26yr Old 5'5'' 135lbs Female Natrelle 410 Anatomical Breast Implants

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I went in for a breast augmentation consultation...

I went in for a breast augmentation consultation with Dr. Petti. I had a wonderful experience, as the office was serene and comfortable, and the staff were warm and friendly. I felt safe and unusually comfortable in front of those who needed to see my bare breasts for both photos and examination. I have always felt very uneasy even at the prospect of strangers seeing my bare breasts, but the politeness and professionalism of everyone in the office made the experience considerably less anxiety-provoking. Dr. Petti explained everything in complete detail, and answered every single question I had, even before I asked them. She was very informative and provided me with suggestions pertaining to implant size, shape, etc. I was with Dr. Petti herself for nearly an hour discussing everything there was to discuss and I felt no pressure to quickly end the visit. She was more than happy to go over every detail with me. I am excited to begin my breast augmentation journey with her!!

25 y/o Female 5'5'' 135Lbs, Before My Procedure In May

Hi! Here are some "before photos" of me. I'm very excited to get my augmentation and feel more like a woman. Currently I'm a small B cup, and would like a full C cup. I will be getting shaped implants under the muscle. Although the shaped implants are a little firmer than I would like, they will maintain their shape and reduce the puckering. One of my favorite aspects of it is that it will reduce the visibility of my protruding sternum because I will also have fullness on top. Pictures are included, and my tattoos have been covered with red marks to protect my anonymity.

Pre-Op Appointment

I've been trying to get my body ready for the procedure since I booked the surgery date. So very excited and cannot wait for my new breasts! I've begun the pre-op phase of the journey. I'm calling it a phase because it takes more than one day, depending on the type of person. No drinking alcohol 2 weeks before surgery, and no smoking cigarettes 6 weeks before surgery. I took the opportunity to quit smoking cigarettes on February 15th and haven't smoked one since. I've reduced my drinking, and will stop drinking alcohol this Sunday. I figure I'd get a head start:)
Yesterday I received the paperwork for my physician and my psychologist. I need them to sign off on my procedure before the official pre-op appointment on Monday. I got my blood drawn yesterday. Very painless and only two small vials. The purpose was to make sure I'm not pregnant, to check my blood count, and a complete metabolic panel. I presume the metabolic panel is for figuring out the dosage of anesthesia. Anywho, that's done and over with, and this morning I have an appointment with my physician to have a physical to make sure I'm healthy and good to go! I'm sure you may be wondering about the psychologist thing. I see a psychologist, and am on medication for depression. Dr. Petti's office requires that my psychologist sign off on the procedure (because I'm on the medication) saying that I'm psychologically fit to undergo this type of surgery, and that I'm not doing something rash, etc. I totally get it. I got my psychologist to sign off on it! Woo! So, all that's left after today's physical is to be at my appointment on Monday and go from there!

Dream Breasts

Just breasts that I would like :) Still debating on the size as you can tell.

17 days to go!!!

I'm growing increasingly excited for my breast augmentation! I can't wait for that day to come!! I've still been good at being a non-smoker since February 15th, and ceasing my alcohol consumption Sunday night. I have to begin drinking 2 liters of water every day and make sure I'm eating healthy. It's going to be difficult to drink so much water because I'm probably going to be peeing all the time, but I want to be as healthy as possible for my surgery. My surgeon and anesthesiologist are aware of my current medications and present health, so they're happy! Which makes me happy!

I had my pre-op appointment the other week, which went very well. I was given a bunch of prescriptions that I need to have filled and brought with me the morning of surgery. They include pain relievers, anti-nausea meds, antibiotics, etc. There's A LOT of prescriptions. I think like 8 or something. Some of them are also to promote healing. I was told, along with no alcohol and no smoking for 2 weeks before surgery, to also not take any vitamin supplements, any other kinds of medications (except for the ones which I'm currently on), not do recreational drugs (which I don't do), and not take any aspirin. There was a lot of paperwork I needed to sign, including a photo/video release consent form. Apparently they're going to take pictures of, and video, the procedure! Definitely going to ask for a copy!

