25 Months Post Op

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I'm scheduled for a Full TT, BA/BL on June 20th. ...

I'm scheduled for a Full TT, BA/BL on June 20th. My pre-op consultation is scheduled for June 3rd. I'm 5'6" and weigh around 137 and currently wear a size 2/4.

I met with Dr. C a couple of weeks ago and he was very reassuring. I had previously met with one other surgeon who was pushing for more surgery than I really wanted.

I have lost 100 pounds from my highest weight. I work out daily and right healthy foods, but have excess skin that will not snap back.

5/13/13-It's getting closer and I am getting even...

5/13/13-It's getting closer and I am getting even more nervous. I went shopping this weekend for some post-op clothes. I got a couple of disposable outfits that I plan on just throwing away. I got 2 sizes bigger than I normally wear in yoga pants (I got a size large instead of XS/S). They seem very large, but I guess better too big than too small. I also got some cute dresses to wear on my honeymoon which will be in Mexico 5 weeks post-op. I can easily wear my CG under them and still look cute. We told the surgeon our target date and he has no worries about me being able to travel by then. I decided to wait on the bathing suits to see what I would need. My implants are 550 cc and I am expected to go from an A to a D/DD. I am going to definitely need to buy 2 different sizes for the top and bottom of the swim suits. Hitting the gym fairly hard and tightening up my diet to be sure I am in the best shape I can be for recovery. My pre-op appointment is exactly 3 weeks from today! I'd love to be below 135 by then.

2 Weeks Until My Pre-op Appointment

2 weeks from today I will go to my doctor for my pre-op appointment. I watched the surgery on youtube this weekend and although it made my palms sweat just looking at it, I'm very happy that I watched. I feel like I will be able to ask more informed questions at my appointment now.

I'm continuing to gather my supplies. I bought the stool softener and MOM. I've ordered the toilet riser. I'm just going to put a plastic lawn chair in my shower (a tip from someone on this site) because I think it will be more stable than the little shower chairs (and save some money). We have a shower head that comes off and I think once my hubby-to-be gets it down for me I should be fine. I bought one Spanx garment, but want to hold off on those until I see what will work best for me. I have lots of size large drawstring sweatpants and a couple of cute sundresses for when I leave the house.

I know I will have to get more things after I speak to my PS, but I want to start to get as many things as I can as early as I can. I need to ask him about what I can put on my scar and when I can start to do that. I'm going to start to cook and freeze meals in a couple of weeks and order my protein bars.

I'm really worried about taking time off from my exercise schedule, but I will because I want to heal properly and get the best results possible. The gym will wait for me and hopefully I'll look even better this time next year when the pouch of skin is gone and you can actually see my abs.

Thanks to everyone who has gone to that flat side before me. Your reviews and pictures are so helpful to all of us.

Time goes by so slowly when waiting...

I am 6 days from my pre-op and a little over 3 weeks until my surgery. I made sure to spend as much time outside as I could this weekend because I won't really be able to go out and enjoy the summer much this year. I seem to be arguing with my fiance a lot more lately. I know emotions are running high, but it's still hard and things that normally don't bother me seem to be intensified and we fight.

I'm so excited to have my surgery, but I'm also a bit sad because I'm in the best physical shape of my life and I'm going to be recovering for a long time and will have to build everything back up again. I'm worried that I will gain weight after my surgery and ruin everything. I'm just a wreck. I wish I could just be done already.

It's been very helpful to be able to follow everyone before me and see how they are doing. I have a lot of questions for my doctor at my pre-op now that I wouldn't have even known to ask before finding this site.

Photo of My Tummy with Skin Tucked In

Just wanted to add a photo of me with my skin tucked in to my waistband.

More pre-op pictures

I have my pre-op appointment on Monday. I'm meeting with Dr. Cohen to finalize what exactly will be done. He wants to be conservative, but I also want to be happy with my results. I have to get rid of my muffin top.

Pre-Op Appointment Today

Today was my pre-op appointment. I wasn't sure what to expect. I got a 70-page booklet to read and the nurse went over everything with me. She was very patient and answered all of my questions. Another nurse took my blood pressure, temperature and pulse. I got vitamins that I need to start taking right away, Bromelain that I start taking 3 days before surgery to help with bruising and Arnica Montana to apply to bruises after surgery as needed. 4 prescriptions were also called in for me that I can pick up tomorrow: 2 anti-nausea medications, vicodin, and antibiotics. I also have to get a mammogram sometime in the next 9 days. Yikes! I'll call for that tomorrow.

I expressed concern about my muffin top and showed Dr. Cohen what I look like in jeans. He agreed that I will need an extended tummy tuck and liposuction to get rid of the dreaded skin that hangs over my pants and shorts. That added $2,000 to my bill, but I think I would have been very unhappy with only addressing my stomach skin. Luckily for me I have a wonderful and supportive fiance that wants me to be happy.

They took before pictures and although the girl that took them was as kind as can be, it was still super embarrassing. I reminded myself that she has probably seen worse, but it really didn't help.

Now I just wait until they call me the day before surgery to schedule the exact time. I have to wash with antibacterial soap the night before and in the morning. I am supposed to wear "typical" panties to get marked in and Dr. Cohen is going to do his best to keep the scar hidden. I'd much rather have a longer scar and get rid of the extra skin on my flanks then risk having a flat tummy and squishy sides.

Surgery 2 weeks from today

In 2 weeks I will be having surgery. Still running around and getting things done. Picked up my prescriptions yesterday. $143! Yikes! I bought Hibiclens for the night before and the morning of surgery. I bought gauze pads. In addition to the 6 mega vitamins that I have to take each day, my doctor wants me to takes 1,000 mg of vitamin C. My poor tummy is in turmoil. Yesterday I made a Greek yogurt smoothie with fruit and that helped a lot to coat my tummy. I got my mammogram on Tuesday and they are going to be sure to send my results to Dr. Cohen ASAP. The tech was so sweet. She said that she was jealous that I was getting boobs. I go see my GYN today for my annual exam. Just making sure that everything is A-OK before surgery.

I ordered 2 shapewear garments. The nurse told me that I will need to wear my compression garment for 2 weeks and then I can change to shapewear. I ordered from Kohl's, since I have heard good things about Flexees. I made sure to get the gusset opening so I don't have to take the whole thing off to use the bathroom. It was only $65 for both, so if they don't work out, then not too much of an investment there. The nurse said that I must wear one that goes all the way up to under my breasts or I will have swelling in my upper abdomen. It was really hard for me to find ones that went all the way up to the breasts and also had shorts built in and a gusset opening. Like I said, I can always try something else if what I bought doesn't work.

My fellow June tummy tuckers are all getting their surgeries done and reporting their results. Getting good tips from them. I keep adding things to my lists. Hope the next 2 weeks fly by!

Updating Pictures and Measurements

I just realized that I am so focused on my tummy tuck that I have not really documented my breasts. I also wanted to post my pre-op measurements to compare to later.

Waist (at navel)-30.5

I had hoped to be around 135 for surgery, but that's not going to happen. I don't mind too much as long as I can fit into my clothes. There will be time enough to lose the weight if I need to after anyway. Maybe I'm at the right weight but I just need the skin gone. Time will tell.

Down to one week and one day

I'm starting to really obsess now. This time next week I'll be getting the phone call to tell me the time of my surgery. My stomach is handling the vitamins a bit more easily now. I scheduled a massage for today. I'm going to meet a therapist who is certified in lymphatic draininage massage. My PS recommends it, but I want to "interview" the therapist and see if I like her and I'm so tight lately. Last week of school stress and of course my upcoming surgery, so I'm treating myself.

