5'9 - 180lbs - 23 y/o - TT + BA + BL- Toronto, ON

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So I thought I would start to document my plastic...

So I thought I would start to document my plastic surgery journey on here! :) I guess theres not really a better place. A little about me, i'm 23 and currently weigh 206 lbs. I'm 5'9 and my highest weight was 275 lbs. I've been over weight my entire life. I probably haven't weighed under 200 lbs in close to 10 years. I'm a yo-yoer. I've booked a consultation with Dr.Martin Jugenburg here in Toronto, Ontario. I'm hoping I can get a tummy tuck, breast augmentation and lift. He has gotten some great reviews! I'm excited but also very nervous for the consultation.

I'm booked for the consultation on Feb.22/2014. I'm excited because I hope to finally be free of this huge jiggly stomach. It's caused me so much grief in my life and really takes a toll on the relationship I have with my boyfriend, considering I won't let him see me naked!! Luckily, he is very supporting. Ideally I plan to lose a total of 30 lbs before surgery. I hope to have surgery in the late spring/early summer. May or June. This will give me a solid 3 months to get to 180 pounds.

I'm worried that the doctor might tell me i'm still too over weight for surgery. That will be devestating to me as living with my body like this is very depressing. I'm also concerned about needing both a vertical/horozontial scar. It's hard for me to know where i'm supposed to be weight wise when my stomach looks like this. Any thoughts on getting a tummy tuck in my current situation? Don't know if getting one at 180lbs I will regret.

Thanks for reading ladies and i will be back with updates as I loose weight and go to my consult!!

P.s I've attached some pictures. Try not to let your eyes burn lol


I'm being a shit head at loosing weight!!!!!!! 201.8 lbs today but I need to be at least 10 lbs lighter before this consultation!!!! I'm going to do a 14 day cleanse and hopefully that will help me drop a few pounds. I feel like i'm in a bit of a pleateau right now. It's frustrating!!! Only 16 more days until the consultation. I'm going to work my ass off!!!!!!

I made it Onederland!!! 199.8

So I may only be out of the 200's by .2 but i'm still out!! 2 weeks until my consultation and I plan to be 190 by the day (Feb.23). I know I can do it!! 13 days of working out and healthy eating can do a lot for a girl(NO CHEATS).180 lbs is seeming closer and closer. I'm so nervous the dr. will tell me in order to achieve good results, I'm going to have to be 150 lbs or something lol It's my ultimate fear!!! I'm hoping 180 lbs is going to treat me nice... only time will tell.

19.8 pounds left until my goal.

Went for Consult

So I went for my consultation... I was discouraged by it as my PS was sick and I could only meet with the nurse to have photos taken. After a week I had heard nothing back from them so I decided to send an e-mail. They were able to provide me with a quote and I asked if I could come back in to get the details of my procedure. So I'll be going back this Friday, I hope... to see my PS and get the details of surgery.

I'm still at 199. I think I'm stuck in a plateau but I'm trying a new approach starting today. I hope to have my procedure in June/July... I'm anxious/nervous to see what he says. I'll keep you guys posted. In the mean time, any diet tips??


So since my consultation I've been trying my best to get 170 -175 lbs my goal weight for surgery.
I've tried to lose weight but I KNOW I can try harder. Here are my progress photos from my last post. I'm not weighing in at 193 lbs. Not much different in weight - but I can see it in my body.

As you can see, I desperately need this TT (and BA) I'm only 23 I can't spend my life with this belly!! haha I hope to have my surgery in September now and will be booking it next month if everything goes according to plan. Wish me luck!!! and good luck to those on the same journey as me and to those who who've already made it the flat side ;) Congrats!

Can't Decide?!!?!

So today I weighed in at 182 lbs. Yay... almost at my goal. I've been very dedicated lately and will continue to be to reach my goals. I want to have my surgery in September or October, whatever is available. So this means it's getting really close to needing to book my surgery. I feel like I'm a lot closer to being ready than I ever have been. I've lost almost 20 lbs since my first consultation but my tummy is not going ANYWHERE lol It has shrunk, don't get me wrong, but it's still the same :( lol