Not sure of the amount of CC's that will be used, because my surgeon, Dr. Petti, informed me that it really depends on what it looks like when she "gets in there." She told me that she's going for a range between 225 and 375 CC's, and the reason why is because she's going to use the sizers first and determine what will best fit my body type. Furthermore, each person is different, so she says that it's possible that my skin won't stretch enough for the 375 CC's so she may have to go smaller. She does this based on skin elasticity, where the breast tissue is, where the muscles are, how much the muscles stretch, etc. There's a lot to take into consideration. I gave her a lot of pictures to show her what I wanted and she said that she uses that as a guide, but she cannot guarantee that I'll be as big as I want because, like I said, it depends on elasticity. She is an excellent surgeon, so I trust her judgment. :)

I don't know what concerns me most...going to small or going too big. I know I want to lose 15 lbs between now and September, but I'm not sure if that's okay with the implants...still need to talk to my doc about that...unless anyone who's reading this has any suggestions!! I don't want my breasts to be adversely affected by that amount of weight loss.

Anywho, I'll keep whomever reads this updated as the date nears. I've already

Breast Implants Are In! And Looking Great!

The day has come and gone, and my new girls are here! So incredibly happy with my decision, and very pleased to have Dr. Petti as my wonderfully skilled surgeon. After not eating since 10pm the night before, my mother drove me to the surgery center and arrived around 7:30. I needed to fill out a couple of forms first. Once that was done and over with, they took my mother and I down to the pre-op room where I had to change from my comfy clothes into pressure socks (to prevent embolisms), a surgical gown, surgical socks, surgical hair net thing, and super sexy paper panties!

My mother and I met with my anesthesiologist who went over all of my medications with me and did a very brief medical exam. He was very informative and let me know what to expect. I was given an IV antibiotic that would last through surgery. To manage any potential nausea, I was given a small patch to put behind my ear which I didn't take off until yesterday when I met with my surgeon at the post-op appointment.

My momma left to go do work in the waiting room, and I was wheeled into surgery. I remember the first minute, but nothing after that! I don't even remember them saying anything about counting forward or backward or that they were starting (though I'm certain they did!!!!). 425 cc's later and my girls were successfully placed. The pain has honestly not been too severe. It's not a walk in the park but it's not feeling like having an elephant sitting on me either. The pain is more a severe ache, and a lot of pressure coming from within. Out of a 10, I would say that when my pain meds are not in my system it's about an 8, and with the pain meds in my system it's about a 2. No difficulty breathing at all either. I have to do some breathing exercises to prevent getting sick and I have to stretch my legs to prevent any embolisms. So far so good!

I would have to say the hardest thing has been keeping track of my medications. My mother has been an absolute gem and has helped by waking me up several times in the middle of the night to give me my antibiotics, pain killers, anti-nausea, and stool softeners. Still haven't pooped yet but here's hoping!! For certain medications that I have to be taking, some have to be taken an hour before another med, and 1-2 hours after another med, etc etc. It can get confusing but with my mother helping me it has made things a lot more simple.

I took a light shower this morning with the help of my mom because I didn't want to overwork myself. I've been going to the bathroom on my own all day today. It had been difficult going on my own yesterday and the day before because for one, I didn't want to overwork myself, and two, I couldn't pull my pants up or down without it hurting too much.

Fortunately, I have had a decent appetite. It could be better. My mom keeps forcing me to eat and I'm struggling to eat, not because of nausea, but just because I'm not hungry - I think it's because of all the water and gatorade I'm drinking. I have to drink at least 2 liters of water each day.

All in all, I think Dr. Petti did a BEAUTIFUL job and I couldn't be happier :) More updates to come!!!!!!

Breast Pics!

Here are some photos of the progression of the healingame :) they're looking better and better every day!!

14 Days Post-Op!

It's been 14 days since my surgery and recovery has been going very well! I had a follow-up appointment with Dr. Petti yesterday. She said I am healing very nicely and added that I was taking great care of my incisions. I was hoping to get my stitches out yesterday, but I unfortunately need to wait until next Monday. Oh well! On a more AWESOME note, I get to sleep at a 30-degree angle instead of the uncomfortable 45-90 degrees! Last night was indeed a better sleep.

The aches and pains have been very very mild as of late. I've been waking up and just taking 2-3 extra strength Tylenol, and then having 2 Tylenol PM's at bedtime. Definitely takes the edge off, and hopefully I won't need them in 2 or 3 days.

