42 YO Mother of 3 Adults, Ready to Fix Some Body Issues - Towson, MD

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I would like to start out by saying that I'm...

I would like to start out by saying that I'm scared to death! I have plenty of family that have had elective surgeries, but it doesn't ease my mind at all!

I have always had an issue with my thighs. They rub together all the time. I can deal with the holes in jeans and legging, because I'm real good at patching them up. The issue I have is when I wear a skirt, dress, or swim suit, my legs rub together and the skin breaks because of the friction. They start out good but after walking for maybe 30 minutes, they are on fire and the skin gets raised and starts to break open. Because this happens every summer several times, the area between my thighs are dark.

I went in for a consult for lipo of my thighs on 3/8/16 and was advised about the loose skin issue that would be presented after lipo of the area. I really don't want to get cut, but I say if I'm going to do it, I should do everything... Well not everything... My tummy also. I'm fine with it really but the women in my family have loose skin between the thighs and the lower abdomen hangs over the vajayjay and that only gets worse when they get older... Fixing it while I'm young would make more sense to me.

I put a down payment on my surgery scheduled for 4/22/16. If I don't do it now, I will punk out I'm sure!

Ever since the consult I've been feeling like I look fine just the way I am. I usually have pretty good confidence but I've been feeling really cute lately. Just my mind trying to convince me not to do it... Lol

I'm scared of the stitches and them coming apart!
I'm scared of having a the mindset I see in some women where they look fine to everyone else and still think they look terrible!
I'm scared of infection and scaring!
I'm scared of a bad job, despite research and other consultations!

Breaking the news to significant others

I finally told my man and he was not happy with the idea... I didn't go into details, just told him I was having work done on my thighs and would be off of work for two weeks... Still going to consults, although I put down a deposit. I would have to cancel by the 8th in order to get my deposit back. Working out and lost a couple pounds but still don't like the fact that things are hanging.

Wish pix

I guess it's time to post some of those! I really just want to be a better version of myself, but RS told me to post my wish pix! Lol

Living life despite my insecurities!

I've always been a person to enjoy life to the fullest, even with my insecurities! I go out, get naked and the like... I could always be worse, is my motto... I workout, ride a bicycle around town and appreciate every thing I'm blessed with! Thought I'd share a few of those pics with those who want to fix themselves, but have love for yourself in the meantime!

Pre-Op appointment

Had my pre-Op appointment today and got a lot of questions answered. I was able to put a nice list of questions together thanx to other RS members. I do feel more at ease after this appointment. Paid for the balance on the procedure also. I have to stop smoking cigars today, not a problem, just bad that I work where people smoke them and can be affected somewhat by the second hand smoke. I really don't want to have any recovery issues ofcourse, especially if I do everything I'm supposed to do. Looks like I will be having the thigh lift with the horizontal groin incision only. The doctor and I had talked about doing the vertical cut also, but I really didn't want that. He said I wouldn't have as great of a result with the horizontal incision only, but I'm ok with that... I really just want the inner thigh fat reduced , so I can have less frictions when I walk. They took my before pictures... What fun... Lol... I can't wait to see the difference.

Starting this weekend, I'm going to start buying what I need for the house and recovery... Starting with planning what I will be eating for at least a week after surgery.

12 days til Christmas... Ok not Christmas... Surgury

Everything major is in order for my big day... Got replacement for work... Went out of town with my SO... I wore a dress and we walked around 15 blocks in NYC and my thighs were burning... I realized the next morning that I had broken skin between my thighs... One night of walking in a dress and broken skin already! I'm getting nervous and I think it's causing pains in my stomach and I couldn't sleep last night... Remember no drinking and smoking! Gonna be harder than I thought it would be, no I knew it would be hard because I want to do anything I can't do at this moment!

Follow up with my primary care doctor and my pre surgery check up

I had an appointment to follow up with my doctor today, because my blood pressure was high... I had high blood pressure last year and took myself off of the medication and dedicated myself to working out regularly and watching what I eat... Well my blood pressure was high again and I think it might have been because I was worried about this PS and I hadn't been working out much for a couple weeks because of house renovations... All of the stress easily could have been the cause.

Trying not to let things stress me out... A week of not smoking, means I have to work harder at relaxing... Hot tea helps... Can't wait until I'm on the road to recovery!

Healing thighs from friction and misc pictures

Just my thighs healing from last Friday's friction... Some before photos for the collection

5 days to go!!!

Nervous times is an understatement! I only got to see two of my three babies before my big day! I wanted to see them just in case things go wrong... Pulled out some long dresses to wear for at least a week after. My sister said she will stay longer than the original week, if I need it! Yeah! That puts me at ease some... I'd rather have her and not need her than the other way around! Waiting for her to come in a couple of days, so I can buy what I need for after the surgery... I tell myself something positive after every negative thought... Even if I just remember my daughters saying not to worry!

Less than two days to go!

