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Hello, I am a 30 year old mother of three. My...

Hello, I am a 30 year old mother of three. My story is pretty basic, with my first son, I gained around 60 pounds and lost it all again but never lost the skin. I was basically left with an apron of skin and from there, every time I had another baby the pouch got bigger and the fat didn't come off as easily. To say the least this was the hardest change I ever dealt with in my life. I felt disgusting and had people want to see my stomach like it was some sort of freak. I NEVER take my shirt off, I won't even look when I get out the shower. I just still can't believe its me. I went from the most comfortable person naked to a frumpy mom on the outside with the old me on the inside. I feel trapped in my body.

I could sit here and type all the reasons I have told everyone for getting the tummy tuck. that I would be a better mother, a better wife, happier. But what it really comes down to is that it bothers me. I just bothers me. And so, as I have been waiting for years and feeling guilty for even asking my husband for us to spend this money, I am now 3 1/2 weeks away from my tummy tuck. And thanks to all those who have written their stories my husband is now 100% on board with me and my decision. It helps so much to see why people feel the way they do, the reasons that have nothing to do with being perfect but more about being happy.

My doctor is I would say the best in Toronto, or one of the best and I fully trust this procedure. I decided not to get my breasts done even though I breastfed for 3 years in total and they probably need it but I just wasn't ready to commit mentally to having implants. And so, in the future if I feel they bother me, I will. But for now, I have to do what makes me sad, and what makes me feel like I am not me. The Tummy Tuck. So the plan for the next 3 1/2 weeks is to lose 10 pounds. I know. sounds impossible, but I am going to give it my all, at least an 8 pound loss would be perfect. My biggest concern is that I am not skinny enough to see great results and that I might regret not loosing more. I am 5'7 and 145 pounds and carry it all in my stomach and back. Does anyone feel that being skinnier makes the surgery look better? Also, any suggestions on what bedside items I should be packing? I am staying with my in laws for the first week without any other help and want to be as prepared as I can `to need the least amount of help possible. Thanks for listening and I will post pictures tomorrow!!!!

Okay, after seing all of your posts today I feel...

Okay, after seing all of your posts today I feel pretty good about what my results might be but I have to say it makes me super nervous to think I may not have what want in the end. It sounds o stuid, but I have a high belly button and I am worried that he may not be able to remove the skin all the way up... but by the looks of my own pictures , it shouldn't be a problem.
Okay, lets talk about the pictures. DAMN it's so much worse than I thought. Looking at it I can't believe its me.
And no C-section. My skin just decided to hang like that all by itself. But at the same time super refreshing to have finally taken pictures of it and as others have said I hope I can look back and thank the lord I had the tummy tuck.
SO... now that the tummy tuck is approaching, I feel like I can't wait another minute! I just can't immagine if I hadn't booked it and wasn't going through with it how depressed I would be right now.
Thinking of all the things I want for myself I ran 5k tonite and hope to keep running. Like I said, I am worried I am not skinny enough to see the best results. Oh well, can only do my best.
After my surgery I am staying at my husbands parents. I don't know why the thought of this makes me just want to cry like my 4 year old, but I do. I just have this visual of being proped up on the couch in extreme pain with my father in law forcing me to watch hours and hour of tennis while he complains and breathes too close. His breath is going to kill me this time I know it.
No but siriously, I love them and all but when you are that sick, you don't want to me stuck somewhere other than home.
Unfortunately for me, my surgery is in Toronto but I do not live there and I have 3 young kids (7,4,2) that have to stay home with my husband.) Yup, I am going to the hospital with my mom who is going to be in Toronto for a conference, she is dropping me off and then I am on my own until the inlaws come to get me the next day. And I swear to god if they drive in Toronto the way they usually do (motherin law pulling a full stop on the highway to try and get on a missed ramp) I may lose it!
But this is the sacrifice I am making to have the tummy tuck. I keep tellikng myself, "I am a grown woman, I can do this, my mother in law cares and I will be fine."
But why is it that I keep having visuals of calling for my father in law because I am stuck on the can??!

