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After looking at boobs, lifts, implants and...

After looking at boobs, lifts, implants and reductions for the last couple of months... I decided to have a consult done. I made appointments with three doctors and I had a consult for a Breast lift with the same doctor and thought I would inquire about added lipo to my tummy on the problem hip areas I've been complaining about. I went on December 19. I decided to go forward with it and scheduled a date for January 27th. I went for my pre-op on December 28th and changed it to the next available date of January 6th. Everything is rolling from having a consult to the procedure in less than a month! Now I'm 3 days away! Couldn't sleep last night, guess it was nerves!

Nervous mainly because of being put to sleep and hoping for a nice outcome, but I feel good about his work.

My PS isn't charging me for the revision lipo, just added anesthesia. It was an additional $200+ bucks and I am totally fine with that!

I'm not happy with the break I'm going to have to take from the gym though!

As with the last procedure, I waited until the last minute to break the news to my SO. He saw me looking at boobs a couple of months ago and asked if I was getting mine done and I said yes... I don't think he believed me because he was surprised when I told him about the surgery Sunday night.

Happy new year RS! Enjoy yourself and happy healing in the new year!

Tomorrow is the day!!!

I haven't been sleeping well... I don't think I'm that nervous... I'm just thinking about things I want to remind the doctor about... My ride said he had an accident with his car and won't be able to drop me off and pick me up! I offered him my car, and now we're back on again... I hope!

I started taking my vitamins and Arnica... not the large cocktail that I did last time... will get a laxative today just in case.

Made some healthy shakes for me and did some cooking for the man, so I can rest after my surgery.

Tomorrow is the day!!!

I haven't been sleeping well... I don't think I'm that nervous... I'm just thinking about things I want to remind the doctor about... My ride said he had an accident with his car and won't be able to drop me off and pick me up! I offered him my car, and now we're back on again... I hope!

I started taking my vitamins and Arnica... not the large cocktail that I did last time... will get a laxative today just in case.

Made some healthy shakes for me and did some cooking for the man, so I can rest after my surgery.

It's go time!!!

Scheduled for 1045am... marked up and nervous! Wil keep you posted!

I'm so glad to be on the other side of this!

I keep nodding off while I type this and this is my forth try at not deleting it!

My original ride was unreliable, but I was able to secure a ride with another friend last night and she came through without a hitch this morning. I had a pre-Op time of 945am and my procedure was scheduled for 1045am.

The staff was very nice and extremely funny, which made me feel less nervous. He marked me up and answered my questions.

I woke up from the anesthesia feeling loopy and nauseous. I had a pain level of about a 7 in my boob area and I don't feel anything from the lipo of my lower abs! Bandages are tight and I don't think I will see anything for the next two days!

Took my vitamins and ate raisin bread for the nauseousness. Thought I would be hungry, but I'm not at all!

I'm home relaxing now and happy to be doing that!

Nothing new

My surgery and recovery time was only 2hrs and 45mins.

They gave me ginger ale at the facility for the nausea, it helped a bit. I packed a smoothie, 2 slices of raisin bread and some coffee for my ride home from the hospital. I made it with kale, pineapple, apple, oatmeal, strawberries, blue berries, banana and cranberries.
I prepared so much food before my surgery, Hunnie brought me my dinner to bed without me asking! I had collards, some beef roast, yams and a biscuit for dinner at about 6pm. Was feeling really hungry 3 hrs after having dinner, so I ate some leftover homemade seafood soup.

I went from loopy and high to full of energy at 8pm. I got out my comfy chair in front of the heater and I went downstairs, washed the dishes and cleaned the kitchen. I'm a little more sore but the pain is probably a 2 without pain meds. I will only take it if needed and I don't need it yet!

Say I'm my chair upright all day. Went to bed like normal, with the exception of sleeping on my back all night. I didn't do much sleeping though... I was thinking of taking pain meds to sleep, but decided that was silly because I'm not having any pain! Thus the reason I'm writing this at 4am!

