33 Years Old, 2 Babies in 2 Years, Both Breastfed - Towson, MD

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I wasn't going to do a review, but since I am...

I wasn't going to do a review, but since I am extremely pleased with my experience so far I decided to do one. Hopefully this will be helpful to other ladies researching plastic surgeons. I know that I spent a lot of time on RealSelf during my research and preop.

My stats: 33 years old; 5'4", 130lb; 2 children, both breastfed for 12 months each. Pre pregnancy I was a 34 b to very small c. While nursing I would get up to 36 DD. After my last child, I went down to a 36 B, but not filling the cup. My breasts were asymmetric and my chest wall on the left side is shaped differently than the right side, which also contributed to the asymmetry.

I always knew I'd be open to plastic surgery after our family was complete. I know of 2 people who went to Dr. Cohen at Belecara in Towson, MD and they both had fantastic results. Over the past few years, I'd joke with my husband, "yep, I'll be going to see Dr. Cohen!". But then after finishing breastfeeding my youngest child, I felt like I wanted to try to go to a closer plastic surgeon. So I went to 2 other consults before consulting with him. Let's just say the other doctors didn't even remotely compare to his experience, credentials, bedside manner, or end results. After my consult with Dr. Cohen, I immediately booked my surgery and felt like my consults with the others was a complete waste of time. Why did I even bother when I had been talking about him for the past few years? I felt like he was confident in his approach to my case, he was very knowledgeable, made me feel comfortable, and was easy to communicate with.

So I had my surgery on 2/23. I was a little nervous, but Dr. Cohen and his staff made me feel at ease and comfortable. I just cannot say enough about the staff- the nurses, anesthesiologist, Dr.Cohen- wonderful!

The surgery was about 2.5hr long. When I woke up, I was alert and didn't really have pain, just tightness. No nausea. The recovery nurse was great and Dr. Cohen came to talk to me in recovery, which was nice. I had 400cc and 375cc silicone under the muscle implants with a lift. He said that's what looked the best and that they will be very pretty. I trust him and am eager to se the final results!

Day 4 post op

I only took 1 pain pill today and I will take another before bed. The discomfort I feel is like a sore muscle pain. Ice feels great. I got these ice packs on Amazon that have worked really well. They are the perfect size for laying on your chest and I've actually used the strap to drape the ice pack around my neck to keep it in place.

I think the hardest part about recovery so far is not being able to hold my kids (3 years and 15 months). I'm with my kids all day everyday, so they are used to me holding and snuggling with them. And I love snuggling with them, too. My husband and mother in law have been so supportive and helpful with the kids, which has made it easier. But still....I miss holding my babies.

Day 5 post op

Starting to feel like a real wimp, lol! I've been reading about other women who are beboppin' around on day three, but I'm still so sore and tight. Took a shower this morning, which was a challenge to wash my hair and not get my bandages wet. They are not to get wet till 2 weeks post op. After my shower I felt like I needed a nap! More bruising is surfacing today, so I spent more time icing myself in the recliner. Took a pain pill mid afternoon and at night. Unfortunately, I can't take Tylenol. I would normally take Motrin, but that's a no-no till 2 weeks post op. So, I'm left with the rx pain meds. Starting to get a little more range of motion with my arms.

Day 7 post op

I'm looking for some advice on bras. At my 2 day post op, my surgeon suggested a supportive wireless bra, either surgical or sports bra type. Seemed like a pretty easy purchase, but after researching, There doesn't seem to be to many that I think would be suitable. Factoring comfort, too much or too little support, the band rubbing my incision....What are some favorite brands? I've seen good reviews for the under armor zip bra, but honestly, this looks uncomfortable. Any input please?

Day 7

One week boobiversary!

Still have a lot of bruising, so not doing a whole lot because it kinda hurts to move, although pain is more tolerable today than it was yesterday. I take lots of breaks for ice and to recline. Still high and tight. Lefty seems to be settling more quickly than righty. Feeling lopsided! Lol!

