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And the countdown begins! Had my first appointment...

And the countdown begins! Had my first appointment 1 month ago and surgery in 9 days! Beyond excited, nerves haven't yet kicked in.
Driving my other half mad with my boobie brain!
Looking forward to sharing my journey alongside sharing other peoples with them.

Only one more sleep!!!!

The big day is tomorrow! I am currently in a hotel 5 minutes down the road from my hospital, I have to check in to the hospital at 12noon tomorrow (a bit gutted it wasn't earlier as I know i'll be so hungry - I'm a big eater!!)
I've packed button up shirts comfy joggers surgery bra and arnica..well they're the essentials!
Can't believe it's nearly here, one more sleep without boobies. Looking forward to updating after my surgery. Wish me luck!

Out of surgery!!

About 5-6 hours since my surgery, the actual operation went well, and when I woke up i said 'no no you can't do it i'm still awake!' Only to find out the operation was over.. Lol! And then cried my eyes out (anaesthetic makes you verrrry emotional)
I was in a bit of pain with the cannular in my hand and the general breast area so I was given some more oral morphine when I woke up.
The next 2-3 hours I was very drowsy and then had a bit of an episode where my blood pressure dropped significantly and i wasnt responding well so they tipped my bed backwards and i had oxygen for an hour or so but then I felt much better.
Ate (well picked and nibbled) on some food a couple of hours later and have been for a wee three times since surgery (with assistance lol)
Not feeling too bad got some more meds due in a few minutes and then going to try and get some sleep.
Not looking forward to morning boob!


The only peaks i managed to get . 6 hours post op please excuse the iodine lol

Post Op Day 3

Woke up at 5am this morning and was very sick, first time I've thrown up throughout the whole thing, I was then sick 4 more times over the next 5-6 hours! Definitely decided the nausea and sickness was down the to the painkillers, so I have stopped taken them and managed to eat something now my stomach has settled down a bit! Can feel the effects of no pain killers but its better than the sickness.
Full of regret only buying one surgical bra it smells already but am going to try a sports bra in a couple of hours.

What I'd say to anyone is you absolutely need someone with you for at least 4 days after surgery, and someone who doesn't mind literally having to do everything for you!!

1 week post op appointment

Had my first post op appointment yesterday, finally had my bandages taken off and had ny first proper look! I now only have small strips over my incisions, I was very hesitant to look at then but the nurse said it would be a good idea, and I'm so glad I did I just couldn't believe it they were so small and so thin and so neat after only 1 week!! So pleased with them.
They're still riding high and one is more stubborn than the other but they're getting there.
Still taking it easy and still very restricted with what I can and can't do but things are definitely looking up - it's a long difficult process that takes a lot of patience and a very good support unit! Looking forward to seeing how they progress.
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