I did request to have a quickie tonight! He felt weird about it but he played along. My boobs are bandaged so tight, they didn't move or hurt one bit!

Just relaxing with Netflix and babbling to all of you! Happy healing!!!

Day one

These plastic surgeons are good at what they do for the most part! I'm sure it's normal to think that they jacked up your surgery, because you have to wait a couple of days to see their work! Picture day is tomorrow for me when I can take off the main bandages, take a shower and get a better look at things!

I had a lift without implants because I like my size, I just wanted them perky! I was a 36C and wanted to stay that size... I feel like I'm smaller, but that could be due to the bra being tight... they feel like implants, high and firm. I'm sure that's swelling though. I won't see them until tomorrow! Nervous and excited is how I'm feeling right now! No drains were needed because I just had a lift and I was told that reductions usually require drains because they are more invasive!

At this point, I'm thinking about going back to work after 4 days off... I took 10 days off for my TL and mini TT and this is way easier than that... I don't work hard at work and can sit around all day... no need wasting days off.... I had it done yesterday, and I haven't really taken any pain meds... I might use them at night because I can't sleep with discomfort, but I don't need it!

I ate a full breakfast and Chinese for dinner... Taking all the same vitamins... I forgot to buy laxatives... I've been gassy, because my period is due anyway. It's only been 2 days without a BM!

Playing peekaboo with my bandages and I can see some bruises, but nothing else! I found a rouge thread near my underarm on the left side... it's out of place, but I'm not messing with that!

Until we meet again, happy healing!

Day two

I slept ok last night... I got up every couple of hours, but managed to fall back to sleep eventually... Still feeling hungry at night or should I say greedy!

Ate a full breakfast this morning and I couldn't wait to see my boobs. I took my first shower since my BL and everything went fine.

I took the bandages off and my immediate response was that I am flat chested! Seems like more of my boob is under my armpit, but I'm hoping that they will drop down some! I'm fine with having smaller boobs, but they look wide and flat at the moment! My nipples still have feeling... probably more than they did before! My anchor scar doesn't seem to be in the creases of my breast, but I really can't see with the tape on. My tummy is flatter in the areas that needed more lipo... I've been wearing my support bra and the belly band 24/7.

I wanted a short anchor scar and I knew it would be long by the markings he made... I'm sure that was done to get better results! I just didn't want my scars to show in regular clothes or bikini tops... I'm sore on my boobs where the incisions end under my armpits, but it's tolerable!

I don't think it looks crazy, so that's half the battle!

Day three

Well, I'm on this roller coaster of emotions! I'm thankful for the people I've been following on RS! They have reminded me that they too were feeling down and worried about things in the beginning and after time it did get better! It truly is a mindset, that is hard to shake.

I look completely flat in everything I wear and my SO looking down at my chest area all the time doesn't help matters! I'm sure he wants to see them, but I'm not ready! Most of my boob tissue is under my armpits and the front is flat... I'm pretty broad and boxy shaped and being flat in the front accentuates that!

On the brighter side, I pooped yesterday... I did not use any laxatives... I'm sure that the limited amount of pain killers has allowed that to happen.

My skin has been itchy mainly in the area under the bra in the rear and the top of my breast. The skin is so tight. I put a shirt on under the bra for comfort. It's does make a difference. The incision area under my armpit is the only sore area... Probably getting the most friction there.

Trying to get used to what they look like and now I understand why people try on clothes this early in the healing! Sitting around with nothing else to do and I fell victim to the fashion show! Lol... I can't wait to go back to work and the gym so I don't obsess over them!

Day four

Sleeping has been a challenge... especially without taking pain meds... I'm up every hour, but managed to fall back to sleep as long as I don't play with electronic devices!

Today I found it very funny to look at myself in the mirror! I couldn't stop giggling to myself! A 180 degree mood change from how I was feeling yesterday! I still don't like the way I look in clothes and out of clothes with my new boobs, but I think it's kinda cute that I look like a twelve year old in all my tops! I didn't realize that my old boobs took up so much space... I went from feeling very sexy before my BL to feeling very shy about my boobs... I feel like everyone I know is looking at my little boobs! I find myself covering my top area up and that is totally different than I've ever been!

