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So I have always been big busted. As soon as I...

So I have always been big busted. As soon as I started expanding in the chest it was instant. All of a sudden I was a DD.
My childhood was always active, swimming, running, climbing, exploring. However, as soon as I started to expand in the bust, I stopped being active for fear of embarrassment.
Wen I had my first child at 22, I ended up being a 16E. My second child 3 years later- 14F. And my third child is currently 15weeks and I'm a 14G (although popping out).
Although I breast fed for no longer than 6months all up, my breasts never went back to their original size.

So here I am, at the age of 27, 78kg, 5"6' and due to have something that I have wanted from about 17years old- breast reduction ????

I saw my plastic surgeon on 7th July who explained the procedure and told me details of my case. Hoping to become a size C to a full D, remove approximately 1kg from each breast and nipples moved up 12cm! Holy crap!

Bring on surgery day - October 8.


I thought I better post a few pics so u know what position I'm currently in.
My left breast is a comfortable F and my right is G/H. This has been a problem since first developing through puberty.

Last chance to back out.

As of midnight tonight, no chance to back out unless I want to loose the surgeon and anethatest costs. Not that I'd actually pull the pin, of course! This has been a looooong time coming and as much as I'm really scared at the start of so many experiences and adventures, I'm super anxious about leaving the old me behind.

I thought I'd try on my surgical bra, 42D, which converts to a 20C in Australian sizing. I'm not sure why a 20 considering I wear a 14-16 bra at the moment :/ none the less, I was falling out of it. Can't believe that in only 14 days I will have small tiny boobs!

14 DAYS!!!! OMG!!!

Old Pictures

Thought I'd post 2 pictures to show how big my chest is/was before I have my surgery :)
These r both before having children and at the age if 19.
Needless to say, I hate photos bcoz of how if my chest is. I really didn't like my wedding dress, it was merely the only one suitable at hiding such large boobs.
10 days to go!

Positives to keep reminding myself ??

With 4 days to go, my dreams are getting pretty scary. So far iv dreamt- I wake up from surgery with NO NIPPLES, I wake up with BIGGER boobs, I wake up NO BOOBS at all.

Today was the daunting, slap in ir face this is happening day. We left home to drive my eldest 2 kids 8hrs away to my mums house as she is watching them for 2weeks, from there we will travel back 5hrs to where the surgery is taking place. Never thought this day would come. So with today being a 'holy shit this is actually happening' moment, I need a few reminders of the positives in doing this.
- no more underwear digging into my under arm.
- no more tucking my bigger boob into my bra cause it's fallen out.
- exercising comfortably.
- easier bra shopping.
- boobs riding up and almost suffocating me if asleep with a bra on.
- side boob when sleeping.
- having to hold my breasts when being intimate with my husband as they roll so far over to the side.
- never feeling comfortable in lingerie as they dnt make them in my size.
- having to buy a size 20 shirt just for it to look decent around my chest even though it swims on my 14/16 waist.
- more age appropriate clothing.
- cheaper bras instead of $80p/bra.
- shoulder and neck aches gone.

So while I'm looking forward to the above things, as much as I love my children, I think I'm more excited about a 2w break from them lol

3(ish) hours to go and freaking out!

Iv got to be at the hospital at 12 midday n it's currently 9am. Surprisingly I slept well n have had a restful night apart from my 4m old cracking it, thanks to 2 Valium prior to bed lol
Anxiety is pretty calm this morning, considering. Dr said I'm not allowed to take my anxiety meds this morning (I only ever take wen needed anyways) which sucks could I really could have used one just to take the edge off this morning.
Yesterday, dumb ass me, read 3 bad reviews of dr turner (although all 3 related only to lipo) so had a slight freak out and then as I was falling asleep I remembered that wen I was at his rooms for a consult a lady had just walked out of her appt after having an eye lift n she looked fantastic so I'm trying to use that to calm my nerves but..... What if he fucks it up? What if he ruins my chest more than they r? What if he does if n I have 1 nipple pointing down and 1 nipple pointing up?! Lol
Arrrrgh guess well wait n see :)

Goodbye huge, uncomfortable, lumpy, saggy, confidence debilitating boobs! Good riddance!

