Day 5 Post Op--is This Amount of Swelling Normal??? - Toronto, ON

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This is my 2nd revision. After my 2nd revision I...

This is my 2nd revision. After my 2nd revision I had major tip cartilage damage and it just got worse and worse over time. So after considering it for years and researching surgeons I decided to go ahead and do what I want to be my final nose surgery. The Dr said he had to do a lot of work because things were quite messed up. He showed me a picture of my tip cartilage and it was so twisted! He also told me he had to break the bones in my bridge to straighten them out (???) I didn't even know it wasn't straight! Anyways, the cast came off yesterday and I have to admit I'm shocked and how swollen my nose is! It feels very odd too because it doesn't feel like it's my nose--as in, it feels like it's not really attached to my face! I am told this is all to be expected and part of the healing process. But please, for those that have been there before, I just need to know it gets better! Am I overreacting to the swelling?? What about the broken bones?? He explained they are floating right now and will heal and fuse about 2 weeks after surgery. He instructed me to do compressions to help them heal and to reduce swelling. Can any of you share your tips on doing this? It feels like I'm going to puke every time I have to do it cause it just feels weird. Thanks in advance :)


My original post should have said "after my 1st revision"! This is my 3rd surgery overall (2nd revision).

At the airport and feel so awkward!!

I'm travelling back home today after spending a week recovering post surgery. My nose is swollen and huge and wide. I hid the slight yellow bruises with make up but I feel like I'm walking around wearing a sign that says freak show right here! It still feels like my nose isn't attached to me--side effect of the nerves being cut, but it just makes it extra weird to be around other people! I hope I can sleep on the plane! And I'm wearing a mask on the plane so I feel a different kind of self conscious LOL! I just want to keep germs away!

2 weeks post op

I feel like my nose has been through so many phases. There are time when I hate it and others when I think I can see the improvements and other times when I love it! Yesterday I bopped myself (gently, but it still hurt!) on the tip and got so upset--but spoke to my Drs office and she said not to worry about it. I think one side is more swollen than the other. The tip is still very swollen, tight, and hard. But the bridge is making dramatic improvement in the swelling department.

My Dr took a pic of me on the OR, still under, but I decided to share it. I look at it when I need to remind myself to be patient with the swelling.

Sometimes when I'm feeling a little blue, I look at the before and after and think it looks like nothing was done! But them I remind us elf I wasn't looking for a completely major new nose. I wanted my nose to look similar but just to fix the cartilage bump on the tip and for it to be de projected slightly. I think he accomplished that nicely :-)
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