The problem I'm having right now is, I cannot pick a surgeon. For the life of me. I've seen Dr.Jugenburg and I liked him - I did...but I felt as if I didn't ask enough questions to him or get enough information. He didn't make me feel confident in the procedures, but Kim his nurse did. I think Dr.J does amazing work but I also feel like it would be wrong to book with him without seeing other doctors first? I have two other doctors which I'm considering... Dr.Tong and Dr.Kredistien. I've looked at their galleries for hours lol. Each of them has a fee for a consultation: $150 and $200 dollars. Now, I'm a 23 yr old girl paying for an almost $20,000 surgery and I don't fancy potentially throwing away $350.00 dollars... But what if?? I'm wondering if anyone has been to any of these doctors and can share their experiences?? Even if you haven't, what would you do? Oh, and both Dr.K and Dr.T bother have pretty good reviews but definitely a couple negative ones in there....which makes the decision even harder!!! ahhh advice please?!?!

Wishing everyone who reads this, whether you've had your surgery or not the best of luck on their journey :) xx

and a few more pics of my skin and boobies. Hate my boobs!! I have some major asymmetry. Boo.


Forgot to share these beauties lol

My Consultation with Dr.Tong

So, I had my consultation last Friday with Dr.Tong. I gotta say, it went completely as I hoped and expected. He was so detailed and he went through every question I could possibly have for him. He was also very kind but professional. He made me feel confident about the surgery which I didn't feel from the other doctor. He just seemed to be truly interested in what I wanted and getting me the best possible results while still being honest with what to expect. He is my doctor!

Now, the only thing that's been bothering me is the cost of the surgery. I was so sure and prepared before to spend whatever it was going to take but now that I have the quote and it's well over the cost of some brand new cars and is basically going to eat up my entire 23 yr old self life savings, I'm kind of nervous. I still want this more than anything but I just don't know if I will regret spending all my coin on this surgery opposed to say, a down payment on a house lol I still live at home and do want to leave the nest sooner rather than later. Has anyone else been in my situation?? What did you do?

Next, I've had this lingering concern about having kids. Now, I don't plan on having kids any time soon. Ideally, I would like to have a baby when I'm 30. I have a lot I want to do before having children but even so, 30 is 6 years away for me. Will my results be ruined after I have a baby? I'm worried I will have spent 30k to look good for the rest of my 20's but, I want to look good for as long as I can! Can anyone chime in? Especially being a weight loss patient my skin does not have the kind of elasticity as most people and I'm worried that after having a baby it won't snap back?

I guess the reality of the situation now has got me nervous!! But I still want this surgery more than anything. It's just a really big decision with really big results or potential consequences associated with it. It's going to be the biggest decision of my life which makes me nervous!



Oh my god. I did it. I booked it!!!!!!! October 21, 2014! I will be having an abdominoplasty, breast lift, breast augmentation as well as large amount of skin under my left armpit removed. I felt so many different things as I was booking yesterday and I honestly started screaming at my dog and jumping around my office after I got off the phone. Hahaha. It's just such a crazy thing that i'm finally going to be doing this. I'm weighing in at 180 lbs and you can bet your bottom dollar I'm going to be busting this ass until the day of surgery. I'm going to try out Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred... has anyone tried it before? I'm going to get my boyfriend to take some 'before' pictures of me tomorrow.

But yeah, I'm very excited and anxious and I need to start making a list of essentials and things I will be needing so I can slowly start purchasing them. Crazy it's less than 3 months away. I opted to not get lipo... I hope I don't regret this decision but I just felt like I would be pushing it getting lipo and my doctor said it's always something I can do down the road... maybe after kids lol So yeah anyways, just wanted to give an update on my journey!!! I'm always always open to any tips on how to prepare of what to expect. I'm scared of the pain!!!! haha

Anyway, I hope everyone is recovering wonderfully and i'll ttyl :)

12 Days and counting....

So my surgery is quickly sneaking up on me, i'm getting soo nervous!!! Had my pre-op appointment.. it went well. I'm having a hard time deciding on what size implants to get. My two choices are: 470CC Moderate profile, or 540 CC High profile. I REALLY don't know what size to pick! Any suggestions? I think I would be happier with the look of the 540CC High profiles but I don't think that I would like that my boob job would be very 'obvious' I'm also concerned that it would make it hard to find tops? Does anyone have experience with this? They told me it is quite a difference between the two and I really don't know if I should go more 'natural' or more 'sexy' haha The other con with the 540's is I'm told they will sag quicker as well. The reason why I'm having a hard time is because when I'm shown two sets of boobies, one high profile and one moderate, I always pick the high profile look!! Really not sure what I'm going to do. Input would be awesome!