10 days post op

I feel like I'm finally turning a corner with healing. I don't really feel pain now, just tightness. I've been up and about a little more, contributing more to daily chores. I just have trouble reaching up in the kitchen cabinets. showering is still a struggle since I cannot get the dressing wet and I also have to contort myself to wash my hair. I go on 3/7 to get the dressings removed, so looking forward to that! Lefty is still slow to drop, although looking at my new pics it seems to have dropped some. But it definitely does not feel like it. It is very tight and higher than the right. I am beginning to see a bit of profile taking shape.

Day 12 post op

I can finally say that I have zero pain now, just tightness. And even the tightness is easing up a bit. Sometimes I even forget they are there! But by the end of the day, I am definitely ready to get in the recliner and relax. I've found that a recliner provides the best position for relief of pain, tightness, and fatigue during my recovery. I actually still sleep in it at night too. I did get a wedge pillow, but I still feel like it is not enough of an incline. My chest feels really heavy when I try to use it.

Tomorrow the stitches come out and bandages come off. I'm so excited!! However, I am not looking forward to the drive. 1 hr and 20 min each way. Ugh.

So question for those ladies who had a breast lift with implants- when did you get back to you get back to sexy time with your significant other? I feel ready to try, but dang- I still have a hard time getting up, using my arms, etc so I imagine it won't be to exciting lol! I have read a lot about increased heart rate and hematoma so kinda thinking about that too.

Lefty is still slower to drop, but I do see slow progress. Still trying to imagine how they will look after they've dropped and fluffed. I'd be lying if I didn't say a little part of me wishes they were bigger, like maybe 450...but then again, it's impossible to know what the final result is at this point. (Maybe in 10-15 years I'll go for a fresh set of 450's...and some preventative facial rejuvenation ????) But I am very happy with the results so far and just so curious to see them without tape! Did I mention I'm excited?!!?!

13 days post op

Yesterday was a long day! I drove myself to my follow up appointment, which was a total of 3 hours driving. That was my first time driving post op. I was definitely a little sore by the time I got home. But feeling good today. My bandages and stitches were removed and some post op pics were taken. I am also supposed to begin using scar cream. Dr. Cohen and his staff were nothing short of amazing, once again. We also discussed massage. I realize the importance of it, but it makes me nervous! I'm so worried about dehissing. The scars appear intact, but idk....just makes me nervous to manipulate them. I guess I will just have to get over it lol! So far I'm very pleased with my results and just continue to wait patiently for dropping and fluffing.

2 weeks

Took my first real shower today and I feel soooo much better! I also started with the massaging, which just feels so strange, and the scar cream. We've come a long way in 2 weeks!

17 days post op

Just wanted to do a quick update! Feeling pretty good, still some tightness. The massaging is still totally freaking me out, so I sit down to do that and to apply to scar cream and use a hand mirror to see. The scar cream seems to be working. I can already see improvement in the scars! Lefty is still higher and tighter than righty. I am left handed, so I'm sure that is partially related. The other day I had my first day alone with both of my kids. It was a challenge. I made lots of modifications to our routine so that I didn't have to lift my youngest. Everything went well, but I was ready for bed that night! Lol! I don't feel ready for exercise, other than walking, but I do miss it and can't wait to feel up to it. It's amazing how quickly your body can get "soft" if you're used to working out. I'm a little upset because I had diastasis recti that I was working on healing. I almost had it corrected, down to 1 finger width. But I can feel that my abs are weaker now. I'm hoping that when I return to exercise that I can regain the progress I made. After the surgery, you're not really supposed to use your arms for getting up. You're supposed to use your abs and legs, and I think that's where I did some damage. Hoping I don't need to go back for a tummy tuck! Omg...

