Breast Reduction [Part 2]- SIX-Week Update - New 6 week photos

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Hi everyone! First post op appt. was this...

Hi everyone!

First post op appt. was this aft' (surgery was Friday, July 20) and all went well. The PS took the little bit if tape off and, of course, left the steri-strips on with the same instructions as everyone else has received; when they start flapping about, take them off. Other stuff:

- nothing on incisions, no goop, no tape, just supportive, not too tight bra. Mini pads over underboob horizontal incisions only.

- shower, dry well, bra on

- when possible, let them air out every day for a half hour or do, lying down

- if I'm not sleeping well on my back, I can prop myself to 3/4 on side with pillows, but spend as much time on my back as possible. (Not the first guy that's asked me to do that.)

- No stitches to remove (yay!!!!). He dies all internal (no idea how), and leaves two knots outside the breasts on my areolas. I go back in 2 weeks and he clips the knots, but doesn't take anything out; they withdraw into breast and dissolve. If I get a spitter, just use sterilized tweezers and pull out. It will come smoothly as no knots. (Sounds good in theory, let's see how that works on practice.)

- at four weeks, if everything stats good, I can get back on recumbent bike and do an work as long as arms aren't engaged. No rowing or running 'til 6 weeks'ish. (The thought of rowing or running it sex right now gives me the willies!). Oh ya, sex whenever I feel up to it. See previous comment :)

- if I get an open spot, it won't open as pinprick, but like dime or quarter. (Smaller in Canada with the doom cha!). Put Polyspirin on it, pad and go. No Neodporin because it has an oil in it that ore vents air getting in.

- pathology won't be back 'til next appt. (damnit)

That's pretty much it on the clinical side.

Emotionally/psychologically? I am in crazy, stupid, self-absorbed, head up my own arse, LOVE with my new booblettes!! In love I tell you!

Photos and more deets tomorrow. Kids got home from camp today and apparently expect to be fed. Kids these days, honestly!

Can't wait to get some time to read others' updates! I'm in serious withdrawal!! I owe some if you a response and I'm sorry im taking so long. Been a crazy couple of days.

Hope everyone is well. 'Til tomorrow!

Continued from Part 1

Aug. 3 was my second post-op. Everything almost...

Aug. 3 was my second post-op. Everything almost healed. One tiny triangle scab, under right boob, about a third the size of my pinkie nail, still has to go. Small scab immediately below areola on left boob has little scab left as well. Once those go, I start scar massage and can start silicone tape anytime, but I will give it at least a week or two of massaging before I begin taping. Want those scars to get a little more robust before I start putting sticky things on and pulling them off!!

At appointment today, all PS did was clip the two knots on outside of both areloas and then trim remaining stitch down to skin. Now, all those stitches will magically recede into the recesses of my breast tissue and dissolve. Or come sputtering to the surface in a hot, angry mess - lol! My money is on the first scenario, given what I've seen of this guy's work. I can start working out (gently at first, of course) at between six and eight weeks. My next appointment with him is on September 14, which is 8 weeks to the day from my surgery, so I'm going to wait until then probably. (maybe a little recumbent bike before then, just so I don't lose everything - lol!) If all systems are "GO" at that next appointment, then Saturday, September 15 should be my first run back! I know this may not sound like much to a lot of people, but it will be huge for me in terms of both a full return to life as usual and much-needed stress management. Nothing works like exercise for me!

As of today (Aug. 7 - 2 weeks, 4 days post-surgery), lefty's swelling is finally reduced to the point where both booblette's look the same size both "NEKKID" and shrouded in one of their many new bras. (Sports, but still.....LOL!) And the new wave of bruising on lefty is also significantly improved today.

So, all in all, thrilled to the moon and back with results and recovery to-date. I'll never be Kate, but I'll be a damned fine version of Kate's grandmother - and that's good enough for me!

Hope everyone is well and happy and either happily (and perhaps anxiously!) counting down the days to their surgery, or healing well.

Hi Gang! More boob porn for your examination....

Hi Gang!

More boob porn for your examination. Friday, August 10th was three weeks out for me. The new photos were all taken that day. Things of note at this stage:

1. Righty has healed up nicely. One tiny self-inflicted scab below. When I was still wearing mini pads across my horizontal incisions, I was in a hurry one day and put the sticky side against my skin. Didn't realize until that night when I went to take it off.
Ya, Ouch. what an IDIOT. Anyway, took off the little bit of scab still there. No blood or anything, but I panicked; it just looked so raw and and I could see it turning into some giant open spot from hell. I slapped some Polysporin on it and a square of Tefla pad and kep it that way for a couple of days and it's fine. Just re-scabbed.

In other righty news, it's droopy on the outside lower corner. I BELIEVE this is due to some weird pulling along that side from Lipo swelling. There's almost a channel of still swollen (and hard'ish) tissue that I massaging the hell out out of. Thw swelling from the Lipo is definitely taking its time to come down.

