Long Awaited Lap Flap Cut Off!! - Towson, MD

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I have been stalking before and after pictures of...

I have been stalking before and after pictures of tummy tucks forever. I have had 2 c-sections. I am overweight but do exercise a few times a week. If I could watch what I eat, I would have results. I want to do this procedure not only for motivation, but to regain my confidence back. I met with my surgeon and has a comfortable feel with him as soon as he started talking, and he answered all of my questions.

Now I am in the eve of my surgery, and am nervous as can be. I don't know why, but I am Fearing the worst outcome of this procedure, not waking up. I know this is going to be just another day in the office, but just the fact of my kids being without is in the back of my mind. I keep telling myself just think of the outcome.

Home and resting!

I was so nervous about dying that I almost cancelled the surgery.. I expressed this to the nurse and she told me she never had a patient die. I am so glad I didn't cancel. I had made myself sick all morning worrying. My nurse was so nice, and kept me as calm as she could. The anesthesiologist was professional as well. When the Doctor came in and started marking me, he said oh yes this is going to look very nice. Waking up from the anesthesia sucked, I had a really dry throat but they gave me a drink.. and even with blankets on I was freezing. The nurse said I needed to sit up and move so I wouldn't be so cold, so she helped me sit up, get dressed, and into the wheelchair. The ride home sucked, but my husband drove as gently as he could with all the bumps in the road. Now I'm in home, in bed, he even emptied my drains. I have my huge bottle of water and giant bag of frozen veggies. Will update and add photos later! ????


I am hurting today! I feel like I may have pulled on something in the mid-upper left of my stomach. I've been up walking a few times today. Trying to do it myself. A little light headed today, but I also didn't get much sleep last night due to being uncomfortable.

Taking in a lot of fluid

I must have drank an entire case of water bottles between yesterday and today. Still have a stabbing pain in my front upper left stomach. If it's still there tomorrow I'll be calling the doctor. I accidentally deleted my before pictures, but it was a serious meat curtain lmao. Here me sitting down. Really swollen.

Took the bandages off today

My stomach is numb, so it felt funny applying new gauges. I am so swollen everywhere. I also lined myself
With maxi pads for cushion. I can stand up a little straighter since the bandages aren't on and constricting me. I'm leaving the yellow stuff in my belly button until my upcoming dr apt. I'm guessing it's shaping it. Will ask Monday. I am going to shower and clean the incision tomorrow and dry low with a blow dryer to prevent any infection from moisture. I can't wait to heal. I'm in the frustrated stage right now
I guess. My butt hurts, my back hurts, and I'm low on pain medication (and it's the weekend!!).. Hoping for a full nights sleep tonight.

Pain meds

Tried to tough it out and skip a dose of pain meds.. Big mistake, definitely regretting it!! I'm pretty tingly and uncomfortable today. A lot of the tingle is the area around my belly button. 1 week p/o follow up is in 3 days :) excited to have the steri strips and packing in
Belly button removed so I can get a better peek! Today I have only put out 25ccs of fluid! Getting there. Feeling pretty antsy just laying around.


Anyone have any expierience with drains? I'm not sure if it's them
I feel medial to my hip, but they really hurt! Inside my stomach and at the insertion :(

Post op

Well, my 1 week post op was yesterday. Incision site looks great and got to get my right drain removed! As soon as the doctor took it out it was an instant relief. He had me take one big breath in and told me to let it out hard and fast, and I didn't feel a thing :) I must be allergic to the medical tape I bought from Walgreens. My hips are breaking out as well as below my belly button, I have 2 huge blisters :( no more of that. Just leave the gauzes over the drain sites and calling it a day. I went 4 hours without pain meds and drove myself to the farm store to play my numbers. It was very weird, since I haven't driven in over a week. I took it very slow people were probably cussing me lol. Good thing I live in a rural area, so traffic is light. Yesterday, going to my appointment and another errand I got
Very nauseated with the movement while my husband drove. I had to hold my stomach as every bump was uncomfortable.

If I can offer any advice to help anyone considering this surgery to get through thr first week, it's to have magazines and Netflix, or anything you can stream shows and movies. I finally watched sons of anarchy, although I am
Only in the 2nd season, it has helped pass the time and boredom. I will post incision pictures when the skin reaction from the tape goes away.

Follow up

So this picture was taken a few days ago. The blisters are from this medical tape I bought at Walgreens. I had a serious reaction to them. My 2nd drain was also removed. Also still really swollen.

So I am in law enforcement. I am now 2 weeks post op, and scheduled to return in 2 weeks. Is that enough time prior tt ladies? I wear a bullet proof vest. Duty belt with taser, firearm, handcuffs, radio, etc. just the thought of going back makes me a bit nervous after this procedure and don't want to rush it!

Swelling starting to subside

Hips and pelvis area are still really swollen. I wish I didn't delete my before photo! Still need to exercise to get in better shape, but I no longer have that hanging belly after 2 c sections! Blisters and all of the other redness and irritation from the tape are also beginning to go away :) was able to go to target today for back to school shopping, but needed the cart for walking assistance.
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