33 Years Old, One Child, Finally Mommy Makeover and BBL in Dominican Republic

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Hello RS. I've been at this PS thing before but...

Hello RS. I've been at this PS thing before but now I'm at it again. I have my before pics that I've shared. I have non-perky breasts and I think they've been that way since puberty. Maybe Gravity was pissed off at me. Lol. Anyway I have loose saggy belly skin and I had a C-Section 11 years ago. I have wayyyyy toooo many stretch marks. Not sure what to do about that but there's Dermablend for that. I've always visited this site and had yet to make a review, but this is a major surgery that I'm undergoing and it doesn't seem right not to share. Especially for those that are still mustering up the courage to get whatever procedures done.

I'm 33, with one child and had her by c-section. I'm 5'8 and weigh 178 lbs. my weight fluctuates from 175 to 182. I'm a natural 36D. I'm getting a lift and I think I want to be a DD it mainly turn into a lift and augmentation. I'm going to Dr. Michael D. Cohen. He was referred to me by (get this) my boyfriend. He said one of his ex's got a breast augmentation and her boobs looked f'n amazing. I'm very secure so I was like "Whaaaaat! Let me call them now and get a free consultation." Christina called me back and even though they are super busy she ironically had a cancellation for a couple days later in the week. Yes!

I went in for the consult and I forgot what it felt like to have the physical insecurities exposed for someone else to see. Boy what pressure. Anyway, Christina was amazing as she walked me to the back and instructed me to remove my clothing and put on the robe and slippers from the closet and Dr. Cohen would be right in. So, I've got to say he's pretty ray in the eyes. Comfort numbrè uno. So I told him what I wanted and then the unveiling. First response was ok not bad. Your last surgery doesn't even look like you've had work done and I've maintained it well. I've heard that before so that was a sigh of relief coming from another surgeon. So, he said that I have really firm breast tissue so a lift is all I needed. I said ok then, but now if I'm going to get cut I want the augmentation too. Just one cup size to DD. That's only a couple grand more. Back to the consult he said I only need a modified tummy tuck because of the previous Liposuction and it not being far at the outer parts of my stomach, some stretch marks will remain and oh boy do I have them. Oh well I'll take less of them and no more FUPA. So yes to surgery.

So here we are three weeks pre-op and really excited. I do have a phenomenal support system and my number one is my daughter. She is the best child a parent could ever pray for. I swear she's been here before and she had to be a freaking psychologist or something because she sees in between the lines so well. So, I'll say from my last surgery she was the biggest help in the world AND her gma gave her an award for best "nurse of the year". Tears. I told her what I'm about to do and she said you're about to get rid of the flabby skin Mom? I said yup and lift up my girls so they're not always frowning. Pahaaaaa. Lol. We both laughed. Love her so much.

I'm free to talk about whatever here and I would love to get and receive feedback from anyone who has had this procedure done. I've had drains before and been lipo'd. Got rid of 19 liters of fat. That's like almost 1500-2000cc. I wasn't even fat. I was pleasantly plump though. More fluff than buff if you know what I mean. Oh boy was I in pain, every freakin penny was worth it though. I'm happy and I planned to get this mommy makeover after the last surgery anyway. So, here I am 5 years later and doing it again.

Much love in advance and I look forward to talking to you all. Updates to come.

One more consult before I make up my mind.

Going for another consultation to get another opinion from Dr. Gabay. I didn't have more than one consult so I feel I need to give it the due diligence of considering all options.

More before pics.

Looks good in clothes but I need the bikini Bod!!! My girls need a lift so I can go with no bra and crop tops. Yasssss!

More before photos

Now wish photos


So RS dolls my consultation with Dr. Gabay is Friday. My beau and I are driving up and hopefully I'll walk away with a surgery date if all goes well. I just want to get this over with now so I'll have some of the summer to show of this vixen body. I'm so excited because this is my last step to where I want to physically be. My beau said that I'll look amazing on our honeymoon. Wait! What???! Rewind. HONEYMOON???!! My heart skipped a few beats and all I could do is smile. I said yes sir I will. We will!!! So now waiting patiently for my ring. Lol! What a way to give me something to look forward to. A long life together. He's great and I see that having a dedicated partner to assist during this process is easier than none. Thank God he's blessed me with him in many more ways than one.

Consultation complete

Hey RS dolls. I went to my consult yesterday. The drive was 2 hours so not that bad. I arrived and checked in with front desk and they gave me preliminary paperwork to complete. I did and then they gave me a folder of info to read. I was called back in 5 min. I sat in the waiting room full of guests for every bit of 10 min. Check plus.

So, they seated my beau and I in one of the exam rooms and while we waited I looked over the packet of info they gave me up front. Financing options, tummy tuck pamphlet, Bio of Dr. Gabay and Dr. Gottlieb and etc. We waited maybe about 15-20 minutes. I'm not sure. My nerves started kicking in. Lol! I know Big Baby. Lol!

