29 Years Old, 1 Child, 5ft, 32A Very Petite! 295cc or 325cc Natrelle TFS or TFR Cohesive

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Hi all! Been reading really helpful reviews so I...

Hi all! Been reading really helpful reviews so I thought I owe this website and should share my experience too. Been thinking about having a BA done for years since maternity sucked all my breast volume. Never had a big boobie anyway but at least they could fill a cup A, since breastfeeding I couldn't even fill a small A cup bra. Having my BA done in 2 weeks, still can't decide whether to go for 295cc or 325cc, and whether to go for Soft Touch or Responsive cohesive gel. Any of you girls who had the same experience please share! I'm having a dual plane done. Sorry for the awful abdominal marks! I've been wearing a waist trainer for the past 2 weeks! We can talk about that too girl! Lol

Peri areolar incision?

Hi ladies! My BA is tomorrow and I think I'm having a panic attack! I was online 'til late last night and I'm having two thoughts about my incision.. Shall I have peri areolar incision instead? Any of you have any experience about its healing? I'm scared that if it doesn't heal well I'll end up with a horrible scar right infront of ya'face!

Not long now!

My BA is in 7hours and I can't sleep whooooaaaaaaaa!!!!! Hope you ladies are still enjoying your sistahs! I shall come back with an update in a few hours --- it could either be the best decision or the worst decision ever!! Whoooaaaaaa!!

Day dreaming at night!

I can't sleep so I'll just day dream about looking like these ladies on the photos when I wake up tomorrow from my GA!

Bad start!

So, today is the day. Left home an hour early because I don't want to aggravate my anxiety by rushing like a headless chicken. I'm meant to be first on the list but hey ho, still ended up an hour late because the driver took the wrong exit! And that's on top of horrible traffic. So I was moved further up the list and has now been waiting for 3 hours. They said it'll take at least 1.5hr more. The anxiety boss in my head is doing a break dance as we speak. This is crazy. Sitting in a hospital bed, in a see through hospital gown with a tummy grumbling is not a joke! On top of that, the nurse left a jug of water right infront of my thirsty hungry face. I wish this is not a sign telling me to back out while I can!!!

Got out in one piece!

Just got back in the ward! Weirdest feeling ever! Never been appreciative of sleep and iced cold water! It looks small at the mo. Is that going to change???

Feeling better this morning!

Good morning RS ladies and good morning to my new pair of ladies!

So, I ended having the 295cc TFS dual plane IF incision. All pretty last minute decision that I hope I won't regret!

It's 5:20am here and definitely feels more human and not a vomiting machine. The little naps helped. I haven't taken pain relief since 6:30pm last night because of the fear of nausea. Nausea is a b*tch 'ya know!

Still got my drains in situ. Managed to keep some dry biscuits now and water. Managed to wee for the first time too!!! Even peeing was a b*tch! :)

Hope you're all well and having fun with your lovely girlies!

Oopps photo didn't upload!

Try again!


Still in the hospital day 1 post op. They won't discharge me yet because my drains are still going. Hope that doesn't mean anything untoward? Any of you girls have the same experience? Also my boobs look like torpedoes from the side view and look really small from the top view. Did your look the same post op??



Tatas looking good!

Day 3 Post Op: Wonky Tatas!

Day 3 post op and the asymmetry is definitely saying hello to ma'face! The right looks bigger and lower. And the bandage is a pain! The nurse said to keep it on until our 1st week follow up, that's 6 days from now! I can't stand it anymore. It's very uncomfortable! I want to take a shower too!!

Help ladies! Implant felt like it jumped??

Need your advice ladies! It's my 5th day post op and I was already driving today, manual car, as I was changing my gear to 5th, I felt ny left implant 'jumped' as the left side of my chest tensed! Is that normal? Not painful, just weird. I'm scared I dislodged it from the pocket or something? Scaryyyy! Was it too early for me to drive? I had dual plane. Heeellllppp!!!

Explant reviews!

Call me crazy but because I got bored I ended up reading some reviews in here of people having their implants removed, some aftee 10 years or so and some just a few weeks post BA. Some due to health issues and some just due to mere regret regardless if they look perfect with their implants in. And this just made me feel really weird and anxious, I'm onto 6 days post op now and the thought of going through what these ladies went through emotionally, physically and financially is freaking me out. Have you ladies done this reading before? If not, don't! Unless you have thoughts of explanting. And did you ever feel regret at some point? Not feeling natural regardless if your results look amazing? Also a lot of the reviews I read where ladies experienced "side effects" such as dry eyes, autoimmunie disease, chronic pain, Reynauds etc are freaking me out. Have you heard about them before? I hate myself for worrying myself!