My sister is in town! Talking a lot about what to expect minus the TL, because she only had a mini TT and lipo... Having a headache all day... Went food shopping... Gonna cook for the next couple of days, so my SO has something to eat while I'm down and out... Gotta pic up my pain meds and other toiletries tomorrow and then I'm done... I'm at the point where I just want this part to be over with and want to be onto my recovery!

Today is the day!!!

In 2-1/2 hours I will be having my surgery!!! Took out my jewelry, tied my hair up and shaving now..: I can wait to be on the other side, complaining about my issues like everyone else! This is the scariest part to me, to be put to sleep! I will be fine everyone says, so I guess it's true;-).

Home sweet home

Ok... Here it is... I woke up! My biggest fear, moved past that!

The staff was really cool... I went into the back room and they gave me an IV after changing into my gown. Met the anesthesiologist and he was cool and explained everything he was going to do. Doctor came in and did his markings and answered questions.... Shortly after, I was in the OR. I started to giggle after a few minutes and couldn't stop laughing, then I was out. Woke up in the first room and was really cold and hot! They were pumping heat and it was annoying and I couldn't stop shaking... It got better and I told them I was ready to go! My blood pressure was really high and they game me meds to reduce it... I was able to have my sister in the room with me once it was 150/101! I felt fine to me and very energetic! I was surprised at how straight I could stand, but I was directed not to... Had to pee before getting into the wheelchair... Went to the bathroom and pee'd all over myself... Between the pads and little opening, I really won't be able to do this without a mess!

Decided that the first floor was better for now even though there is no bathroom... Experimenting with ways to pee... Used a bucket so far and it was no better! Took a cocktail of meds, ate a yogurt and tangerine... Tired but can't sleep... Very restless and uncomfortable, but not in pain thank goodness! Spoke to everyone to say I'm ok and now I'm trying to fall asleep! TTYL PEEPS!!!

Post op- day 1

Now I see what people say about doing all that typing and it gets erased! Let's try this again!

Yesterday I took Loritab when I got home and it made me feel loopy, restless and uncomfortable... Haven't taken it since... Been on extra strength Tylenol like clockwork and the pain has been tolerable.

I walked up and down the stairs 10 times yesterday to pee because it was comfortable on the couch... Won't do that today, went upstairs to my bedroom at about 230am and slept in my bedroom chair... Ofcourse my runs to the bathroom completely slowed down when I'm right next to the bathroom! I tried peeing in a bucket, peeing with plastic tucked in the back of my garment while on the toilet and then just peeing in the toilet finally got to the point where I wasn't wetting my garment! I would cut a bigger hole in the back, but my sister wouldn't let me!

I'm in the bed now, but need my stool to get in it because it's high. Trying to have my legs in a froggy position to get some air down there. Getting more stiff and sore as the time goes by, but very alert and the areas that have been lipo'd are more sore than the incisions.

My diet yesterday was a homemade fruit smoothie, piece of pineapple, 6 crackers, broccoli and rice (left over Chinese... I know), ginger ale and plenty of water... A cocktail of vitamins that my sister suggested I take. Today I had a green smoothie and oatmeal... I should poop soon enough, since I'm not on the strong meds and I've been having gas!

I don't know how people do this on their own... I could get around on my own, but managing food and meds in between peeing, trying to get comfortable and napping (can't call it sleep), would be crazy! Thank god for my sister! She gets it done and stays on my ass!

Besides my bruises, I haven't seen my incisions yet! Soon as I do, you will too!

My sister disagrees with my doctors instruction because hers was different... The differences are: her doctor said no heat or ice and mine said ice every 4 hours... I did it once... Her doctor gave her a bunch of antibiotics and a binder with shoulder straps and I didn't get any... I only got Arnika and Loritab and a binder without shoulder straps from my doctor... My garment is also kinda loose... Her doctor had her getting up every 2 hours and mine said 3-4 times a day... Every doctor is so different... Try to stay as clean and dry as you can and it will be very hard with peeing and drainage... If my garment wasn't black, it would look a mess... I'm sitting on bed pads and the drainage is getting less and less

Post Op- Day 2

Well I couldn't sleep and between feeling pain and itchy, I decided to take pain medicine at 230am... Still feeling pain at 4, and still up, so I took another pain pill. I eventually felt tired and went to sleep... I don't know if I was just thinking to much, or a high tolerance, but I don't think those meds work... Tylenol makes the pain tolerable and since I'm good with those, I will probably just take pain meds for overnight pain. Same meds as yesterday, just added a laxative though.

For two days, I pee'd on my garment and that was pissing me off! No pun intended... I was finally able to take it off and wash up and wash it... Felt great to be clean... I sat on the built in bench in my shower and washed myself... Wasn't successful at not getting the drains wet! My sister washed my feet... Not easy to get the marker or tape glue off, so I will try again tomorrow. No poop yet either.

Slept in my bed with the ottoman cushion behind my head and regular pillow under my knees... I slept from 4-6am, but felt like I slept all night... Was in the chair with the same cushions last night and back in the chair again now.

