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I've been researching seriously for 6months about...

I've been researching seriously for 6months about the sleeve surgery. I found out I had sleep apnea and that was the last straw. I have high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol and severe back pain that's fast and furious. I started at 294 pds when I had my first appointment, which completely shocked my husband. He's so sweet he said that scale gotta be wrong. I got all my appointments done within 3 months. I'm fairly new at my job so the little bit of vacation days and sick days I had I used for all these doctors visits. I don't have a 6 month waiting period but for whatever reason its still gonna be six months by my surgery date. This has been a frustrating process to say the least. I'm so ready to get this done and be healthier. Now they say they need another EKG, XRAY and blood work. Lord have mercy. YALL JUST DID ALL THAT!!! I have no more time off and if I get fired do I get a job at the doctors office at my current pay. NOT!!! I'm not even a complainer but man this process has been stressful. Working on the 20 pds pre op weight loss now, this is the hardest 20 pounds I've ever had to loss. 10 pds to go, I'm ready to be on the sleeved side. Thank God for my husbands support as I've cried over all the delays. Pre op pics coming soon.

Yaaaay getting sleeved Oct. 12th!!!

I'm extremely excited about this process though it was rough missing so much work to go to all the appointments. I've used all my sick days and all my vacation days. Lol. I must admit I'm nervous but beyond ready. My husband has been extremely supportive but really nervous. The great thing is he loves me the way I am now though I was thin when we met 20 years ago. He does understand if we want another 20 years I must get healthy. Count down time!!


So I'm officially 2wks post op. Week 1 was extremely difficult. Day 1 I was vomiting blood and in extreme pain all night. Lots of pain and nausea day 2 also. Day 3 was tolerable. The pain was not even from the gas but from the surgery. As for the gas pain it hurt but was just more annoying. It gets stuck right in my chest cavity. I went home day 3. The most difficult was getting out of bed in the morning. It was really painful to bend and tighten my stomach. Sometimes I cried. I had my buyers remorse days. Lol. Now I'm trying to get all my protein and water in, which is much harder than expected. I've been weak which my doc told me today is from not getting all my protein in. I was thankful for not needing to do a 2wk liquid fast. Woohoo!!! I just had to lose 20 pds. I was on a 24hr clear liquid fast. I was 292 at my first appt. Day of surgery I was 285 due to my much enjoyed "food funerals". I was very scared my surgery would be cancelled but man God was with me. I had gotten down to 276 on my last weigh in. So doc came in right before surgery to check my chart she said good job you lost more weight (when I know the scale just showed i gained weight) I just went along with it and said yes. Food funerals are not a good idea. Anyway, today I'm a bit sore around the larger incision. I have 4 incisions the other three healed in this 2wk time and they look like a scratch. I'm extremely please with that. The glue is still on the larger incision. My 2wk post op appt was today and I'm 269.

HW: 294
Day of surgery: 285
CW: 269

Great numbers in 2wks time. Good luck to all those with surgery coming up.

Week 4

Yesterday was my first day back to work. I still can't get in all my protein and water I get really full. I'm eating eggs, tuna, and baked and broiled chicken breast. Also eating watermelon which I'm loving, it goes down better than meat. Meat still hits my stomach hard. Starting to feel energized again. I try different things and if it makes me nauseous I don't try it again. Since i get full from very little I get nervous if 3 cubes of chicken is it for life. I'm scared to attend events because I'm afraid something will make me sick. My incisions are healed but I do still have a sensitive area around the larger one. Mentally I do get frustrated seeing so much food but able to only eat two bites. But on a positive note I've lost 37pds. This week weight loss was slow which could be due to lack of fluids and not much exercise preparing for work. My goal is 165 and I'm determined to get there. I'm feeling more confident everyday. Good luck to all of you on this journey!!
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