The swelling has decreased dramatically, but my nipples are still sore and sensitive from the swelling, but it has gotten much better. My left breast is still a little bit larger than the right one, and we'll see how that goes. I'm not concerned though. Dr. Petti and Gene said that the majority of the remaining swelling I have should be gone by next week. Yay!

I think the worst part of this whole thing is that I can't yet drive!! I was told that I need to wait until I have full mobility in my arms just in case I need to swerve to avoid an accident. Here's hoping that I'll get to drive by next week. Interestingly, the stitches are a minor part of the problem, because they're tight and thusly restricting some of my movements, so when they get removed next week the tension should be gone. Another yay!

Yesterday was the first day since my breast augmentation that I did not "feel" the implants. There's a sensation I had felt, that a large round object was pushing up on my chest muscles. I was very aware of the feeling and was wondering if it was ever going to go away. Yesterday, I didn't have that sensation, and today I don't either. The implants themselves are not noticeable to me (other than visually of course) today either. I was told that eventually they would feel just like any other part of me, and yesterday was the day :)

I'm so very happy with the progress I have made. Oh! And the pooping difficulty I had been having as a side effect of the medication has nearly disappeared! I can finally poop!

Until next update!

Updated Pictures!!

Starting from day 2 post-op, I added captions for easy reference and they're all in order :)

Stitches Out

Today was the third follow-up appointment I had with my PS and the stitches came out today! Yay! My breasts feel a little less tight now that they're out. My PS had to remove some of the scabbing so there was a teeny bit of bleeding, but only a q-tip worth, if that. It was painless and went very smoothly. For now, three times a day for the next several days I need to clean the area with hydrogen peroxide.

I also bought a sports bra a couple of days ago! I went to Target and purchased a "high impact" sports bra that zips up in the front, size large. I used to be a size small! It was so strange buying something so big. The trying-on process was not fun at all. I got very sore after trying on about 10 or 11 different sports bras. It was hard finding one that had closures in the front or back so I did end up trying on a couple of basic ones. Wayy to difficult to put on at this point. One of the biggest problems I found was that the elastic at the bottom of the large sizes was too loose on me. I'm not the thinnest person, but I have a 30" waist (I carry most of my weight in my tummy, hips, thighs, and arms) so it was hard finding a large that accommodated a small waist and a large bust. I did finally settle on one that, as mentioned earlier, zips up in the front and is high impact. It fits my waist well and has great support. My girls aren't doing a whole lot of moving in it! I'll add a photo when I'm less bloated ;) I'll try to find the tag and post the brand.

Boobie Timeline

From day 2 to now!

Quick Update! I measured myself! My brain is melting too.

29/30" band, and 37" bust (standing up) or 38" bust when leaning forward 90 degrees.

So, if the internet is correct, because of course the internet never lies ;) I have potential in the bra spectrum. Oy vey.

I'm either a 34C, a 34D, or a 30G.

Funny enough according to Victoria's Secret, I'm a 32A when it instructed me to measure above the bust (which apparently is also a "band") and the bust. HAH!

This is confusing. My brain is melting.

More Pictures!

Days 19 and 22. Includes scar pics and me in a sports bra! Yea!

Day 27 Pics!

Yours truly in a sports bra and nekkid from the belly button to the neck!

It's Been One Month! Stitches, Swelling, Bras, Sleeping and Working Out. Long One but Worth the Read!

It's been nearly one month! 27 days post-op. It will be 4 weeks tomorrow!!

I FINALLY got the OK to sleep on my side last Wednesday!!!! Still slightly uncomfortable but it feels so much better than constantly sleeping on my back at the 30 degree angle. Now and then I try to still sleep on the angle and on my back.

My nipples are much less swollen and much less tender than they have been. My breasts are also getting very squishy and jiggly! They're not jiggly like regular breast tissue of course, however they have some movement to them! It seemed to have suddenly happened one random morning when I woke up. One day they were really hard and the next day they were soft. They are getting softer as the days progress, and it's a strange feeling knowing that I have slabs of silicone sitting on my chest that feel like breasts!

For some time I was having a bit of aching in my left breast underneath and to the left of the incision. I think I had strained it when I bent over to pick up my rabbit, because the sharp pain began then, and has since subsided. My PS told me I still need to be very careful, no heavy lifting, no reaching, and I still need to keep my arms at my side.