I did my second-to-last heavy weight lifting workout yesterday. I hit a record high of 105 pounds for my deadlifts and 75 pounds for my bench press. I plan to lift one more time on Thursday or Friday and then stop until I am cleared after surgery by my doctor. I plan on doing cardio up until the day before surgery.

On Monday I start taking the Bromelain and stool softener in addition to the vitamins. I'm also making the personal choice to have a liquid/soft food diet until the surgery (starting Monday). I'll have my protein bars and smoothies. Still trying to find some lower sodium soups. I have found that most of the "low sodium" still have quite a bit relatively speaking. I plan on going to the natural market near my house and checking there. I also need chia seeds, which I love and plan to use to help me try and stay regular after surgery. I make them into a gel and put them in my smoothies.

My fiance is getting super excited about my boobs and keeps telling me how great he thinks I will look. I'm excited about the boobs, but much more about the tummy tuck and getting rid of my muffin top.

I'm trying to stay positive and think good thoughts. I'm so impressed with so many of the women who have already had their procedures done.

Finally...days not weeks!

I go in for my surgery on Thursday. I finally have everything that I need on my list and have it as organized as possible. I've stopped my weight lifting and I'm just doing aerobic exercise to prevent muscle soreness. I'm upping my protein intake and I started taking stool softeners and Bromelain in addition to my surgical vitamins. I have a hair appointment tomorrow and scheduled the following one for the day before my wedding in 5 1/2 weeks. Everyone around me is being super supportive. So for now I wait until I get the phone call on Wednesday that tells me what time to be there on Thursday. Wednesday night and Thursday morning I have to take a shower with Hibiclens. I have an Ativan and antinausea patch to apply Wednesday night as well. Just in a holding pattern....

My "nest" is complete!

I took all of my prescriptions and vitamins and put them in pre-labeled baggies so my fiancé would know what I need to take and when. I set up all of my post-op supplies and put the walker we got at Goodwill next to the power recliner. On Thursday ( surgery day) we will set up the toilet riser. I have my bag ready to go to the surgery center. Now I just wait for my phone call tomorrow to see what time my surgery is. Yay! Almost my time.

On my way to the surgery center

I'm on my way to the surgery center. Once I got to sleep I felt fine. Right now I feel nauseous and grouchy. I just want to be done already. My fiancé is going to stay at the surgery center and he brought his laptop to watch movies. I brought 2 pillows, an old beach towel, my prescriptions, a neck pillow, and a plastic bag in case I get sick. I also brought saltines with no salt on top and a protein bar. I'm guessing I won't want to eat but who knows. See you all on the flat side!

Resting at Home

All went well. I ended up not needing lipo. He said I didn't have any fat to suck out. My incision goes pretty far back though. I won't get to see anything until Monday at my first post-op appointment. He also changed the size and profile of my implants. I got 500cc high profile.

The drains suck and it's hard to get in and out of the recliner.

I'll post more soon.

Day 1 Post-Op

I am now post-op day 1 and feeling sore and tired. I'm so amazed by all the women that have an easy time.

I thought that I would have an advantage in healing since I did a lot of weight lifting and cardio before surgery. I do use my legs to get up from the recliner and raised toilet seat, but I can't use my arms at all because of the breast lift and implants.

My surgery was yesterday at 7:00 am. I went in to the surgery center and one nurse took my blood pressure and temperature and did a pregnancy test. I met with the anesthesiogist who was very kind and made me feel comfortable. Next Dr Cohen came in to do my markings with a sharpie! When he was done they put the IV in and took me to the operating room. I was painted with betadine from neck to toes. Very cold! Then the surgical assistant put my booties on and helped me get on the table. The last thing I remember was asking if I should have a metal taste in my mouth. I woke up in the recovery room. Apparently I spoke with Dr Cohen, but I don't remember that.

Last night was hard to sleep. I did it in 1-2 hour chunks. My incisions and drain sites burn and my back hurts. I will not get to see my new tummy until Monday. I did take my binder off for 2 minutes to put a tank top under it. My drains are putting out very little so far so I'm hoping that they will come out on Monday. I'm staying on top of my pain medication. I've also taken colace and one dose of milk of magnesia, but no BM yet.

Day 2 Post Op

Last night was no joke. I am tired of my recliner already. It's very deep and I can't get out on my own. I still need my pain meds every 3-4 hours. I'm getting up to walk to the bathroom every couple of hours. While I'm up I do laps around the house using my walker. I am hardly putting out anything in my drains so I'm hoping they will come out on Monday. I love my new breasts. I haven't seen my tummy yet because it is covered with gauze and under the binder.

Post Op Day 3

Last night was much better. I slept for 6-7 hours straight. Before going to bed I took a large serving of milk of magnesia and today I have gone 3 times. I will keep taking the colace, but no more MOM unless things get backed up again.

I am able to spread my pain medicine out more now. I can still tell a big difference between just Tylenol and the prescription pain meds. I was going to run out today so we called Dr Cohen yesterday and he called more in for me. Yay!

I'm getting up and walking around every couple of hours. When I first get up I'm very stiff, but then it gets much better.

My incision on the sides and back hurt the most. The front not that much. The drain sites are annoying and I'm hoping to get those out tomorrow. I never really put that much out anyway. Everytime I go to the bathroom I clean the drain area with hydrogen peroxide and I taped a little bit to my legs to keep the motion down. I can't post a full blue bikini after picture, but I love the top half so far. I had pads in for the before picture and none for the after.

Post Op Day 4

The drains are out! I was hardly draining at all. I get to shower tomorrow. The first drain didn't hurt coming out, but the second one burned and felt like I was on fire. Glad to be rid of them though. So tired now. Going to the doctor's office wore me out. I'm still very swollen but happy so far.

Post Op Day 5

Today has been a lot better for me. I have only needed Tylenol for pain today. I also got to take a shower for the first time. We have a very small shower so I went in by myself and just let the water run over me. I usually prefer a hot shower, but I just did a warm one today since I know that is the best thing for now. I took MOM again last night and went 3 times again today. I'm still not eating all that much, but what I eat is good food. The visit to my doctor yesterday wore me out today. I was very low energy. I can't wait for this swelling to go down and see what I'm working with.

Photo Day 5

Did not post earlier.

Post Op Day 6

Today was an active day for me. I took a shower by myself. It felt great. I also drove today. Not so great. My daughter needed to be picked up from work 1 1/2 miles away and it is so hot here I didn't want her to have to walk home. We have a lot of speed bumps in our neighborhood and they were so uncomfortable. I did it, but don't want to do it again soon.

My fiance also washed my binder today. As much as I hate my binder I desperately wanted it back once it was in the laundry. I immediately ordered another one that will be here Friday so I never have to be without again.

I'm so afraid that between the increased activity and the lack of my binder for an hour that I will be super swollen tomorrow. I'll just have to take it easy tomorrow.

I am just taking Tylenol during the day every 4-6 hours, but I take the prescription medicine at night.

I tried sleeping in my bed instead of the recliner last night with a wedge pillow, but it was too soon for me. I couldn't really move once I was in bed and it was horrible to have to be in the exact same position all night. Tonight it's back to the recliner for me. I'm hoping to be back in my bed by this weekend though because my fiance's kids will be with us and I don't want to sleep in the living room when they are here.

