6 Month Old Tat, Need to Get This off my Arm! Toronto, ON

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So I got a tattoo roughly 6 months ago, it wasn't...

So I got a tattoo roughly 6 months ago, it wasn't an impulse decision I've always wanted to get some ink. I thought about it and it's meaning (for my twin) for some time.. The second I got tatted I was completely depressed, couldn't eat, sleep,etc.... Stop going to the gym.... The placement was way off and didn't turn out the way I expected it too, just doesn't flow as I would have liked it too... What are my chances of getting this removed? It's mostly black and grey shade work with minimal white detail work... I've found this website very helpful reading other people's reviews so that's why I decided to make my own.... Look forward to any advice or tips from the community! I just want this off my arm!

Rough day....

I wish I could go back in time and tell myself not to ruin my arm!!! :( Every time I see pictures of me without ink I get depressed, trying to stay positive through this lengthy journey but it's difficult at times.... I get others have bigger issues than a tat (illness, debts, etc..) but this has been affecting me dramatically! Ughhh hopefully things will turn around soon one I begin removal, checking out a few local shops today. I'll keep everyone posted, may upload a few more pics aswell!!

Pretty down about my tat tonight....

Honestly guys, what are my chances for removal or drastic fading? I want to begin laser removal asap but I think it will take years to remove this, which is making me feel depressed right now.. Ughhh

Soo I think i'm finally beginning laser treatment in January!

Excited, but I know its going to be a long journey ahead..

Question. What do you guys honestly think of my tat? Curious

Well finally made a decision...

So I am 100% going to get this tat removed, Ive thought deeply about it over this past month. I found a really talented realism artist that said he would put me down on his wait list for a cover up or whatever.. I'm really contiplating excision if that's possible? I wouldn't mind a neat, straight cut scar that would be tatted over anyways with some professional work. I just don't know if I can handle two years + laser removal.. Thoughts anyone? Thanks! :)

I'm finally going for it!

After all this time, contemplating my options I've finally booked my first laser session on February 5th! I'm pretty stoked to finally begin treatments. I'm going for full removal for now, but I have a really good realism artist lined up if that cannot be achieved. Anyways I'll be sharing pics etc after my 1st session! Cheers friends!
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