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After hating my breasts for more than 20 years I...

After hating my breasts for more than 20 years I am finally doing something about it! This time tomorrow I will be post-op! I am so excited and also very apprehensive about the whole thing! I hope my 32G's will become 32C's! I can't wait to be able to finally find tops to fit and to stop feeling so self conscious.

I have thought about breast reduction for many years, every year as spring comes round I start to dread summer clothes. At least in winter you can cover up with a jumper and scarf! Every shopping trip would end up with me feeling depressed and fed up and buying a black top in the hope my boobs would look smaller. Today I walked around Next and saw so many white tops with little straps that I would normally walk straight past!

I have been to the doctor a number of times over the years with back pain, neck pain, rashes under my breasts and breast pain but was told 32G wasn't big enough for a reduction on the NHS so I saved and saved and now I am finally having the operation tomorrow!

I am scared about the anaesthetic, keep dreaming that I won't wake up! I am worried about waking up and feeling sick. I am worried about not being able to cuddle my children (aged 4 and 6) and trying to stop them jumping on me! I am also worried about sleeping on my back and no exercise for 6 weeks. BUT I also know that this is the best thing for me and I can't wait to get it done!

Wish me luck!

Its done!

I am so relieved it is done! I got to the hospital at 1pm, settled into my room, met the anaesthetist, chose my food, changed into my gown and very attractive support stockings!

The surgeon came down to see me and drew all over my boobs. I signed the consent forms and at 1445 went down for the operation.

I literally lay down and the anaesthetist told me the drugs would feel cool. I felt a cool feeling in my hand and a few seconds later I was asleep!

I woke up at 1630 to the sound of someone saying my name. I was lovely and warm and relaxed. No sickness and no pain, just a slight pressure across my chest.

I stayed in recovery for about half an hour and then got wheeled to my room. The nurses are lovely and pop in every half an hour to check on my blood pressure as it is a bit low. Have eaten a toasted sandwich and had a pot of tea. Ordered more food for later if I want it.

Just chilling out, reading my kindle and relaxing. I have these pressure things around both my legs which contract every couple of minutes to keep the blood moving about.

I can't actually believe how good I feel. The nurse has checked me and my nipples are nice and pink which is good. I can't really tell if my boobs look any smaller yet, the surgeon came to see me and said they look good and he is happy, he was aiming for C/D cup so I hope that is what I will end with.

To anyone thinking about this operation I really wish I had done it years ago x

Back home

Bit of a rough night, after feeling pretty great the pain hit in the early hours. I had some bleeding from the left breast so they had to add some more dressings. The nurses were incredible, checking my blood pressure every hour and giving me pain relief.

I was so wired that I couldn't sleep, I am naturally a front sleeper and I just couldn't get comfortable. It felt like I was wearing a really tight bra and it was digging in underneath. I also had these pressure leg cuffs on both my legs which would inflate every two minutes and make a racket!

It fell asleep at 0430 and they woke me at 6 to give me a painkiller and discharge me and take the leg cuffs off! The doctor then came with a bag full of tablets and I was free to go!

The car journey was fine and I was so pleased to be home. Had a lovely sleep and feel nice and relaxed.

The pain is ok, it is more a tight burning feeling under my breasts but the pain killers quickly take the edge off it.

I have an appointment with the nurse of Tuesday when she will change the dressings. I don't need to touch them before then unless the bleeding gets worse on the left side.

I am just going to rest and take it easy.

Good luck to anyone else about to have the op or in recovery. I am so happy that I did it.

Feeling low

Day three.
Feeling fed up today.
Had a shallow bath which was good and my partner helped me wash my hair which was such a relief.
I keep looking at my breasts and they don't look any different! It is so depressing. I can only hope that I have a lot of swelling or I have gone through this for nothing.

Day eight

Feeling good, my breasts still feel on the large side, however they are nice and round and higher than they have ever been!
Saw the nurse who said I had some oozing from the left nipple and to keep an eye on it but otherwise things seem to be healing ok.
I was a bit disappointed when I found out the surgeon had only taken 330g and 390g from each side however when I got home and weighed that amount out I was pleasantly surprised!

Four weeks post op

Four weeks since my op. No pain, slight itching and flaky skin. My left nipple is super sensitive while the right is numb.
My breasts are much softer and have dropped to a more natural position.
I measured myself and am about a DD, hoping that there is still some swelling to go down. I seem to be obsessing with the cup size, I need to appreciate that they were a G cup and I don't have to hold them up anymore without a bra!
Follow up appointment on 3rd August x

6 weeks check up

Saw the nurse yesterday for my six week check up and everything is good, free to wear underwired bras, sleep on my front and go the gym!
I asked whether I had any swelling but she said they felt soft.
I am measuring a 32DD which is disappointing and feels like a world away from the C/D that I was aiming for.
I know that they are smaller and they are much firmer and higher but I wish they were a cup size smaller.

New bra!

34D! Four cup sizes smaller!

Two months post op

Well it was two months ago today that I had the operation. I am getting used to my smaller breasts, I now happily wear size ten tops and can walk down the street without feeling self conscious. I am trying not to obsess about cup size, I fit into D cup Triumph bras and E in M&S. I have to remember that I was struggling to fit in a G cup!
I have a small red bump by my right nipple which I think is a stitch trying to escape but otherwise I am healing well. It is so good to sleep on my front again!
Dr Khan

Direct and to the point but I like that. Very happy so far!

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