MaCom support bra and 1 week post op

I've read lots of review about the MaCom bra pre op and so I bought it regardless if my PS said "just buy a not too expensive support bra." I actually spent a lifetime researching for the best bra ever. That's what you do when you're trying to deflect your mind off an upcominh surgery! So I bought it. Came the big day, the PS saw it and he's not very happy that the bra seems to just "conforms" with the breast instead of it "supporting" it. To be fair, I think it's providing a good support, but then again I never knew how a bra supports a breast because I never had enough breast tissue to support anyway! And yes - if there's one thing I'll miss from being breast-free is the lazy day at home in my PJs without having to wear a support bra - because there's nothing to support!

Anyway, I've been happy with the bra really apart from the shape of my new breasts wearing it. Since day 1 my breasts look like torpedos. Not sure if that's because of the fact that I'm still wrapped up like a spring roll in the Microfoam dressing or because that's how post op breasts look like, or because the bra isn't supporting my breasts, or because the size isn't right?

On the advert the bra is meant to adjust its just with the implant, so all you have to worry about is the band size. Which I thought was a selling point.

Been searching for post op pictures with the MaCom bras in situ but nothing looks like how my breasts look right now. I posted a picture and they seriously look like inverted ice cream- just not delicious.

Also I'm 1 week post op to be exact and the tightness is real. Again I'm not sure if it's due to the dressings or the bra or it's just a 1 week post op syndrome like the other girls here are experiencing. But yeah, been the most uncomfortable day since post op.

If you girls have the same experience please do share! Can't wait for my first post op appointment and rip these dressings apart!

Cheaper sports bra look better than MACOM's

This sports bra only cost £6.99 and it definitely looks better and feels better than the MaCom bra.

Still feels tight today but definitely better than yesterday. Wound check with the Nurse tomorrow, can't wait!!!

Dressings off!

I posted this update yesterday but for some reason it didn't post. But yes! Finally! Had my dressings off with the nurse yesterday who was very happy with my results. Incision sites looking good too. Still quite high but no massage or bandeau was advised because it's a textured implant. Anyone of you ladies who have textured implants massaged or assisted the dropping? I'm worries that it'll be too late to assist the dropping later in the recovery. It's a shame for the £26.00 bandeau I bought pre op left unused! (Part of the manic splurge we all experience pre-op!!)

Sorry about the sticky icky stuff left on my skin from the dressings! My nipples still look wonky too. I'm day 10 post op yesterday and I'm still having morning boobs but managed to drive now with no issues.

I'm currently 34 D by the way!!! That's waaaay more than what I bargained for! I just wanted to be 32C or 34B full. So hola! And take note, I chose the smaller implant from my options which was the 295cc.

2 weeks post op

Ladies are still riding quite high. Still quite firm but no way hard. I like the bottom view at the mo, looking natural. But my right nipple appears to be really pointing down. Did look at my pre op photos and I think I have a little asymmetry which are now quite obvious because they're bigger. I just wish they drop more and have lower pole fullness and less on top. I'm still worried that because it's textured it won't drop any further down! Oh anxiety anxiety and anxiety! And impatience!!

Scar update - two weeks post op

Took the steristrips off for the first time! Looking good at the mo. Put a fresh pair of steristrips to stay until 3rd week when I can safely start applying silicon gel and sheets. Based on experience, leaving the steristrips longer actually do the job!

Starting to drop!

Almost 3 weeks post op and I can see a difference now thank goodness for that! They're starting to drop, the right is further down than the left.

Went for swimming today too, nothing vigorous, just some dipping and lazy river... Oh probably 4 rides on the big slides. Felt my right implant jumped and freaked me out on my fourth ride so stopped from there lol!

Not sore anymore, and a lot softer now but still not as squishy. I still get morning boobs too and the pain is real! It goes after I walk to the toilet though.

Can't wait for them to drop further down and be really soft! Hope everyone's doing well too. Sending you all love ladies ;*

3 weeks post op - commencing scar treatment

Finally starting my scar treatment! Dermatrix silicon gel and sheet. Hope it works!

Going 3 weeks!

