging out of the back of my hospital gown. Now there's a nice image for ya.... Breathe in for four......and out for four....... in for four..... out for four.......


Butterflies are crashing around in my tummy right now! So excited :):) feeling organised, house sparkling clean and hospital bag packed. Hopefully see you either in hospital... Or on the other side!!! Bye bye girlz, I cannot wait to burn this bra! xxx

On the other side!

Have only just felt up to writing anything, recently got home and all tucked up in my comfy bed being treated like princess by my lovely boyfriend. Had quite the experience and will update more when I feel up to it. xx

Surgery day

I arrived at the hospital at 11am, with my mum and boyfriend and were asked to take a seat in the waiting room, we were sat in there for around three hours. I was feeling totally calm and at ease at this point and just wanted to get it over and done with! Finally got called in, and very quickly had some bloods taken, signed forms and got marked up by my surgeon. Within 20 minutes I was being wheeled down to anathesisa! I was lay in that room on my hospital bed for around 20 mins while they were waiting for th results of my blood test. There were two student doctors who were both lovely and kept me talking to pass the time, had my IV put in and barely felt it, which was a relief! The anesthetist came over with the white syringe (which I knew was the anesthetic) and put a little in my IV to keep me calm. Not that I needed it, I felt totally calm and at ease. Felt really drunk for a minute or two then just felt really relaxed and like I was with good friends having a chat. Haha. Then when my blood results came back, the anesthetist put some an oxygen mask on me and injected the medication. He asked me to breathe deeper and I was out within 10 seconds! I woke up in recovery to a lovely nurse. Told her I was in pain, and had morphine attached to my IV with a button I could press when I wanted pain relief. I remember her giving me water as I was so thirsty , but she wouldn't give me too much incase I was sick. I saw my mum at this point through the hospital doors! Not sure how she got down there or if she was allowed! Spent about half an hour in recovery then was wheeled back to my room. Was lucky enough to have my own private room! Feeling sleepy now, will update more later xx

First pictures

4 days post op

Hey everybody! Finally starting to feel a little more human! Have spent the last couple days since surgery mostly in bed, sleeping on and off. I think the coedine knocks me out like that. I haven't been in 'pain' but have deffinatley been very uncomfortable and sore at times. I've just been trying to keep ontop of my pain meds and have been doing okay. Feeling a sensation like 'swishing' in both of my breasts. Got a peek at my nipple yesterday and it looks all smushed! Haha. I'm going to the dressings clinic for a checkup and dressing change tomorrow, looking forward to getting fresh dressings on! I had kind of a rough time in hospital but not really ready to talk about that or go into it yet. Had my first bowel movement yesterday and two again today, that is a huge relief. Feeling good and happy at the moment, and still sleepy on and off!

Day 5

Went for my dressings change today, they said I don't need new dressings on, and to just leave them uncovered! Eeeeek! No pain, but it is a very weird sensation having someone touch you when you're numb. Like when you sit on your hand of foot and it goes 'dead'. That's just what it feels like! The surgeon told me to start moisturising, and that seems crazy soon! I'm deffo not quite ready for that yet. Had my first shower today..... Bliss. Hair washed, all moisturised and my mum came and put fresh sheets on my bed. Does it get any better than this?!? I've just taken paracetamol and a few ibuprofen today, so off the hard stuff. Hope that will help with the INSANE bloating I've got. I feel and look about 15 months pregnant! Bowel movements seem to be fine and regular, so not really sure why I'm still so bloated. If anyone has any tips or insight on that, let me know! Saw my boobs naked for the first time today, and I have to be honest... It was weird and scary, and they're not pretty. But I'm not judging them yet! They need time to settle and heal, and I'm sure they will look better as time goes on. It's funny how obsessed I was with a particular bra size before surgery, and honestly now. I don't give a crap. I saw my reflection in a window at hospital today (big boob ladies know this- all you see is your boobs, and your body somewhere behind) and I felt entirely, totally, completely myself. And that is amazing. Hope you're all good x

Day 7 post op

Did anyone else feel like their nipples were placed too low down after breast reduction? I'm hoping that when the swelling decreases and the bottom out, the nipples will look better placed. They are still very boxy right now, and I've got a lot of swelling at the sides. I'm now fitting into a 36D bra that didn't fit after the surgery or even at 4 days post op. So swelling is deffinatley reducing :)

10 days post op update

Time is flying by! I'm getting more and more used to my new boobies with each day. They don't scare me when I look in the mirror anymore! Am happy to touch them, to moisturise etc. Happy with everything so far! I have a LOT of swelling on the sides as you can see in the pictures, and they're still swollen and really firm. Off all of my painkillers now, and no problems, only the occasional 'zap' feelings. I'm feeling totally back to myself! I don't know what size I'll turn out, but I'm guessing around a 34/36 D when swelling goes down. I've got a few split stitches poking out, so want to get those taken care of to prevent any healing delays. It's crazy how soon you get used to having these new boobs. One last thing, I'm still quite bloated, not sure why as I'm now off all pain medication. Did anyone else still feel like this around 10 days post op? X

Day 10

Two weeks post op

Everything is great, healing is going well. The swelling is finally starting to go down, although I'm still very swollen on the sides. They are starting to soften and look like boobs. Been moisturising them since around day 6/7 with aloe Vera gel and coconut oil and I think that's really helped. Almost all the scabs around my nipples have now gone, the incisions underneath are looking ropey still, but I have no concerns that they won't flatten out with time. Very happy :) I didn't expect to feel the way I did when I first saw them, I thought the two years i had spent on here reading reviews and seeing pictures would totally prepare me for it. But nothing can really prepare you for seeing your own body all bruised and stitched misshapen. But be patient, and the results will come!