So sorry for the typos I think my kids got juice...

So sorry for the typos I think my kids got juice on the laptop keyboard. ARRGGHH!

Okay, I just had to write how I am feeling right...

Okay, I just had to write how I am feeling right now because I actually just did a full circle walking ...twice around for nothing because I am pacing. I went to the bank today and took the cash out and mailed it to my surgeon. It made it so real for both my husband and I, I am sure him for financial reasons more than the skin being gone but it was so surreal. I then went for my bloodworm and had an ECG done because I used to have an irregular heart beat. Deep down I am worried they could possibly find something wrong and cancell but I know it will be fine.
As for my nerves... The more I read about how hard the first few days are the more nervous I get to be pending it at my in laws house. I am sure my mother in law will want to help but I don't neccessarily feel comfortable asking for help. That is going to be the worst. Most of that family can't even make it through a Christmas dinner there, never mind making through surgery.
Please...anyone have any suggestions for bedside items that worked to help, I need it!

Errr...blood work, not bloodworm, gross.

Errr...blood work, not bloodworm, gross.

Hi everyone! Thanks to everyone who has made me...

Hi everyone! Thanks to everyone who has made me laugh with their posts and allowed me to feel normal about my feelings. Finally!
I am now 3 weeks away from my tummy tuck and it feels like it is approaching so fast! I can't wait to get it over with. I have been running 5k at night so hopefully I can lose some more weight before the surgery.
Had a slight panic attack a couple days ago about being alone after the surgery with my 70 year old in laws and thank god my mother suggested she watch the kids for my husband to fly and be with me a couple days after surgery.
NOW, the real question... do I book a wax appointment? Do I shave before hand or just a trim? Any suggestions on what works best for post-op? Thanks!

OKay, in 2 weeks I am on that airplane on my way...

OKay, in 2 weeks I am on that airplane on my way to Toronto. Holly C$#*%, this is going to happen so fast. A mild panic attack today about the whole thing, SOOO nervous that it won't look good. Also think it is going to be super emotional to say bye to the kids and then to be in a hotel for 2 days. I'm also feeling sorry for myself today, upset that I am not the girl I used to be. I think with the surgery coming up it makes me think of before the skin and who I was and how I felt about myself. And feeling sad that I can never go back. I suppose the Tummy Tuck brings me as close as I will ever be and that makes me think about it even more. One word... EMOTIONAL. The whole journey is exactly that. A journey. and what a trip it is! Thanks to everyone who has been posting, it really gives me something to rely on, to check my messages on here, and it gives me shuch comfort to read all your stories and to feel such a common ground with everyone. Thanks

Hey Everyone, happy thanksgiving to those in the...

Hey Everyone, happy thanksgiving to those in the US, I am canadian and am simply enjoying all the black friday deals. As for me, 2 weeks from today I will be on the flat side! YAY, so exciting. I have my list of supplies and am ready to go. BUT as the day creaps up, I am starting to be concerned about my giant love handles. Larger than they should be for my body and it's starting to worry me that the seam from the TT will look funny when it stops that the love handles. I am having Lipo of the flanks but I just want to know from someone with experience where the incision ends around the back, does it bunch? Anyways, not much to say, just thankfull to have found this site, as I think back to 6 months ago I was looking for some sort of blog about having a pouch and couldn't find anything anywhere where I felt supported, and it wasn't until I looked up tummy tuck that I found this forum and have felt such a sense of belonging with all of you, even though we are all so different, we have a common ground and it feels so good, so thank you.

Hey everyone, okay, I am officially 10 days from...

