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I'm 40, 5f6, 135lbs and recently just got implants...

I'm 40, 5f6, 135lbs and recently just got implants on tuberous breasts: 280cc anatomical overs.

I am thrilled with the shape and the choice of going over the muscle (I am very active). I am so happy with my surgeon's work, so happy to have finally gotten this done! The pain has been minimal (just very tight.)

The one thing I am surprised about is the size. I really communicated with my PS on wanting a generous bosem (brought in photos of implants around 320 to 360ccs anatomical overs look.) Meaning a full 'C' look or a small 'D'. Full 'C' was my goal due to being athletic and not wanting them to get too much in the way!

He thinks they are perfect for my frame, but I suspect that once the swelling goes down I will be a small C or full B. Our agreed upon goal was to go as big as possible for me but that it still look natural. Preopt I was a 34A. I am impatient to see the overall result in 2 months but am not looking forward to them becoming smaller as I feel they are not as big as my 'dream boobs'. I think I just wanted a little extra ooomph!

Any thoughts or reassurance on how much they will go down in size?

Any other advice on limiting going too big on anatomical overs for tuberous breasts so I can understand his decision to use 280s and not more?

Another quick question: On my first visit, my PS suggested that we could first do implants and after complement them with fat injections. How common is this and what type of surgery recuperation does this imply?


Quick update 10 days later

Doing great and the boobs are feeling ok! A little sore and nipples feel strange but the shape is looking greast. These were full projection implants so I think that is helping! Had sort of a surpising moment when I tried on my old bras and realized that they almost all fit! (Ok I was using them just to have shape so they were big on me but still, they were all size Bs.) I am overall happy but wish they were a bit bigger (just a tad???) We'll see after the swelling goes down!

Almost 3 weeks

Still feeling quite disappointed for the size... been a bit emotional as wishing I felt 100 percent great about my breasts and I feel like the missing link what what I consider natural looking vs what my doctor considered natural. I am really a small C I believe so super bummed that my dream boobs will have to wait for quite some time. Obviously I am still happier as I actually have boobs now! But really wanted them to be bigger... fuller... more womanly... BTW wearing the contention band is going to be a feat for me over 2 months!!! That sucker is tight!

Almost 4 weeks post op

Saw my surgeon for my 1 month post op last week and everything is fine. He prescribed Kelo Cote gel for my nipple incision scars to heal with and told me it was time to start massaging around the scar tissue behind each nipple to break up the fiberous zone (in a big pushed pinching motion both vertically and horizontally morning and night. I went bra shopping as I had some time and found some deals and it was super fun. As I said earlier doing a formal "home measurement" was a really nice boost to my morale and I'm starting to realize that what I think looks like a "D" was probably much bigger than a D and my surgeon gave me exactly what I asked for, a small D. Eitherway I am actually measuring a DD right now (which sounds nuts so do your homework ladies) so I ended up buying D cups as they fit super well and I think will be fine should my breast size go down a notch in the next 2 months. As the surgery was over the muscle it feels like the swelling has completely subsided already and I can see potentially how they are looking size wise. Either way this was a fun week and I'm feeling great!

6 weeks post op

Just a quick update to say all is well and I feel like there is some softening and a bit of dropping. Am measuring a 34D so feeling pumped about that!

It's been 2 plus months now

Quick update... back to working out... tested out a couple of Crossfit movements and was actually ok but definitely need to work on the stretching out part. My dr had me avoid lifting my arms above my head for 2 months so the pocket would form well. I'm a bit nervous now about attempting tough bar movements but doing them slowly to test out how it feels. Otherwise boobs are feeling softer and I am super happy with them. Nipple scars are feeling pretty good, I'm massaging them to break up the fiberous tissues under the scars but seriously I think my nipple incisions were super well done. The swelling I think has pretty much subsided so it's all about support so they stay beautiful. I'm even sleeping still with bra on just because they are over the muscle and I think that can lead to sagging sooner if you aren't careful. Eitherway I'm very pleased!
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