25 Years and 9 Tattoos but 1 Mistake - Belgium

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Hello I l from Belgium. I have a mistake on ribs....

Hello I l from Belgium. I have a mistake on ribs. Sorry for my english :) I saw badly this situation. I am always sad but fortunately my friend is very comprehensive. Here is a photo of my tattoo. I am afraid of the pain but it will be a new life.

The details are not perfect ... the color is horrible.

The model was chosen with the tattooer but on the skin it's another story.
Thank you and see you soon

first session today ...

I start in 2 hours! Pictures after ...

first session: check!

No pains during the session. The tattoo made me more pains. The doctor is very kind and professional. Here is the result after 12 hours. But the burning sensation was intense.


First session

second treatment

For the second time, I had enormous pains. Bells appeared the next day. Today it gets better. I look forward to seeing the results. In conclusion I am very satisfied with the doctor and with his methods.

after 2 days....

THIS IS AWESOME ... but it's ok ^^

2tx after 1 week

In phase of healing!

after 3 weeks

a little disappointed of results.... next session on June 14th!!

3tx session

The third made session. I felt pains during the session. The next day I get better. A little blood but what of the small bells.

Next session in october because holidayss!! :) and sun!

4tx the 13th october ... sorry for the late!

I felt stronger pains. I spaced out my session of 3 months because I was on holidays under the sun. The sun created small buttons and red patches in spite of the sunscreen. Today I have bells but I get better that yesterday. I had felt faint... I shall make a photo in period of healing.

Do not lose hope!!!

picture: 2 days after the 4tx

This night I felt prickles on all the tattoo. Blisters are always present. Usual healing ^^

4 session after 3 days ...

A nigthmare!!!! Lol

the 4th for session - after 2 weeks

I'm happy :-) My skin becomes white but I know that with the sun which she can tan again. ^^

tattoo VS picosure (4th session)

The fight (lol)

4th session - after 3 weeks

Hello guys!! :)

4th treatment, after 4 weeks

5th session this wednesday

I realized a new session and I had strong pains ...
My skin is more sensitive :/
But the next day I had no big bells and The itches are less pronounced!
I always have the tracks of a "depigmentation" (in English?) ... "White tracks".
I hope to sunbathe this summer...

I shall make a photo this evening!

5th session after 3 days

A beautiful picture (lol) ! But I'm fine ...

5tg session after 10 days

Hello, here is a new picture :)

I have a bandage because I caught a wart. Certainly in the swimming pool...

And Hasta la vista the red color!!! :)

5th treatment after 1 month

The 6th session is for the 20th february.

Here is a new picture :) and the wart is dead ????

6th session after 1 day

The session was fast and I had few pains. Here is the enlarged photo... there are small bells ^^

6th session after 3 weeks

Hellooo here is my tattoo after 3 weeks (6th).

It s very long... but Im happy of the result ^^
I have some spots...

7th session after 3 weeks

Hello Guys !

My 7th session with picosure, after 3 weeks.

It s very long :( and hard ...

This saturday, I have my 8th session!!

7th session after 3 weeks

An another picture

7th session - before and after one year

Hello guys! Dont lose hope...

8th session after 2 weeks

Hello Guys :) !

We are strong... but it s very long :( :( already 1 year

8th session after 3 weeks

Hello !
New picture :)

9th session

This is my tattoo last summer!
Wednesday it was my 10th session... it was not good :( im waiting the end!!

My tattoo after 11th session

Sorry i dont have a picture after my 10th session :(
This is the result :)

After my 12th session and 3 weeks

Hello!!! My next appointment is the 2nd march (13th session). ???????? its very long but my skin is a little "mate".

After my 14th session (12 hours)

My doc use a new laser: quanta q plus laser

The skin is very different after the session and the pain too...

14th session with quanta q plus laser after 18 days

New picture :)
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