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I am 42, 5'6, 133pds. Work out 3-4 times a...

I am 42, 5'6, 133pds. Work out 3-4 times a week and eat well (for the most part-who invented doughnuts?!). I had smart lipo done Jan. 6th, 2011 on my inner thighs, outer thighs, knees, stomach and arms. Although it seems a lot, it was a little bit in each area.

The doctor and staff were (and continue to be) very helpful and friendly. Its one week out and I dont see much difference. When I measured, Im about half an inch less then when I went in and in some area there is no change. My swelling (to me) seems to be almost gone though the pain is still there and seems to have gotten worse over the last 2 days. Burning and pulling in the legs. I also have those "bumps" on my stomach and am fretting that I have made a mistake and they wont go away. I was told to massage the area 10 times a day, for 4-5min. Thank goodness for this site as some have mentioned getting a handheld massager ultrasonic and infared (which I ordered today).

My pics from before and after dont show much change at all except for more cellulite. As you can see/read I have little to no patience. If not for this site, I think I may have been crying into my cups for the past week.

Thanks everyone! Ill keep you posted and show pics soon.

So it has been 3 weeks. All bruising is gone and...

So it has been 3 weeks. All bruising is gone and the pain is minimal (feel it most getting out of bed in the mornings). I went for a lymphatic massage and that was nice but not sure if it helped any.

The bumps on my stomach are going down a very little bit but more are emerging both on my stomach and on my legs. Also my left leg is way more defined then the right. It also shows from the behind. The left side is smooth and firm where the right side seems dimpily and fatty still.

The doctor said to give it more time. I have had proceedures done in the past and everytime they tell me to wait it never resolves and they have to do a touch up. However, the admin person indicated that the doctor is a perfectionist and anything that is still wrong in 3 months he will fix. Even if he could see it wasnt healing right or not enough was taken out, the doctor wouldn't fix anything until the 3 month mark.

Im off to Mexico next week (was going to go Lake Tahoe but my knees still hurt a bit to ski) to take my mind off things. I have also booked in for Velashape once a week at my local medical spa for the bumps.

As far as inches are concerned, I have not lost any more then I did the first day I measured after the SL. Still pretty much a half an inch to an inch all round (could have just dieted hard for week!)and have lost one pound.

So the jury is still out.

So its been a month now and Im still not sure the...

So its been a month now and Im still not sure the money is worth the result.

On the plus side, I fit into all my "small" jeans (you know the ones way up high in your closet that you only fit into when you had a bout of sickness or dieted hard for a month and lost 5 pds.)and all my fitted dresses. My shape has also changed for the better. My behind is rounder and more lifted and my arms and legs are slimmer.

One the down side, I went shopping yesterday and while trying on a dress with high heels, the sales lady asked if I had hurt my knees. Looking down I saw that my kness had numerous bumps the size of eggs on them. Needless to say I was so embrassed, I quickly changed and left the store. And yes, I had a little cry in the car on the way home.

I called the doctor (he must think Im the worst patient ever by now) and he said it was swelling and would go away. He mentioned again that anything "not right" at the 3-4 month mark he will fix and that the downtime, if any, would be only a week, as it was small pockets of fat that were not settling correctly.

So, I have changed the vacation back to Lake Tahoe as my "old lady bumpy knees" will not be seen in public for awhile.

I have gone for my 4 month check up and the bumps...

I have gone for my 4 month check up and the bumps have not gone away or diminshed in size. I am going for a touch up (Tuesday-April 26th)on my stomach, one leg, two knees and one arm. I am not looking forward to it at all. I dont want the pain and to do the recovery all over again but I dont have a choice. I cant live with bumps everywhere or never to wear a bikini again.

Going into this surgery, my weight will be 131 and I have lost 1-2 inches in most places. I will post before and after pics again.

Would I do this again???...... I still honestly dont know. I look great in clothes but terrible out of them. I think Ill start working on my vanity after this and trying to let go of this need to be....

Photo Update

So I have gone for my second SL to get rid of the...