Felt good to have the garments off while it was being washed... Haven't slept much since surgery. No more than 2hrs at any given time. After my body wash, I was sore where the drains are and the front of my cootie is sore for some strange reason. I'm going to try and take a nap after this, but my sister is binge watching Greys Anatomy and it looks good! Lol

Last night I had mixed fruit Mac and cheese, yams, collard greens, a little roast pork and a little pot roast... The feast I prepared before my surgery. I was hungry late, so I had a can of tuna that was too salty! I don't know what she did to it! Trying to drink more than 6 bottles of water but that's going to be crazy now that I'm taking my garment off to pee and I can't put it on alone yet!

I see that my garment is a 3X... I don't know what world that this would be a 3X. I gotta order another one today! Don't know what size, but it will be smaller than 3X.

Not much draining at all at this point. A little spotting from my rear incision, tape was over it, I moved the tape and I covered it as put tape over that.

I have little issues with my scars and lipo, but I'm going to be grateful with how ever it turns out. I see that my groin incision is longer in the back and front of my left leg... I guess he'll tell me why at post op... The groin incision is in the crease between my legs and not in my crease in the front and I was curious as to why. My right leg has bruising down to almost the knee and the left leg has very little pain or bruising and I can tell the lipo stopped halfway down my leg. My abs are sore all the way up to my boobs and that was my secondary surgery, but I'm not complaining about the extra lipo! Veins/ stretch marks on my thighs are prominent now and there are wrinkles from the garment. My tummy line looks good from what I can tell... Over all, I'm sexy as hell! Lol... Then again, I was that before my surgery! Lol

While writing this, I took a laxative at 12:00 and pooped at 12:39! Yeh boi!!!

Post Op- Day 3

More pain today... Just feeling things more today... Pain areas are under left buttock at the end of the groin incision and where the drains are at on my sides burn... Laying on my butt is causing me to itching my back and butt... I've had a rash going down my back and butt on my right side since I came home from the hospital... I don't know if I was allergic to something, but I will show my PS tomorrow.

Im only taking the Tylenol and was having pain, but I got a lot of rest yesterday. I'm expecting to feel things, with the feeling coming back to the areas that were numb. Still taking the cocktail of meds and almost done with the Arnika. Added the Laxative this afternoon, to stay on top of that!

Didn't get up much last night to pee and that was good... Because of the sore area on my butt, it burns to pee a little... I got a mirror and see the stitches are on a stretch mark and that's what's very sensitive... Still taking my garment off to pee and the tape job we did after the shower yesterday, was too loose on the waist and too tight on the thighs... Hard to figure out the perfect system... Decided not to tape down the crotch pads this time, because my legs are too close together and it's just getting wet when I pee. I'm just putting two pads in between my legs before pulling up my garment and moving them before I pee.

I ate Mac and cheese, pork, pot roast, California blend veggies and collard Greens for dinner... A granolla bar, tangerine for snack last night... Egg with cheese, turkey bacon, tangerine, toast and apple juice for breakfast... Green shake with powder protein and peanut butter sandwich for lunch.

I ordered my new garment and it comes tomorrow... Follow up with PS is tomorrow at 3... I'm the most uncomfortable today... Can't wait to sleep!

Post op-Day 4

Well I took a laxative at 12pm yesterday and pooped at 9pm... Taking the laxative once a day, because I have been taking the Loritab some days and I don't want the constipation to start. I took the strong stuff at 930pm and 1230am yesterday, because it was a bad day and I was aching all day yesterday... Still talking the cocktail of meds.

Today was better and I was able to get comfortable in different chairs and that was nice... Had my Follow up with my PS and had a list of questions. As I expected, I was told that everything was healing well and on course and normal. The rash might be from a solution used in surgery he said, they didn't call and check on me after surgery was an oversight, incisions are a little off in groin, but that was better for some reason, allegedly I got antibiotics during surgery and did not need to take the now... Oh well, as long as I'm healing, I'm good! My drains came out today! Almost didn't have the second one out, because it hurt to take the first one out! Second wasn't as bad... The right side was extremely sore anyway. My second girdle came I and it is very tight... Wearing it now, because with all the running around (doctors, laundromat and lunch) I felt like I was going to pop and was visibly swollen... I will try to take it easy tomorrow... Sitting outside in the rocking chair listening to prince with my SO because he asked... He's been on his own for 4 days!

Last night I had collard greens, rice and peas and steak and ginger tea... Today I had oatmeal, berry protean shake, banana, kiwi, peanut butter and jelly, chicken cheesesteak and cranberry juice. Ofcourse water all day.

Drain sites feel much better and less sensitive... Doctor says I need to start standing straight up... Easier said than done! Overall things are getting better!

Will post more photos before bed, when I change my garment

Photos from day 4

Post Op- Day 5

Took pain meds twice last night... First night wearing garment without using pads for comfort and it was uncomfortable... I'm trying to give my sutures air and my PS said to only use the pads for drainage.

Took my cocktail of meds as usual all day... Still including laxative once a day because of the pain meds at night.... I don't think I pooped yesterday, but I did today. Put hydrocortisone on my itchy back and butt and it was good last night!

