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I lost about 35 pounds and my face has gotten thin...

I lost about 35 pounds and my face has gotten thin and has begun to sag a bit around my mouth. I look gaunt. For so long I have dreaded seeing pictures of myself because of this issue. I am doing something about it tomorrow and I am a bit nervous. This is my first time getting any cosmetic procedure done. I have always had angular features and don't want to lose that or look puffy. I will be seeing a top rated RN in my area. I hope all goes well. Will update with more follow up pics!

One day after- small bruise, swollen.

I got one syringe of Restylane put in around the lower sides of my mouth. More product was put into my right side because that side was a bit worse off than the left. The RN said my issue isn't age related but that I have over active muscles around my mouth (She could asses this by watching me as I talked and watching my face as she spoke to me). A little background- I run anxious and tend to store tension by clinching my jaw. When I am nervous or concentrating really hard on something I tend to rub my lips together a lot, suck my teeth, etc. I know it is very weird but it is something I have always done. A tic I guess. I need to learn to relax my jaw lol. Anyway, not having chubiness to mask the muscles anymore made this issue look more pronounced. Which makes sense because 35 pounds ago I could see this issue very slightly.

Getting the injections was not painful at all. But the area where it was injected is puffy and raised. They told me to expect some swelling so right now I am unable to really gauge if it was effective or not. Folds are not as sharp, but I still have shadows from what I believe is the swelling. You can see there is soft circular puffiness in the problem areas. I took some pics in normal and horrible lighting to try and show everything. No makeup but I did put on some lipstick for ya to make viewing these pics more pleasant ;) Will update..

One week post Restylane- Not thrilled : /

It's been one week since I had one syringe of Restylane and I am not loving it. It's improved things a little but I can see a sort of lump looking area around the right side. I contacted the RN and she said I need to wait 2 weeks until I contact her. Alrighty then. I do not think the bulbous looking area on my right side is due to swelling. There is zero tenderness at all so I think that phase is over.

Note, my goal was not to fill up my cheek hallows and have a full face. Only to add a bit of volume to the loose area on the sides of my mouth. But I think it still looks saggy. Will update next week.
Lori Haney RN

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