Much Needed Booby Increase! Anyone with Similar Stats out There? - Manchester, GB

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Not left with much after breast feeding two...

Not left with much after breast feeding two kiddies. Surgeon suggests a 295cc high profile silicone implant over the muscle. Hoping to reach a full c with this , currently about an a cup. Will need to lower my inflammatory crease to achieve nipple position . I'm absolutely petrified of the recovery but so hopeful that nothing would stop me doing this. I've hated my flat chest for far too long! In 5 8" and weigh 61 kg , I'm hoping that the 295 will get we what I want .

Just about two weeks to go !!!

Super excited but super scared. What's the best advice for recovery . I've got a few weeks off work and bought extra pillows and some loose zip up tops. What else should I be doing ? Really worried that it's going give a tough time as I suffer with anxiety and depression and I'm concerned that the change to my body will throw me off kilter a bit. Read about the booby blues , anyone experienced this?

4 days to go - anxiety kicking in!

So I've just four days to go before my procedure. I'm feeling apprehensive and anxious . The staff at transform have been great , rang me today to let me know I'm first on the list on Saturday morning so that's made me feel a little better. So as for this week , getting my last gym sessions in , eating loads of protein and greens and mostly trying to keep calm. I'll update with pics when they're done :-)

Today's the day!

Sat here waiting , I'm first on the list for theatre so hoping I'tll be over and done with soon . Will post pictures later if I'm up to it :-)

All done :-)

So I'm home, transform were amazing , the staff were genuinely lovely and couldn't have been more attentive. I woke up from surgery feeling a little nauseous with low blood pressure but after done delicious food - homemade soup and a fruit salad I soon picked up. The tightness and pressure are fine , no where near what I expected and I'm currently filling a 36d . It's a little tight but obviously that some swelling . A bit tired but overall I feel ok

First pics of the twins !

I'm five days out , at points is not been great but totally liveable. Stopped codeine on day two as it was upsetting my tummy. Just taking paracetamol . Boobs are Rick hard and I'm wishing I'd maybe gone a bit bigger but time will tell

10 days in and stitches out

Here they are , had stitches out today . Still a bit sore but I think settling down n

10 days in and stitches out

Healed and starting to settle nicely I think

Two weeks update - big changes

Much less swelling and shape is settling I think

I've had my new boobies 4 weeks today

I can honestly say that so far I can't believe how easy this has been, I was really anxious about this whole thing!! New picture I think shows some dropping and filling out. On the whole I'm happy ????

Boobies are two months old - boob greed kicks in!

Now don't get me wrong I'm so much happier with these than what I had but definitely desiring bigger boobies still! Will be booking my second boob job for early next year , would love a dd

Squidgy heaven !!

Boobies are nearly 3 months old, had my final review with surgeon who is super pleased with them and agreed to take me up to 395cc high profile next July if I still want - yay!!!

My lovely squishy girls at nearly 6 months

I can't believe I waited so long to have my boobs done, to anyone out there wondering and pondering and worrying my advice is to go for it, I love them , I feel good in my clothes , I feel good naked . Yes things can go wrong but it's rare .
Mr Paul Clarke

So far my experience with transform has been perfect, I feel Mr Clarke had been honest and given me all the possible outcomes of surgery and put me completely at ease

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