My sister had some business to care care of and had to leave me early... She drove herself to the airport, and I drove myself back home... First time driving and wasn't bad except for getting in and out of the car... Stopped to get some more Arnika and went to the grocery store and I felt swollen at the store... Came home and pooped and checked my sutures and there was some bleeding on the left side... I should have worn a pad between my legs while out and walking... Came home and cooked ziti and I'm very tired... My son had to help me finish and I'm resting now!

I probably did too much today, but I don't plan on doing anything when my girls get here tomorrow! Letting my sutures get air and took the opportunity to snap a photo while at it! Lol... Applying ice to my sutures now also.

I had half a green shake before bed last night, ginger tea and water... Today I had oatmeal, a boiled egg, coffee and haven't been hungry since... I will eat ziti tonight and glad it's ready for when I do get hungry.

I love how skinny I feel in the morning... It leaves very quickly though, but I understand that the months that it takes for everything to reattach will be like this!

Post Op- Day 6

Went to pee this morning and it was burning... Washed up as usual and got the mirror and saw an opening! There's 2 staples about an inch and a half apart and the skin in the middle has no stitches... I freaked out and called the doctor and he scheduled me at his office at 330pm... Ofcourse they said I look great and was healing fine... He said to stop looking at it any it will be fine... I asked about staples or stitches and he said I'm fine... He placed gauze on both sides and sent me on my way... They managed to get some extra gauzes together in a ziplock and make a care packet for me to take. I know my stress level is at the max, and now worried about everything... Seeing some blood, but I'm going to try and do what he said... Keep it clean and don't look... I see him Tuesday and I will see what's up then... He took out a few staples in the front, where it is dry and probably healing quicker.

I've been taking my meds, and nothing changed about that. Took a laxative yesterday morning at 9am and pooped at 12pm and 4pm... Nothing today though. My daughter rubbed my thighs and abs with arnica cream last night, and that felt nice... I've been putting hydrocortisone on the itchy spot on my back.

I took two showers so far, and that feels great... Was feeling independent, but with worrying about my thighs, I'm more scared to do anything now.

I've been using ice on my abs and thighs everyday, except today... The hair growing back on the front of my mons is irritating when it rubs on the garment and I shaved that off... My mons has been feeling like how your foot feels after it goes to sleep and then gets feeling back with that prickly feeling... All day it goes and comes... Almost a week after surgery and now I'm getting swelling in my mons! Swelling in my tummy is often but comes and goes fast... Been wearing a waist trainer on top of my garment during the day and letting it loose at night. Thighs have been feeling weird like big and lumpy... Feels like rocks between there, but it doesn't look like that. Feels good sometimes to sit slightly on my right buttocks. Having occasional sharp pains in my abdomen and thigh incisions.

My diet has been oatmeal with peanut butter, boiled egg, baked vegetable ziti, ginger tea, water and tootsie rolls

My babies are here and cracking me up, spirits would be down if they weren't here!

1 week Post Op

A roller coaster week, I am still glad I'm on this side of it through the good and the bad! I made it through this with the help of my RSPeeps and their support, experiences and advice... Thanx!!!

Nothing changed as far as my meds... Laxative every morning because of the strong meds at night... Working well so far... Took laxative at 9am and pooped at 7pm.

I did what my doctor advised and just didn't look at the thigh incisions... Very curious, but does ease your mind when you don't know... Thigh gauze had blood on it yesterday as well as the baby wipes... Today seems like just drainage and less blood... Shooting pains to the front of my mons all day, but just cleaning it whenever I pee and change my gauze.

I smoke cigars and even though I haven't smoked in over 3 weeks, I still feel guilty that I might have caused my own healing problems by doing it in the first place... Reality is I don't know and I did what I was advised to by my doctor! It could happen to anyone I'm sure.

I was pretty busy all day... Did my daughters hair, cooked penne and meat sauce, garlic bread, cooked Mac and cheese for tomorrow, real ice tea(boiling tea bags) and brownies.

I ate oatmeal with apples, chicken thigh/leg and just had some of the penne with meat sauce... Not much of an appetite today... Just lazy' around between meal prep!

Hard to get comfortable around the house... Dining room chair is a no go... Living room couch is so so... Bedroom chair and bed are a go... I can sit on my right buttock sorta but not consistently!

Post Op- Day 8

Well I went to pee this morning and had a shock when I got off the toilet and saw a lot of blood... Not time for my period, so I was concerned... Replaced my gauze and put a pad between my legs and figured I would call my PS if it continues.... Then nothing... The next gauze and pad combinations were back to normal somewhat... Hasn't happened again, but scared me to death! Been cleaning area with baby wipes after each bathroom use and rolling gauze and placing it in the creases on the left and right groin and the pad in the middle using the garment to hold it all in place!

I didn't have much of an appetite because of how my day started! Green shake, yogurt, boiled egg and a bowl of penne, meat sauce and cauliflower and a piece of brownie was it for today!

I did drive to the store and washed and straightened my hair.