I also still have numbing around the incision, which is slowlyyyyyy going away. My PS told me that I can help it along by gently massaging the area to get the blood flowing and feeling back. I've been doing that about once a day for a few minutes.

With respect to the incisions, they are healing very well. I can start to use the scar cream :) The stitches on the outside are gone, but there are still stitches inside. They will dissolve throughout the next few months. My PS did warn me that sometimes the body "spits" out stitches, and that it's nothing to be concerned about. It's just the body saying "hey this foreign object has no place here!" She informed me to just keep an eye out for the next few months, and I may notice some tiny tender red bumps or white bumps or even a string of the stitch protruding. To manage these, I am to call her at the office to make an appointment and to keep the area clean with hydrogen peroxide. She emphasized to NOT PULL THEM OUT!!! These are apparently very common and absolutely positively nothing to worry about, just an inconvenience.

I did get the OK to get some cardio in!!! I can work out, but not too much, and I cannot work out my chest muscles or arm muscles. But, with 2 lb weights max, I can keep my arms at my sides and work out my biceps (?) and triceps (?) (upper arms) for short bursts of time, so long as my chest muscles don't engage.

For the next several weeks I need to wear my high impact sports bra during the day, and my surgical binding bra at night. I can't wait to start wearing regular bras!

It's been a very long journey and I need to keep reminding myself that patience truly is key. My breasts still look a bit different from each other and I really hope that they even out in time and become more symmetrical. But, my PS said that they look good and that my results thus far are excellent. Not sure if she meant that I shouldn't expect perfect symmetry...which, if you think about it, does make sense because my breasts weren't perfectly symmetrical to begin with. Plus, I did have 425 cc's in each breast, and my left one was slightly larger than my right, so perfect symmetry is unlikely. And you know what, I'm okay with that because there's no such thing as perfect breasts! In fact, I named the larger one Marilyn (because she had great naturally large breasts) and the right one Angelina (as in Jolie, because she has fake breasts and is still as beautiful as ever!)

I don't think that there will be any more significant changes with respect to swelling, dropping, etc. From what I understand most of the swelling, dropping, etc., occurs within the first 3-4 weeks. Following that, slow changes occur for the next 9 or 10 months. Even if my breasts stayed exactly as they are now, I would be happy with them. I think they are beautiful and a masterpiece!

Breast Size, Bathing Suits, and Pictures!

Yay! Today marks 4 weeks since my augmentation! I can't believe how long it's been. In some ways it feels like it was yesterday, and in other ways it feels like it was months and months ago! Today's update is in 2 parts :) First, bra sizing, then swimsuit shopping :) Okie dokie so yesterday I went to Target to buy some bathing suits because Lord knows I'm no longer a size small. I put on one of my old bathing suit tops and I looked absolutely ridiculous! I had some help from my soon-to-be-sister-in-law (let's call her Sister). Sister's breasts are a little bit larger than mine are, but she helped me figure out that I should be trying on the large and extra large bathing suit tops. I have a bit of junk in the trunk so I'm a size Large for bottoms. Anywho, I had to keep reminding myself that I needed to look for the larger sizes for the tops. I tried on several and OH MY GOD I LOVED LOVED LOVED being in the two piece bathing suits! I've said it before, I'm not the thinnest person in the world, but when I had my small breasts I always felt like I looked frumpy and fat and pear-shaped when I was in a bathing suit. But yesterday when I tried the suits on, I felt so sexy! I had boosted self-esteem and couldn't stop smiling. I look so much more proportionate, and instead of the pear-shape, I'm finally an hourglass shape. I don't mind my extra weight as much anymore because I feel sexy and curvy. Huge boost in self-confidence :) And new swimsuits :) And HALLELUJAH I FINALLY KNOW MY BRA SIZE!!! Well, according to what I tried on at Target! The 34/36C's were a no-go, not even worth it to try those on they were so small. I tried the 34D, but definitely needed a larger band and a slightly larger cup so I went for the 36D. The cup size looked about right too. Anddddddddd there it was! It fit! I'm so glad to know around what size to look for! 36D! I never would have thought I would be so well-endowed ;) Definitely happy, definitely ecstatic! I didn't purchase a bra, but at least I have the size in mind :)

11 Weeks 4 Days Post-Op! So Much Has Happened!

So much has happened since my last update, I can't believe it. I ran into a couple of obstacles but everything is great now. I'll put up another post later on today with my progress but for now I just wanted to add an updated picture as of last week :) I've had quite a few compliments on my breasts (I'm not afraid to disclose that I had an augmentation)!

