Tummy Tuck with MR after 4 kids/ 33 years old.

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I am very nervous about the magnitude of this...

I am very nervous about the magnitude of this procedure, but I have also had 2 c-sections and have had breast lift with augmentation done by this doctor before so I have no anxieties about his work or after care.

I am however super nervous about the recovery. Yes I've survived 2 c-sections but it was by no means fun or easy. This brings about some nerves about the recovery. But I'm confident in my Dr.'s skill and I know the after care will be amazing as well.

Getting closer to the actual 1 month mark. Nerves. Preparation.

So my surgery is booked for April 15th. I am getting nervous now. I've been trying to drop a few more inches and really tone up my buttocks and legs. The problem is that most of these exercises require proper form/ core strength in order to get the best results and minimize injury. So once again, my goals are impeded by my ability to hold myself in correct form. Ah well. That's the goal here, and the reason I'm going ahead with this. So that I can do what I love, which is work out without injuring myself, feel good about pushing my body to new limits and be happy with the result.

On another note, I've started to stock up on Organic Pineapple juice. I know that it helped a ton with my breast procedure. I had little to no bruising and healed rather quickly. I've stocked up on Granny panties, and my clinic provides one compression garment. Should I get another? Which one do you all recommend? Also, I got a quote for a hospital bed and shower chair. Next on my list is vitamin E oil, Lavender Oil and Shea butter for sore back muscles. I still have a few zip up Moo-moos from my c-section recovery. Still lots to get on the list: Arnica, Silicone sheets, stool softeners, etc.

Oh, and I'm completely hugging and coddling my twins so much more now, as I know it will be a while of no lifting them. They are BIG! 22 & 25lbs....

I got my taxes out of the way and a few other business related odds and ends are being tied up. SO much to do, and trying to think of little things that I might miss, so as to get it all done in advance. My girlfriend of 18 years is coming to stay with me for the first week, and my mom for the second. Still trying to find someone to help me out for the 3rd and 4th week until I'm cleared to lift my giants.

I will take some before pictures tomorrow and upload.
Am I supposed to be stopping all abdominal work within a certain amount of time before my procedure?

Thank you for reading my update. Pics soon, I promise.


Date Moved. New date: April 16th.

I am starting to get nervous. I still haven't booked my bed! My mom is lending me her commode and shower chair, so no need to rent those. I'm always glad to be saving some cash. To be honest I haven't had much time to read the posts and reviews, but I can tell you that I am so grateful that there IS a community like this. I'll be revising my list again this weekend.

Workout routine: came to a screeching halt as of last week due to knee and back pain but I've continued to eat well and came down another 2 lbs. I would like to come down to 125 by my big day. Right now I'm sitting at 127lbs.

Another positive, my aunty flo seems to be settling into a proper cycle finally. I am so glad that it will be at least 9 days post op before she shows her face. Hopefully I will have my tubes out by then.....

I guess some more pics are in order, and a new bikini too.

I'm just a bag of nerves!

Some pics taken last week.

So here I am at almost 8 months post c-section/ twin pregnancy.

Front view one month pre-op.

Final consult before the big day!

I went for my pre-op today. It's starting to feel real to me now. I'm a bag of nerves but not afraid. I honestly feel like my doctor and his staff are like family. They are so down to earth, funny, and really just put me at ease. We took pictures today and I already know that if I'm having any doubts on the morning of, seeing that enormous photo on screen will get rid of any nerves post haste! Today we went over arrival, procedure, post op recovery (what to expect, what to wear pack/ wear etc), risks, and how my hernia may or may not be addressed depending on what Dr. finds when I'm all opened up. It's pretty small and may not need much done to it. The diastasis on the other hand is pretty significant when standing up, but not so bad when lying down. He's expecting a great turnout since there 's not much to me aside from the tummy and my skin is pretty lax.

I booked my hospital bed today. It will be in my dining room so that I can still be a part of the daytime activities but will be tucked away neatly from the center of it all.

My only concern at this point is how the kids will manage when mommy isn't able to pick them up for the first 3 weeks. I did explain to my doctor today that they're about 20lbs each and he did say that I should be okay to lift them by 3 weeks post, just not to overdo it.

I confirmed my bestie will be staying with me to help out for the first 7-10 days. My mom is on deck for week 2. I haven't lined up week 3 yet but I have saved some cash for a nanny or housekeeper just in case I can't lock someone down. I think If I let Mom go home for about 2-3 days to straighten out her ends she'll be back....

So no vitamin E, Advil, Naproxen etc from here on in. Although my doctor advised me it's best to lose as much weight as possible before the procedure, I think I'm going to cut down my strenuous cardio HiiT program. I just don't want any injuries or soreness before my big day. I'll be sticking to my Shakeology and pretty much "If it fits your macros" (IIFYM) until then. I'm already only 2 lbs away from my target and I'm okay with where I'm at.

On another note, How awesome is it that a FULL un-interrupted night's sleep is just around the corner? My facility keeps you overnight on the first day, and the private nurses will help me with my first shower before checking me out! I have a sneaky feeling that dear Hubby will have a greater sense of appreciation for just how much I actually WERK my arse off with these kids during the day. I do expect it to be somewhat disorganized but I plan to do as much prep-work to cut down on the panic factor for him. Things left to do: Costco run for baby supplies, Launder and lay out kids clothing for the week (can be done closer to the date), Bullet a variety of baby food combos and freeze, Make 2 lasagnes and pot of chili/ soup & freeze them, fill prescriptions (closer to date), get another compression garment & order scar gel in advance.... Pretty sure I'm leaving some out.

Anyway that's it for me for now. Thank you for taking the time to read my updates :)

Nerves! GAH!

