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I love My Surgeon.. I'm a 34 A, and I"m thinking...

I love My Surgeon.. I'm a 34 A, and I"m thinking about 395cc's.. I"m pretty sure they will look great. I'm just scared with recovery, and all the bad things that can happen. I'm 23 years old, athletic build, 140 pounds. I havent told my family or my bf.. They will all disapprove. Guess, I will just have to surprise everyone. lol.. I am alittle scared now that my surgery is 2 months away. I just dont want to regret it. Saline,BTW

Dec 13th I will be saying Bye Bye, to the itty bitties! :)

I'm so excited.. My pre-op is a week away, and the surgery about 26 days away.. Not, that I'm counting.. lol… I"m still confused as to how many cc's I should get. I'm thinking 425 cc's behind the muscle and I will be getting Silicone.. I want at least a D. I have been eating non-inflamitory foods, and I started pro-biotics 90 days prior to surgery. I'm a nurse.. lol. Also, I found the Vitamedica pre/post breast aug vitamins online for $95.00, The doc office sells them for $270. I'm so happy I found them for a cheaper price on Amazon. I will def keep you all posted. I finally told my bf whom was not happy about my decision. But, I think he's slowly accepting it. I'm so lucky to have this site! It's a great support system. Love you ladies. Dec 13th, can't come fast enough.. OMG! Time has come to a halt. lol

Before pics



I had my pre-op, today. Going into it , I was nervous, excited, scared. Afterwords, I was really excited.. The nurses took pictures, explained everything to me, throughlly . It eased my nerves because they answered all of my questions. They gave me my prescriptions. Since I don't have insurance, the prescriptions were under $30.00. They gave me 1 tab of Ativan that I take the night before surgery(I probably won't take it), 30 tabs of Vicodin, phernergan, a antibiotic, and one patch I put behind my ear to help with nausea. I'm mad excited! 18 more days till the big day!

Meds!! A new idea

I put my meds in ziplock baggies . So, day 1 am probiotic, vitamins, and antibiotic and day 1 pm so on .. I thought it would be easier on me since I will be drugged and in pain lol.. It's 10 days away! Can't wait

The med baggies

350cc sizers. I think they are too small..


Incase you have no clue what kind of snacks to get , this is what I got. Seaweed , prunes , pistachios, apricots, peaches, pears, pineapples, rice crackers, and two nut bars . Trying to stay as healthy as possible, and chose foods that will help promote healing and prevent constipation due to the effects of anesthesia and the pain meds.


Before pics

My before pics ! 34A

The girls are in

Day of surgery! I've crossed over!

Had my surgery this morning! It was suppose to be at 1130, but I got there early and he let me start at 0. Everything was so fast. I wasn't nervous at all! He marked me up. He said I couldn't get 425 because I have an athletic build and I would look funny naked. So, he did 350 ccs behind the muscle gel implants. I'm not on any meds right now . I'm fine. When I woke up I felt mad nauseous . I didn't vomit . I felt that way for a while.! Then, I got home and rested . I tried to eat but felt sick.. I'm not in pain. It's just sore at the incision sites ..

Morning of

Post 6 hours of BA

Post op day 1

Post op day 1 stiches


Post op day 1

1st bath post op day 1

Post op BA day 2

Post op day 1, bath

3 days post op.

They need to hurry up and drop! I look like spongebob

Post op day 3

Post op day 4 new bra

I'm freaking out!

I know it's too early to tell.. I'm noticing that my breasts are a weird shape... I saw a few posts about women having snoopy boobs, and they had to have revisions done... I'm really scared that this will happen.. Can anyone tell if Mine look normal for the post op day?

1st post op

The nurse gave me a band to wear ontop of my boobies.. It's suppose to make them drop.. OMFG>. THIS HURTS. OWWE! However, I will do whatever to make them drop. Along with the band, I have to do massages.. OMG.. Being pretty is painful.. grr... well, it will be worth it soon..

Morning of BA

Six hours post ba

Post op day 1

Post op day 1

Post BA day 2

Post op day 4

Snoopy! Drop, please

Two weeks post op and I wore the band for a week! I look like snoopy! Grr! I also feel they are too small

Stitches are out!

I got my stitches taken out.. It didn't hurt. All the nurse did was remove the adhesive tape.. My scars are raised and about 2.5 inches long. They will flatten and smooth out as time goes on. I am currently putting Bio Corenum ointment on the scars, 2x daily. It's the best on the market.. So, crossing my fingers it works. lol.

Also, the girls are dropping.. I don't have to wear the band 24-7 anymore. I will still wear it.. I want these babies to drop asap!!..

4 months in

I am very glad I went through with the surgery! I love my girls ! The awkward stage is over and they look normal! I'm very happy with my results !
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