In NEW lefty news, it's finally coming down...slowly, but noticeably. It's got a little jiggle back ;) Having said that, it's still quite swollen and it's developed a little droop at outside lower quad too. Having just found out from PS that swelling dissipates from centre-boob (cleavage area) to the outside and up, I believe this droop, too is a result of the swelling starting to move out and up.
The 2 little pink spots you notice on bottom of left areola are where I plucked two little stitches out (my new favourite thing to's SO cool in a weird, sick, demented way. Hello sammysmomma???????) They are healed over, just not "blended in" yet.

New routine: every morning, take silicone tape off, massage scars with Palmer's, bra on for a couple of hours to let oil soak in, then shower and re-tape. At night, tape off, massage with Scar Zone, wipe down with baby wipes and re-tape. And that's a wrap.

September 14 is my next appointment with PS, 8 weeks exactly post op. If I'm not cleared for full-on exercise then, I'll need an effing hamster wheel, because this no workout thing is actually tougher than I thought. Not because I'm an amazing jock (hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!), but because it it an enormous stress reliever.

I've started back on the recumbent bike, which is better than nothing, but still not the same.

Sleeping well, on sides...however I'm massaging those side channels of swelling so aggressively, that I'm giving myself new bruising which I feel at night. Not enough to keep me off my sides, mind you, but it's there. Still some general bruising in front which is slowly moving downwards.

That's it for no. Hope all you post-op gals are coming along and taking good care of yourselves. Really happy that Flgal is finally turning the corner and it looks as though NanaLyn is finally on her way too.

For you pre-op girls,I know you've heard it again and again and you STILL don't believe it, but I swear to you, the WORST part of this whole procedure is the run-up to the surgery. The waiting and the worrying is the WORST part of this, I promise you.

And, yes, this is something you will enjoy and appreciate for the rest of your life. There is, simply put, no down side :)

Laters, Babies.

Hi all! This Friday was four weeks to the day...

Hi all!

This Friday was four weeks to the day since my surgery.

Quick re-cap for anyone new:

I'm 55
160 lbs.
Went from 36G to 36C
500 gr. removed from each on July 20/12

Everything still progressing well here. Lefty has finally started to soften up and more closely match rightly. My swelling continues its migration from centre-chest to exterior of breast. Most swollen areas now are exterior, lower quadrant of each breast. I keep re-bruising myself on interior lower-half of breasts where I am massaging outwards and upwards to help fluids move on. Lefty is still different shape on bottom, but I keep reminding's been four weeks for God's sake! (easier to remind other people to relax than to remind myself - lol)

Absolutely no awareness anymore of anything having been done to me, except for continued (but GREATLY reduced) tenderness and continued mild swelling/bruising on side Lipo areas. I have two very TIGHT areas; interior lower breast horizontals. Massaging the hell out of them to get scar tissue to give a bit. Not uncomfortable, just need to loosen that area up - and it is - slowly, but surely.

I was taping, but have since stopped, because I have no issue with the scars as they are now. I may start again if necessary.

The new photos are the usual. Additionally, I have added one vanity shot of a new black bra (underwire for ONE short evening....5 problem) I had to get for a function and I just LOVE, for comfort and looks, and another shot I can't stop staring at.

It's a strapless bra (but I reattached the straps for the photo) I had to buy for a wedding in JUNE. The next massive bra is one of the Prima Donnas I wore everyday, including TO the hospital on July 20. The last one is today's 36C.

Hope everyone is healing/preparing well and I continue to love all your updates. Missing sammysmomma, se!fie, westcoast, GG...but I know everyone moves on**sigh** Such intense and fleeting relationships. Reminds me of high school :))

Hi everyone! Been seeing lots if good news here...

Hi everyone!

Been seeing lots if good news here lately! So very glad things are finally turning around for some of my friends who have been having some healing issues :)

I am now at five weeks post-op (as of Friday, August 24). Spent Fruday night at a 4 hour Soringstein concert, jiggling my new little booblettes all over the joint! It was AMAZING!! (The Boss and the jiggling!!)

Went for my first run in over 5 weeks today and man, oh man!!!! It's a different world! Didn't even have a click on it; just did a slow, easy 4k and was literally having trouble keeping a smile off my face. I felt like a lunatic! Just grinning ear to ear.

Not going to try any rowing or upper body stuff for another week, but I'm back on the road and it feels SO GOOD!!

Boobs are great. Continuing to change shape (for the better). Getting happier and happier with them, even though I've been thrilled from my first peak. This is just such miracle surgery, you really can't describe it to someone who doesn't it didn't have humongous boobs. I took a photo or two on Friday which I'll post when I'm back on computer (on phone now).