7 1/2 Month Update! Drop and Fluff, Numbness, and Scarring

Hello ladies! It's been quite some time since the last time I've updated! So sorry to have kept some of you waiting!!! Well, Marilyn and Angelina have settled in very very well! I don't even feel the implants themselves anymore. It's weird not being able to sense that they're there...the human body is quite an amazing thing! 7 1/2 months has flown by. I have been loving buying new clothes, bra shopping, and feel more comfortable seeing myself nude. And, despite my 10 pound weight gain due to the lovely holidays, I'm surprisingly not disgusted with myself (I have pretty poor self-esteem to begin with), rather, I see that I still look pretty proportionate, lacking a pear shape and having an hour glass shape, and I'm pretty okay with that. I still want to drop some pounds but I'm not as hard on my self as I used to be. :)

Oh the scarring...ew. So scarring is no fun. Apparently lately over the past year and a half, my body has decided to no longer heal normally, and close up wounds with a small barely visible scar. Now, it's almost as though my body wants to show off any and all battle wounds! Keloids. Ugh. Gross. Ugly. Ugh. Even if it's a minor scratch from my cat. Oy vey. I was crossing my fingers and hoping that my body would decide that keloids had no place on my lovely boobies. Nope. Wrong. It looks awful, but at least the scarring is at the crease. I have been really bad at putting the scar cream on the incision site, so it's likely that if I had been consistent with the cream, I would not have such crazy scarring. I think I'll start it up again. I don't like the scarring, but I know that it will go away in about a year. My weird keloid-ing body un-keloids after several months (odd, I know). Here's hoping that they will be much less visible in the near future!

So I've been having a wee bit of difficulty with my patience. The lower third of my breasts are still relatively numb, however slllooowwwllllyyyy day by day, week by week, the numbing is lessening. I haven't had any numbing issues with my nipples thank goodness. I was aware pre-surgery that there would likely be some nerve damage and that the body sometimes needs a great deal of time to repair/replace the damaged nerves. I was just hoping that I would have healed faster, but oh, well. Interestingly, at times I have some minor short bursts of aches and pains in the areas where I am numb, and with time, those areas gain more feeling and no longer have the aches and pains...apparently that's part of the healing process. Every time I get the ache or pain, I get excited because I know that means I'm getting more feeling back in my breasts! Hopefully we will reach 100% feeling! But I'm still impatient. It's annoying, to be honest. Speaking of which, I'm having some dull pain in my left breast as I type...hello new nerves!

Jiggle! Squish!
They jiggle! And they wiggle! And they bounce! So much fun! And the squishy! So squishy! I did not expect them to look and feel so real! Granted, they are a wee bit firmer than a natural breast, however they are surprisingly natural-feeling! Yay!
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

I went in for a breast augmentation with Dr. Petti. I had a wonderful experience during the consultation, procedure, and follow-up appointments. The office is serene and comfortable, and the staff are warm and friendly. I feel safe and unusually comfortable in front of those who have needed to see my bare breasts for both photos and examination. I have always felt very uneasy even at the prospect of strangers seeing my bare breasts, but the politeness and professionalism of everyone in the office has made the experience considerably less anxiety-provoking. Dr. Petti explains everything in complete detail, and answers every single question I have, even before I ask them. She is very informative and provided me with suggestions pertaining to implant size, shape, etc. I was with Dr. Petti herself for nearly an hour discussing everything there was to discuss during the initial consult, and I felt no pressure to quickly end the visit. She was more than happy to go over every detail with me. I am so happy to have chosen her as my surgeon. The work she did is exceptional and I am very very pleased with the way my breasts look, and I'm only 3 weeks post-op! She is very one-on-one with her patients and makes the time to answer any and all questions. Dr. Petti schedules many follow-up appointments to make sure all is healing correctly, and she is very explicit and clear in all pre-op and post-op instructions. She does not rush, but takes her time to create her masterpieces. I feel like a beautiful work of art! She made me feel like a woman, and for that I am truly thankful. I have the curves I've always wanted. I highly recommend her and her incredible staff.

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