34 Years Old, 5'0" 112lbs with 320cc Silicone - Towson, MD

The idea of breast augmention has come in and out...

The idea of breast augmention has come in and out of my mind probably since I was a teenager. I was always talked out of it by friends and family. I started considering it more seriously within the past year. I live for the gym and have recently become a group fitness instructor for fun, so I'm always wearing gym clothes. I'm tired of my chest and stomach being all one straight line up and down. I want some projection! I want some curves up top! So here I am.

Day of and day after

I was excited the day of surgery, and a little scared of changing my body. Surgery was scheduled for 11:15 but didn't get taken back until closer to 12. I got very nervous as I was placed on the operating table and was hoping I would come out alive lol.

I woke up comfortably. No nausea thankfully (took Zofran ODT 8mg 1 hour prior to scheduled start). My best friend had gotten her BA 8 years ago and said she was vomiting so much when she woke up they wanted to admit her ????. So I was thankful.
However, I was crying uncontrollably. For no reason. I decided to take a look down my chest and noted 2 things. Right side had less projection and they seemed smaller than expected. So this led to more crying on the car ride home. "I should have gone bigger! They're too small!!!"
As I began this process I desired a large B/small C. I guess I was getting a little greedy with my rice sizers. PS told my mom they'd likely be a small C as I was awaiting surgery.

Sleeping wasn't great the first night as I'm not a back sleeper. Pain has been VERY manageable. I haven't been in more then 6/10 pain IF that. It's more of a tightness/heaviness that I feel. PS also lipo'ed fat around my armpit "as a gift" lol.

Pics are about 20 hours apart. After pics are 16 hours post-op. Right breast started lower than left and PS did say that assymetry would remain.

Nauseous and bloated

For reference, my implants are Mentor memorygel smooth round moderate classic 320cc

Felt great to shower today and clean up. Was feeling a bit nauseous and the Percocet is doing an okay job with the pain (2 would be best but the grogginess...).
One of my main complaints is how distended and swollen my stomach has been.

Back to work

I went back to work yesterday on my 5th day post-op. Im a pharmacist and on my feet all day and was scared I would become very tired as Ive been making some trips to the mall on my days off and couldn't last too long. I was also nervous to drive but I was totally fine all around. Needed some help reaching bottles and opening some of the childproof caps but all good.
Everyone at work wanted to see (under the lab coat) and got a lot of positive responses on the size. Just right.
However I came home and immediately began to analyze myself and felt like I had gone too small. Now I want a full C!

This morning I decided to put on my gym clothes (bc that was the driver behind all of this...was to have something in my lululemon). Fortunately I had a larger size sports bra that I actually would wear to work pre-BA for comfort. I'm so excited at what I see!! They balance me out perfectly :)

Before and after

Found a pic I took about a month ago and decided to recreate it

Feeling very disappointed

I'm so frustrated by how small they have turned out. I know it's early but it's not like they will be getting any bigger. They disappear in clothes. At this point I'm definitely considering a revision to go bigger in 6-12 months
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