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First I will say I had a great experience with...

First I will say I had a great experience with this procedure. I was rather concerned since I had read most of the reviews on here just prior to heading in for my session and it really seemed like most people have a terrible time with this. One thing I must point out is that most people who have a positive experience aren't motivated to go online and post about it, where as those who have a bad time have the motivating factor. So take the positive to negetive review ratio lightly.

Starting off, I don't have great teeth and I had let them slip into disrepair for the last 4 years. I have decently sensitive teeth and about 2mm of gum recession on most teeth so I assumed I was one of the people who was going to have an agonizing experience.

It started with a cleaning and then having a mold taken of my teeth for the custom touch up trays. I was also given fluorodex toothpaste and was told to use it twice a day for a week leading up to the procedure and then to take one to two ibuprofen an hour prior to the appointment.

One week later. When I arrived I told my hygenist about the reviews and she seemed rather puzzled at the amount of bad experiences. She explained what she was doing as she prepped my mouth. First you have a mouthguard/lip spreader thing fitted, UV shielding for the face added, then the "gum daming" which is like a waxy gum like material that is applied to your gums and slightly hardened (this is to protect your gums and I was told this part is very important for avoiding discomfort.). Then it was simply adding the peroxide to the teeth and putting the UV light on for 15 minutes at a time. First, second and third applications I felt nothing but a warming sensation. During the fourth application I could feel my pulse in my teeth... seemed odd but it wasn't painful. The only discomfort I had was the roof of my mouth drying out slightly, though I was still able to move my tongue to put some saliva there and stop the drying.

I was shocked how well my teeth came out, even though I was told I would be a great candidate for the procedure (not everyone is, apparently only people with yellow dentin (not grey) benefit from this).

As I was getting ready to leave I was told to take another ibuprofen in a couple hours. 26 hours later and I've only experienced two "zoom zingers". Both weren't bad at all (thank you painkillers!) and only occured last night. As of this morning the only pain I am having is from a lack of coffee.

With my so-so dental history I have a feeling that most of the people who had a bad time were maybe not prepared and guided through the procedure as well as I was. If youre like me and have held back from smiling because youre not happy with your teeth then definately do this! I'm not even finished all my restorative dental work and I still can't stop smiling and showing people.
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