Happy healing to all!

Post Op Day 8

8 days after surgery. Woo hoo! I'm getting around much better now. I still can't really bend down or lift anything. I can easily shower now and Sunday night I'm going to try and shave. I have my next post op appointment on Monday and I'd love to have smooth legs. ;-)

I called my PS's office and got the okay to start moisturizing my scar. It feels so much better. Much less pulling.

I still can't sleep on the wedge pillow on my bed. I'm jealous of those of you who can. I'm going to try and sleep on my side tonight. We'll see.

Post Op Day 9

Lesson learned today....a brief shopping trip to Walmart can make your muscle repair ache. Well I fell in to the trap. I was feeling good. Picked up a bit around the house. Walked to the mailbox. Went to Walmart for a few items. By the time I finished at Walmart and got to the car, my MR was aching. I went home and iced it and I'm fine now.

Last night I finally slept in my bed. I am honestly more comfortable in my recliner, but wanted the privacy and closeness to my fiancé. This morning the closeness led to "activity". Nothing too extreme. I used lots of pillows for support everywhere.

I am waiting for the swelling to go down, but I am excited so far. Each day really does get a little better.

I go to the doctor for my second post-op and he will hopefully take the tape off my breast lift stitches. I haven't seen them yet. I also want to find out when that thing in my belly button is supposed to fall out.

Post Op 11

Today I had my second post op appointment. One of the nurses removed the tape from my breasts. It stung just a tiny bit. I got the okay to start walking at 2 weeks and more aggressive walking at 3 weeks. She also said that I could lift up to 20 pounds. That seems so heavy to me! At 4 weeks other exercise as I can tolerate. She also took the yellow thing out of my belly button. Yay! I don't have to go back for another 36 days and that appointment is with Dr. Cohen.

After I finished I went to the mall and did my Victoria's Secret trip. 34DD. I hope they stay that size, but I would be okay with a 34D too. I only bought 3 bras for now. I came home and put all of my 34A bras in a bag to donate.

I was cleared to switch to Spanx for the next week. For week 4 I can wear Spanx during the day and nothing at night! After that only when I want a little more support.

I am still super swollen. A little disappointed about that honestly. I am back down to my pre-surgery weight, but I am nowhere near being able to fit into my pre-surgery jeans. :-(

Making Some Progress

Today I went to the gym. I walked on the treadmill for 40 minutes. I started at 2.0 mph. Too fast. 1.8 mph. Too fast. 1.5 mph. Just right. I ignored the 70 year old next to me zipping along at 3.5 mph. A month ago I was doing intervals between 5.5 and 8.5 mph. That's okay. I guess like everything else I need to be patient. I wore my new Victoria's Secret compression garment that goes from under my boobs to bike shorts. So much tighter and more uncomfortable than the binder!

I am still swollen and I took my measurements today.
Bust 38"
Waist (at navel) 34"
Hips 37"
Weight 140.4

After the gym I went home and changed back into "old reliable" ( my binder" and put ice packs on my tummy and put my feet up in the recliner.

So over this recovery period!!!!


Hit update too soon. 2 other pictures of scar.

Almost 2 weeks!

Tomorrow will be 2 weeks post op. I got my period today. It certainly explains all of the food cravings I've been having! I went to the gym again today and did 40 minutes at 1.6 mph. Then I went home and iced my tummy. The exercises my doctor gave me seem to be helping my breasts drop. I hope so anyway.

Today was the first day I felt like putting on makeup and straightening my hair. Yesterday I had a mini meltdown because I felt so dumpy. Nothing fits except for yoga pants and I'm so scared I'm going to gain weight while healing. Most of the time I know to just be patient but sometimes it's darn hard! Today I feel better. I know there will be ups and downs. I'm already so thrilled with my results. I can tell it will eventually be worth it.

Day 14 Post Op Pictures

Adding pictures that compare day 5 post op to day 14 post op. Also a picture of me in a bikini (not even at my heaviest). About 50 pounds heavier than I weigh now. I am still at my pre op weight of 140.4. My breast and hip measurements are the same but my waist is down 2 inches. I'm now a 32 (same size as my fiance). I'd like to be back down to a 27.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage and Pool Time!

Today was a busy day! PO15 for me. I started the day with a lymphatic drainage massage. I went to a licensed therapist who I met with prior to my surgery. I started on my back and I was able to lay flat on the table. Yay! I had put paper surgical tape over my scars prior to arriving just in case. I don't have any open wounds, but I just didn't want anything coming into contact with my scars. She started with my chest (above my breasts-closer to my neck) and did rhythmic circles and pushed toward my armpits where my upper lymph nodes are. She went down my arms and hands. It was very relaxing. Not as much pressure as my normal massage. Then she did my tummy in a super gentle way. It did not hurt at all. It was weird because depending on what part of my tummy she touched I could or could not feel it. This part probably only lasted about 5 minutes. She then moved on to my legs and hips. She did the rhythmic circles again pushing the toxins out toward the lymph nodes on my inner thighs. She noted that my right leg and hip were much more swollen than my left. I have noticed I have more numbness and tenderness there myself. I can't really lay on my tummy yet so she had me lay on my left side and brought me a body pillow to use for support and another pillow for under my head. Then she did the circles on my hip and leg again and finished with a normal massage on my back while I was on my side. I'm supposed to drink extra water for the next few days. I have no clue if it will do anything, but it did relax me and Dr. Cohen recommended it in his paperwork, so I will try it. I have another appointment set up in 3 weeks. I'd go before then, but my therapist is so popular that she is booked solid until then! She is the only one at my spa that is certified in LDM and I also LOVE her!

My fiance got a regular massage while I got mine done and we were in the couple's room. Very nice. After massages we went to the mall to shop for swimsuits. I only have 1 that fits now. First stop was Victoria's Secret. We found one suit that I liked. My problem is that my scar goes all the way around my back. It was covered in the front by plenty of the suits, but it was hard to cover it in the back. I have never worn tankinis or one piece suits even when I was fat, so I was determined to find a few suits that would work. We struck out with Lands End at Sears. Our last stop was a jackpot. It's a store called Everything but Water and it has suits from lots of different designers and brands. I found 2 clearance suits that fit. One suit was a medium top and bottom. I have to get a medium size bottom now to cover my scar. I used to be a small/extra small. :-( The other suit was a size 10 top and a size 6 bottom. So random, but it worked! I left very happy. We grabbed lunch in the food court (grilled chicken) and headed home.

30 minutes later and we were out by the pool. It was my first journey outside of the shower binder/spanx free. I wore one of my new suits and felt great. I left the tape on my scars and belly button. I also brought an extra towel for padding along my back and seat area. We stayed for an hour. We came home and I showered and got right into my spanx.

We finished off the night with a pizza night out. We celebrated my daughter getting a 5 on her first AP exam. Woo hoo!

So now I am on my trusty recliner with my trusty binder on and my feet up cruising Real Self. I'll post bathing suit pictures this weekend! Happy healing to all!

Obligatory Post Op Swimsuit

Still have some swelling but I wanted to post what I look like in the morning when I'm still sort of flat.

PO Day 18

I went to the gym today and was so happy to see an improvement from last week. I was able to do 65 minutes on the treadmill today. I did half at 2.0 mph and the other half at 2.2. I came home and put my feet up on the recliner, but it's so nice to get my body moving in the right direction again. In April I ran a half marathon in 2 hours and 10 minutes and today it took me an hour to go a little over 2!

