Start of Invisalign Journey - 23 Y/o Australian with Overcrowding. Townsville, AU

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So my name is Kendal, I am a 23 year old female...

So my name is Kendal, I am a 23 year old female from Townsville, a town in Queensland, Australia. My Invisalign journey has been a long time coming.

Have had awfully crowded teeth ever since I can remember, I've learnt to smile with a closed mouth, even covering my mouth if I need to laugh. My main issue with my teeth isn't necessarily the crowding its more the fact it appears like I have fangs and one of them has pushed one of my top teeth backwards, so it is barely visible when my teeth are closed shut, therefore looking like I am missing a tooth!

This never bothered me until one night at a nightclub, a young man singled me out and tried to point out to me how amazing it was that we were missing the exact same tooth! I'm sure his intentions weren't to hurt my feelings, but this is when I decided to make a change so for that I am thankful for his comments.

My dentist had me use removable upper and lower metal expanders from the end of 2012 up until now in preparation for Invisalign, not only are these very painful and sharp but they gave me an awful lisp. A few hiccups a long the way with removal of a wisdom tooth, mouth ulcers, and my general hatred for these metal devices.

This afternoon, I am set to receive my first Invisalign trays and to start my journey! I am so excited and cant even imagine what it will be like to have straight teeth!

Hoping to update as often as I can :)

First 24 Hours of Invisalign

So I have experienced my first day with Invisalign, so much more amazing than I could have imagined. Comfortable, invisible (this will change slightly when I receive my attachments).

Teeth cleaning is a little annoying, especially after eating at work, but Im sure this will be fine once it becomes a habit :)

Please see my attached photos with them on :)

First Day of Attachments

So today I got my attachments, on all my visible teeth. Feeling a bit self conscious but I am sure I will get used to them. Did anyone else feel this way? Self conscious and as if everyone was staring at their mouth? Any stories will help :)

Small Tear on Day 2 of Tray 2

So after lunch today when I was cleaning my aligners, I noticed a small tear near my canine tooth!

Has anyone else had this issue? Is it removing the aligners not carefully enough?

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated :)

Tray 3!

Just put on tray 3! I didn't realise how loose tray 2 was until putting this one on. Definitely snug but it also feels like tray 3 is so much better made than tray 2 was. Tray 2 caught my lips constantly and it was very rough. Will update how this tray goes :)

Just a comparison picture :)

Tray 1 on top and Tray 3 on bottom :)

Finally Back on Track (Tray 5)

After a small set back with being unable to leave work to make my appointment I am back on track and onto tray 5! I thought I was going to have IPR today as the dental nurse advised me over the phone but apparently I don't which is a plus! I've heard it's painless but was still a little concerned. When did everyone start to notice changes? I think I can see some difference and my mother thinks she can too. Also does anyone else still have their wisdom teeth and did it cause issues? I have 3 of my 4 wisdom teeth left and I feel as if they're getting quite sore due to the movements in my other teeth maybe.

Broken Molar!

Today I was eating lunch and managed to break the back off of one of my molars! It was an old filling that had broken and taken some of my tooth with it. Managed to get into my dentist right away and he fixed it all up for me. Has anyone else had any teeth break in their Invisalign treatment?

Tray 7!

Noticing some small differences, this tray seems to be making my mouth a lot more sensitive than past trays. Excited to be seeing differences, although I feel so impatient waiting for this silly tooth to move out from behind but I think on my clincheck it was tray 16 that it was almost fully in place. 20 trays left to go on top 26 left to go on the bottom!

Photo Update

Just a photo update :) just started tray 9 tonight!

Tray 10!! Double digits finally!

Finally in double digits on tray 10 of 27 upper and 33 lower.
Can see some definite differences which is beyond exciting! :)))

Tray 12!

Onto tray 12 today! Have attached comparison photo of tray 1 and tray 12. Noticing some big differences and I am over the moon! I never realised just how bad they were in the beginning!

Although I noticed today after dinner that my bottom front tooth is quite loose. Is this normal? Has anyone else experienced this?

Tray 13!!

Nearing the end of tray 13 so thought I would update with a photo! Super chuffed with the results and cannot wait for that tooth to finally pop out! Photo is a tray 1 - tray 13 comparison.
Although I am not finished just yet and only at the half way mark (YAY!) I feel like this whole experience so far has been pretty much painless (apart from some mild pressure, that can be fixed with some Panadol and some sharper trays I have had a go at with a file) I cannot recommend Invisalign enough!

Tray 17!

I'll let the photos speak for themselves :) I am so so so happy with my progress so far and could not complain about one thing!

Tray 21!

Tray 21 upper Tray 22 lower, had to have some filing done to be able to get the correct movement in upper tray 21. So wearing it a week longer to get things moving. Im so happy with where I am currently sitting but can't wait to see the end result. 6 left for upper, 12 left for lower!

Can finally wear bright lipstick!

Sounds silly but today is the first day ever I have felt comfortable wearing bright lipstick! Invisalign is amazing!!!

Tray 22!

So this tray seems to not fit :( very disappointing. I have an appointment with my orthodontist this afternoon, so hopefully this doesn't mean new moulds and a new set of alingers. He said to me at my last appointment two weeks ago that I would need IPR for the following appointments so I'm hoping this might be the answer to why they aren't fitting. I've had them in for two days now and it appears to be very ill fitting. Has anyone else had poorly fitting trays and what was the outcome?

Back on track to tray 21 tonight!

Back in the groove and back onto tray 21 tonight! Still smiling, still loving how far I've come! Amazing! :) did anyone feel like the movements slowed down towards the end? It feels like I was getting results quite early on in a set of trays and now it is much slower.

Back on Track and ready to keep on moving :)

Back on track with my trays and ready to be finished! Onto tray 22 currently! Had a little bit of tightness this morning when I woke up and a little bit of soreness I think I may have been clenching during my sleep. How is everyone else tracking in their trays? :) xx


One year of Invisalign today! ????

Update photo - New Tray Tomorrow

Hi all; Update on where I am currently at with my treatment. Tray 24 of 27 on top 24 of 33 on bottom tomorrow and I feel so close to the end at the top that I feel so concerned about needing refinement trays. Has anyone had refinement trays? And if so how many did you have?

2 Trays Left on Top Teeth!

So I changed into my second last tray for my top teeth last night! I can't wait to be complete on top! I still have 7 trays left for the bottom to be complete. How many trays does everyone else have left?! ????

Final Tray for Top - 6 left for bottom

How is everyone's treatment tracking? I am on my final tray for top and 6 remaining for the bottom! So glad I started Invisalign and slightly annoyed with myself for not doing it sooner :)
Dr. P

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