Why Am I So Nervous? - Towson, MD

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I had my consultation with Dr. Cohen on 11/26/13...

I had my consultation with Dr. Cohen on 11/26/13 Monday. And booked my appt the next day. I was beyond impression. Let me paint the picture. His office is beautiful, everything is electronic and instead of the pictures on a photo album most doctors show. He has a touch screen computer monitor that show you pictures of different procedures he has completed, a step by step video on what your surgery will look like, and so much I can't remember all the categories. I was just so high tech. I was like a kid in a candy store. So he walks in. He was very friendly, professional, hands on lifted my sagging breast and showed me how it will look after he performs the lift and augmentation, he even drew it on a sheet of paper for me, plus he was dressed like he belonged in a GQ magazine. Very sharp!
I asked a million and one questions. I never felt rushed and he answered all of my questions and then some. Since I am a black woman. I am concerned about scarring. I was very impressed with his response. He said " I like performing surgery on African American women". He was confident in his work which made me also feel better. I requested to see more pictures of women who look like me. He then pulled up more pictures of black women on his computer, before/after pics, one day after surgery( his stitching method was impeccable it looked so precise and clean) 1 month and so on showing me how well they healed. I am a very detailed oriented person. And so is Dr. Cohen. I was impressed. I definitely see why he wins so many awards.????????????????
His assistant Christina was very friendly and helpful.
The silicon gel prosthetic breast I tried on fit like a glove. I have been to 3 other doctors for consultations and they had the round gel implant. That you put in a bra. And you really have to use your imagine of how this will look on you. We'll this prosthetic mold fit better and gave me a better impression of what my size will really be.
I will post pics so you can see the difference. I would like to be between 350 and 400. I would just like a full round natural bosom. ????

10 days to go!!!!

Its odd but I'm beginning to feel calm now. Not as nervous. I am just on the fence about my size. I think I want to go a little bigger. Maybe 425. Ill talk my PS and see what he thinks.

My wish pics and trying on Sizers

I'm still thinking about my size. But here are some wish pics and me with different size sizes on.
What size do you think.
I'm 5'6 145 pounds.

Different pic with Sizers

Different pic with Sizers

Smh. Things are beginning to get real!

I was standing in line at the store buying everything I needed for recovery. And I realized my BIG DAY IS FRIDAY. This Friday. In 4 days!!! My heart sank into my stomach. Am I making the right decision....I know I am going to be happy with my results....but he's going to cut you.. But anything is better than what you have now...Lol. Please don't judge me. I am all over the place. One minute I am okay. Then the next my heart is beating fast. I'm nervous and scared. I can't be the only one feeling like this. (Sigh).


I just checked in. Out of a scale of 1 (not nervous) -10 (real nervous). I am a 3. I guess its the fear of the unknown. But I prayed about it and it will be just fine. Oh oh....They just called me.

Guess what

And Today is Friday the 13th!

My new set of twins.

When it was time they called me back and prepared me. Changed clothes, , give pregnancy test and began my IV. I played my meditation music to help me calm my nerves back there. Dr. Cohen came in and began to draw on me. He really made me feel good by saying your skin is going to do well, I like the elasticity of it and he lifted my breast showing me how it would look. And then when he drew on me he used words like great . Which made me feel really secure he knew what he was doing, then he showed me. I also showed him a few picture of the look I desired. Then when he was done I asked him to pray with me. And I led the prayer. That made me at peace. Then he asked what size and I said 425/450. He said he will judge once he goes in and sees what is the best look for me. So they took me into the operating room. And I prayed all over everyone in there too. Next thing I know his assistants were buttoning up my top saying, Your shirt won't button. I was smiling on the inside but I was still waking up. Dr. Cohen came in. I gave him an Hi-5. Then asked him what size I was and he said 400. I said hey but I choose 425/450. He said it wouldn't have looked right. And I went back to sleep. Once they put my clothes all my clothes on. I woke up again. One of this assistants said how are you. I said something like I didn't get the size I wanted. She said have you looked down. Check them out they look GREAT! I looked down and BOOM!!! I could not and can not believe they are on my body. They look beyond great to me so far. I forgot about size and everything then lol. And began to dance( sitting down of course). Dr. Cohen knows his stuff. So I got home walked through the door and began feeling weird. I threw up a total of 4 times. I don't know why. Took a nap. Woke up to take my evening meds and it ice. Then I realized his assistants forgot to give me my ice pack :( Bummer.
I call the after hours numbers and left a message because I remember them telling me I had to ice them. Dr. Lickstein (I don't know him) another doctor from Dr.Cohens the office called me back. He told me they don't normally give out ice packs , it's not a necessity that I use them. I informed him of a couple of women that told me to use ice plus. I have it written down. He then said we'll you can drive to get one, ( I can barely walk let alone drive) so I told him a had breast aug and lift. He then said don't drive just ask someone to bring you one. I then told him I didn't have anyone. He suggested using frozen peas. I don't have them either. Then I came to the realization it was nothing he can do. So I politely thanked him and end the call. But before I got off the phone he did say he will pass along my displeasure with the operating room staff for not following through. Only thing is you talk to a different person every time you visit his office or call there. But everyone is always more than nice and welcoming to me.

No longer Nervous

I can say this process has been great! It's actually going really well. My pain level has been about a 1 or 2 out of 10 this entire time. I had to call the after hours line because I have a rash all over my stomach, neck,arms and I'm itching. The on call Dr. Called me back within one minute. He was nice for 1am in the morning. He did not rush me off the phone. He was very polite and helpful. He advised me to stop taking the Antibiotic and to take some Benadryl. One thing I can say is everyone I have encountered at Dr. Cohen's office has been more than nice, welcoming and helpful to me. Making this process a smooth one. I also got a call this morning asking how I was doing. Which made me feel really good. :)

Woman Down!!

I was just saying how surprised I am at how well everything was going. Then I noticed I had bumps on my stomach. Per my doctor I stopped taking my antibiotics on Saturday. Then Sunday I was still itching so I stopped using the hydrocodone. It was itching so bad. I was about to go to the E.R. I had small red bumps all over. So I began thinking I noticed my stomach was beginning to break out Friday after surgery. Im now thinking it was the iodine that was used. Because directly after surgery I asked the nurse. What is the sticky stuff on my stomach. So late Sunday night I got in the shower. I just needed to wash everything off of me. I had my back to the water to prevent my breast from getting wet. I felt better after the shower. Took two Benadryls and went to sleep.
I had my post op Monday morning. The nurse was really nice but she didn't know what wash going on with me either. I was instructed to continue taking the Benadryl and update them in 24 hours. I was also told to start massaging my breast. And wow! They hurt. Before massaging them they felt perfectly fine. We'll I guess I should say they feel uncomfortable. Because from me massaging them I feel the pressure of them on my chest. And my chest just feels tight and heavy.
I can't stop scratching my skin looks bad and I'm swollen. Thank goodness the rash has not moved to my breasts. I called back to the Doctors office. And told them I need something. So they prescribed me Prednisone. And I also bought a hydrocortisone cream to help with the itching plus I'm taking Benadryl. I definitely need something to work.
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