I am finally losing weight too. I am down to 139.8. A teeny loss, but it puts me back into the 130's. My ultimate goal is to get down to 132. I liked how I looked at 130 and since the PS added 2 pounds in boobs I think it makes sense.

My left boob is still dropping faster and better than my right. I can easily move the implant around inside the pocket on my left, but my right is still high and stiff. I'm going to keep an eye on it and call the doctor's office if it doesn't loosen up a bit in the next week.

My TT scar looks great to me. It's still raised, but not as "ropy" looking as before. The scabs are all gone. I massage it with a homemade mixture of Shea butter and oils everyday. I hate the scars under my boobs though. They hurt at times and look angry. I was worried about having the lift from the beginning. It's not that I'm unhappy with my results, I just think it will take me longer to embrace that part of my MM. I love the bigger boobs though. I just wish I didn't have the ugly scars that go with the lift.

I'm tired of wearing clothes with spandex. I'm pissed that I'm a bigger clothing size than I was before and I'm sick of having to watch every single bite that goes in my mouth because I can't work out like I used to at the gym. My fiancé has gained "sympathy weight" because he just eats whatever he wants. So frustrating to eat a protein bar while he eats a bagel with everything that would be my allocation of calories for the day. One meal out makes me swell like a puffer fish. Sorry for venting but we all get there at some point. I have good days and bad days. I know next summer I'll look killer in my bikini, but here and now I'm so over healing!

PO Day 19

I hit the gym at a later time than usual and had to use the elliptical since there were no available treadmills. I stayed on level 1 but managed to do an hour. It felt good to seem to make progress. I was also able to try on some of my pre-op clothes this morning and a lot already fit. I was down another inch in my waist. 31" late morning, but preparing dinner and cleaning up and then going to the gym has made me swell. At least I see some progress in my workouts. My chest seems to have settled in at 38" and my hips are still stubbornly staying at 36". I'm posting some pictures of my post gym swelling. The shiny stuff is my Shea butter/oil moisturizer. My right boob is still not as soft as my left. Maybe it's wishful thinking, but it seems to be getting better.

PO20-Almost 3 weeks!

I'm taking a rest day from the gym today but I did a couple hours worth of errands today. I am liking my shape more and more lately. Waiting for the swelling to go down.

I found some compression panties at Walmart and at home I wear those with my binder on top. I wear a full compression garment when I go out though. I've been getting headaches the past couple of days and I wonder if I am doing too much. Hopefully I can rest the next few days. A little piece has popped out in my belly button. I hope that is normal. Any ideas?

3 Week Post Op Photo Update

Today marks 3 weeks post op. I am feeling much better. I can sleep on my sides and back comfortably now. I start the day off fairly flat and have swelling by the evening, especially if I exercise. I am easily having sex (sorry mom) and the only discomfort comes from my breasts. I wear spanx during the day and switch to my binder at night. When I go to the gym I wear spanx with the binder over it. I try to drink plenty of water and I tend to eat around 1600 calories per day. I take a multivitamin once per day and extra vitamin A and C twice per day. I take arnica montana 3 times per day and turmeric twice per day for swelling. I can fit into some of my pre-op clothes, but they are not what I would call comfy yet. I have not really lost any weight necessarily, but I was pretty close to the ideal weight for me going into surgery. At my pre-op consultation Dr. Cohen told me that I shouldn't lose any more weight. I'm not as concerned with what the scale says as long as I can fit into my clothes. Here is the 3 week photobomb!

One More Update

Side by side weeks 2/3.

PO 23

Today I went to the gym and was able to get the speed up to 3 miles per hour for 45 minutes. Progress is slow but steady. I also think my scar has moved down a little bit. I don't have to hike up my bikini bottom quite as much. I'm posting a picture that compares day 8 with day 23. I still start off the day fairly flat and swell by the end of the day. I'm sure this would have been much easier to do in the fall/winter, but as a teacher that just wasn't possible. I'm trying to wean myself off my binder, but it is hard. It's much more comfortable with a tank top under it than any of my compression garments. I'm going to try one of the compression tank tops and see how that feels. So far every garment I've tried has some sort of issue with it. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I really want to be able to enjoy my honeymoon at 5 1/2 weeks post op with as little binder/garment use as possible.

Overdid It Today!

Today was a great milestone for me. I went to the gym and did intervals of fast walking and light jogging for a half hour. After that I did a light (and I mean super light) weight workout. It felt great to be back in the swing of things. I had lunch out with my fiancé and then we ran a couple of hours worth of errands. My pedometer read 10,000 steps for today so I walked 5 miles. I am really worn out and super swollen now though. I found my wedding dress today. We are having a super small wedding at the courthouse with the two of us and our kids, so I got a very casual and cute white dress. They only had a large left so I have to have the medium mailed to me. I'll post pictures when it comes. I'm still very annoyed that a lot of my pre-op clothes don't fit. I know it is swelling and that I was pretty small to begin with, but it doesn't make the daily challenge of getting dressed any easier. I guess I'm just tired and grouchy right now.

PO 26

I am feeling more and more like my old self at the gym. Today I was able to do 60 minutes on the elliptical at level 2 and actually generate a sweat! I am definitely nowhere near where I was pre-op, but I'll slowly work back up in time.

I have found a couple of good compression garments that I love. Finally! I am loving the spandex pants with the control top built in. I personally bought Sweet Nothings Firm Tummy Control leggings at Walmart. LOVE them! I also bought a compression tank top from Walmart that lets you wear your own bra. The two combined give me great pressure and not a huge amount of bulk. I didn't even have to wear my binder at the gym.

I threw my original binder away. It had lost all stretch and elasticity. I have one that I bought as an extra during week 2 that is still good and I will throw it on over clothes around the house for extra support while doing active things.

I am trying to wean myself off of the binder in general because my PS's office said that I should have gotten rid of it after week 2, but it makes me feel more secure with a little bit of extra support. I am trying to sleep in nothing at night, but I'm scared of the swelling if I wear no compression at all.

I went near the pool today. I stuck my feet in and sat on the side with my legs dangling in. I'm still nervous to get in with my scar. I'm trying to hold out until my honeymoon in Mexico in 2 weeks.

I hope everyone is healing well. I was wondering today if people who have this surgery in the hotter weather tend to swell more. I will be glad when the swelling starts to calm down.

4 Weeks Post Op!

I'm 28 days days post op today. I'm feeling better and better each day. I'm able to do light cardio work. I'm going to wait for my next post op appointment and get Dr. Cohen's release to start strength training with free weights again. I've been doing the machines on very light weight. I'm still swollen in the evening. My weight is currently 141 and my measurements are 38-30-36. Once I'm released I'll start to tighten up my eating and hit the gym pretty hard. I need to get that waist and hip measurement down again. Yesterday I was able to fit into size 6 pants with my CG on. Still not down to my pre-op size, but it felt good to be able to wear "real" clothes again. I have 3 places on my TT incision where I may at some point spit the stitch. I also have swelling on my nipple at the bottom that the nurse said is also likely a spitting stitch. I called this morning and she offered to open me up and remove the stitch, but I passed on that one. I have my honeymoon in 1 1/2 weeks and I want to be able to swim in the ocean and pool. My boobs are still uneven and have't gotten to their final placement, but I'll be patient. I'm still doing my exercises everyday. I've been using BioOil on my scars and may try the silicone strips for my breasts down the line.