Hey everyone, okay, I am officially 10 days from TT! YAY! Except.... I pretty much keep thinking anything and everything is wrong with me. Example.... Last night I lay in bed for 2 hours with a pounding heart wondering if my heart was weak and if I would make it through the surgery. I also think I am coming down with a flu?! I worry that I may bleed out somehow. THIS IS CRAZY! I can't stop thinking I am going to get into a car accident right before the surgery and not be able to have it, or that I will fall down the stairs and break a leg and need to postpone. Can someone please tell me this is NOT crazy? I am so scared to mess things up and can't stop feeling like I may be that one case out of everyone who doesn't wake up during surgery. I am sorry for being a downer, it's just the way I feel, I am so excited but I am more scared and it doesn't allow me to get all hyped up about this! Oh yea, and also, keep thinking I have a high belly button and that he may not be able to remove that much skin and whether or not my boobs will sag more when he pulls the skin down and if my love handles are too big and whether or not he will take the time (alot of time) to suck it all out! Haha, okay, now I am sounding crazy, I guess typing down how I feel really makes me see how insane I am making myself. Anyways, thank you to everyone who has shared their story, I cannot immagine how scared and alone I would feel right now without you. I feel so blessed to feel accepted physically and emotionally on here. I hope we can keep in touch down the road.

9 days away and panicking more than ever! Yet more...

9 days away and panicking more than ever! Yet more excited than ever, its a weird combo.

Okay, so I am officially dazed. I drive around in...

Okay, so I am officially dazed. I drive around in some sort of bubble, continuing on with my daily activities as though this time next week I am not going to be on the flat side, fully aware that I am. I think my mind is trying it;s best to cope with the fact that this time next week I will be asleep, having the surgery I have been waiting for 7 years to have. It's like I still feel like I am dreaming. It's almost scary to have to get to know myself all over, I have become so comfortable with having the skin, well, not comfortable, but used to having the skin, I now have to change the way I see myself, the way I shop, the way I shower, the way I have sex, the way I feel day to day, it's SCARY. It's almost like you are in a world with the skin and that world is coming to an end. It's exciting, kinda like moving somewhere new where you know no one and haven't even ever visited. Its a leap.
A leap I need, and a leap my soul is ready for.. FINALLY. I have been going through my day thinking things like, this is the last time I am at my daughters Gymnastics, this is the last time I shovel outside, this is the last time I go to this starbucks. HAHA , this needs to happen so I can stop thinking about useless things!
I hope everyone who has crossed to the flat side it keeping their heads up and remembers how it felt to want it so bad. And to those looking forward to it to thank your lucky stars that you are able to look forward to something so wonderfull. Take care!

Why must I have one good day and then one bad day...

Why must I have one good day and then one bad day of trying to keep myself together! Gosh damn, when I was young I would have jumped off a mountain and now I am so scared of the unknown!
Thank you everyone who is sharing their feelings before and after surgery, it helps more than you can ever know!

Okay, so the nervousness has left my body and the...

Okay, so the nervousness has left my body and the excitement has kicked in! Although the two are confusing, I no longer feel as though I am going to die in surgery and am excited for the results! I am all packed and ready to go, of course I am spending the night with the family going over the "schedule" which is all neatly written out and highlighted and taped to my kitchen wall and my parents wall. God help everyone to get it all done! Writing out the schedule, I realized how organized I am and hope to god my husband can pull it off, all while feeding the kids and cleaning the house?! No matter what I am grateful my family had pulled through when I need them, and as long as no one get seriously injured, I'll be happy.
Thank you to EVERYONE who sent good vibes my way as I have been in a state of panic this last month. And I am so happy to be following all of your journeys!
I may not be able to post while out of town before the surgery but will post once I leave the hospital with pictures! YAY! I can't believe it's my turn!
Take care everyone, and please keep writing me, I look forward to every single one of them!

Hey everyone! I made it. I just got to the in laws...

Hey everyone! I made it. I just got to the in laws and am feeling quite a bit of pain, haven't got to taking pictures, I will get my husband to take some tomorrow when he arrives. I have so much to say, but feel too high on drugs to say it. My stomach looks amazing BTW, and can't wait to show everyone. I will post more tomorrow. Today, feel like I have been hit by the skinny truck!

Good morning everyone! I was finally able to get...