I think it really just hit me. I am going under the knife again! To say I'm nervous would be the understatement of the year. So far I've done as much laundry and spring cleaning as I could. Next is to pack my overnight bag and make and freeze as much baby food as I can in advance (Thank God for my baby bullet).

Help is lined up for the next 3 weeks and I am actually secretly glad that summer is taking so long to get here. That way while I'm laid up in recovery I'm not missing too much nice weather. By the time summer makes it's appearance, I'll be up, walking, and hopefully not too puffy.

First day back at home.

I made it y'all! Yay! Gee, no way to really sum up how I'm feeling. Relieved, excited, exhausted and in pain. It was really tough not being able to hold my babies today, and I imagine I'll struggle with that the most.

I'm so loopy right now from meds that I can barely type this post, but I wanted to check in and let you know I made it and am doing well. I did manage to get a few photos before the swelling kicked in, so I will upload those in the morning.

For now I just wanted to say what a wonderful experience it's been so far with Dr. Tong and his fabulous team.

Can't wait to fill you in with details tomorrow.


Day 2, Feeling pretty good.

So today I'm feeling pretty good. The morning was a bit rough, and aside from a few minor concerns that my Dr. addressed for me over the phone, I'm feeling really positive. I was worried about my tummy being so numb, and a little bit of lumpiness, but other than that, things seem to be going well. I even managed to have a fairly normal BM, which I didn't think would happen until day 3 or 4. I started taking my stool softeners the night before my surgery and have been drinking plenty of water.

I must say this hunching over stuff is doing a number on my back. Not being able to hold my babies is harder than I thought it would be, but thankfully they have each other to keep them distracted.

Here's a day one pic. This was before the swelling began.

First shower. I thought I died, lol.

So why did I overlook all the reviews where everyone said their first shower would be like climbing mount Everest??? First of all, when the compression garment came off previously, I was laying down. So to be standing up without it on just felt like all my guts were going to spill right out. Not to mention I tried to sit up today and must have twisted the wrong way or something and the pain from that just magnified when the garment came off. I began worrying that I pulled a muscle? I did speak to my Dr. on Friday and he assured me that if I pulled a muscle I would know for sure, without a doubt and the pain would be intolerable. So that kind of puts me at ease that I didn't go and undo his work and pop something. I mean it hurts pretty mean at moments but at others it's not so bad. I guess I just need to be more careful sitting up, and rest some more.

So back to the shower. Hubby was a trooper and practically handled me like a wet tissue, was very careful and tender. But man, oh man! Was that ever tiring! I made sure to take my pain meds a good half hour before so it wouldn't be so bad, but when it was over I hunched over in my bed, closed my eyes for a bit and thought I really died. It hurt sooooooo much!

Lesson learned: to Percocets for the next shower I attempt, AND It may just be sponge baths and wet wipes till these tubes come out. Geez! Oh, and DO NOT take that garment off unless I am lying propped up on something at least resembling a bed.

Right now I am so glad we spent the extra money and got me the remote controlled hospital bed!

Until next time,

A very swollen and sore TMT.

I have been a patient of this doctor before for a complete breast lift with implants. The results were amazing, and his bedside manner was just amazing. My breasts were extremely saggy, droopy and to top it off lopsided. My initial consultation was very reassuring. There was no question too silly to ask, and Dr. Tong had a great sense of humor when handling my list of concerns. Dr. Tong helped me select the best implant for my desired look, and kept it really honest with me when I wanted something over the top. In the end, I am so glad that I did not go with the bigger size and trusted his skill. Dr. Tong does not just look at the procedure you're wanting at the moment. He takes your entire physical make-up into consideration, and took the time to ask me if I would be considering any future procedures and then provided his best advice. (At the time I had a pretty significant diastasis from my now 3 year old. I told him that I knew I would be back for a Tummy Tuck but wanted to wait until I was sure that I was done having children). ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Dr. Tong is graceful and able to articulate his professional opinion without offending. The clinic staff was very professional yet down to earth and warm. Everyone in his care team put me at ease every step of the way. They have become like family to me through this process. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Three years, a surprise twin pregnancy, and an even bigger distasis later: After having my second c-section in 3 years, and delivering two very large babies (39 weeks gestation) My abdomen was obliterated. I knew immediately that I was going back to my Yorkville Plastic Surgery family and did not even bother to consult another doctor. I lost all of my post partum weight and have a very narrow waist and hips, but this basketball would just not go away. Being a fitness enthusiast I knew that certain core targeting exercises could actually Strengthen my gap where it was and make it tougher to close. Other core conditioning treatments were only so effective on my super gap. It was never a question in my mind that once I had done my best on my own, I would be back to the skillful hands of Dr. Tong. Not only did I have more than a 4 finger gap, but my fascia was also unusually thin and quite tricky. Dr. Tong's skill was the White Horse Rider once again, as he was able to repair my super tricky tummy. Based on our talks post op, my case was quite unique and a fairly rare challenge. Well based on my outcome I would never know it. Similar to my breasts, my tummy was in really rough shape. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ I'm beyond thrilled with the outcome and it's only been one week so far. The results are so drastic that my husband even joked about Dr. Tong being a Sorcerer because my results could not be from surgery alone! I cannot say enough about Dr. Tong's skill and expertise. Overall, I would give Dr. Tong and his staff 10 stars if this rating system allowed. I have, and continue to refer anyone I know even considering plastic and cosmetic procedures. My only disappointment is that I am so thrilled with my new body that I cannot foresee needing to return for any procedures in the near future. Thankfully Dr. Tong's team is so accommodating and warm that I feel comfortable just dropping a call to say hello. Sincerely Thrilled, TwinMomToronto

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