31, NO KIDS, Weight Loss, Breast Augmentation with Lift, 5'7, 155lb, Baltimore, Maryland

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Years ago, I lost a significant amount of weight...

Years ago, I lost a significant amount of weight (approx. 70 lbs) and kept most of it off for the past 8+ years. I'm currently 5'7 and 155lb. Unfortunately, the girls have taken a hit since my major weight loss and I have experienced sagging and loss of elasticity. I live for VS Bombshell bras that, not only add two cup sizes, but create cleavage where I don't have it anymore. I have been seriously contemplating a breast aug with lift for the past year and I finally took the plunge and made my initial consultation in a few weeks with Dr. Cohen in Towson, Maryland!

I'm so excited, but after doing additional research, I'm nervous about complications and unsatisfactory results. I would like to achieve a full D-DD high profile with decent cleavage. I know with my current base breast shape, my ideal cleavage may be difficult to achieve. I'm trying to not worry too much until I can sit down and discuss options with my PS. I'm a nurse myself and know the more work that needs to be done, the higher the risk for complications. Will try to attract positive thoughts =)

I have so many questions and would love feedback! Are there any other nurses that have had a BA with Lift? How long was your recovery period? I work 12-hr shifts in a busy department with a ton of pushing/pulling/lifting and the occasional round of chest compressions. I am prepared to ask for 5 weeks of leave to recover as I can't return until I'm back to "full-duty". I also lift weights (not pro or anything crazy) - is there a certain period prior to surgery that I should stop focusing on chest muscles in order to lessen the tightness or swelling from weight training?

I would also LOVE to learn about your MUST HAVE and MUST DO lists pre and post-op! Are there any essential ointments or supplements I should be taking (esp. due to scarring from the lift)? Is there anything you recommend to have a healthy and fast recovery? What are some things you wish someone told you about or that you had during this process?

Looking forward to sharing my journey with you all! I will post my before pictures soon!
Thank you!!

Consultation/Surgery Date BOOKED!

I had my pre-op appointment this week and scheduled my surgery for Jan 19th! I met with Dr. Cohen, he took measurements, and I tried on sizers. He agrees that I need a lift with implant - says I can handle a larger implant due to my frame. We agreed on high profile silicone implants, and after trying on sizers, I like the look of 450-500cc. He said he will most likely remove some breast tissue so may go up in size depending on date of surgery. He recommended 2 full weeks off of work but also advised against doing any heavy lifting at that point. I don't want to risk injury or complication by going back to lifting/pulling patients, pushing stretchers, and chest compressions as an ER nurse at 2 weeks, so I will be taking 4 weeks off of work.

I'm doing more research on here and looking at before and afters trying to get an idea of what 450-500cc looks like on someone with my frame. I am starting to think I may not be going large enough. Next step is my pre-op appointment which won't be until 3 weeks prior to day of surgery. Anyways, super excited for this adventure and looking forward to reading/hearing about all your advice!
Dr. Cohen

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