2 weeks post-op - Towson, MD

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I've never been a fan of "fake boobs". I have...

I've never been a fan of "fake boobs". I have always been a small 34A while having larger hips (pants size 6/8). Recently something (not sure what exactly) changed my thoughts on BA. I hate not being able to fit into dresses properly due to my uneven proportions, I hate wearing bras that are all padding, and I just want to feel better about my body.

My original goal was a B/C cup but now I'm thinking more like C/D cup. I had my consult a week ago after much research. I tried on the sizers, highest I tried was 350cc, decided that looked good. I'll be getting Mentor silicone HP under the muscle. When discussing when they had openings, they had an availability for 10/23 - only a week away!!! I am a very impulsive person so I decided to go for it. Because of the close date of surgery, they did my pre-op visit at the same time. I was given a package of supplements for before, during, and after. I was also given a silicone based scar cream for after. I was given prescriptions for Ativan (anti-anxiety) for the night before surgery, keflex antibiotic, phenergan for nausea, scopolamine patches for nausea also, and Vicodin for pain.

So far I have told friends/close coworkers and my younger sister who will be taking care of me for the first 24 hours. I haven't told my mother yet because she is a negative person and I don't want to deal with that just yet. I'm sure she has already found out though from multiple sources! Oh well!

After more research and looking at before/afters online of women with similar stats (5'7" 135 lbs, semi-broad shouldered, 34A), I'm thinking I want to go with 400cc. My friend who had her BA with the same Dr said her stats were almost identical to mine pre-op and she got 425cc.

I will post my before pics soon!

I just emailed my coordinator and let her know...

I just emailed my coordinator and let her know about wanting to increase the cc's and sent a bunch of before/after pics with similar before stats. I'm now thinking 400-450cc because I really want to balance out my hips and I don't want to regret not going a little bigger. So we shall see what she has to say! I can't believe that I only have like 37 hours til surgery!!!!!!

Well I am less than 24 hours post-op. ...

Well I am less than 24 hours post-op. Owwwwwwwwie! My chest is tight, swollen, and painful. I ended up going with 425cc under the muscle. Right now they are riding very high. I have complete sensation in my right nipple but not my left so hopefully that will change soon. I'm posting a crappy "after" pic in my surgical bra. Too much pain right now to take more pics than that! Haha

Well yesterday afternoon/evening was horrible. I...

Well yesterday afternoon/evening was horrible. I didn't eat much and was taking my meds and supplements...then the vomiting started. Three different times. Sooooooo much pain. After some crackers a few hours later, I was okay.

I woke up this morning still stiff, swollen, and in pain. I've been trying to just take Tylenol instead of the narcotic pain meds because they just make me sleep. I haven't been doing too well in remembering to ice. :(

I'm hoping I can drive by tomorrow morning because I have a certification renewal course for work at 8am tomorrow that can't be rescheduled. But thankfully I don't go back to work for another week - I'm a nurse so it will be challenging to not lift people. A bunch of coworkers know about my surgery so they should be willing to help.

Well I'm thinking its time for a nap. I'll update more later. Thanks to you all for the support!

I'm finally starting to feel human again! The...

I'm finally starting to feel human again! The nausea and vomiting from the past 2 days have stopped, the pain has decreased, and I can move around better. I drove for the first time since surgery yesterday and it was awkward but okay. I've been taking Tylenol during the day and the Vicodin at bedtime and another dose when I wake up at like 4am from the meds wearing off. I can't wait to be able to take Motrin on Monday because Tylenol barely helps. I still have a lot of swelling, as well as abdominal bloating.

I have my first follow-up appointment on Monday which is right when Hurricane Sandy is supposed to hit here. I'm not looking forward to driving through that if the office is open - they are 45 minutes away from me. Another bummer: it is gorgeous outside and my new motorcycle is sitting outside and I can't ride it. :(

What has everyone done to prevent stretch marks on their new boobies? I have some Vitamin E oil I was thinking about using. I also have Palmers Cocoa Butter massage cream I was gonna start using when they show me the massage techniques. My skin is just so shiny and tight right now and I really don't want stretch marks!

I'll try and update with pics later.

So I've had some bruising to my left breast area...

So I've had some bruising to my left breast area that appeared a couple of days post op. The bruising seems to have gotten a little worse. My left breast also is slightly more swollen than the right. I have my 1st follow-up tomorrow afternoon but I don't know how that is going to play out with this hurricane. I'm attaching some pics I just took.

I feel bad for not updating sooner, things have...

I feel bad for not updating sooner, things have just been crazy busy! Between the hurricane, going back to work after a week, and starting 2 8-week online courses all at the same time was overwhelming. I still don't feel back to my normal self mentally - a little lazy and unfocused.

I've had 2 follow-up appointments and my next one is in about 3 weeks. At the first appointment post-op, I was told to stop wearing any type of bra and was given the strap to wear cuz they're riding high, which they said is normal since I'm young and my muscles are tight. I have to wear the strap pretty much 24/7. It makes it pretty difficult to find clothes to cover it that aren't ugly, but at least for work, my scrub tops cover it. At my second appointment 2 days ago, my sutures were removed and I was given the okay to start using the silicone scar cream I got from them. They are still riding high, more so the left one, but they are slowly improving. I don't have much pain now and just take ibuprofen as needed. I have 2 types of massages to do - one pushes them together from the outside and the other is pushing them up from the bottom.

I went back to work on Halloween and that first day was rough. I felt like my chest was larger than my body at the end of my 12-hour shift! Everyone was supportive and helped me out. I had 1 day off before 4 12's in a row over the weekend - that was rough but tons better than the first day back. I just need to remember to not do so much lifting! Between helping patients and trips to Target, I have definitely been lifting more than I should!

I will post some updated pics later when I finish my school assignments.

A friend went to him for breast implants and had great results. He has a great reputation.

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