22 days post op

So here we are at 3 weeks! Wooohooo! I'm feeling pretty good, although sore sometimes by the end of the day. The scar cream the my doctor recommended is amazing. I can see actual changes each day. The scars are beginning to soften. When the bandages were first removed, the scars were very pronounced. But now the scars and differences between the nipples are less obvious. I think by the time I am completely healed, you won't really be able to tell at all between the two. As I mentioned on another thread, we need to remind ourselves that our breasts are sisters, not twins. Righty is dropping nicely. Lefty is still slow to follow. They are beginning to soften a bit. Some bruising still remains on my right side. I get weird random twinges and itching sensation, which I assume is nerve recovery. As far as activity, I do light cleaning and cooking. Laundry I only carry a half load at a time. I still have not picked up my kids. I've just modified things like diaper changing and my youngest is sleeping on a mattress on the floor so I don't have to lift her. I have driven, but not alone with the kids yet because I am terrified of putting my youngest in her car seat. I'm really scared about pulling something. After some trial and error with bras, I finally figured out that the problem was with the straps. Most of the sports bras do not have adjustable straps and it was causing a lot of discomfort. I did find this bra on Amazon, LaIsla, and it was like heaven when I put it on. I also did end up getting the Under Armour bra and a Rebok bra, which are both quite comfy. There have been definite changes in size over the past few weeks. The Fruit of the Loom bra I'm wearing in the one pic is now way too small and it used to fit nice. The three bras I mentioned above I measured at a 34 DD!!!!! Wow! I can't believe it!

Almost 5 weeks

Sorry I haven't updated in a while! It's hard to believe that this Tuesday will be 5 weeks! A lot has happened in that time. Shortly after my last post I noticed some changes in my incision on my left breast. It started as a reddened area about the size of a pencil eraser. By the time I looked at it letter in the day it had a white head. I remembered Lisa, Dr. Cohen's nurse, telling me about splitting stitches. Like if there was a stitch below the surface that was trying to push out, and that they usually present in the way I just described. Just to be safe, I called to explain the situation. She said to apply a warm compress 3 times a day and apply bacitracin 1 time a day and place gauze between the area and my bra to catch any drainage. She said the stitch should emerge in a few days and then just snip it, or to call if any other problems. So I followed he instructions. There was a tiny bit of drainage. A stitch never emerged, but the area completely closed within 4 days. Since then, no problems whatsoever. I massage twice a day and apply the scar cream very liberally twice a day. I still wear a sports bra 24/7. They are becoming softer and even move a little when I walk! I have zero pain. Some light bruising remains on my right nipple. I'm very happy with the size. I do think my right looks a bit fuller than my left, but it is still early and my left chest wall is shaped differently than my right. It could have something to do with it. I might ask Dr. Cohen about it if I think it hasn't changed, but again it might just be what I gave him to work with lol! Either way, they look 100000% better than they did!

Scar cream

I've had a few private messages and posts to this thread about the scar cream. So attached is a pic and link to Amazon. Hope this helps!


5 weeks

About 6.5 wk

Sorry it's been a while since I checked in! I took pics at 6 wk, but just never got around to posting. All is well! I'm starting to feel like they are really mine. I don't think about them 24/7 anymore! Lol! I think in the last day or so they have softened up quite a bit. They are not pillow soft yet, but still much softer than they were. I apply the stack cream religiously twice a day. That cream is really awesome and it is working quite nicely for me. Although, I have to say that the containers don't last long. I did my first real workout today. I usually like to do HIIT or kettle bell or a Pilates/yoga mix. Today I did a low Intensity interval workout without weights. I wore 2 sports bras and felt like I had enough support. Stretching was an unusual experience though. Moving in different ways with exercise made me notice that I am still tight in some areas and sometimes my pectoral muscles still feel like jello. I just took it very slow today. We will see how I feel tomorrow!

Dr. Cohen is extremely well educated with many credentials, is very talented and has excellent bedside manner. My entire experience so far has been perfect and I couldn't ask for more. He and his staff always takes the time to answer questions and make me feel comfortable. I have never felt rushed or like I was just another patient. This is an outstanding facility.

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