1 month!

So today marks one month post op. I am experiencing increased swelling (I know it is supposed to peak between weeks 4-5 but it stinks when it actually happens). I'm sure the terrible heat and humidity is not helping either. I have been pretty down lately. I have't been able to lift weights like I used to and I can see the results from a year of hard work go down the drain in a matter of weeks. My muscle tone is way down and with this swelling I feel bigger than when I started. I know it will all pass and I will get my training back up soon enough, but right now it's tough for me. I'm being honest and open here. I also have spitting stitches all over my TT incision. My fiancé was able to pull one out for me yesterday. It hurt briefly but now feels so much better. I'm so worried that I will have a problem when on my honeymoon and I will be stuck in Mexico without my doctor. This really is a roller coaster! Happy healing ladies!

Spin Class Today

Today I am 2 days shy of 5 weeks. I am only wearing my spanx garments during the day, but I went back to the binder at night. It makes me flatter in the morning.

I went to a 60 minute spin class today. I sat in the back and did about 70% of my normal effort. I even broke a sweat! I wore compression leggings with the tummy control panel built in and my binder on the outside of my tank top. It just made me feel more comfortable doing the class. I did everything that everyone else did ( including standing climb and jumps), but at a lower intensity.

Yesterday I upped my arm weights from 5 pounds to 7 and added back exercises. I'm still not going to work chest or lift barbells until Dr. Cohen gives me the green light. Honestly I think my purse might weigh 7 pounds though. ;-)

I also got my hair done for the first time post op. I was a little nervous about having to lean back for the shampoo, but it was okay. My stylist has been with me for 3 years and knows my whole story from divorce to weight loss and dating and my fiancé. She is happy for me and even have me a special conditioning treatment for free as a wedding present!

I still have swelling in the evening, but today I was able to for into some more of my pre op clothes including some size 2's! I can't wait to see how I look over the next few months. So excited! I'll post pictures on Thursday for my 5 week mark.

Today was Up and Down

This morning I woke up super flat and was so excited. I got to see my hip bones again. If my pubic area would stop swelling, then I would be in great shape! I call it my "mini penis" when I have my swimsuit on.

I got another massage today and it felt so good. Since I don't really have a ton of swelling from lack of drainage (only at the end of the day from increased activity) I asked her to focus on my hips. They have been so tight lately and ache at night even though I didn't have any lipo. She said she was going to do more of a Swedish massage with as much pressure as I could take. It felt amazing. I told her that I wasn't quite ready to lay on my stomach yet. Her solution: A boob pillow!!! Loved it!! I could lay on my stomach and it had cutouts for the breasts and a small support down the middle. That way she was able to work on my back and give me a great massage. She said I could actually order one online if I wanted to. I may consider it as I am a tummy sleeper.

The down part of my day was from my daughter. She is 16 years old and a very hard worker. She gets straight A's in school and has a part time job to save money to go to France over spring break. She has been very disappointed with us not traveling as much this summer. She lashed out and told me that it was my fault that her summer sucked and I was selfish and ridiculous for getting surgery. On the one hand I am proud of her because she truly believed that I didn't need surgery and that I looked fine without it. On the other hand...ouch!!! I put everyone else first all of the time (sometimes at the expense of myself) and this hurt. We will have to work through this, but she is very angry and won't speak to a therapist. Her father left us 4 years ago and he has very little contact with her. I feel bad for her, but I get all of the anger because I am the only one around. It kind of stinks for everyone. I'm getting married in 2 days and I hope she doesn't lash out again on my wedding day. I really love her and wish she would talk to someone to sort out her feelings.

Evening Swelling Pictures

Some pictures from tonight with my usual swelling.

5 weeks post op 7/25/13

These are my week 5 pictures taken in the morning when I am nice and flat. I am also posting pictures of my 2 weight extremes. My highest at 232 and my lowest of 127. It took me about 2 years to lose the weight through diet and exercise. Once I got down to 127 I couldn't really maintain it without excess exercise and a calorie amount that was not sustainable. It was also before I started weight lifting, which added some lean muscle to my body.

I have my wedding tomorrow and then I go on my honeymoon next Monday. When I come back I have my next appointment with Dr. Cohen. I'm hoping that he will release me to do whatever exercise I want and I can lose the last 5 pounds and get my saggy butt back in shape.

Today's weight: 140.4
Measurements: 38-29.5-36
Thighs are 21 inches

I want to lose 2.5 inches from my stomach and 2 inches from my hips and 1 inch from my thighs. I'm not really concerned about my bustline since I paid to have that enlarged. ;-)

Returned from my honeymoon

I am 6 1/2 weeks post op and just returned from my 8 night honeymoon in Mexico. Prior to the honeymoon I was wearing a compression garment or binder at all times. I was a bit nervous about not wearing it for the trip. On the plane ride there I wore compression yoga pants and a compression tank top. I swelled a lot on the plane ride and was pretty uncomfortable by the time I finished the 3 1/2 hour plane ride, getting through customs, the one hour bus ride and arrived at the resort. I did not watch my diet at all and definitely see a difference in my thighs. Luckily when I wake up every morning my tummy is nice and flat. On the ride back I just wore my binder and covered it with a sweatshirt. I still swelled a bit, but not nearly as much.

I used silicone cream and paper tape on my scars and covered my belly button too. We walked quite a bit on the beach and it definitely wore me out. A couple of days we walked 10 miles by the end of the day. I also tried snorkeling around the reef. I couldn't really use my arms to push myself, but I could use the fins to kick and my arms to change directions. We saw some pretty cool fish.

I go to my PS tomorrow for my next check up and I have a long list of concerns to ask him about. One of my breasts looks amazing and has dropped and fluffed. One is still high and squarish. I know that it is still early in my recovery, but it is worrisome. My other major concern is the swelling and discomfort in my hips. I have a lot of swelling and tenderness there even though I didn't have any lipo.

Once he gives me the green light I am going to get myself back into shape. My legs and butt are like jello. The definition in my arms is pretty much gone. I doubt I will have to do any specific ab work though. I think I will get enough through other exercise and keeping my body fat down. I guess time will tell. I am so over this swelling nonsense already!

7 weeks post op

I am 7 weeks post op today. I went for my check up with Dr. Cohen yesterday. I have concerns that my right implant has not dropped yet. My left one looks great and very natural already. He gave me a stabilizer band to wear over the breast to force the implant down. I wear it at home and to bed. I can't believe it myself, but I think I see a difference just from yesterday.

I also had 3 areas where I was spitting stitches. The nurse removed them for me. It pinched and hurt a bit (especially the one around my areola), but I'm glad they are gone.

They took some post op pictures. Only slightly less embarrassing than pre-op.

I was cleared to do whatever I want in the gym and I don't have to wear any special garments anymore.

He told me there is not much I can so for the swelling except wait it out.

I go see him next in 2 months.

I went to the gym today and did free weights and barbells. It felt great. I followed that with 35 minutes on the elliptical. I really let my diet go on the honeymoon and it totally shows.

I'll post more progress pictures at 8 weeks. My husband is out of town and I can't ask my daughter to do them!

I am so lucky that I had 8 1/2 weeks to recover, but I am really nervous about going back to work next Monday. Not a lot of my pre op pants fit me right now. I might have to buy a couple of larger transitional pieces. That kind of makes me sad. I am supposed to get smaller with this surgery, but so far I am bigger than my before measurements. I read so many reviews where people are losing a ton of weight and dropping sizes left and right. I'm happy for them, but I want my old size back already. I'm hoping that losing my last 10 pounds will help.

