37 Yrs Old Asian Male with NW IV Undergone 4500 FUE HT Procedure in Turkey - Transest - Istanbul, Turkey

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I've come to realization that my hair has been...

I've come to realization that my hair has been thinning more and more for the past several years and have tried various solutions from Rogaine to various shampoos, etc. I really don't like the side effects of Propecia and am allergic to Rogaine with scalp being rashed up and losing more hair than gaining. I've decided to do some research on FUE and realized the cost of the procedures in the states were way too pricey for me to afford so I've taken the plunge to seek solutions across the globe. I am very leary about the many clinics that are available now more than ever in Turkey and been in contact with a few patients before I made a decision in selecting the suitable clinic. I was intrigued by Transest and decided to perform further research into the clinic. For the price they gurantee and the service that was offered it seemed to best fit for what I was looking for. I decided to book my appoint on February 28th and had the procedure done in one day. It was definitely a somewhat uneasy feeling to travel alone to another country and really not knowing what to expect whether the whole advertisement presented was actually what you will be getting. I must say that it came quite close but only time will tell on the results as I am only 1 month post-op at this time. They definitely were very professional as they worked tirelessly for straight 10 hrs throughout the procedure. I was actually getting impatient since I was tired just laying there while they worked on me but the nurses were very meticulous and dedicated to what they were doing. The doctor did the hairline and graph placement puncture sites. I'm wondering what are the general opinions at this point and whether the results currently is to be expected based on the picture I am posting. I feel my donor area isn't really growing back as fast to cover the harvested area and the recipient area feels strange on the texture. Can I expect the donor surrounding hair to grow back to the point that it will conceal the harvest area? Will the recipient hair I currently have fall off completely and leave me bald in that area? I understand that shock loss is to be expected and I am see that happening around the crown area and I assume that is normal and it will grow back. Wish there was a way to speed up the process and it looks very ackward having to go back to work looking like I am balding already instead of having a hair restoration done.

3 Months Progress Update


Thanks for following my post. It has been 3 months now and although the redness has subsided a lot more, there's still a bit of a pinkish hue to the donor area. I've decided to shave my head to a really short cut, 1 guard to just even out the look and a good buzz cut. I do see a bit of short hair growth in the recipient area, just barely noticeable in the front hairline but guess will need the next few months to hopefully fill in all around. It hasn't been a pleasant journey cause of the strange looks I get when I don't wear a hat and you can see the pinkish outlines of the donor area. However, I'm using Witch Hazel and spray the area to lessen the redness as well as taking hair vitamin supplements, "Intense Grow Hair" vitamins to be exact. Read some great things about the product so just doing my part to help the body get all the necessary nutrients to have a good foundation for growth later on. Let me know if the pictures are pretty much on the spot as to what to expect at this 3 month period phase. As well, sorry for the confusion about the doctor that performed the hairline procedure. I now realized that it was actually Dr. Erkan Demirsoy and not the previous mentioned. I will continue to post my progress in the latter months ahead. Excited about the results as growth starts to take place around the hairline area. Looking forward to my next post,, until then take care!

5 Months Growth Progress

Well, five months has past since my last post. I like the new hairline no doubt and finally the redness on the donor area has vanished. It's been a really tough journey of wearing caps for the pasts months to hide the procedure. I can now go out in public looking normal without drawing much attention and notice that I had something done. I'm hoping much more thickness will come later on as I feel that although much growth is noticed around the hairline transplant area, it's still bit thin looking and not noticeably thick all around. I do feel that my donor area is still way to thin and perhaps overly harvested. My barber was able to try and even out the look to blend the area that seems thin and even sparse looking. Need some feedback as to what you guys think so far. I will continue my progress report in the coming months ahead.

7 Month Progress Report

Hello everyone!

Been a bit busy for the past couple of months with work and travel so I have some downtime to post my progress. Can't believe it's already 7 months post op and I must say the results are progressing steadily as expected with a 60 to 70% growth phase at the moment. Still bit sparsely populated but hopefully the thickness will do it's magic in several more months to come. The lighting on the image capture makes a difference as the one with a thinner look is under direct light. When I do go out to evening social events, I do apply DermMatch which gives my hair that amazing full and thickness impression. Does anyone have any experience as to how long before you actually see the thickness come together? I"m curious what I should be expecting in the next several months? I'll continue to post my progress but most likely in two month intervals to get a better result reaction. (fingers crossed) :)

10 Month Update

Happy holidays to everyone! I'm attaching my 10 month progress and I feel the results have been great and continuing to look forward to further growth. I'm anticipating that the hair will look thicker and fuller after the 1 year mark. I recently had lunch with a friend which I haven't seen for a while and he asked what I did with my hair. I was taken back by his question, wondering if there was something wrong with the procedure that was noticeable but to my surprise he said that I look great and I look so much younger with my new hairline and hair growth. I was ecstatic to finally have someone notice the results of a painstaking ordeal to get my hair back and my overall level of confidence and self assurance in order. This is the defining point for me to say that the journey was well worth it and I'm glad that Transest did a job well done.

10 Month Additional Photos

Here's additional photo with a different hair style using something that has been unfamiliar to me for a long time, "Mousse." :)

Final Post - 1 yr FUE result and personal opinion

Hi Everyone,

I like to take this opportunity to complete my final post and results on my FUE procedure that took place one year ago. I have to say that before I discovered this amazing procedure, I was at a loss and felt pretty down because going bald was incredibly traumatic and looking at yourself everyday in the mirror felt less and less desireable. I would add that I came to close to spending a fortune to do whatever was necessary to restore my youthful look again but luck would have it, I discovered Transest and crossing my fingers that this journey would be one of no regrets. February 28th was the one year anniversary mark on this journey of renewed esteem and self-confidence and I have to say that it was worth every penny to go over seas and not only to have the wonderful opportunity to learn a new culture and its customs but also to see how Turkey has become the medical mecca really for everything you want to change about your appearance and other procedures performed. Based on my results, I can only wish that the maximum density was truly achieved as I figured 4500 grafts would be more than needed to create that density and thickness. Around the front of the hairline, I can see what looks like puctures but no hair follicles growing out from it so I'm wondering if the grafts just didn't take or is it still dormant and waiting to sprout. At any rate, I still use thickening agents from time to time to give that impression of thickness under the light effect on weekend outings and social events. I want to thank the RealSelf community for the many support and reassuring comments that has helped me throughout this journey and to wish all those that undertake this procedure that you too will be satisfied with your outcome. I"m blessed that the results came out great given the alternative to accept MPB and what I would look like today had I not taken steps to change my fate. To all of you, good luck and God bless!
Dr. Erdoğan ÖZTÜRK

Aytac was the coordinator to arrange the details of the hotel, transportation, consultation. I was worked on my Dr. Erdogan for the hairline placement and graph donor site punctures. The rest of the procedures were two nurses who simultaneously worked without fatigue it seems like to get all the graphs placed.

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