How 3 made such a difference! My ladies are still riding high but has definitely started to drop. My asymmetry is still pretty obvious but doesn't bother me that much anymore. I just wish they drop further down as they're still so full on the upper pole but not so much on the lower pole. They still don't look natural to me but has deffo started to feel like it's a part of me. I still get horrible morning boobs and I can't wait 'til it's all just normal and squishy.

I've commenced scar treatment and some supplements - i.e.: Vit C, E, B Complex, Zinc, and still taking Arnica as well. I bought 3 bottles each lol proper panic buy!! Vit C and E apparently helps with healing, Zinc and Vit E helps prevent CC, then B complex for bringing back normal sensation. I'm still numb on my right nipple and the lower aspect of my right breast. Obviously the above supplements have very little evidence to support them but I'll do anything just to make sure the ladies are healthy and bouncy!!!

Also, I've been applying the silicon gel, massaging it onto the scar then sticking the sheet on top. Not sure if this is allowed, has anybody gor any experience on that? I'm probably overdoing it, but I'm soooo scared of hypertrophic scarring. I have one and it looks disgusting. My PS is aware of that so he did his best on making the incisions smaller as possible bless his heart, and 3 layers of stitches + Dermabond. Then steristrips after drying. Like super OCD kind of thing!

Please share any of your experiences on when yours started to be squishy and when your morning boob ended? And also if anyone of you went manic as I am with scar treatment??

Happy healing beautiful ladies! :*

4 weeks post op today!!!

Geez! Where did the time go???

Anyway, just a quick update:

- still getting morning boobs but not as bad as they were anymore
-I've managed to sleep on my side too with no issues, although I feel like I am conscious of it even when I'm asleep!
-they are getting softer but still not squishy, and still tender when I try to squish!!
-been on scar treatment for 1 week now + supplements
-they still look asymmetrical, right boob's nipple pointing down. Fingers crossed it will still change. I look at my pre op photos and they are probably my anatomy?? What do you think?
-I'm still skeptical about the profile, I don't think I will ever get used to it?? I'm still thinking whether I should've gone for moderate profile. But then I wasn't really given a choice. My PS recommended HP straight away regardless if I asked for a natural look. Do they look natural to you ladies? I wouldn't know because I barely had any!!!
-it's the first time I've worn my MaCom bra since 1 weeks post op! And they look a lot better now. Not too torpedo looking anymore! I look at my first week post op photos and they make me laugh!!!
-been swimming again today, nothing strenuous though, but definitely comfortable now
-tried on my size 6 (UK size) swimsuit and I feel like my boobies are gunna pop!! Does that mean I'm one size bigger now?? The rest of my body fits in okay apart from my chest!!! Did you ladies have to change sizes for clothes?? Size up just for the chest??? I don't get it!! Help! Pardon me, I'm new to boobs! Lol! ;*

5 weeks post op!

Another quick update:

-still dropping a bit more, but not so much from last week
-left is still higher than the right, but right still has lesser lower pole than left which is weird. It's probably down to my asymmetry. Wish it could still drop down more.
-morning boob is slowly fading away thank goodness for that!
-has been constantly sleeping on my side now with no problem
-gone swimming again today and back to the gym now. Just light weights and back to doing pilates and yoga, planks have been comfortable today.
-left nipple is still extremely sensitive and right nipple is still very numb
-freaked out a bit the other day as I found ends of sutures sticking out of my closed wound!!! Pulled the stitches out! Thank goodness no problems with that, Been going swimming and all that, could've been infected really but thanks they're looking good. Although they're starting to get darker :(
-I'm still waiting to have a natural slope and fuller lower pole.

Hope all you beautiful ladies are healing well! And thank you for the constant encouragement! Want to give a shout out to the awesome ladies out there who never get tired of giving me support and advices :-*

First time bra shopping at 6 weeks post op!

Never been soooo happy shopping bra ever before! Literally spent at least 3 hours fitting and shopping 'til I dropped lol!

Well Calvin Klein cup C and D are pretty small on me OMG!! My boobies were actually over flowing from the C cups! I was only expecting a C! So my official size is 30 DD!!!!

I started clearing my wardrobes of like at least 20 pairs of bra! Literally lost count, probably a lot more than 20! Would probably last a month without having to laundry my bra and I didn't even know! A lot of them still got tags on!!

It feels sooooo good binning these 32 A bras!!!!
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