25 Years Old. 5'2". 125lbs. No Kids. Saline Under the Muscle. Areola Incision. Torrance, CA

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I'm hoping to be a full c/small d. So far my...

I'm hoping to be a full c/small d. So far my experience has been positive. I was a little concerned bcuz I wasn't given any sizers to try on before my surgery tomorrow but the dr and staff assured me the size varies and sizing will occur the day off. Which made sense to me since it is saline. I have been wanting this procedure after my weight loss. I was previously overweight, weighing at 180 and lost a lot of it but not before having 2 miscarriages. The miscarriages happened back to back backing my breast change a lot so I was extremely self conscious. I still am and I just want to be happy and comfortable. As you can see in the picture my breast have a difference in size from one another's hopefully it all works out and I get my desired look tmrw.

1 day post op.

So today I had my surgery, and it went amazing. I loved all the staff! As soon as I got there they put me in a room where the doctor and anesthesiologist came in to talk to me and gave me information on what to expect. The nurse put the iv on me and then the anesthesiologist came and was ready to give me the anesthesia. The last thing I remember was her asking me if my alcohol level is high or low with beer or how much does it took me to get buzzed and I said sadly probably 2 cuz I like them strong and she said she was asking so she could have an idea of how much she thought I would need. Five minutes later I let her know I was feeling happy buzzed and she said ya that's normal and they helped me stand up and then I remember waking up in recovery. I never did try on any sizers but o trusted my surgeon and I showed him my wish boobs one last time. He told me they were big and would go as high as he could for my body and form and that's exactly what made me trust him so much. He was very realistic, honest, and professional. After surgery I came home and took the doctors advice and have been on bed rest. He suggests bed rest for 48hrs after surgery. The pain isn't too bad as long as I don't lift anything or use any upper body. I leaned over to get my pills and it hurt so bad, I had to have a moment.. My doctor called to check up on me and he's been great and advised I can resume taking the quercetin, bromelain, and arnica on an empty stomach then 30min-1hr I take the medication he prescribed (hydroxoco and ciprofloxacolin) with food(soups to avoid nausea). I've also been drinking a lot of water and coconut water through straws. I have my appointment tomorrow morning at 8:30 so hopefully everything goes good.

Day after

Sorry I made a mistake ! Today is my actual 1st day post op and yesterday was my surgery date lol sorry I was under medication.
I had my appointment today and everything seems fine! I got 360cc natrelle. I wasn't able to see them right but from what i could tell, I have no bruising! I don't want to jinx myself though so I hope it stays this way. My dr told me I will be able to take of the bandage tomorrow and shower regularly.
I will see him again next week so he can take off the sutures and see my progress. He also said my messages wouldn't start until the second week. I did have some trouble sleeping at night. My back was really bothering me and I wasn't able to get comfortable. I slept sitting up because I felt like I would eventually end up hurting myself and turning tony side of I would of slept on my back. My doctor said sleeping on my back would be fine but I just didn't trust myself. Other than that, I'm honestly feeling really good, just bloated.

2nd day post op

Today's the first day I actually saw my boobs and I love them! They're perfect! Just the right size and perfect for my body frame. I was surprised at how little bruising I have! I think it's due to the arnica, bromelain, and quercetin..sorry the picture isn't of great quality and I'm still super bloated. I've only been eating soups, plums, bananas, and jello. The pain isn't bad at all, it still feels like just pressure. I was able to shower alone but I couldn't really put on my sports bra and needed my moms help to dry. I finally slept somewhat good but I still feel really tired. I'm trying to not become to confident because I don't want to strain or hurt myself so I'm doing everything one step at a time. I'm also super self conscious about what I eat because I do not want to gain weight since I can't workout and I have my trip coming up at the end of the month. Does anyone have any recommendations for what to take to help use the bathroom?


Just thought I'd share my wish pix. These are the pictures I showed my doctor the day off. He told me they were big and he would go as close as he could according to my body frame and so far as of today (day 3post op) I am not disappointed(:

5days post op

I'm 5days post op today and so far recovery hasn't been too bad except the occasion tightening of breast. I decided to take a light walk with my mom today just so I can see how I manage and I immediately felt so much tightness and pressure. I wanted to come right back home and my left breast even started to feel numb. I freaked out a bit but I read it was ok to take a light walk and resume light activity after the 48hrs so I calmed down and relaxed as soon as I got back home. Everything's fine but being the over thinker I am, I went to the bathroom just to check on the girls and they looked fine so ok gonna just relax and take a nap bcuz I do feel a little exhausted. Tomorrows my first day back at work so hopefully I can last.