I went back to work today, because I don't really do work at work! The drive there was fine, but a little bit of a challenge when parking my car. Turning in the seat hurt a little... I felt really sore through the day, and that was probably due to being use to laying around all day.

My period came and that might have something to do with the sore nipples. They kinda hurt when I feel like my nipples are trying to tighten up. It's weird how sensitive they are, when so many reviews I read describing numbness... when I scratch my boobs, it sounds like I'm scratching a hollow instrument!

I'm back to drinking my morning shakes. My appetite has decreased by half. I'm pooping without any problems. I'm still taking vitamins, with the exception of the Arnica that I just finished... I just remembered that they gave me penicillin just before my BL... I'm curious to know if anyone else was given antibiotics before their procedure?

Week one

I had a follow up with my PS yesterday. I discovered that I have staples at the T of my incisions. I'm happy about the added security that staples provide. He took a peek under some of the tape and said that things are healing great. I wouldn't expect him to say anything else about his own work! Lol

I'm having aches and pains here and there, but nothing steady. I'm trying to take it easy, because I'm definitely feeling everything! I let my boobs breathe for an hour a day for the last couple of days... felt weird st first, but now I love getting that break from the tight compression wear! They seem to have softened up a little bit on the top, so they don't feel as tight.

I decided to let my SO look at my boobs and touch them... In our dimly lit bedroom ofcourse! He thinks they look like implants, small ones though! He says he's waiting to say how he feels about them, until I'm all healed up... He's a boob guy, so small boobs isn't his thing... Good thing I did it for me! Lol

Day eight

Well say 7 was a rough one... I didn't like the redness and blistering I was seeing around my tape, so I decided to take the tape off after my shower... if I needed to be seen, I wanted to do it before the long weekend! Once the tape was off, I kinda freaked out and called my doctors office. The receptionist told me to monitor it over the weekend and he will see me on Monday if it was worse.

I cleared my head and remembered that when I freaked out with the opening of my TL, I went into the office to see him and he put gauze on it and sent me on my way! I remembered that he said to just cover the area and stop looking at it! I know I can do that myself, so I placed gauze on my stitches and didn't look at it til today... I was pleasantly surprised at how much better it looked today. Most of the areas that were wet, were covered with a scab. The blistered area was still damp, but flat! The redness has gone away mostly! I placed new gauze on and will just repeat the process until it's healed. I have some puckering of the stitches on the cleavage of my left breast, but I'm not going to worry about it at this time.

I don't like the shape of my breast. They are very wide and flat. Nothing I can change at this point.

I'm happy about the fact that I'm on my way in the healing process! I also like the way my cleavage looks in my clothes with this shape wear bra... I feel sexy in my clothes with my smaller boobs!

Eleven days after

I'm just going through the healing process... I'm placing gauze on my incisions after my shower and I don't see them again until my next shower... I haven't applied anything on them, because I would like to wait until the incisions are closed... I have a follow up with my PS tomorrow. I hope the staples come out, because they do get annoying after a while.

I worked the entire week and I was fine... The bra feels really tight after a while, but I adjust the lower band and that helps. All throughout the day I can feel my nipples tighten up and that is somewhat annoying, but not painful... Under my breast across my ribs was hurting for some reason earlier in the week, but that has gotten better also.

Sleeping without pain meds is not working out well... the best sleep I had is when I unhooked the bra, but I can't do that every night!

I think I would have liked more lower pole fullness, but with these surgeries there is so much to consider and things get left out... I do realize that some things just won't turn out the same with the type and location of the breast you start out with!

My appetite has decreased. I have a shake in the morning and dinner at night. It should increase once I'm back in the gym!

Im thinking I will start walking at the gym on Friday... I can't wait!