Waiting waiting waiting

Currently sitting in my private room over looking the beautiful lake at Toronto in Newcastle. Seeing in Australia our healthcare is free, being in a private hospital is like woah! It's flash lol
All ready to go, in a hospital gown, just waiting for surgeon to come and draw me up then we r off :)


Sore n swollen but absolutely in love with them! Will update with how it's all gone once I'm wide awake n feeling good xx

Sore but love them!

I went down to theatre at 1.30, got drawn on at about 1.50 n at 2 I was out to it. Anethatist asked what my favorite alcohol drink was, I said baileys, and he said in about 30-45 seconds ull start to feel like uv had a few glasses, started to feel quiet tipsy n then I was out like a light.
Woke up in my room at 7.15 with endone for a burning type pain. I have a rather high pain tolerance so only rated my pain about a 3.
My back muscles are the ones that hurt the most.

Last night when I got up to go to the bathroom I got to see my chest with a bra on and had a little tear. They looked great. Also nearly fell over with the new weight distribution.

Plastic surgeon came in to see me this morning on his rounds n took the bra off. He said 900g was taken from the larger breast and 500g from the smaller. I can shower with my back to the water for first 4days and then as normal.
Follow up appt with him in 7days.

3days post op

I love them more n more each day :)
My back muscles r slowly easing off. They were incredibly sore, obviously from the tension release of no longer having such a weight strapped to my chest!
Ice is my best friend at the moment. My breasts n the sides feel as if I need that breast feeding release.... Full n achy. As soon as I apply the ice packs, they soften n become more bearable.

Exhausted from doing nothing but I'm lapping up luxury of chilling. I want the best results possible so I'm doing everything possible to ensure I get that.
Finally had cuddles with my 4month old son this morning which Iv greatly missed.
Have halved my endone dose so hopefully I'll only be on panadol soon :)

1w PO check all good :)

Had my 1w check, all is fine!

I feel FANTASTIC!!! I feel AMAZING!!!

The only thing bothering me is the tape. As it's wearing away it's catching on my hairs and making me itch.
Havnt seen what my scars look like obviously, but I still LOVE my new boobs!!

I have found a new addiction in clothes shopping! They fit great!

2w Post Op

Can't believe I'm almost 2w PO, it's gone so quickly.

PS said that at 2w, I could start wearing a soft bra, it's basically one of those 'ahhh bras' but a pretty version. I almost feel robbed that it's not a huge, big bulky one. It's soft and doesn't hurt my shoulders, feels like im naked. It's quiet bizarre.

My kids came home 3days ago and iv been cuddling and picking them up without any problems.
Hubby went back to work yesterday and I had no problems caring for the kids by myself.

I went to target this morning and there was a 'measure yourself' tape, I followed the instructions for the bust and it said 20!!! WTF?!?!
Does anyone know how that works? I wear a size 14-16 clothes. Kind of confused.

Contacted the surgeon yesterday regarding a cracked nipple of sorts, he said to use sorbolene cream and it should heal. Thankfully within a day of use, it's healing already.


The full reveal - FINALLY!

On Friday the tape was really irritating my skin, emailed the plastic surgeon at 4.45pm and he emailed me back at 4.55pm, 10mins later. I was shocked he emailed back so quick).
He advised to remove the tape that is causing irritation slowly, it can cause contact dermatitis, and to put hydrozole cream on the irritated area. It was pretty much bliss as soon as those pieces were removed.
Slowly over the weekend I removed the tape.... Until Sunday evening I went to remove the last piece at the T junction and as I opened it, it was gooey and slimy and runny. So I put the tape back on and left it. I emailed the surgeon at 10pm on Sunday night and he replied at 5.30am the next morning (I REALLY REALLY am so thankful That he replies to emails). Advised me to remove the tape as it's most likely blood and discharge since surgery and not what I thought- my breast falling apart! (Dnt laugh, lol, it is a real fear of mine)
So I got the courage to remove the last of the tape and valour!!!
A slight dog ear on the right inside but otherwise I just love them!

They say money can't buy happiness---- Pssssh yes it can! I'm over the moon!


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