So, in comes Dr. Gabay and his nurse. I'm so ashamed that I forgot her name, but they both were very informative and cheerful. They didn't rush us because you know my beau had questions. I couldn't get a word in. You would have thought that he was getting the surgery. :-/
Cute and I'm so thankful for him. He asked questions that I was going to ask and actually eased my nerves.

So during my exam I was told that my tummy tuck would only consist of an extended C-section scar. Woohoo!!! That means the scar will stretch across both sides of my pelvis, but not to my hips. I don't have much fat at all around my mid section. He said he'll still lipo a small amount on the upper abdominal area that will be pulled down near the belly button so it's not uneven. My muscles will be repaired. Repairing the Diastasis Recti will narrow my waist even more. You can fit maybe two fingers between my muscle.

I'll be receiving a Breast lift with implants. I will be getting 375cc silicone gel. I have plenty of volume so I can easily achieve a full DD (natural D) and the implant will give me the upper pole fullness that I've lost. Dr. Gabay said that gel stays in place and if you would physically cut the bag open the gel doesn't pour out. They will be placed subpectoral, under the chest muscle. I'm also purchasing I think a 10 year warranty for any malfunctions of the implants for $200 more. I'll have a lollipop scar and an inverted "T" scar and my nipple area will be moved up to get that perk back. Yassssss!!! I can not freakin wait.

There will be a pre-op where they take blood work and give more information about the surgery, pictures and we can ask any questions. They also give prescriptions that need to be filled of course before surgery.

For surgery they do provide one Compression Garment and surgical bra and a binder for my tummy. Not sure if this is with every patient, but he'll be applying some numbing medication on the ab muscles that helps with the discomfort postop and that lasts for about 3 days. Yes!!! There will also be drains for tummy tuck and a pain pump for the breast. Drains come out after you drain less than 25ccs per day and he said that'll probably be one to two weeks postop. There will be some discomfort, but he said I should be ok in 10 days because I'm not getting a full or extended tummy tuck and very little lipo. Also I will have general anesthesia so that means I'll be put to sleep. Some newcomers don't know. Procedures take about 3 hours.

He likes to see his patients post-op the next day after surgery 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month, 3 months and even in between if necessary up to one year. This payment for the procedure keeps the doc on retainer for 1 year postop. They also operate out of there own surgery center and they have relationship with the local hospital if complications arise. They have a relationship with the hotel down the road that gives discounts to his patients. My beau and I will stay two nights. The night before surgery so we can get it in as much as we can before midnight, lol, and of course the dreaded and wonderful day after.

So, grand total for sugeries is $9,900. I'm ecstatic and after my beau and I discussed it on the way home, I'm calling to schedule on Monday. They are currently booking for June. Yay!!!

I know a lot of info, but I want you guys to know because it's not much on here for Mommy Makeover or the double procedures of tummy tuck and breast lift with implants from Dr. Gabay. I will always keep you guys posted. Happy Healing!!!

Considering Dr. Agustina Duràn in the DR

Why????! I guess that's the biggest question. I have been taking these last few months to gather my research. I know that I want a tummy tuck, breast lift w/ augmentation and now my butt reshaped. I am really loving the upside down heart shape. I really love that look. So, it has been a killer to get in touch with her for a consultation. I've resulted to allowing the coordinator handle this for me. I was against going to the Dominican Republic and so has my boyfriend, but as the pictures reveal, she is really good.

Doctors here want more money to do all my services at once, but I've seen her do all three safely. Now, I need airfare, a Recovery House and Spanish lessons. Lmbo. I know some, but not nearly enough. HELLLPPPP!!!!!

I want your thoughts dolls and dolls to be.

Quote from Duràn

Hi Dolls,

Below is the quote from Duràn. Recovery House is a separate cost. Good price. Not sure when I can schedule yet though.


Thank you so much for your patient.

Dr. Duran reviewed your photos and recommend the following:

Tummy Tuck
Brazilian Butt Lift
Breast lift with Implants
Please see bellow the price quote for the procedure(s

Procedure Fee's: 7000.00
SurgiCoordinator Fee: US$200.00
TOTAL: US$ 7200.00

* Price are in American Dollars.

* This price are guarantee for six months.

* The procedures will depend on your hemoglobin levels. 12gm/dl is the lower range.

* It is very important to have a good hemoglobin level in order to get your surgery done. Your hemoglobin levels have to be over 13 gm/dl if you will have more 2 procedures.

* Risk Insurances is mandatory US$150.00

* BMI has to be lower than 35 in order to have surgery done.