Good morning everyone! I was finally able to get up and take a pic for everyone. Not so easy when you can't stand up straight, don't have anyone to take it for you and are high on drugs. Speaking of drugs... Blah! Hate these things and would do anything to get off them! Otherwise, last night was a peach compared to my first night. I wasn't able to sleep too well, but didn't have any pain. Just planning on sleeping a lot today to catch up. I am super swollen already, my angles are like sausages! I am happy with my results and can't see that changing. Just so happy to have made it out safe from surgery and not to have a pouch anymore! Emotionally miss the kids but not enough to want to be around screaming children right now. Mother in law
Is taking such good care of me. Take care everyone. Okay, just realized I have no idea where to add new photos... Anyone?

Uurghh, so frustrating! Don't even have the option...

Uurghh, so frustrating! Don't even have the option o add a pic!

Hey everyone, so ya, ipads do not let you upload...

Hey everyone, so ya, ipads do not let you upload pictures, and I finally got up to the computer today. I am happy to say that I have been off of drugs for over 24 hours now. Yesterday morning at 6 a.m I took my last one. I couldn't bear shaking and wanting to puke anymore and am simply on extra strength tylenol, this of course makes me waay more stiff than I would be but the pain is manegeable. My husband arrived to take care of me late last night and of course has been such a big help. He walked in to the room as said "let me see it!" like a little school boy. He thinks it looks great and for that I am glad.
Because today I showered. And he had to help. I am much more swollen today than yesterday when the picture was taken, and it feels sooo soo weird to take the binder off. Not to all, my binder was too tight after surgery and my neck was really really sore. Like shooting pain sore until the nurse and I thought of opening it up and reajusting. What relief! Now I am careful not to put it too tight as my neck gets sore right away if it is.
So, of course I am wondering if I am much more swollen than I should be as I do not feel I can sit in old clothes or underwear yet. But I am patient and am happy and glad for the LEAPS and BOUNDS i make everyday. I couldn't even describe the scene yesterday for me, shaking and convulsing with my arms wrapped around a puke bucket and sweat pouring off of me as I got off the drugs. I would go from that to asleep .. all day! Today I have makeup on!
Anyways, I need to get up and move around. thank you to everyone who supported me and sent me wished in my surgery. I feel I have made such friends on here. Can't wait to follow all of you as I sit in bed and go over all your posts!
I'll keep you posted and put up more pictures maybe tomorrow.

Okay, hey everyone, feeling much better taday,...

Okay, hey everyone, feeling much better taday, even though i had quite a bit of nerve pain last night I was still able to get my on a couple extra strength tylenol in the night and a heating pad. I feel like a stuffed sausage today, I think my swelling gets a bit worse everyday and my mood gets better everyday too, so I am not too worried about being swollen, as I know it will go down and it is simply my body's way of dealing with all of this.
The numbness is weird. I can feel myself touching my belly but can't feel the fingers. Creapy. I posted some pics of me this morning, I am felling happy with my results and can't wait to get better and better.
But it is officially time to go home. I want to be home. 2 more days and we will be, but all this sitting around with no commotion around me is BORING! Please feel free to keep in touch and ask questions as I have nothing really to do and love hearing from everyone. Hope everyone is well!

Hey everyone! So nice to hear all of you P.O are...

Hey everyone! So nice to hear all of you P.O are doing well. I am finally home! Yay, my son ran to me at the airport (he's only 2) and I have NEVER seen him so happy. The flight was good, felt a bit of pulling from the drains but nothing bad.
I had my P.O visit yesterday with my PS and he gave me the go ahead to head on home. He was so pleased with my results and we all joked about how much skin was removed. (yuck) he said it was "substantial" but I knew it would be. He showed me how to "milk" the drains, it sounds so gross and kinda grosses me out, but he showed me how to suction the blood through incase of small clots. Which came in handy today as there were a few.
I can't wait to go back the next time and show him the results!
Anyone else thinking of getting a tattoo over their scar?
Anyways, I am just sitting here kinda pouting from the fact that everyone is at my daughters FIRST christmas concert ever and I am laying here in bed. Bwahahahah, emotional mother.
Take care everyone!!

Okay, you've been asking for pics so here they...

