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I lost 175 pounds in 11.5 months, and reaching...

I lost 175 pounds in 11.5 months, and reaching goal weight in May 2015, I proceeded with two skin removal surgeries. First one was August 2015 - tummy tuck and breast implants; second one was February 2016 - butt lift and arms; so to know my third surgery (legs and thighs) is less than six weeks away, I am really excited. I have dreamed for years about figuring out obesity and love my new body and new life. I am from Canada and Dr. Jamil Ahmad in Mississauga, Ontario is my surgeon; I think I have found the very best surgeon that exists. He is extremely caring and incredibly precise in ensuring the best possible results. I have had amazing healing results, zero complications with incisions; just feeling so very fortunate to have found such a great surgeon ` the surgeries look and feel amazing. I am interested to learn how much weight loss others have experienced in the Thigh Lift / Leg skin removal procedure. I recently have found this website and really enjoy reading everyone's write-ups. Thank you.

Day 6 Post: Thigh Lift / BBL

Surgery August 22, 2016 - amazing. I have taken only 3 Tylenol pills for pain the first couple days, but other than that I just haven't experienced pain. I have about 140 staples which I get out tomorrow (day 7).

Hardest part has been not being able to sit due to BBL; however, I cut out a big hole in my zero gravity chair and that saves me by allowing me to sit and hang backside out the bottom. Dr. Ahmad lipo'ed 1.1 liters of fat from each leg , all I can saw is wow! My legs have never looked so amazing! He is an incredible surgeon, I would never give a seconds thought to anyone but him. This is my third surgery (tummy, breasts, arms, thigh, legs, butt) and each experience has been the same.

Another must is my Shewee. It's been a lifesaver from having to otherwise sit to use washroom.

I'll post a few of my photos. Love my new life (after 175 lbs weight loss naturally through diet and exercise) and now my skin removal surgeries complete.

PS - having trouble adding photos. When I get it figured out, I'll get them added in.
Toronto Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Ahmad is amazing; Prior to deciding on a surgeon, I had other consultations with others offices - and during first meetings he stood out WAY above the others. His mannerism, his calmness, his sharing of his expertise, his talk about patient safety ... he was amazing. Two surgeries later (over the past year) and one last one in just five weeks ... I know first hand that I have found the most amazing plastic surgeon ever. I am forever grateful to Dr. Ahmad and his clinic team. After losing 175 lbs and being 60 years old - I am forever appreciative of the beautiful body they have given me.

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