Back to Weight Lifting

I got the green light from my PS and I've been starting back with my weight lifting workouts. Right now I'm doing about half the weight I was pre-op and I was so sore after my first workout, but it feels good to be back at the gym and lifting. I bought a Danskin binder to try. Last time I didn't wear anything, so I want to see if it minimizes the swelling. I've had a lot more swelling recently and I'm sure it's due to not wearing any compression during the day and increased activity. I have to keep telling myself that I will love my body when everything settles down.

I'm nervous to go back to work next Monday since I will have no way to rest during the day if I start to feel tired. As a teacher I'm pretty much stuck in my classroom and I'm on my feet all day. I'll just have to put my feet up when I get home. I know I've been so lucky to have 8 1/2 weeks off, so I can't really complain.

Time to be positive!

My last few posts have been me whining about the swelling. I needed to give myself a swift kick in the pants and put this shzit in perspective. Yes, right now I am a size 6 which is bigger than I was pre op, but so what? At my highest weight I was a size 20. My original goal was a 12 and then an 8 when I was losing weight. When I finally got down to a size 6 when I was losing weight I was so happy. My thighs might be swollen right now, but I have no saggy skin or muffin top. I'm sure I will lose 10 pounds through diet and exercise over the next few months and until then I look damn good right now. So for today I will concentrate on what I like about me instead of what I don't. Happy healing TT sisters!

8 Weeks Today!

Today marks 8 weeks post op for me. I am still getting swelling during the day. I start the day off very flat and swell by the end of the day. I'm not wearing any compression during the day unless I'm at home and remember to put my binder on. I do sleep in my binder at night. I have no evidence that it makes me flatter in the morning, but it makes me feel better wearing it. I've been back to the gym for a few weeks now and I've been slowly working back up to the weights that I used before the operation. I'm at about 2/3 of my prior weights now. My doctor said that I couldn't hurt anything and that doing bench press might actually help my right boob drop into the right place. Last week when I went for my check up he gave me a stabilizer strap to wear at night to try and get the implant to drop. I've decided that I really don't want any revision surgery if it is just cosmetic. They look even with clothes on and my husband doesn't mind if they are uneven. I've also started slowly running again. I have a 5k in a few weeks. I feel almost 100%. I just get tired a bit faster now. I go back to work on Monday, so I'm anxious to see how that will go. I'm a teacher and will be on my feet all day long with no ability to rest if I get tired. I'm back into a size 4 again and looking forward to getting back into my size 2 jeans in a couple of moths. I'm 3 pounds up from my pre-surgery weight. I'm not one of those lucky girls that dropped major pounds or pant sizes. I'm so very happy to not have the saggy skin though and I LOVE my new DD boobs.

9 Weeks Today

I went back to work on Monday and I'm paying the price in terms of swelling. I wake up flat and beautiful and end up sore and swollen by the end of the day. This morning I measured myself and had a 30 inch waist and when I came home at 3:00 pm my waist measured 32 1/2 inches. It's like I'm back at month 1 post op. As usual I expected the swelling to increase when I went back to work, but it is tough when it actually happens. I'm also really worn out and haven't gone to the gym in 2 days. I can't let this continue.

I am still wearing my binder at night as well as my breast strap. I don't wear anything during the day.

I have one spot on my TT incision that is really irritated, but I can't feel a stitch trying to poke through.

I will take pictures this weekend. I have to get up really early for work and haven't wanted to wake up my husband or be late for work.

Overall I'm very happy with my surgery and wish I would have done it sooner.

9 1/2 weeks

I am 9 weeks and 3 days today. I ran outside yesterday for the first time post op and did 2 miles through my neighborhood, which is very hilly. I am slowly working back up to the fitness level I reached pre op. My weight is still hovering between 143-145, depending on what I eat. I'm trying to log my food and exercise, but the results are not as fast as they were pre op. I'm trying to tell myself that some of it is swelling, but it does get discouraging at times. I'd like to get back down to 135 in the next couple of months.

I went back to work this week and had to sit through a lot of meetings. That made my swelling increase quite a bit, even more than exercise. I'm hoping that eventually my body will adjust and by the 3 month mark I might see a slight decrease. I'm thinking of bringing my binder to wear during my planning periods and see if that helps at all.

I continue to use BioOil on my scar. It seems to be pretty good for the time it has been since surgery. My breasts are still really uneven when I am naked. You can see that in the picture. The left one has dropped and fluffed and the right one is still fairly high. They look fine in clothes, but I wish they would even out. I'm doing the massage and wearing the strap at night, but I have no idea if it helps or not.

11 weeks post op

I am 11 weeks post op today. I am pretty much back to normal in the gym in terms of what I can do. Since I had not been lifting, the amount I can lift is down from pre-op, but I am able to slowly work back up. I can run and bike without any pain. I can bench press and squat and do whatever lifting I want to do without a problem.

My tummy swelling is going down slowly, but I still have a lot of swelling in my hips even though I didn't have any lipo. You can actually see more swelling on my right side. I'm hoping that goes down over the next month or so.

My left breast looks wonderful and so natural. I love it. My right breast will not fall and is still high and uneven. I've been doing massage and wearing the strap at night, but so far no noticeable changes.

I still have a couple of spitting stitches that I keep trying to grab and snip, but they are tricky. I might just go to the PS's office and have them work on it.

I'm really happy that I had the surgery, but I think I'll be a lot happier in 3-6 more months.

I will post pictures this evening, but I wanted to get my thoughts down before I forgot what I wanted to share.

11 week photos

Here are my 11 week photos.

Time to try something new

I have been getting increased swelling in my hips and thighs recently. I think that this is because I went back to my job as a teacher and stand on my feet 7 1/2 hours per day now. I was still wearing my binder at night until last night. Last night was the first night I used nothing and woke up just as flat. I couldn't bring myself to throw it away yet, but I can definitely see exactly where the binder stops and the swelling starts. I'm thinking that maybe I'm pushing the extra fluids into my thighs and hips. I might also go back to the Arnica and Tumeric and see if that helps. I've continued my exercising and I guess if that makes me swell, then it's worth it. Anyone else have increased swelling in the hips and thighs after their tummy settled down?

12 1/2 weeks post op 9/14/13

Today I am 12 1/2 weeks post op. On Friday I will be 3 months. I have been back in the gym and able to build my strength and endurance back up to what it was pre op. I am lifting at the same weight for my smaller muscle groups (biceps and triceps) and getting closer everyday for my other muscles. I am participating in a squat challenge this month and that is all I'm dong for my lower body in terms of weight lifting.

I ran a 5k last weekend. I finished in 31 minutes. I was happy with the time. Not anywhere close to my pre op time, but at least I was able to run the entire time. Last night for the first time I tried my interval training (HIIT) again and was able to do some 30 second sprints at 8.5 mph. I was very excited about that.

I am still struggling with swelling. I still can't fit into many of my pre op pants and jeans. I'm hoping that in the next month or so the swelling will start to subside. Although my tummy still swells by the end of the day, I can still see definition in my abs, so it's not as bad. The swelling has moved down into my hips and thighs. My flat tummy seems to make my hips look huge. I try to focus on the positive though.

