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Well after lots of lurking I am stating I decided...

Well after lots of lurking I am stating I decided to post about my story. I went three years ago for consultation but even though I really wanted it at the time I just couldn't imagine going through with it when my kids were that small (less than a year and 2) so I put I to the back burner and tried my best to eat better and exercise but that flabby stomach was not going to budge. So to make a long story short I did it!! On March 25. I was in at 7:30 and OR at 8:00 , recovery at 11:00. I am day 5 now (calling it day 5 since my surgery was so early on Tuesday....it makes me feel better to say day 5.... Like I am closer to being normal...lol)
I am feeling pretty good just lots of back pain and difficult to get comfortable in bed. Also getting extremely stir crazy. Still have bandages on and two drains. So have not seen the preliminary without bandages. I won't see that until April 3 when I go to PS.

Day 5 pics

We'll I am day 8 but too lazy to take pis today here are pics from day 5. Feeling pretty good. Hope all you ladies are doing great.

Yesterday 1st PO appointment with Dr.

Drains are out and bob stitches removed

Forgot pic

10 weeks

I am pretty happy with my result. Definitely worth it!

16 weeks PO

June 13th photo

Almost 10 months update pic.

Just a 10 month update photo.

10 month po photo

Update at 10 months. Happy with result

11 month update

just a photo to show 11 month result

One Year Anniversary

One Year Anniversary Pic

Just another pic


Still happy

Well, Its been over 2 years and still very happy. I should have done it sooner.
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