Is There Hope for Me or Should I Just Live with It? - Toronto, Canada

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So 2 weeks ago I got my shoulder done as a cover...

So 2 weeks ago I got my shoulder done as a cover up for an old tattoo and the day after I got the one below it. I was suppose to be doing a 3q sleeve but the moment I saw the 2 together I nearly had a heart attack. I'm not used to seeing so much ink and I don't think I like it. Both where done so well by a very good artist but I hate the fact that no matter what I ware all you see is tattoo, and I'm feeling a little trashy. I am not sure if I should leave it the way it is or remove the lower one ( if even possible) and fade/ cover up the shoulder price with something similar to what was there originally.

What hope is there for my lower piece to be removed completely? It's all black.

Please help, I was such a happy person before a week ago, I am now so depressed and hate showing myself in public when I used to being someone who doesn't ware much when it comes to summer time!

My wife said I'm being crazy and it's all so gorgeous and looks amazing on my arm, but then why am I having such a hard time excepting something I thought I wanted so bad?

New outlook

So I have been doing some thinking and I think I'm just going to enjoy my ink and get it removed slowly. After all its very good work and I should be proud of it. I don't want to damage my skin and I don't want to ruin my summer and my Labour job so I'm going to do 1 treatment in a few weeks and and watch it fade for 4 or 5 months while I enjoy my summer and soak in the sun, then start going every 3 months soon as the fall comes and hopefully I will be done before next summer but if not then I will take the next summer off again to enjoy it :)

Had my consultation

So I went to my consult with the top clinic in Toronto for tattoo removal. I had nothing but good news, I must point out that the place I am going to is tattoo removal only, an X tattoo artist, uses the best laser the quanta q c plus and is known for being brutally honest during the consults with high ratings from several several people. I was told they can't make 100% guarantees because they just don't, but the tech said he is 99.9% sure he is going to get it out completely without any issues. He pointed out the following. ..
- a very good spot for removal
- the technique from the artist was very lightly done and is not deep at all ( almost as if it was being sketched on a piece of paper)
- little to no saturation anywhere
- can tell the needle that was mainly used was a very thin Guage as the lines are extremely thin
- no that much ink was used and was not layered anywhere except a little bit on the eyebrow
- no scaring anywhere on my tattoo
- can tell I heal extremely fast as he was surprised at how much it healed in just 3 weeks of having it
- perfect skin type

They say that if you are to get a tattoo removed this is the best tattoo to get removed and they wish they could trade me for the ones they have/had haha. The quoted me 10 sessions 6 week intervals as he said that is the average number. Could be more could be less depends on my body. He sated that he will be surprised if i blister at all and that i only have to cover it a week befor and a week after and then after that just put a good spf on and i can go in the sun :D. He went on to say that in the years of them doing this, this is the top 2 best tattoos that they have had come to them and the other was also a portrait that literally disappeared in less then a year, and mine will be the same if not better. They also pointed out the fact that I am a bodybuilder, don't drink smoke, take extremely good care of my body it's going to be really fast only downfall is I I shouldn't do any competitions during the time it's being removed due to the fact that I have to be completely diluted when I step on stage and he wants as much water in me as possible all the time, oh well gives me more time to grow.

extremely happy now and I can't wait to get this thing off me now :D
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