Yesterday I brought my prescription in to get filled. I've purchased Arnica tablets as well as a gel cream. I will also be purchasing Bromelain tablets as well. My surgeon as well as his patient consultant said that these would be beneficial in the healing process and I've read similar things. This morning I called in and booked my rental for my Power Lift Chair, Walker with wheels, and Shower Chair with Back Rest. I think these will really help to just make things easier for me. Especially since I'm a baby with pain and I'm getting really nervous about the pain now!!!

Yesterday I also put together a list of things I will need for surgery. Some things I already have, some I will need to purchase. Please feel free to let me know if there's anything I'm missing or anything that I won't really need that I've listed. I'm getting so nervous for my surgery guys!! I'm already having troubles sleeping at night. I'm always back and forth between I'm so excited and I might die...or end up looking like a botched troll. I'm just so nervous and scared of the unknown!!! My boyfriend is going to be taking care of me and he's being so helpful and sweet about the whole thing. I hope he still loves me after this lol!!

Anyway, not sure if I have much else to report right now.. I will post my list of supplies below. If you guys have any input about anything I've said please feel free to share!! It's nice knowing I'm not alone in this.. My surgery date is Oct.21 at 7:00 am...anyone around the same day as me?? Hope everyone is healing wheel and enjoying their flat or soon to be flat tummies!!! :)

My List:

Stool Softner
Medical Tape

Baggy/Comfy pants
Loose fiting tops
Button up tops
Front closing bras
Granny Panties
Tank tops

Pillows pillows pillows!!!
Compression Stockings (wasn't told I would need but see a lot of people use them?)
Safety pins
Neck pillow
Small table to keep by my Lift chair
Medicine Container
Lift chair
Shower seat
Ice packs
Heating pad
Hair ties
Baby wipes
Dial liquid soap

I know it seems like a lot but I want to list EVERYTHING. I need to be as prepared as possible and I really don't want to forget anything. Especially since i'll be recovering at my boyfriends I need to make sure I have all my supplies there cause I won't be at home where I have little things like hair ties, bobby pins, etc.


A couple more pre-op pictures

I thought I would upload a couple more pictures of my pre-op belly just to come back and refer to after my surgery. Not sure if I already mentioned this but I will NOT be getting lipo. This sort of freaks me out a little because I'm petrified of looking like a box or not having desirable results after. I really don't want to get lipo though and don't have the extra 3 grand sitting around to have it done. Anyone else had a tummy tuck with no lipo? Seems like almost everyone has it done with their procedures. I opted to have fat removed from my side boob instead. Hope I don't regret this :(

Long time, no update!

Hey guys, so its been a long time since I've posted. Thanks to my friend Matea2 Ive decided to follow through with my initial intentions and make this post.

I'm going summarize to try and keep this as short and sweet as possible but feel to ask any questions.  So, day of the surgery I weighed 177 lbs. Got there at 645 am and was in surgery by 730. Dr. Tong came in marked me up and off to the operating room I went.  Next thing ya know I was awake puking my guts out lol that SUCKED after surgery. It was so painful on my tummy. Good thing I was given lots of morphine and barely remember it now lol My surgery was around 5hrs long and I was in the recovering area around 1230. I was in and out of sleep with 2 nurses taking care of me and checking in on me every so often - I remember they were so sweet and caring.  Around 7 pm we decided it was time to go to my suite where I would be sleeping for the night. I remember i was soooo afraid to stand up and walk to my bed. The nurses were so helpful and accomodating though, it wasn't as bad as i thought it would be. Definitely a crazy feeling though. 2 drains, Iv in my arm, catheter haha At this point youre pretty high on meds so it doesn't seem as bad as it sounds now.  

First nights sleep was rough.  I was SO ITCHY. I wasn't in much pain but I was crazy itchy the nurses gave me benadryl via my Iv but it didn't do the trick. I was off and on awake all night. Anxious to see my boyfriend in the morning and get my first glimpse at my results.  Fast forward to the morning - the nurses got me up to have my shower. That was intense. I was looking at myself under the bright lights in this hotel like washroom just in awe. Was this ME?! Still high on pain meds and very numb so looking back the memory is hazy.  I had my shower with the nurses help. They washed my hair and got me all set up back in bed.  before putting my binder on and getting dressed i had asked one to take a picture of me lol they thought i was crazy!! 

