Upper and Lower Jaw Surgery - Toronto, ON

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Hello everyone I am new to this site. On January 9...

Hello everyone I am new to this site. On January 9 2013 I had what is known as a "lefort 1 osteotomy; bilateral Sagital split ramus osteotomy, genioplasty; left mandibular custom inlay implant" (phew! I hope I got that right!). In a nutshell I had jaw asymmetry, had both upper and lower jaws done, an adjustment done to my chin since it was shifting more towards the right, and also a titanium implant that was put in my left jaw to even out my asymmetry. I'm now one month post-op and pretty much the majority of pain is gone except for in my chin and lower lip. It's pain but also a weird numbing/burning sensation (on my lower lip that is.) A lot of the swelling has gone down also. I just can't believe how straight I look in the mirror and my bite is dead on! I just hope things will continue to get better as the days go by. Thanks for reading.

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