15/16 days

I went to my PS for my 2 week follow up, on day 12. He removed the staples with caused them to bleed. He applied steri strips to prevent it from opening up at the T incisions and put some solution on the area that was bleeding, then some antibiotic ointment before applying gauze and tape.

The area was tender, so I decided not to get them wet for a couple of days. I was mostly successful and I removed the bandages before my shower today, and things are looking good. No pain, just itching under my breasts. The bra is so tight at the top of my stomach and I decided to sleep without the bra. Sleeping much better without it ofcourse! I will start using it again on Monday. I gave myself the weekend off. I'm not a bra wearer normally, so this 24hr super tight bra deal has been the worst! I'm still sleeping on my back and I can lay at about 30 degrees and still be comfortable. Anything more than that feels really tight and uncomfortable.

Today I applied coconut oil to my boobs, Everywhere except the incisions. The scabs are slowly falling off. I've been massaging my incisions at both ends of the horizontal incision. I did go out today without a bra to have dinner. It was uncomfortable during the drive and I had to hold onto them when we hit bumps in the road. The area around the nipples were a little red tonight, probably from rubbing against my clothing.

Opted against working out on Friday, I didn't feel physically ready. I should be fine to go on Monday, with plenty of limitations!

Day 17

I had to take the tape off last night. It was extremely itchy under the taped area and I started to think I was having a reaction to it! I'm sure a lot of people are allergic! The skin looked crazy, but no more itching! The area looks red. Only a small open area under my left breast at the T incision and under my left nipple. I'm not going to wear the bra until it heals up!

I got to picking scabs and snipping threads last night. Only a few remain. Now it really looks crazy. I suggest you leave your incisions alone! I'm a picker and couldn't help myself at about 2am! I will call my PS tomorrow to ask about what to apply on them, I haven't used anything yet... was waiting for things to close up completely.

3 weeks 2 days

I have to go back and look at the pictures, to see the beginning process of the surgery to see that I have come a long way! It's only been three weeks and I have more healing to come.

I like the shape of my right boob better. I only wear my bra at the gym at this point!

Im happy to be back to working out, just can't do any bouncing around or heavy weights.

I can sleep on my right side. I feel pulling under my left boob when I lay on my left side. I slept on my stomach for the first time last night. It was more comfortable than sleeping on either side.

I feel some pain when I run my fingers across my rib cage. My incisions hurt in some spots when I run my finger across the incisions. There are sharp pains here and there, that go away pretty quickly.

I like having smaller boobs... smaller perky boobs... I'm shy for my SO to see them when I'm naked, but in my clothes I feel much better than before.

Pulling and snipping threads has been a pet project. I think I'm finally done picking scabs also. Only one spot at the T on my right boob is still healing. I put coconut oil on my boobs for the peeling. I haven't put anything on my incisions yet.

One month

I had my one month follow up last week and things are healing fine... I go back at the three month mark... My PS wanted me to put antibiotic ointment on the T incision of my right boob... I've been doing it and it keeps the area moist and I believe it causes it to heal slower! Just placing the gauze without ointment on it, caused it to have a scab and my PS said the new skin needs to grow.

I saw a little thread on the horizontal incision of my left boob. I don't know if I got it out because it started to bleed when I picked it. That part of the incision hurt when pressed, the thread was probably the cause.

I'm returning to a regular workout this week to see how I feel.

7 weeks

This time around is easier! I massaged my scars a lot and I think that really helps! I was massaging one side more because the area toward the center had lumpy scarring... that side was looking better than the other side and I've been massaging it for a week and it's much smoother that quick!

Still a small opening under right breast. Nipples are getting color back around the perimeter. There's tightness on my breast when lay on either side, but it's getting better. Only pain when I press my fingers across my incisions in some places. They have dropped down some. When I stand upright, the incisions aren't visible now!

The shape is weird to me, nipples look different sizes and boobs seem small to me! Still happy I had it done! I like my small, weird shaped boobs better!

Happy healing RS!
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

He answers all the questions I asked and I am happy with his work overall

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