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I will make un update tomorrow!!! I deamed about...

I will make un update tomorrow!!! I deamed about this surgery since I was 12, always hated my nose, even though I never concidered myself as un ugly person. Hopefully everything will go well, and I'll be hapily sharing my beautifull pictures of my "new cute nose" with you.

Sorry for all the misspellings in the previous...

Sorry for all the misspellings in the previous comment, I was so sure that I will have a chance to change it, but unfortunately I can't. Anyways, posting few pics. Can't see the huge difference yet.

7 days after surgery (nose is still very swollen,...

7 days after surgery (nose is still very swollen, even hurts when I touch it. To be honest I'm not very satisfied with the results, I wanted completely different profile, and my doctor new this. Now, after 7 days I can definitely tell that I didn't get the profile I wanted, and even with the swelling going down and changes that could happen - it will not become what I was expecting. But in general, I think doctor did a very good job, nose appears straight and bump is removed.)

Today is my 19th day after surgery. And it’s...

Today is my 19th day after surgery. And it’s just crazy how my nose is changing every day! Most of all - front, it’s just shrinking and shrinking, and becomes less painful. But the tip of the nose is still very swollen, and numb, very hard on the touch. But the most surprisingly for me was my profile, it’s changing too!! It makes me very happy and more confident in final results. I haven’t started any physical activities yet (ex. gym), because the bridge of the nose still hurts when I run or jump. Also can’t put glasses on, yet. Still sneezing through my mouth, and I do sneeze a lot. Also my nose is peeling every day, I found out it’s due to swelling in the mornings. I still don’t drink alcohol, and not planning for few more weeks, as I found out it can increase swelling, and I don’t want to risk it. Advise: be patient.

Almost one and a half month after the surgery, I...

Almost one and a half month after the surgery, I understood that it takes so much time to heal.


Updated on Oct 8, 2010:


It was a very long process until I actually decided to do the surgery. I didn’t like my nose since I was a child, it was long, had a hump, droopy tip, and on my opinion was too big for my face. Also I had deviated septum, which was causing breathing problems. Don’t remember anybody ever making fun of me, but I definitely was always concern about it. But I’m pretty sure that my nose was still growing and changing until I was 22-23, (so I would strongly advise all young girls not to consider plastic surgery earlier).
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When I was 23, that’s when I decided to start doing researches about rhinoplasty. I read any possible website and any possible story; I looked through hundreds of before-after picture, and favourite noses of my favourite movie stars. Last September (2009) was my first consultation with Dr. R and in general it was my first consultation with any plastic surgeon, and right away I knew that he will be the doctor who I’ll allow to perform the surgery on my nose. Just as a check I met with few more doctors, also I have a good friend who had rhinoplasty few years ago, and I met with her doctor. But I didn’t trust any of them as much as I did Dr. R. R. However I booked my surgery almost a year later. Due to the fact that all my friend were against the surgery, my parents and especially my boyfriend, that’s why it took so much time to convince them that it’s something I really wanted for a fair amount of time, and also I had to convince myself that I actually need this surgery.

I remember that day of the surgery, I almost cried and I felt like I’m doing the biggest mistake in my life, and I have a great nose, nothing wrong with me, and never anyone called me ugly, quite the opposite – I was always considered as a beautiful girl. That day was very emotional, and I remember my doctor convinced me of doing a different profile of my nose from what I actually wanted, but at that moment I didn’t care anymore, I just wanted it to be over.

It truly is not as painful as I was imagining, but as many people saying that the whole process is amazing – no!! For sure not! Just after the surgery (2-3 days) it’s the worst period, you try to see the nose under the cast, trying to imagine how it is going to look. Then when they cast was removed, I felt so depressed, even though I’m very positive person; and I didn’t show this feeling to anybody, because when I would even try to say that it’s not what I wanted, all what I would hear “but they told you, you have to wait and it will be changing” but you feel that you know better, and it’s definitely not what you wanted.

One month later, my nose is still swollen, and it even hurts, because I looked at my self in the mirror every day, it feels like it not changing at all. But then I would compare pictures from today and a week before, what a difference (!!) and pictures helps a lot!

I have no complications, my surgeon truly did an amazing job, I feel so sorry for those folks that spend all those money and all those emotions and at the end it was just a disaster. In my case, I got a great nose, which is straight, bump is removed, tip is elevated. When I’m looking at the picture of what I wanted and what I actually got, it’s amazing how close those images are. But even until now I still have this very weird feeling that it’s not what I wanted and my nose looks completely different from what I expected. If I could turn time back, I would still do this surgery, definitely (!), because I do like my new nose. But I wouldn’t put that much hopes, I wouldn’t tell all my friends that I’m doing rhinoplasty and ask them to help me to choose the new nose (which I definitely didn’t get, and now many of my friends asking me “why you didn’t do that nose that we picked together”, or “I really can’t see the difference”). And the day before the surgery I wouldn’t tell everybody “next time you see me, please call me Megan Fox”. hehe, how silly was that. Now, if I would do it again, I would do this surgery only for myself.

So my conclusion is: if you want to do the surgery for your self, to boost your self confidence (you have very crooked nose), to fix your breathing – than do it. But if you want to impress others (which was probably in my case), and you are beautiful girl but feel that you would be even more beautiful if you’ll do it - then definitely not or at least please think once again.

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