Okay, you've been asking for pics so here they are!!! I started to get some weird pimples kinda a few days ago on my stomach, but they are going down now, you can still kinda see the red on my stomach. From the looks of the pictures, my scar looks uneven, although it doesn't look this way to me in the mirror, I think the way I was angled.
Okay, I am SOOOO happy. I got my drains out yesterday. Praise the Lord, it felt weird, a bit of a burning sensation at the opening, but overall was not half as bad as I thought. I leaked yesterday for a while, but it has stopped now.
For an update... I am walking fully straight and even able to bend my back to stretch out, I sleep full stretched all night and can even turn on my side and a bit on my belly. I feel no pain except I feel a bit stiff, as though I worked out too hard or something.
My husband keeps going banana's when he sees me and he keeps saying how good it feels to see me laying with my belly out instead of hiding it. I feel like I look the same as the other pictures but I am less swollen.
We had my son's 2nd birthday yesterday and everyone wanted to see. It was great. I cheated and lifted my son a few times now, but tried my best to use my arms and back mostly.
Overall I feel amazing. I peaked at the scar under the tape and it is so tiny and smooth, can't wait to get the tape off.
Hope everyone is doing well and thank you to everyone who has followed and supported my journey. I so enjoy reading all your posts and comments! Take Care and my prayers to everyone.

Okay, to keep it short, Every pain, leak, pull, I...

Okay, to keep it short, Every pain, leak, pull, I wonder if it's normal. But thanks to you all, and all your posts I keep reminding myself I am normal!!! And also feel like I can't complain about anything these days thinking of all the horror that is in the world right now. I am blessed to kiss my kids and whatever happens with my stomach, whether the scar is straight, whether I can't heal as fast as I want.... and all the other things you obsess over when life is good, doesn't matter. Hope everyone is well today and being grateful for all we have!

Hey everyone! So sorry it took so long to post...

Hey everyone! So sorry it took so long to post again, I have JUST gotten over the worst flue of my life, and never became so close with the toilet bowl as I did for 24 hours. Not hat you all really care about my puke, but puking after surgery... YUK! I thought I was going to die everytime I heaved. And two days later, I now have a head cold followed by sneezing 10X in a row every 10 minutes. Can't win right now. But otherwise, I will post some more pics later today as I look fabulous! Everything is starting to really take shape and I feel supper skinny even though I stuff myself with Christmas baking every hour!
Hope you are all feeling great and had a merry christmas, and hope your new year brings much happiness!

Hello my old friends! How time flies after...

Hello my old friends! How time flies after surgery, especially when it's one thing after the other. Although I have vowed after all the horror that happens in the world to try and complain less about the small things... I want to burst with complaints about my health these days! After the holidays, to put it nicely everything went to shit. I had a terribe sinus infection, that led to 2 rounds of antibiotics... and wasn't even done those when I recieved the wonderfull gift from my sister of pink eye. But not just any pink eye, oh no, it had to be the worst o it's kind that she brought back from Haiti with her! What a nice sister. Just as soon as I thought I was about to see the light at the end of the tunnel, I woke up yesterday with it in the other eye! On top of it all my we can list of 3 ear infections for my kids and trying to keep the house completely sanitized because if one of my kids gets this pink eye, oh my lord save us all! FEW... was tat considered complaining? Hehehe, of corse it was! On the bright side I feel better now after saying all of that and things could be worse.
So here I am updating everyone on my progress. Everything with my surgery went so well, I have been laying on my stomach now for about a week, it feels really tight when I do it thoough, my scar is a bit crooked but I don't mind as I am going to tatoo over it anyways. I can see less and less swelling all the time and look forward to working out soon!
I havn't really changed my clohes yet as I am waiting to work out a bit to buy some new clothes for the summer.
Absolutely everyday I say to myself that it was the best decision I ever made. I never regreted it once. And I looked at my before yesterday and WOW, what reassurance!
Anyways, I have to run, sorry the pics are grainy, this damn computer camera is the $hits!
Hope everyone, is healing well, and to my old friends on here, I still keep up and love reading posts! Drop me a line ANYTIME!
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