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Hello!,just like almost everyone one since I was...

Hello!,just like almost everyone one since I was 13 but I had strong confidence so I could put on lots of makeup and hide it or feel confident enough to not care. I had good friends and boyriends everything was great! Til I got in a bike accident AND a car accident. The bike i was 15 and it only shifted cartilage on my left side of my nose so it wasn't that bad. When I was 18 I couldn't even notice it I put on makeup and felt pretty, even without it sometimes. I hated photos tho and always had to take them at certain angles or lighting. That was ok tho i was still confident.

At 18 I got in a car accident. My septum shifted a bit to the right and is so longer straight. Remember how i told you about the cartilage on the left side moved, well that was still there just now the cartilage on thr right side moved but instead of up it moved more in the middle creating a small bump making it appear longer in some angles but the bump u can always see. So now for the past 4 years I've had a nose with a shifted septum and messed up cartilage on both sides. After the car accident i was actually ok with it. But I got in a abusive relationship and my confidence has been gone for the past 2 years and I'm only starting to gain it back now. My nose is the one thing i feel would make me totally feel new and fresh again because the accidents were a part of my past. I'm in school so I'm putting away a couple grand from them and any grants, government cheques, will be going into a savings account for this. I'm also gonna quit smoking to help me save! My mom said once I'm at $3500 she will co-sign! I'm just a little worried , like what if I can't get a better job to pay off the rest ? But I'm sure my new found confidence would help me land one no problem!!;) any thoughts and experiences? What do ypu think i need to get fixed exactly? Thanks !!

Finally got a couple pics up- as you can see the...

Finally got a couple pics up- as you can see the uneven bridge makes my nose stick out and it just looks to masculine. What do you think? The bump wasn't there and it was symmetrical before, it really sucks.

Just realized I made some typos when I started...

just realized I made some typos when I started this review*, I meant to say Just like almost everyone since I was 13 I have hated my nose lol but I also may add I have noticed it since I was like 10 :(. lol
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