So I have gone for my second SL to get rid of the unevenness in my leg, redo my knees, my stomach bumps and one arm. It has been one week and I see a great improvement on the contour of my leg. My knees and arm look and measure the same. The bumps on my stomach have been reduced about 50% but Im hoping they will go away completely in time. Im really getting tired of massaging!

The recovery this time was a breeze. The first couple of days were painful but by the third day I was driving and doing most things. I have little pain now but still have to wear the garment for one more week.

I have determined that the surgery did change my shape. After going through all my clothes, I have found dresses and outfits fit wonderfully whereas they did not before.

I think SL as with any cosmetic surgery is a work in process, like getting your hair done. Sometimes it perfect but other times you have to go a couple of times to get it to your definition of "right".

Its been 3.5 months since my second surgery. ...

Its been 3.5 months since my second surgery. Although I mentioned before that my stomach was 50% better it turned out just to be swelling. My stomach still has bumps and I havent been able to wear a bikini this summer. My swelling on my knees went down... and down and down and now I have a divet in one and both look like too much fat was taken out. My one legs looks slightly better. All in all, not good.

I havent seen the doctor since the one week post check up as Im not sure I want him touching me again or here his platitudes that "these things happen".

I am currently looking into seeing another doctor to fix my problems but am gun shy. If anyone has a good recommendation for a person in the Toronto area, I would greatly appreciate it. (I will post new pics soon)

Soooooo, the saga continues. I went back to the...

Soooooo, the saga continues. I went back to the first PS for my last check up. He said he could fix my bumps and indents in an hour. So he froze me up (with a local) and apparently fixed them. The experience was uncomfortable and becasue I dont like needles I cried through the whole thing like a baby. (I suck! - no pain tolerance whatsoever). That was yesterday (Aug 11) and there is little to no pain today - just a bit sore.

Let us all keep our fingers crossed that the 3rd time is a charm. Again, I would only do this again if it was a very small area.

After the 3rd operation (2 months ago), things are...

After the 3rd operation (2 months ago), things are a bit better but still not perfect. I will hold for 6 months to let everything settle and then visit 3-4 doctors to get their opinion. If anyone knows a "great" on in the Toronto area, please let me know. I have added more photos.

Ironically, I am having the indents on my stomach...

Ironically, I am having the indents on my stomach filled in today with fat. Cross your fingers that the 4th time is the charm!!

Well, its been two months since they tried the fat...

Well, its been two months since they tried the fat injections. The first month was great and it seemed to have worked wonderfully. However, after the swelling went down and I returned to working out, the dents are back. Not as deep, but still there for everyone to see. The doctor is going to try some skin tightening machine next month. I forgot to ask if it will be painful. I certainly hope not. More finger crossing!!!!

So where did we leave the story.... ah yes.....

So where did we leave the story.... ah yes...bumpiness. My inner thighs are getting a bit better with a lot of exercise, skin tightening and fat depositing naturally back. My dent above my knee has gone due to injected fat. My stomach is still bumpy. I have tried Palamore (spl?) and Venus (form of vela) and am now trying Accent to help tighten the area though I believe I will have to go for another fat injection operation to fix the problem this fall. All in all, I would never do this again. I now envy those who may have more fat but have smooth skin. I think people are looking and whispering when I wear a bikini at the beach. For those of you thinking to do it, make sure your skin has a lot of elasticity to bounce back. If not, wrinkles you never had before and saggy, uneven, bumpy skin which looks worse then cellulite. Ill write again nearer christmas to continue the saga.... Big hugs to everyone!

After my last surgery (6th-7th?) with regular...

After my last surgery (6th-7th?) with regular lipo, my body is pretty much fixed. The last remaining bumps will be reduced with cortisone shots. My legs are evened out, my stomach is back to where it was before the 1st surgery as time and age has returned the weight I wanted removed. All in all, I am now happy with my body and wish I had never started on this SL journey. I have posted my most recent pics. Good luck to you all.
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He seems very nice and friendly but my results even after a second surgery were not good. After the third they were marginally better.

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