Sending big bombs of strength and nerve to debs in the UK whose big day is tomorrow and wishing everyone else continued good healing or a quick countdown to THEIR surgery. Hugs to all you extraordinary women!

So, this isn't really an update, just wanted to...

So, this isn't really an update, just wanted to add my 5-week photo (which, granted, isn't very exciting!) and mention 2 things.

Yesterday, when I went for my run, I wore two bras, a new heavy duty sports bra and then my old, heavy duty sports bra over it. Showed my husband my extra reinforcement and he thought I might be overdoing it a WEEE bit with two bras, but I wasn't taking any chances first time out.

Hours later, when I changed at the end of the day into a (white!!) tank and shorts and was starting dinner, DH came in and said, "Look at how high and firm those beauts are! And you're only wearing one bra!" I turned to him and said, "Actually, I'm NOT wearing a bra." And this is the response from the man of science. The man who says many, many complimentary things, but always in a very clinical fashion. Never flowery, never guilded, just the facts, m'am. You know, "those pants make your legs look really long" (instead of, "your legs look fabulous in those pants!" My DH, this man......HE said, and I QUOTE, "WOW. Just like a couple of pretty little cupcakes sitting on your chest."

If one of the kids hadn't been around, I swear, I would have jumped him on the spot :)

God, life is GOOD.

Anyway, I'll post a better variety of photos at 6 weeks. Friday was crazy and I only cranked out the one.

Hope everyone has a great day and that Deb checks in soon!!!!!

Deb is okay everyone! Just drugged up the yin...

Deb is okay everyone! Just drugged up the yin yang! They took 1.5K off EACH breast. She'll update as soon as she can, but all is well :))

Hi gang! I was six-weeks to the day last...

Hi gang!

I was six-weeks to the day last Friday (Aug. 31). The new pics are from that day.

I feel guilty not posting updates and feel guilty posting, because nothing much has changed, or at least, I've only had very small, subtle changes.

Most interestingly for me, I figured something out. Things have really dropped and fluffed and I've got my full jiggle back. Kinda miss those rock-hard lumps under my chin, but this DOES admittedly, feel just a BIT more natural - lol! Anyway, my revelation is this: I had been eyeing the bottom of my left boob and what I referred to as a "bubble"; seemed to have a little extra flesh at the bottom. Well, I was wrong. I'm not sure if I'll be able to explain this well, but I'll try.

The inside (cleavage-side) of both breasts (i.e. that part which is immediately above rib-cage) was sewn very tightly against my body. So the exterior dropped and fluffed on both breasts before the inside (cleavage side) of my left breast did. So it made it LOOK like there was extra "meat" at the bottom of my left breast, when in fact it was because there was still a hard knot of tightly stitched boob right beside it (again, interior/cleavage side of left boob) that HADN'T dropped yet, just creating the illusion that there was extra "meat" beside it. That corner has started to loosen up and the "bubble" isn't quite as obvious. Hope that is not a completely impenetrable answer!

Regardless, I'm happy as a pig in yoghurt. Don't care if anything changes any more at all. JUST. HAPPY. Are they perfectly symmetrical? NO. Are they pretty damned close? YES Do they look perfectly even in a bra? TWINS. Am I 1000x more comfortable? YES. Do I feel downright sexy for the first time in probably 20 years? YES. Am I more responsive when my always boob-obsessed DH walks by and gives me a lascivious look? YES. Because I now feel as though I DO look sexy and I DO deserve to be leered at. Before, I'd pretend I believed it, but all I could think was, "EWWW, are you NUTS?? These are GROSS!" But, hey! Why spoil his fun! Now even I think they're pretty damned nice, so that's a NICE change for me that he benefits from indirectly. - TAKE NOTE ANY PRE-OPS WHO ARE WORRIED ABOUT THEIR HUSBAND'S ATTITUDES! They'll like the transformation a lot more than they can even imagine because YOU'LL feel sexier. A big win-win!

One other weird and nice benefit of this whole thing is that hugging (with ANYONE) is a new experience. It may only be a difference of four inches or so, but I can actually get close to people now. Last night, DH and I were hugging in the kitchen and I remarked that I could feel his rib cage. He said that he had noticed that the first time we had a "real" hug post-up. Pretty neat.

Last thing, I'm fully on my stomach when I want to be now. I had been avoiding trying it out, because, you know...OW. But I was having my legs waxed the other day and when I was told to flip onto my stomach, I just did it without thinking. Didn't even realize I'd been in that position until I was out of it. So, another small benchmark passed.

I've posted a few new pics, you probably won't notice much change, but they're for the record.

Hope everyone on "this" side is doing well and happily healing and those awaiting their big day are nervous, of course, but excited as HELL for a joy you CANNOT imagine until you experience it. I imagine it's like "Ecstasy" that way. Except this won't kill you and it's okay to get addicted to this high!

Best to all!
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