An hour or so later my boyfriend was there to pick me up. I was excited to get home and rest in my recliner. The ride back was okay, about a 1.5 hr drive.  I was happy i had my recliner and walker and would recommend that to anyone going in for this surgery. I alsp got a shower chair - very good decision.  I had 2 weeks off work and I recovered at my boyfriends house. Everyday I would start to feel a little bit better. Had some weird pains once in a while buy over all i was surpised with how well I handled this surgery. I was off pain meds by day 5. I'd mostly just take 2 a night with a gravol to sleep. I was always so awake at night from not doing anything all day. Honestly, the back pain was much worse than the pain from my proceedcures. Sleeping on your back sucks, especially when your a side sleeper. I found it hard to get comfortable a lot of the time.  I slept in my recliner every night for the full 2 weeks.  To help with the swelling and pain I took both Arnica (capsule and gel) and bromelian - both which I would highly highly recommend! I also had no problems with going #2 lol i was taking 2 stool softners a day. That was another concern of mine. Oh and I had a big apitite so my eating wasnt a problem ethier.  

Week 1 post op apt I got my drains removed - that was a craaaazyyy feeling but not painful.  The drains were okay, of course they sucked but they are manageable for a week or so.  My doctor was sooo impressed by my results and I was too.  I say was because ive gained about 6 lbs and feel fat and its bothering me lol Anways, he just answered any questions I had and soon enough I was on my way.  I want to say though, Dr.Tong is an amazing doctor. Never once did he make me feel like I was being annoying or wasting his time with my little questions. He genuinely cares about his patients and takes his time to make sure you are happy. I love that about him and ultimately thats why I chose him and I'm sooo happy I did!!! 

Week 2 post op was similar to week 1. Progressing everyday - a few small things here and there id complain about but this surgery was a lot more manageable then I had anticipated and im soooo greatful for that.  I quickly learned about the true meaning of swell hell. By the night time I'd look and feel ready to burst even from just going out and doing a few errands during the day. I just would cope (and continue to cope) with it and I know its apart of the process.  I took this second week to just relax and recover cause i knew the following Wednesday be back to work.  In total I got 14 days off from work.

First day back to work was bitter sweet. I was longing for my routine back but it was still uncomfortable to do much of anything. I just sucked it up and sat in my chair for most of the day at work (i have a fesk job) Some days I would use my binder, others my spanx.  I hate them both because neither give me the full compression I want and need.  I have a leonisa garment coming in the mail and i cannot wait until it gets here!!!! I hope it helps with the swelling. I have a lot in my upper abdomen by the end of the day.  In the beginning it was around my pubic area but it seems to have migrated to the top of my tummy now and this is what im hoping my compression garment will help with.

Fast forward to today I am 4 weeks and 3 days post up.  Ive gained a good 6 or 7 lbs due to complete shit eating to be honest.  I'm so ready to get back on track and feel healthy again. Im also im between moving and my birthday was earlier this week so my life has been crazy and ive had a lot of excuses to not be healthy. Those are going out the window because im ready to see what this body can do. On Dec.02 i will be seeing my surgeon and will be 6 weeks post op.  I'm crossing my fingers that i will be cleared to workout!!! I want to look good for the holidays! Lol

As for my scars, they seem to be healing well.  They are taped 24-7 so i don't see much them. My surgeon has told me to keep the tape on as long as possible up until our 6 week post op apointment. So far ive changed it once in 3 weeks.  I don't like looking at the scars so I have my boyfriend do it.  Also a shout out to my amazing boyfriend. He helped me sooooooooo much throughout this whole thing and theres no way it would of been as successful without him, i can honestly say that.

I also realized i didn't talk much about the girls lol I opted for 540cc High profile implants. Im very happy with my size and cannot wait to get into regular bras!!!! I love having cleavage and I honestly just love them so far. They have a longggggg way to go but im trusting the process.  I had a lolipop lift done on my right breast and regular augmentation on my left.  The pain in my breasts was achey but never unbareable...sometimes I think I just wanted this so bad that the pain often did phase me.  

But yeah! I think thats about it guys. If you have questions feel free to ask!!! I'm sorry it took me so long to update but life has kind of gotten in the way. Soon I will be moved into my house and hopefully will update more often.  Also, ive uploaded some pictures for you all to see. Im going to try and put them in chronological order.  Happy healing everyone!!! Xo
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