Post Op- Day 9

Everything is the same... And that's a good thing, because it seems like this early in the game it's not good news! Lol

Didn't eat much today... Green shake, left over penne, meat sauce and cauliflower for lunch and rotisserie chicken, yellow rice and black beans for dinner... Ok I did eat good today! Lol

Tried not to look at my groin and was successful for all of 4 days, then I snapped a pic and it didn't tell me much... Oh well

Swelling has gone down where drains were, but that's hard to capture in photos also!

I did some driving and ran some errands today, but otherwise I sat or laid my butt down... Will take it easy this week, because tomorrow will be the first day I will be alone since the surgery!

The front of my mons doesn't like hair... I usually only shave once a week, but have to do it every other day because it's annoying when it touches the garment... My tummy is numb from my navel down and more on my right side, which also looks a little more puffy when I look down. I feel a knot on my abs on the right side, the size of a pencil eraser that I have been rubbing on... Unfortunately it is just outside of the numb area... Inner thighs are still numb also

Happy healing Real Self!

Post Op- Day 10

Well I don't think much has changed in my healing, but I did read information that could help with healing... I read that there are ways to get oxygen in your blood, especially if you're a smoker... Healing is delayed and no one wants that! I smoke cigars and I decided to see what tools I could use from the lung institute. I had already decided to blend fresh fruit and veggies to help with getting protein, pooping and not gaining too much weight from laying around... Apparently that is also one of the was to increase the oxygen in your blood!

The itching is real, especially at night thighs are numb mainly but itch in the spots that don't have numbness! Back and mons are itchy also and it hurts to scratch... Gotta work it all out for healing sake!

I decide not to shower for a few days, so my scars can dry up some... Trying to be back to work on Friday at the two week mark!

Post Op- Day 12

I saw my PS today and he said everything is fine as usual... He took the tape off of my tummy and that was weird because it was like a comfort blanket... It was good to know that it is healing well minus a little wet spot in the center... I didn't let him take the staples out from my groin incisions because I feel it's the only thing holding it together... Maybe not totally the case, but it feels that way, since I can still see the opening on the right side between two staples... I'm religious with the gauze and keeping the area clean... I asked for some of the soft gauze to take with me, and they gave me 10-15 pieces! The best that $7000 can buy! Cheap bastards...lol... 2 of 4 of my lipo incisions were irritated and he removed the stitches in all 4 even though they were dissolvable. Next Wednesday I will have the staples taken out possibly at my follow up! I changed into my new garment yesterday... It was extremely tight last time I wore it... I did have drains in at the time... My original garment was cozy but did not compress anything... This one is tight and still feels good when I'm swelling... The original garment is Marena Compression in size 3X... I bought a Diane garment in size XL. Well I decided to go back to work next Monday instead of this Friday... I'm still walking funny, I get tired when I stand for too long and I don't feel like I'm standing up straight enough. I'm also going to take this time to walk as close to normal... I've been scared to walk steps and move quickly... I still don't plan on bending over, because the nurse says that's still not good... I shaved my legs today and stoop down to pick things up off the floor today... It's about that time!

Two weeks and a day- Post Op

Wow!!! Two weeks... A lot has happened in 3 days!!! Still taking vitamins... Will take them until I'm healed. Not taking anything for pain at this point and only discomfort is when I sit down, which I still do slowly... I feel very stiff when I sit or lay for a while and have to get up. Still very itchy in the middle of the night... Nothing itches all day gone day, then somewhere around 3-4 every morning I wake up and I'm very itchy on the front of my mons, my butt, my inner thighs and my back... All the spots I can't get to with this garment on! I went out with friends last night... Got dressed up heels and all! Was a little weird walking, but I just moved slowly! People were looking at me, I don't know if anyone noticed I was walking funny! Had fun, drank a lot and came home... Too wasted to put my garment back on after the bathroom, so slept without it for the first time... Felt good to be naked in the morning, but down side was that I wasn't skinny this morning! I started my day swollen and went to a baseball game... I added more swelling to the already swollen me! Gonna rest this weekend and back to work on Monday! Oh yeah... Sex!!! I had some this morning... I felt a little sexy, even though I was swollen! I was trying to wait a month, but I guess my nakedness was an invitation! He was carful, but I am sore where the rear stitches are and I hope everything is still good! No bleeding, so that's a good sign! I will be back in my garment tonight for sure! I did ask my PS how much fat was taken out and he said 400cc from my thighs and 500cc from my tummy... Doesn't sound like much! I was in a little mood after my appointment, feeling like I'm not much different than I was before surgery and even sent my before and after photos to my daughters at 3 in the morning! (They're adults). And they responded and were in agreement that I am better now! Lol... I was also worrying about if my thighs would still rub once the swelling goes down and how my groin incisions will show when I'm in a bikini! I thankful for RS, because I knew about these moods through other People's reviews before I had my surgery. It has passed and I feel good now... I know that I traded a tummy pouch for a tummy scar and a chunky thigh for a groin scar! I will laser the front scars if they don't lighten up! Still feeling fat, but I know I will be better once I can get back to the gym! I wore jeans over my garment. Wasn't comfortable, so I will wait a while to do that again... Tried on a bikini and it didn't cover my tummy scars completely and the groin scars can't be hidden with any bikini! Hopefully they lighten up! Overall I'm feeling good and I'm glad that this recovery is moving along! Two weeks in the books!

