Total FX - Now Day 6

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Now is day 6 and I'm finally believing that I will...

Now is day 6 and I'm finally believing that I will be back soon in the world of the living. I can't say whether it was worth it yet, but I will post in a week or two to update.

I am 50 years old and wanted a one time treatment to help my eye creping, which I could no longer cover with makeup. Also, had some crows feet and a bit of everything else, but no real big issues. Just hoping to turn the clock back a few years.

Day 0: Husband drove me to the center and they gave me a vicodin and something for anxiety. The assistment put numbing cream all over my face for about 20 minutes and then came in and said they were just going to create some holes in my face so they could go deeper on the Total fx. Later found out this was a light pass of the active fx. After that, they put more numbing cream on and I think I waited another half hour. Dr did deep fx on 20% (around eyes and around mouth and chin) and then did active fx on whole face and half of neck. It was painful, but tolerable. I don't know the level, but will call later in the week to find out. I think it was all pretty deep, because the doc did the first light pass and put a second round of cream on. I haven't seen where anyone else does this. I was kind of loopy and needed help walking to the car. I looked very scary, especially where the deep fx was done. Kind of a hot burn for a couple of hours. Lots of goopy Aquifor keeps it moise.

Day 1: Didn't sleep well, but stayed in the recliner all night to keep from getting Aquifor all over bed. I woke up and looked in the mirror and was very swollen, but could see through tiny slits in my eyes. Hubby went to work and took a shower and washed face a couple of times with Cedaphil. Very red/brown and starting to get crusty face. Not really much pain, but stayed up on Extra Strength Tylenol and Zovorax (I am very prone to cold sores). The tightness of skin is uncomfortable, so I tried not to move my head or face much. I don't have little kids around, but if you do, they really shouldn't see you for a few days. Inside, I was a little panicky, because I couldn't imagine having a normal face again:)

Day 2: Still very swollen, brownish-red and am starting to peel, especially around mouth and nose. Chin looks so nasty. Wondering what I got myself into. Haven't had facial procedures before, so it was all kind of a shock. Uncomfortable, but not much actual pain.

Day 3: Swelling subsiding some and can see better. Taking 2-3 showers a day feels so good--pin my hair pack to it doesn't get on my face. Used Cedaphil and gently rubbed my face and got all the old Aquaphor off. Face is beat red. Started getting bee-like stinging in my chin, which is now blazing red. Applied Bactine, but not much help. Very painful and it about drove me crazy.

Day 4: Swelling is way down and I recognize myself again. Old wrinkles are mostly gone, skin looks beautiful, but face is very, very pink and neck is still hurting a lot and is still flaming red. Called dr and he said to try Cort-aid. It really burnt, so I didn't apply anymore. Face is rawer and redder where the deep fx was done, but I was already told that the deep fx would take a couple of extra days. Also, I know that necks are slower to heal, but the stinging is really ticking me off. I live an hour away from Dr and unless I have problems, they don't schedule follow-up. Doc also gave me me a sleeping prescription and I was looking forward to a good nights sleep. I tried putting a cooling fan on my face and slept in the recliner again, and together with the sleeping aid, I slept almost 10 hours. Yeah!!!

Day 6: (today) Swelling down more and noticed about 4 whiteheads in chin/mouth area. Chin still rough with grid marks from the deep fx and neck still very red, but alas, not stinging. The fan is my salvation. I think things are on track, but face is still mildly warm and very pink. I can't wait for normal color. Feel much better today, call dr and they said to give it a couple of more days holed up in the house. I am going to Vegas on Sunday (6 more days) and I sure hoping I have great progress until then. In a week or two, I'll follow-up with before and after photos. Warning - they will be scary!!!

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