I'm logging all of my foods, but I don't really feel that I can get a true sense of my weight and size until the swelling goes down. I'm up 5 pounds from pre op still. I'd eventually like to be 10 pounds lighter than what I am now. I honestly don't care what I weigh (to a certain degree), I just want to be able to fit into my old clothes and get my muscle tone back.

My breasts are still completely uneven. I'm not happy with that and will definitely talk to my PS about options next month when I see him.

Made it to the "Magical" 3 Months

Today I am 3 months. I am definitely seeing a small change in the amount of swelling. I am able to get my size 2 pre op jeans back on. I need a little less swelling to wear them comfortably, so maybe next month. I am back to all of my pre op activities. I log all of my food and watch my diet carefully. I want to keep improving my results.

My only dark cloud is my right breast. It is definitely not dropping with the massage and strap. I'm guessing I will need some kind of revision. I'm not supposed to see Dr. Cohen for another month though. If I have to have surgery, then I'm going to try and schedule it between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I'll keep you all posted!

14 Weeks

Today I am 14 weeks post op. Not much is changing from week to week. I have less swelling in my tummy, but still a ton in my hips and thighs. At this point I wonder if I now need lipo there! I go see my doctor in about 4 weeks and I hope if I am still swollen by then he has some answers for me. My boobs are still not even. I love my left and don't think my right will drop without surgical intervention. My scar is starting to itch a lot more and I think that means that it is healing. It's also really dark purple but thin. I know it gets darker before it gets lighter do I'm not concerned about that right now. Not much else to say at this point.

15 1/2 Weeks Post Op

Today I am 15 weeks and 3 days post op. I don't see a lot of changes day to day at this point. I've decided that I need to stop slacking and get the 8 pounds that I picked up after surgery off once and for all and then 4 more. I want to get back to my "happy weight" and fully into all of my old clothes that I wore pre-surgery.

I'm back in the gym, but still not really able to do ab exercises without pain. I work my abs through my other workouts, so I'm not too concerned about them at this point. I'm thinking they will pop a bit more when the excess weight comes off.

I go see Dr. Cohen 3 days after my 4 month mark, so hopefully he will address the uneven breasts at that appointment.

4 Months Today!

I'm 4 months post op today. I still swell at the end of the day and after a hard workout. I am able to do everything at the gym that I used to do. My left breast is definitely going to need some sort of revision. I see Dr. Cohen on Wednesday, so hopefully he can get me in to have it fixed soon. My bra size actually went up on my good side to a 34DDD. I guess I had some more dropping and fluffing to do. My hips and thighs still bother me. He didn't really do anything to them, but I'd like to discuss some options with Dr. Cohen. Honestly I probably would benefit from a thigh and butt lift, but I don't want the scars. I like the way that I look in clothes, but me naked is another story. I guess we are all hard on ourselves and I have to remember that I'm over 40 and I abused my body by letting my weight get so out of hand. I so wish that I could change that. I was fine even after having 2 babies, but carrying around so much extra weight for a couple of years in my late 30's stretched my skin beyond repair.

20 Weeks Tomorrow

Tomorrow will be 20 weeks post op for me. I will post my progress pictures, but I don't think there will be much change.

I went to Dr. Cohen's office and he had some bad news for me about my right breast (the one that hasn't dropped). He wants me to wait until February 2014 to see if anything happens. He is afraid that if he goes in again to put the implant into the pocket that it will drop too far and then I will need a third surgery to raise it back up. I'm willing to wait, but I am definitely not happy with the difference in breasts. I wore a bathing suit to our local indoor water slide and my husband said that the breasts look different in a bathing suit. I also feel like I deserve to be happy with all of my results. I spent the same amount as I did on my car and I want everything to be the way that I want it. I love my tummy tuck results, but the right breast is another story.

I'm back full force at the gym. I worked my abs yesterday and had some swelling after. I've started back to my heavy lifting schedule and lifting weights 4 days per week. I do spin 3-4 days per week and run. I try to take one rest day per week to let my body heal. I log all of my food and I'm hoping to finally kick this post surgery weight gain. I bounce around between 145-150. I want to get back down to 135-140. We are going to Jamaica in February and I want to rock that bikini!

21 weeks and a day

I will post progress pictures tomorrow. Weekdays are tough for me and the hubs in the morning. I know that is mostly what people like to see. :-) I am working out at the gym and trying to lose this post op weight. The scale is slooooowly moving down and my measurements are inching downward microscopically. It will just take time and patience, but I am done beating myself up over my weight. I will continue to try and improve my results, but I need to take the pressure off. This morning my weight was 147 and my measurements are 39-30-36.75 and my thighs are a little less than 22 inches. I need a size 6 for my dress to fit my chest and a size 4 in pants. I longingly look at my size 2 wardrobe, but it's just not fitting right now. I'm hoping that 10 more pounds will get me back into that size 2, but I've decided that I'm just going to be happy with where I end up as long as my fitness level is good.

I've started studying to earn my personal training certification and I think it would be very rewarding to help others find a love for being fit. I feel like I can finally show my fitness level now that the excess skin is gone.

I am still swelling in the evenings and I'm okay with that. It's just part of the process. I got fitted for a bra and I'm definitely a 34DDD right now. I'm going to see what the right breast does over the rest of the year and then pursue something with Dr. Cohen early next year if it doesn't change. I'm definitely not satisfied with my results at this point. I LOVE the left breast and wish they both looked like that.

Got my Real Friend package

Yesterday I got my Real Friend package in the mail. It had some really cool skincare samples. I tried 2 of them last night and I could feel my face tingling in a good way. I will keep you all posted as I plan to use the samples until they run out. A coupon for a discount was also included. Very nice!

I will be 6 months post op on Friday so I will be doing my update then. I exercised my abs yesterday and they got incredibly swollen, so hopefully they will be back to their flat self by Friday.

6 Months Post Op 12/20/13

I was 6 months post op yesterday. I feel great and I'm back to doing pretty much everything that I was pre-surgery. I still swell a bit at night after eating a lot of sodium or working my abs directly (planks, crunches, etc.) at the gym. I'm back to my lifting and cardio schedule just fine.

I'm been slacking on my diet for the holiday season and I'm still up 10 pounds since surgery. After the holidays pass I'm going to work my ass off to get back into shape. We are going to Jamaica for Valentine's Day and Florida for spring break in April and I want to look amazing in my bikini.

And now....the pictures. :-) Note: I pulled the underwear down to let you see my scar. My scar is totally covered when I put the panties in the right spot.

Starting to get serious about my workouts

Okay....so I have gained weight from the holiday season and I'm at an all-time recent high weight for me of 153. I can't blame swelling anymore and I'm ready to get my body back. I can do everything in the gym that I could before, so I'm back to heavy lifting and HIIT cardio. I'm going to keep my calories around 1700 per day to make sure I don't lose lean muscle and fuel my body. I'm posting some "before" and hopefully in one month we'll see some progress.

One month progress

I have been trying to work out and eat right consistently for a month. I definitely feel a difference in my clothes. I LOVE that my tummy is so flat! I don't feel any discomfort anymore. Sometimes my scar itches. It's flat to the touch but still has a purple color. Hopefully that will fade in the next few months.

My breasts are still uneven. I go back to see Dr. Cohen in 2 1/2 weeks so I'll see what he has to say. I'm okay with them in clothes, but they bother me when I am naked.

My workout focus is now my butt. My front looks amazing, but the rear view leaves a lot to be desired.