Happy Mother's Day RS!!!!

The reason most of us are on here! Sacrificing our bodies to bring beautiful babies into the world! Make YOU happy today!

17 days- Post Op

I had an appointment scheduled with my PS on Wednesday, but they called to change it and I ended up going in today... I undressed at the office and noticed my period was coming (well that worked out)... He took out the staples (some hurt because they were imbedded in there good) cut some loose threads (all disolveable sutures don't disolve) and I was on my way! I had to see what was going on down there, so I looked today and it's mainly good, except for the left rear is taking long to close... I will try to get pictures, but it's very hard to see it from below... I haven't been able to get good photos of it since the beginning, and I didn't want to make it worse! He's still going to wait for my follow up in two weeks to apply scar strips, so I asked and he said I could do bactrim... I have some Maderma and started using it today to scars that are closed up.

I've been having sharp pains in the areas of my sutures for a couple of days... I guess feeling is coming back! Still numb above my tummy incision but not below... Still numb on my inner thighs towards the top and that area itches... Feels really weird to scratch it though!

Back to work today... Only 5 1/2 hours... We'll see how working parttime 6 days a week works out! Felt swollen all weekend and haven't been able to feel flat since Friday, even though I'm always in my garment! Not as big as I feel though... Walking around was exausting, but sitting wasn't that bad surprisingly! Walking to and from my car, I had to stop a couple of times as it was uphill!

Ofcourse I'm noticing more flaws in my legs as time goes by... Dents, dings and lines that I didn't have before... I'm hoping that my workouts will fix this stuff and not a need for a touch up!

Sex again tonight... Was gentle... Had to do it before period was fully involved! TMI I know! Will try to post photos tomorrow!

3 weeks- Post Op

Slow and steady wins the race I guess! Lol It's moving along in the healing department... Everything is closing from what I can tell... Using scar treatment on the visible scars.... Still swollen most of the time! Worked a full week... Still have to work tomorrow... Still getting tired easily, but sitting down is getting much better... I didn't realize how much I wasn't sitting at home, til I had to sit at work! Finding comfortable underwear was a challenge... Anything that fit was bad and things that were too big were good half of the time... Having my period forced me to find underwear that wouldn't hurt and that was trial and error... I should have done it before I needed to... Working with a pad on and underwear that hurts, makes for a grumpy day! At home I just wore a floating pad in a crotch less garment and prayed that I didn't wake up with a mess! Wore one garment (second one I purchased) to bed and added a waist trainer during the day and at night for work I wore my my first garment (that I stitches in) with another girdle over it for more compression... Most of the day I'm doubled up except when I'm sleep. Wearing the garment with shoulder straps out of the house is problematic no matter how comfortable you dress, because everything either ends up over your shoulders or at your ankles when you gotta pee! Doing little exercises in bed, just to do something... I raise my legs 60 times, lift my head 60 times and stretch for 60 seconds... Makes me feel better! Still on vitamins and not really any pain unless I sit down or sit for too long and stiffing up!

Lost footage

I guess some of my photos didn't come through

25 days- Post Op

Well... Overall things are great... I have some stitches here and there trying to come out, and that's a little annoying... Everything appears to be closed and then an opening appears... I haven't pulled on anything, but I can feel the sutures! I'm just waiting until my follow up with my PS on Monday, and he can deal with them if he wants. Jeans are still uncomfortable and I still prefer to wear a pad between my legs, because most fabrics irritate my groin incisions... I can wear a few regular underwear as long as I wear a pad. Down to taking one vitamin Biotin several times a day... Everything else is finished with the exception of pain pills, which I no longer take. My upper abdomen hurts a little to touch, my lower abdomen is still numb... Inner thighs are numb, and when I sit for a while I feel a like there are rocks in my thighs.... They hurt on the inside sometimes, but that's hard to explain! Work has been fine... Not as tired when I work and sitting is getting more comfortable. I wore spanx type garment today, I prefer the original two I've been wearing for compressing. It doesn't allow you to swell as much, because swelling is uncomfortable... I slept without my garment again, not much swelling in the morning, but not as flat as I am with the garment... I might stop sleeping with it this weekend. I did some different seated positions on my bed this morning to see how comfortable I was... I was able to sit Indian style, but I do feel pulling in weird areas behind my thighs. I needed to cut my toenails, so this bending and contorting had to be done! Lol Still juicing and watching what I eat and even tried on some clothes today (jeans and panties). I'm excited and ready to get back into the gym!

Just some photos that belonged to yesterday's update!

Some of the annoying things while healing! Stitches poking out... It appeared out of nowhere... I tried to pull this one and it started to bleed a little, so I'm leaving it for my PS to deal with on Monday!