Hello, I know probably no one reads this but I figure its better to keep updating as much as I can in case it does help someone. Every story I've read on here has been super helpful, even those that do not get as much attention as others or even older ones, so I think it's only fair i share my experience as well. Anyways, I tried going back to work today and I failed ???? I work at a business bank and my non can mentally draining more than physical but bcuz of this, I underestimated the amount of affect it would have on me. I wanted to come home as soon as I could and just lay down. My left breast started feeling just as numb as yesterday while I walked with my mom. I took a Tylenol but I still was so uncomfortable and it felt my breast was going worse and worse. Thankfully my boss is very nice and knows what's going on so she sent me home. I went to the bathroom and let the girls breathe a bit and I noticed that one did get a little more swollen and I guess the pressure I was feeling might of been cuz of the sports bra but I took a nap and felt way way better. I want to try going to work again tomorrow cuz I feel horrible missing so much especially bcuz my trip is coming up. I also want to mention that last night I had trouble sleeping bcuz of my back. I tried putting a pillow on my lower back and still no luck. It's been bothering me ever since the day after surgery but I think it's jst bcuz I'm used to sleeping on my side instead of on my full back. Anyways hope everyone's healing good.

1 week and 1 day

Today was my 1 week post op appt and my dr was not too happy with me????
I decided to drive to my spot so I was a little swollen from it and he wasn't pleased with that. I told him about my walk and wrk and he said I'm supposed to be in recovery and that I'm only making it worse and hurting myself and the only walking I'm allowed to do is from room to room at home. If I do as planned I should be ok and not as swollen for my trip on April 27. So I'm gonna do as he says and jst lay here even tho it's killing me! I hate jst laying around all day. I'm an active person and I miss working out! I feel like I'm gaining weight everyday but I'm watching what I eat.
I'm also always out and about so staying still is kinda boring, I'm trying to manage by keeping myself busy but I'm running out of ideas.
I'm starting to get really frustrated ????
I still get "morning boob" and my back still hurts every morning but I'm not sure if it's from my mattress or bcuz I'm laying on my back (usually I sleep on my side). It's getting easier and easier everyday except for the whole "bed rest " and staying at home.

1 month

Ok so it's been a few weeks since I've been on here and a lot of changes and experiences happened that I jst forgot to update..
After my first week appt I stayed in bed like I was tld and rode it out until I met with him again for my 2nd week appointment.
The swollen had definitely gotten better although the left looked like it had already dropped and my right was still somewhat high. My dr cleared me to start massaging so I did. Two days into massaging my right breast starts to "lactate". I immediately freaked out and I asked the doctors on this website and they gave me some reassurance.
I wasn't "lactating" a lot, it was only a few spots but only from my right, I asked my dr on my 3rd appt and he said it wasn't uncommon but that if it didn't go away on its own then he Wld prescribe antibiotics to stop it. Luckily, it went away on its own and i didn't need the use of that, thank god! Cuz I had a planned trip I did not want to miss at all.

When I first started to massage I Wld wake up sore, at one point I thought I might of been doing it hard but I decided to keep going and the soreness went away and they did already become softer.

That whole third and almost 4th week was weird. I guess it's jst the body getting used to it and trying to adjust but I definitely had some weird instances where I even thought my left implant was mayb falling out of the pocket (my dr assured me that was impossible) along with sharp shooting pains and sometimes with certain movements my boobs cld almost like flex . Has anyone experienced that? That's still something I have to talk to him about because I forgot to bring it up at my last appt but I figure it's ok since it's not really noticeable. I tried to have my sister see but she Cldnt tell so maby it was jst the feeling it gave me.
Anyways, I had my 1month appointment before my trip to the Dominican and thank god my dr cleared me to Wrkout and tld me I shld be ok to do activities as long as I didn't hurt myself. He said if something feels funny or weird leave it and try again tmrw but luckily during my trip I had no awkward pain to where I had to stop.
The zip lining was fine I didn't really use my arms since it does have a harness.
Oh another thing too, I had gone out drinking two weeks after surgery and I was
So paranoid I had messed something up bcuz I had sex as well but thank god I didn't go crazy wild bcuz if I did, I probably wldnt b writing this review right now.
Of course I regretted it right after and googled and searched to see if I Wld be ok and I was. I asked the Drs along with my dr and he made it clear the issue with drinking is how much we drink and the actions that come from it, so it's ok to drink in moderation and as long as we black out and that cld lead to certain movements which cld end up in serious consequences.
Anyways that's all I can think of right now.
I'll try to post as much as I can.
I wnt be having my next doctors appointment until almost a month from now so I hope everything goes good for my EDC Vegas trip.
Good luck to everyone.!
Todd Gerlach

My dr has been great. Fairly private just as I am and very reliable. I love how realistic he is and how he sticks more to the natural look. Since the beginning he mentioned he would only go as big as my body frame allowed him to if those were my wishes so that was a huge plus we for me.

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