8 Months and 4 Days

I don't have much progress to report, but I do have a few observations. I'll post pictures on March 2nd. Right now I'm super bloated from my period and just getting back from vacation and up 3 pounds.

What I've learned:
1. I don't really swell anymore unless I do specific ab work. That makes me swell like a mutha and I don't think I really get much out of it, so for now I will get my abs when I do other exercises that engage my core.
2. Since my fat can no longer go on my tummy, it chooses to rest on my hips and thighs. My tummy stays beautiful and flat and gorgeous, but my thighs and hips bulge when I carry extra weight.
3. I just returned from a vacation where I spent a week in a bikini and I have major work to do. No more excuses. I need to lose this weight that I've gained post surgery once and for all before the summer comes.

The winter storm on the northeast almost ruined our vacation, but we were able to change our dates to a later timeframe. I was not able to see Dr. Cohen last week and I will have to wait THREE MONTHS for him to be available to see me again. I think that kind of sucks, because if I need to have work done on my rogue breast, then I will not be able to heal for the summer. Appointments were kind of plentiful pre-op and now that I am "done" they are not. He will only see me on a Wednesday and that obviously leaves very few slots available for post-op patients. The work is great (except for my right breast), but I definitely feel like I had my surgery done and now I don't really matter anymore. I guess we can't have it all though.

8 1/2 Months

Still working out. I've gotten myself to where I am only up 7 pounds post op. It is definitely hard for me to lose weight.

I love my tummy. I still swell at night when I use my abs ( yesterday I swelled from shoveling snow), but I wake up flat.

I'm very unhappy with my breasts, but now I have to wait until May to talk to Dr. Cohen.

Now for the pictures....

Oh no! A hernia!

I am working out and trying to fine tune my results. I just found out I have a hernia. I go see my doctor I discuss options on April 8th. I am hoping that if I need surgery it won't harm my mommy makeover results. I'm still not really able to lose weight on the scale but I think I'm making progress in changing my body. I love my results and I'm starting to accept my butt and thighs for what they are.

I'm posting some pictures of my results with some gym time and my hernia. Excuse the stubble in the groin area. I'm afraid to shave around the hernia area.

10 Month Update

I'm at 10 months now and loving my tummy. I have a hernia that was caused by the surgery (apparently very common) but my surgeon is wonderful and will cut along my TT scar to preserve my results. I'm so lucky to have found someone that is concerned about my health but also understands that I worked hard before having the surgery and paid a lot of money to look this way and want to keep it. My hernia surgery is May 2nd. The surgeon said it would be no big deal for me. Hopefully I can get back into the gym soon after.

I have decided to accept my body as it is. My weight, my uneven boobs, my thunder thighs....everything. I am going to keep working at the gym to improve my performance and if I lose a few pounds in the progress, then great. If not that is okay too. I have settled in a size 4/6 and I'm good with that. My hips and butt are what drives the size 6 when I need it. My waist is tiny (for me).

I haven't needed to specifically work my abs, but I may start slowly.

I'm actually looking forward to bikini season this year!

Hernia Surgery Friday

I am counting down to my hernia repair surgery on Friday. I am not looking forward to the swelling and the down time from the gym. I'm hoping I will be able to walk on the treadmill after a few days and back to lifting weights after a few weeks.

This past weekend we went to the beach and had a day warm enough to go out in a bikini. I must admit I love it now. It feels good to be confident in my body.

I'll post pictures after my surgery on Friday.

Hernia Surgery Complete

I am home and resting from my hernia surgery. Compared to the tummy tuck it has been pretty easy. Days 2 and 3 are supposed to be a bit tougher since the local anesthesia will be wearing off. I am swelling again, but trying not to freak out about it. The surgeon was awesome and cut right along my old scar. The stitches are dissolvable from the inside and surgical glue on the outside. I go see the doctor for follow up in 7-10 days and we'll see what he says about exercise.

Swelling after surgery

Deja vu! I'm up 5 pounds since yesterday. Really swollen and sore today. So frustrating!

Went for a walk today

I am still really swollen from my hernia repair surgery last Friday. I've been using ice packs on and off since surgery.

I was able to walk 2 miles outside today without any discomfort.

Still haven't gone to the bathroom even though I've taken Colace and Milk of Magnesia yesterday and today.

I'm hoping that the swelling won't take 6 months to go away like it did for my mommy makeover.

I go see Dr Cohen for a follow up in 2 1/2 weeks, so we'll see what he says. I don't think the new surgery will make a difference in my scar in the long run.

One week post op hernia

The first few days after my hernia surgery were tough but I'm getting back to normal. I am able to lift light weights and run outside. I don't want to push too much too fast.

My new incision seems to be healing nicely. My old scars are starting to fade a lot in some areas. My weight is back down to pre-hernia surgery weight. I'd still like to lose 5-10 pounds. I'm still getting swelling from the hernia surgery, but I know it will just take time.

Almost to the one-year mark!

I am 3 weeks away from my one year surgery anniversary. I saw Dr. Cohen last week to check on things. He told me I have the flattest stomach he has ever seen. Yay! He said my breasts were fine and that they will never be mirror images of one another. I'll just deal with it. Only my husband and I see them naked anyway. I talked to him about my extra skin on my legs and he said he could do a thigh lift without having to do the "stocking seam" up my thigh. He could hide the scar in my panty line area, but it would go pretty far back. He said that he would be able to make it very smooth. Something to think about in the future.

I don't think my hernia surgery will make my scar any different in the long run. It is already fading a bit. I can still feel the stitches under my skin.

I'm back to my regular workouts. I decreased my weight by about 10%, but I also don't want to push myself too hard yet.

I'm down to 146.5 pounds, so another 5-6 pounds to go. I've settled happily into a size 4-6 on bottom and I usually need a 10 on top to fit my boobs.

Over One Year Has Passed

My one year anniversary was on 6/20/14. Things are going well. I'm happy with my body and have decided to accept it as it is now. I still have thigh skin and a saggy butt, but if it really bugs me then I can wear board shorts over my swim suit.

I've settled into a size 6 on the bottom and a size 10 on top. I was a 4 going into the surgery, but I feel like this is a weight that I can maintain with a reasonable amount of work for the rest f my life. I;m done beating myself up over my body.

Hello Again!

I have been waiting to update because I got really sloppy and gained 20 pounds. A lot of life events and holidays and not paying attention like I should. Anyway, it's been almost 2 months and I'm down 15 pounds. I'm working on the last 5 and will get there before swimsuit season. I love my breasts and tummy but can't stand my butt and thighs now. I'm going to address this when I make my appointment for my annual check of my implants. I feel like the tummy looks so good that I want it all to match. We'll see. Hope you are all doing well. I am almost 21 months post op.

2 Years and 1 Month Post Op

I am now 2 years and 1 month post op from my Mommy Makeover. Overall I am pleased with my results. I LOVE my tummy, but my breasts are still uneven and my left one has started to droop. I will have to keep an eye on it. They look fine in clothes and my husband doesn't care, so I'm living with it for now.

I let my weight creep up over the holidays and gained 20 pounds. I've worked hard and gotten back down to where I was pre-op. I weight 141 (I'm 5'6") and wear a 2/4 in pants, but need a size 10 on top if there is no stretch. Needless to say, the tailor at the dry cleaner near my house knows me well.

My scars continue to fade, especially on the sides. I think in a few years they will be fairly invisible. I still wake up incredibly flat and puff out a little during the day (I think this happens to everyone though). The pictures I posted are after lunch.
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