4 weeks and 3 days- Post Op

Today I had my 1 month post op and he clipped a stitch I had sticking out... Painless, but I don't know what it looks like... Everything is progressing fine and besides the stiffness when I sit too long, occasional itchiness and some swelling... I'm fine

I went to the gym and did 30 minutes of cardio... PS said to wear my garment when I workout, but I did not. I survived... He said I should be able to workout at a normal level at 6weeks... Tried to ride my bicycle, but it really hurt... Guess it's too early for that!

I've been using Mederma, fresh aloe, Arnicare and started using the new stuff that my PS gave me today (Silagen) for my scars... I just want the front part of my groin incisions to lighten up, because they can be seen with every swimsuit! I'm happy with my TT incision. I'm only taking Biotin, because that's all that's left!

I had a facial today... Well a microdermabrasion, and I needed it!

I need to find a place that does massage, but really don't want to spend the money! Lol... I've been giving myself massages to my incisions, stomach and thighs, when I apply Arnicare, aloe, Mederma and Silagen.

Sleeping without the garment most nights now, but have only left the house without it one time! I'm fine with the little swelling I'm having in my tummy, but my thighs feel like there are rocks in my inner thighs when I walk without my garment. I wear a belly band and garment from the time I wake up, until I go to bed. I haven't seen any change in my tummy, in the last couple of weeks though. I do feel like my thighs are looking a little like they did before the thigh lift though... Oh well;-)

I feel pulling on my groin incisions when I step up high to shave my legs or sit Indian style but not painful.

Now it's time to be on scar patrol! Lol

6 weeks!!! Not clear yet though:-(

Soooo!!! I thought I would have an uneventful post for my 6 week update! I got up to pee last night and wiped and saw a little red spot on the tissue... No biggie I thought... I touch my incisions and there is a tender raised area on my left side.... Still no biggie, because it's been there... But I notice that it is damp when I lay in bed and I figure I missed a spot on the potty break... As I rub the area, it doesn't dry up! I get up, go to the bathroom and wipe... Blood! Really!!! I keep wiping, still blood! I get a mirror and see it's just running out! Girl, don't panic I say... PS gonna say it's no big deal... I clean it with peroxide, cover with gauze and go to bed (wasn't that easy! Stared into the Abiss for at least an hour trying to figure what could have been wrong!) I have blood on the gauze in the morning... Been like that all day... Been cleaning it and changing the gauze... I'm not putting anything on it, because I don't know what to put on it! On a happier note, the area was tender and now it's not! I guess it had to bleed! Some feeling back on my inner thighs... Lower abs still numb... Feeling fat as always, but nothing new. Working out regularly, just started weights today... Riding spin bike, but not back to regular bicycle yet! I've worn a bikini at my gym pool twice... First time I thought everyone knew, second time, I didn't give AF! Lol Anyway, happy heeling to you all and try not to stress the big stuff! Lol

7 weeks!!!

Just like last week, had an issue before my update! I didn't freak out and just took care of it myself... I had some swelling in the center of my TT incision and I squeezed the area and white stuff came out... Swelling went down and then I noticed a stitch! Pulled it and it bled... I cleaned the area and cut the stitch this morning. Otherwise things are good... I'm back to working out like normal and added weights this week... I rode my bike for the first time and after almost 9 miles of riding, I am sore and bruised on my groin incisions! I've been to the pool and I'm self conscious about my scars, but it's getting easier! On my way now! I drink a green drink every morning and I feel good! Still putting aloe and mederma on my scars... The silicon gel my PS gave, didn't last a week! Not concerned, because everything I read about improving scars says that doesn't help... Time heals all wounds! Happy healing all!

8 weeks and 3 days!!!

I'm happy to be at 8 weeks, but I did have to cut a stitch tonight on my tummy... It was about an inch long when I pulled it, but it was connected to something else on the inside and I had to clip it! Cleaned the area and only a tiny hole left behind! Working out 5 days a week, not much to see yet:-(. I look great in my clothes to me, so I guess that's all that matters at this point... Swollen areas are smaller... I get a little baby belly when I swell, but it's not really noticeable... Just feels real tight and weird... Thighs swell on the inside and I feel better with compression when wearing a skirt or dress... My thighs still rub when I'm in a skirt, but it just gets sore without the broken skin! Improvement I say! I feel my scars may have gotten a little darker, but it could be me... Using sunblock at the pool and beach to prevent that! Using Mederma and fresh aloe for my scars, but I think I may move onto something else for scars next week! I had more confidence the way I was before, because I had been in that body all my life! New insecurities because of the new scars, but I look forward to getting used to this new body! Happy healing RS!

9weeks and 2 days

Nothing new to report... Still swelling on my lower tummy and still numb surprisingly... Everything is pretty normal. I'm using the mederma til it runs out, then I will seek out bio oil for my scars Happy healing to all!

10 weeks and 4 days

Well I had an issue last weekend... Swelling and tenderness on the left side of my groin incision... Thought I just have to get used to riding my bicycle... The area stayed tender and one late night/early morning it started to bleed! I bandaged it and cleaned it with peroxide... Called my PS Monday morning and they said they would call me back... It's been 8 days, and I still haven't heard from them! Luckily it has gone down after I squeezed the blood and puss out... Not tender at all and the area is just a little swollen... I guess your body does what it wants!

