Rhinoplasty/Septoplasty, Cast is off & SO HAPPY! Why didn't I do this sooner? Totally 100% WORTH IT! - Toronto, ON

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Hello All! I joined this site on a few days...

Hello All!

I joined this site on a few days ago, and today was my first day post op (day 1 of my recovery). I've wanted my nose done since the age of 12, and finally all the factors (being 100% sure, timing, money) came together.

The surgery wasn't bad, and the post pain is a breeze, however the swelling has been quite a challenging! Last night (the day of my surgery) I started to balloon up, mainly around my cheeks, eyes, and between my eyebrows. My surgeon warned me before hand given our procedure, he would expect a lot of swelling (Open Rhinoplasty, fracturing the bone, shaving the bump, sewing the side cartilage to contour my nose, drop the tip, slightly narrow the tip), NOT A WALK IN THE PARK! ;)

I know my poor face probably took a beating, and it is only my first day of recovery so I'm going to give it some time. Overall things are going well, my nose doesn't look too swollen and I already love the tip! I'm getting my cast off on Monday, I will keep you posted on my progress w/ the swelling. For now I shall ice & elevate!

Forgot to mention they also evened out the size of...

Forgot to mention they also evened out the size of nostrils to match!

So today is day 2 post op, the swelling isn't as...

So today is day 2 post op, the swelling isn't as bad as yesterday (my eyes, between eyebrows are still very swollen) & the bruising is lightening up. Today when I woke up I began to manually clean my eyes when I noticed the far corners of my eyeballs had broken the blood vessels (I had to pull my swollen eyes back to notice it, thats how swollen they were waking up). My right eye isn't as bad as my left, my left eye bruised instantly after surgery and has been way more intense. The broken blood vessels in my right eye have calmed down, but the left one still looks pretty rough. I'm going to start taking Arnica today (both topically and supplements) to try to subdue a bit of the swelling (I really should have started taking it 2 weeks prior, no idea why I didn't!). Hopefully it will only get better from here!
Jo :)

So today is day 3 post op, swelling is slowly but...

So today is day 3 post op, swelling is slowly but surely residing. I get my cast off tomorrow, which means I'll only be wearing my cast for 4 full days (I thought that was a little short, but my P.S thinks it will be fine). I'm expecting it to swell a lot once it comes off (given how much my face swelled, & it seems to be a common thing when your cast comes off) So I'm just going to keep calm, get rest, take arnica, eat pineapple, and be very patient. :)

So tomorrow is my cast reveal! I'm getting better...

So tomorrow is my cast reveal! I'm getting better by the hour, the swelling has gone way down & I no longer look like a character off of Star Trek (lol seriously). I started taking Arnica orally (I know I'm super late -- it's post op day 3) and putting the gel on my eyes from time to time (I'm not too crazy about the gel, it's drying and kinda stings). I was able to take my bandage under my nose off for a few hours this evening to let my nose breath, but then I started getting some drip action going on so I suited up again (I actually had a minor cold when I went in for my surgery... I think it's the mucous backed up from that, the blood has pretty much stopped now.) Any who...I'll keep you all posted on how my unveiling goes tomorrow!

So my cast just came off and I'M LOVING IT...

So my cast just came off and I'M LOVING IT ALREADY!!!! I know its swollen and will continue to swell due to the fact that the cast if off now, but I'm so happy! They did such an amazing job, it's everything I wanted & more! I can't wait to see the final result, but I will because good things come to those who wait! ;) (not that I have much of a choice anyway!) :-)
Now I'm going to try to keep the swelling down the a minimum by lightly icing the areas, taking my arnica, drinking the pineapple juice, and loving life! weeeeeeeeeee! I'll post pics soon!

So today my P.S took my cast off (as you could...

So today my P.S took my cast off (as you could tell in my previous post), I'm thrilled. The removal of the cast was painless, overall it has been a pretty painless experience (not so pretty appearance wise though!). I'm 4 days post op and yet to experience any major pain, the only time I really felt any real pain was immediately after the surgery...the nurse gave me 2 T3's and 30 minutes + beyond that has been a breeze. The swelling on the other hand is another thing all together....I really didn't expect myself to balloon up as much as I did, I know it sounds silly but I'm pretty resilient. I believe the hemorrhaging in both my eyes were actually caused by the INTENSE swelling that I experienced (I'm talking practically swollen shut, defiantly resembled a Star Trek character at one point). I'm a pretty quick healer, today is day 4 and most of the swelling has subsided. I was able to cover most of my bruising (which is fading ever so quickly) wear makeup and went to see Django Unchained (Great movie BTW). The only thing that is really bothering me at this point is my blood shot eyes (I wore sunglasses out), but that will heal on its own in the next 1 or 2 weeks. I'm expecting some residual swelling to appear tomorrow due to the fact that tonight will be the first sleep post cast removal. Also, I had my stitches placed at the bottom of my nose and they are fading quite nice already! All in all things are going great and I can't wait to see how it heals this next year!

Day 5 So today is post op day 5 and the morning...

Day 5
So today is post op day 5 and the morning after my cast removal. I'm pleasantly surprised with my swelling, I was expecting the worst! The swelling isn't too bad.., and if it's only going to get better through the year, I'm a very happy camper! Also my right eye is beginning to get a big better (regarding the redness in my eyeball). I'm continuing to ice, clean my nose w/ saline rinse & spray, and relax!
:) :)

Day 5 - NEW PICS

Day 5 - NEW PICS

20 DAYS POST OP*** So my eyes have healed!...

So my eyes have healed! YAYYYY, no more vampire eyes!
So I've discovered the angle and side that is less flattering, looking at my nose from the left side is definitely the loosing angle. I find I can notice a tiny bump on that side, however I think it might be caused my swelling on the sides of my nose (I've come to this conclusion because when I lightly push the side down I no longer see it) Or maybe I'm just going mad? :)
Any who, all in all it's a 100% better & only been 20 days so I can't really complain.
....But I do want the tip to thin out more (as I'm sure we all do) I here that takes the longest to come down :-/
I hope everyone is having a healthy healing process as well!
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