Fat Grafting- Is It Permanent? - Toronto, ON

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I'm a 50 year old male and have lost some fat...

I'm a 50 year old male and have lost some fat under my eyes and cheeks from aging and I have a bit of a tired look. My nose has become more noticeable as a result, which has always been on the big size. I'm hoping that getting the procedure will make me more youthful and my nose less noticeable. I also thought of getting rhinoplasty at the same time. Just for the moment though, I am interested in the fat-grafting procedure and I'm hoping someone can help me with this question. I am slated for surgery to transfer fat from my abdomen to my cheeks. Is this a permanent procedure, or am I just getting on the hamster wheel and will require "top-ups' throughout my life? Also, I am at my ideal weight, so weight loss will be just with aging.
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