I haven't put anything on my scars this week... I gotta pic something up!

Doing everything I was doing before, just trying to get back on the bike regularly!

Happy healing to all!

Three months!!!

How I feel about what I look like after surgery...
THE BAD- I don't think my thighs look any different now and and they still rub together... My tummy has bulges on the sides. Still self conscious about my Lipo marks! Who would have thought that would be where I draw the line! Lol... Wish they were more hidden, since the groin incisions have been doing a great job at hiding themselves!
THE GOOD- My thighs don't rub raw and I can go out without shorts under my dresses! My tummy is flatter than before surgery! I generally feel sexier in my clothes!

Any symptoms left...
Yes... Lower abs still swell after a long day mostly... Still have some numbness in the very center of my lower abs. Tummy itches when it swells... Thighs feel like they have lumps in them sometimes... Doesn't make them rub more, just feels weird in a dress when they touch... Feeling is back I think and it also itches when it swells. My tummy incision is sore on the far right corner... The incision line is raised and is probably rubbing on things... The left area of the groin where the last stitch came out is also a little sore and raised... Hopefully they will flatten out!

Taking or using anything...
Not taking anything orally to heal at this point... I am using Bio Oil and have been using it for about 2 weeks now... Too early to see any changes! I still wear a girdle once in a while, if I know I will be on my feet all day! Plus I have a bunch and I should use them! Lol

How I feel about my PS...
His work is good... I would go to him again... He's great with answering questions in office... I called him a month ago about an issue that resolved itself, a and I still haven't heard from him! I guess he's done his part! My 3 month follow up was supposed to be yesterday, but they rescheduled it because he's a very busy man!

What I'm doing to look better...
I lost 7lbs and have bumped up my workouts. Still feeling somewhat uncomfortable on my bicycle... The one at the gym works well, because I crank up my music and ride without the potholes! Always ate well, so I just have to be more active! Still making shakes for breakfast most days... I blend oatmeal, strawberries, pineapple, blueberries, spinach, kale, banana sometimes, ice and water... Ran out of protein powder.

Overall, I'm a happy camper! Now onto them boobs!

Around 5 months

Healing coming along just fine... scars seem to be lightening up some... all numbness is gone... still swelling everyday... I think I probably swelled before the surgery, but I notice it more now! Feeling cute in my clothes... thighs still rub and had a rash from a lot of walking in Vegas heat for a week! The skin didn't break like it use to though! Still self conscious of my front lipo scars when I go to the pool... I guess I'll get over it eventually! Working out regularly and eating healthy... Back to all regular activities!

6 month mark!!!

Overall I am happy with my surgery... Of course there are things that annoy me still!

My scars seem to be darker now which is a little annoying... I don't know if it had anything to do with me scratching them... They get itchy when the area swells... I still swell. Just started pushing myself harder in the gym... My upper abs are not as flat as my lower part and there is a lumpy area on my hips at the ends of my TT incisions. The staple marks in the center of my TT incision is annoying also... but...

I'm still happy and I love the way I look in my clothes!

8 months

I had a consult for a Breast lift (will be a new review) with the same doctor and thought I would inquire about added lipo to my tummy on the problem hip areas I've been complaining about. I went on December 19. I decided to go forward with it and scheduled a date for January 27th. I went for my pre-op on December 28th and changed it to the next available date of January 6th.

Nervous mainly because of being put to sleep and hoping for a nice outcome, but I feel good about his work.

My PS isn't charging me for the lipo, just added anesthesia. It was an additional $200+ bucks and I am totally fine with that!

Still happy with my results overall. Not happy with the break I'm going to have to take from the gym though!

Happy new year RS! Enjoy yourself and happy healing in the new year!

Scar treatment change

I've been using Bio Oil since the beginning and my scars have gotten darker... I just switched to Scar Away a couple of days ago... we will see what happens!

10 months

Still happy I did it... I walked for hours in D.C. Wearing a dress the other day. I thought about how this would not have been possible without shorts on, before my thigh lift. The flatter tummy is an added bonus. I still feel better with a girdle, because I have been wearing one for 27 years! It's like a security blanket and I feel more polished with one on... I successfully talk myself out of wearing one as time goes on!

I could do better with my workouts... I still workout regularly, but I expected to be pushing myself more now that I had the work done!

The added lipo 2 months ago was an improvement. I'm sure I'm the only one that noticed!

I would just say that it is important to just let things heal without looking at it too much (easier said than done! I know!)

And massage your scars! I was stressed about the location of my groin scars and they eventually migrated up... My TT scar is darker than I would have liked, but I'm just happy and grateful... I did not have major complications and I am better than I was before!

Happy healing RS!
Dr. Birely

He is very nice, as well as everyone that is staffed there. He can be a little rushed at times. Though when I pulled out my laundry list of questions out, he answered every single one! His work is great as well as his prices. I don't know how he will be if revisions are necessary, but he said they will be worked out and discussed after 3 months post op.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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