This Quote Included:

• Assistance from SurgiCoordinator CareTeam (Before and after the procedure)
•Cardiologic Evaluation
•Photographs (before and after surgery)
•Operating Room
•Post-surgical Accessory (1 Garment)
•Supplies and disposable materials
•Medical fees
•One night at the clinic
•One night of nursing care (not personal)
•Consultation and medical checks before and after surgery
•Physician examinations and consultations, pre and post-operative

This Quote do not included:

* Insurances
* Post-Operative Medication (Aprox. US$200.00 dollars)
* Testing (Aprox. US$250.00)
* Compression Socks (Aprox. US$35.00)
* Blood Transfusion (Aprox. US$110.00 each one)
* Second Garment

If you are taking birth control pill please stop 15 days prior surgery.
If you have diabetes, hight blood pressure, asthma, smoke or has any other condition you have to visit your doctor prior of surgery and let them know about the surgery, bring a letter where they authorize it and ask if they have to stop or change any medicine prior to your surgery. Specialists as endocrinologist, pulmonologist has extra cost.

The patient is responsible to book their flight, stay and ground transportation. Dr. Duran recommend to stay at a recoveries houses to ensure they are receiving the proper care during their recovery. SurgiCoordinator surgicoordinator helps you book it at no additional cost or request another deposit.

In case you do your own reservations of your stay and send me the details of your choice upon confirmation of surgery.

Our agenda is book with month in advances, please let us know the date you want to get your surgery to help you more properly.

Final evaluation will be physical during your first consultation.

We are happy to serve you!!

So torn..... HELP!!! Which doctor and Why??! Medina, Yily, Cabral

I'm having issues with making this decision. I'm now leaning towards Dra. Medina. Her work is "amazing" as she always says in her YouTube videos. Lol. She is also now a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) which makes me feel even more comfortable with her. My quote with recovery house for a tummy tuck with muscle repair, breast lift and gummy bear type silicone implants and bbl if I have enough fat is $6000. The recovery house is an additional $750 ($75 per night for 10 nights) plus $100 for transportation. $150 for insurance, $250 for medications, 10 massages $300 ($30 per massage). Considering my beau is going as well, that's another $55 per night and $100 transportation costs. So I guess grand total is $8200 plus flight which is about $600 roundtrip for us both. Not bad considering every imperfection on my body will be fixed.

I like Dra. Cabral, but I hear of so many horror stories and honestly more positive feedback. I'm straddling the fence with him. Emailed and WhatsApp him and no quote yet. I sent less than a day ago though.

Dr. Yily said $6200 all inclusive. That's lipo of the abdomen, armpit areas (bra fat areas), full back, flanks and waist, BBL, Breast Lift with Implants, Recovery House 10 days 9 nights (triple room), Guest is $65 per night so $650, Round Trip Airport transport and Roundtrip Transport for all doctors visits related to surgery. Medical Insurance $150, Mandatory Blood Transfusion deposit $250 (will be returned after surgery), $20 for compression socks and $50 for overnight caregiver at CIPLA for one night or free if you have a companion.

Separate: Massages are $25-$30 each and need 10 so $300, $60 Compression Garment for arms if arm lipo'd, Prescribed Meds $250. Grand total: $6810 plus flight RT $600= $7210.


Ladies, Please please help me in my decision processing. Give me your reasoning for going with or against these docs. Prices are different, but not complaining about that. Just want good work and I'm not getting the work until March 2017.

Thank you so much in advance. Any additional information that I can provide please let me know.

More random photos

I am dreaming about my surgery now. I'll be laid up in the late fall early spring healing and on the road to recovery, but come summer time baaabbeeeee!!! You're gonna have to tell me to put some clothes on. 30 something and loving it. Beaches. Check. Private pool parties. Check. My beau in tow of course. Convertible. Check. At home strip tease for my beau. Double check.... I love me some me.

Yes ladies you have to love yourself first and let the surgery be the icing on the cake. I say that because if you already don't love yourself and your surgery doesn't come out the way you mentally pictured it then you may be disturbed and still not satisfied. I think any improvement is better than none though.

Anyway I think Medina is the way to go. So, I've officially changed my doctor for the third and final times to Dra. Medina. I pray I've made the right decision.

Good luck ladies and dolls.

Surgery Booked

I'm booked with Dra. Tania Medina for April 18, 2017. I am interested in a surgery buddy as well. Even though I have someone coming with me I still want to share the experience with someone that's getting snatched so they can endure the pain with me. My last surgery I was in PAIN the first week or two. I was a transformation, but I think the BBL has evolved since then. I added more wish pics. I am in love with Dra. Tania Madina's communication and her work. I've even talked to her husband (Who is a Bariatric Surgeon) and they both speak excellent English. You can see all of Dra. Medina's YouTube videos if you don't believe me. Good luck Dolls. See you again soon. Random pics and wish pics included.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I received my quote really quickly. She and her husband speaks great English. Her assistant is great and responsive as well. Very informative and I heard the recovery house that she refers to is amazing. Pics are great and very upscale. No surgery yet. Waiting to figure out schedule. They were ready to schedule though.

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