Week 2

A long overdue update...

5 weeks yesterday, and it's flown by.. Wow, you girls were right about the emotional rollercoaster! I tried to go shopping for some new clothes around two weeks post op and it was a DISASTER! I ended up on the verge of tears on the way home. I was still swollen, my stomach was extremely bloated (I don't know why this happened, but it's something I really struggled with) and it was way too much stress on my body taking on and off clothes over and over and walking around carrying things in a hot shopping centre. Learn from my mistakes! (You won't though, you'll feel you're up to the job like I did!) shortly after I took a train journey with my suitcase and a few train changes.... (Again... Please learn from my mistakes!) and soon after this, I noticed two little openings at both t-junctions. I deserved that one! I went back to hospital a few times and they are happy there's no infection and have just given me dressings. Just incase this happens to anyone else, hopefully this will help you not to freak out and loose your marbles like I did.. After they opened up, they drained... ALOT. While i was sitting in the hospital waiting room, I soaked through my gauze and covered my bra aswell. This was liquid fat, the doctor told me. I also have had 5 spitting stitches. First one was right by my nipple and it was there from the day I had my dressings off.. I told the doctor about it and she said to leave it alone and it can take 7 months for everything to right itself.. So, I did what every good patient does and took it out myself. There's no way I was waiting 7 months with openings, I've seen so many women on here with healing problems because a stich was not just removed! I sterilised the tweezers I promise... I then had one right through the middle of the opening at my t junction and a few more. I never forced any of them out and not one of them hurt, and I'm happy I did it. This update is getting long... So anyway. I'm now trying out some hydrocolloid dressings for the openings at the T junctions, I've read a lot on the benefits and faster healing time when a wound is kept moist rather than leaving it to dry out. I'm off on holiday in 10 days and don't want to miss out on anything because I've got two pesky openings! Any tips would be great. Hope you're all well! Will update again soon xx


I've put on some weight since surgery... makes sense, i was running 5K a few times a week and maintaining my weight, so without the exercise I've gone up some. But guess what.... i tried on a bikini and i feel f*****g awesome anyway! I'm in no rush. I've got what I've been waiting for! :)

Week 6 pictures

Just over 2 months post op!

Hey everyone! Hope everyone is enjoying their small boobs or looking forward to doing so in the near future! I though I'd be constantly on here updating, but there really isn't anything to say! You get so caught up living and enjoying your life and your boobs aren't the centre of your universe anymore. I've had some minor complications with spitting stitches ( I think around 12-15 in all) which kept causing openings so they could escape.. But I think I'm finally done with that! Recently went on holiday and was sure to keep them out of the sun but I did go topless for very short periods of time, and felt so good! I got measured which was kind of a weird experience.. Went to M&S as they are generally quite good and accurate. First thing she was so concerned about hurting me and touching them, haha. Then she said I was looking at about a 38E cup.. I was abit shocked I guess, but said okay, she bought in some bras for me to try and they were way too big for me, looked ridiculous. So we tried a 36D ... Still too big.... 36C turns out to fit perfectly. A little tight around the band.. (weight gain) but fits perfectly! I've gained about 10 pounds since surgery, which I do not feel I 'deserve' as I haven't strayed far at all from my normal healthy vegan diet. But I guess exercise played a bigger part in my weight maintain than I thought, oh.. And 10 days on holiday! X

Before and after

2.5 months post op

All is fantastic. Totally healed up, and the scars are starting to turn a silvery colour. I don't really have sensation in my right nipple, or right underneath either boob, but it really doesn't bother me. I'm in love with them! They've really dropped and settled into a natural shape, and I no longer think/care that my nipples are lower than I'd hoped. Back to exercising and it's amazing being able to run without the horrible discomfort and embarrassment of before. going to purchase some 'proper' bras this weekend, as I'm still in my super soft and comfy maternity bras. x

7 months post op

Long time no update! You get so used to living your life with your new boobs, it's just not the centre of your world anymore! Everything is great, I do sometimes wish they were a little smaller. I think that's pretty natural, and most of us have that kind of thought. I was recently measured a 34D, and looking at my pictures, they do seem the right size for my body. There is still a little bit of settling out, but I'm confident all the swelling has gone now. It took a lot longer than expected for all the swelling to finally subside, I think around 4-5 months maybe. There's two tiny dog ears on the scars in my cleavage, which I hope will go down in time, but if not I'm not losing sleep over it! I don't have any sensation in my right nipple, and very little in my left, can't say I'm too bothered, they were never very sensitive before the surgery anyway. I sometimes find myself reminiscing about the time leading up to surgery and how exciting it was, so all the girls waiting for your op, enjoy it! Embrace the excitement and nerves and know that your life will shortly be changed! I've lost all the weight I put on after surgery, as you can hopefully see in the pictures! I'll update again at 12 months and let you know my final results. Also, exercise is so so so much easier now, one sports bra! One! That was impossible before. Lots of love xx
Mr Dan Prinsloo

Mr surgeon is now Dr Erel at Royal Stoke Hospital with the NHS

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