My Tattoo Removal - 13 treatments so far!

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Immediately after getting my tattoo and taking the...

Immediately after getting my tattoo and taking the bandage off I knew I hated it and it wasn't me. I didn't rush out and get it. I thought about it for a long time. But unfortunately I didn't end up loving it the way I thought I would. It's been almost a year and a half since I got it. I immediately started looking into removal options and went for a few consultations. I started removal only a few months after getting it.

I have now had 6 removal sessions. The first 5 were done with the medlite C6 laser. For my 6th treatment I switched to a new removal place because they have the new TATTX laser. I was started at a very low setting there since all my other sessions were at a different clinic and they didn't know how my skin was going to react. I have not noticed a difference since that treatment but I'm hoping when I go for my next session and the laser gets turned up I'll notice more fading. I really hope I can get rid of this thing, and without scarring. There are only a couple people who even know I have it and I hate the thought of anyone else seeing it. I dread summer because it's not exactly in a easy spot to hide.

I wanted to post a review because when I was looking for options I couldn't find many reviews from actual people undergoing removal.

I have a few photos I am going to try and post but I'm not sure of the exact date of them or what treatment it was. I don't have any recent ones since my sixth but nothing noticable has changed.

I went for my my 8th treatment yesterday. (3rd...

I went for my my 8th treatment yesterday. (3rd treatment with the Tattx laser). The laser was turned up to the highest setting and it hurt so bad! (They don't use numbing cream there - just cold air and ice packs for a couple minutes before). Immediately after the treatment my back felt super hot and sore but that didn't last for too long. Today it is just a little tender and very red.

I asked them to send my pictures to me so that I can post on here for everyone to see but I haven't received them yet. For now I tried taking a picture myself to show it but I apologize for the crappy quality! lol The picture definetly doesn't show how red it really is.

The tattoo is definetly lighter then before I started treatments but at the same time I was hoping for better results by now :(. The lady doing my treatment said she thought maybe 3 more sessions but said its hard to tell. I was told I would probably only need 3 or 4 treatments when I went for my Tattx consulation and it's already been 3! Hoping since they laser was turned all the way up this time I see greater fading (and no scarring).

I have also noticed this time that the spots with...

I have also noticed this time that the spots with lots of shading still left look sort of white / grey - I am hoping this isn't the start of scarring / hypopigmentation :S. Does anyone else experience this right after a treatment?

Had my 9th treatment yesterday

I had my 9th treatment yesterday. Ever since I started going to the new clinic I have had the same girl doing my treatments. When I went in yesterday I had somebody new doing them since the other one doesn't work there anyone. She asked how I felt about my fading and I mentioned I haven't noticed much of a change since switching to that laser. She said "Okay, well we can turn the laser up." The problem is the other girl doing my treatments has been telling me she was using the laser on a high setting. (The laser goes up to ten and she told me I was being treated on the highest setting.) When she said she could turn it up I mentioned that I was told it was already up as high as it would go and she said No, that I was being treated at 5. So she set it at 6.5 yesterday.
I'm not really sure which one of the technicians to believe lol. I felt like this session hurt a lot less and my skin looks a lot less damaged. If I was really only being treated at a 5 and she turned it I was expecting it to hurt more and looks a lot worse. I guess I will have to wait and see if I notice anymore fading. I am going to try and update a photo taken right after treatment yesterday.

9th treatment

I thought I would mention the white lines drawn on my back in case anyone is wondering. She said she was going to draw those and use them as a guide to make sure she didn't miss any spots.


The clinic finally sent me the photos of my treatments. I have had four treatments total there and looking at the pictures I really do not notice a different from the first one until now. Very discouraging :(

Finally scheduled my 10th session!

Well it has been about 6 months since I have posted so I figured I should post an update. I have posted a recent picture. Keep in mind that the picture makes the tattoo look more faded then it actually is. I also made a side by side comparison of before any treatments and the most recent picture. I haven't had any more treatments since my last one in July but I have finally scheduled one for a couple weeks from now. I was hoping if I took a break I would notice a lot more fading. I'm hoping this next treatment will make a big difference. Has anyone else taken a long break from treatments? Did you notice better fading on your next laser session after taking a break?
Such a long process but hoping it is worth it in the end. :( Still a long ways to go and hoping a full removal is possible.

10th treatment

I went in for my 10th session yesterday. It was quite painful. The clinic I go to doesn't use numbing cream - only ice packs. But they left the ice packs on a little longer then usual yesterday so I think that helped a bit. My back is quite red today. The area is quite raised and it looks like I have some small blisters. I do notice some spots that are looking grey/white. Not sure if this is just reaction from the laser being turned up or if this is a sign of scarring. I hope not. They said last time I was treated at 6.5 - Yesterday they turned it up to 8.5. I have posted a photo taken about 24hrs after the treatment. All the ointment makes it kind of hard to see. I asked the clinic to send me my before and immediately after picture so when I get those I will post them.

Quick Update!

Not much to update on right now. I haven't had any additional treatments since middle of February. I haven't noticed too much fading since then either. It's hard to tell though just looking at my back. I usually notice it more when comparing pictures so hopefully after my next session I will have to pictures to post.

I think I am going to go for another session within the next month and then maybe take the summer off and maybe go tanning to help fade it a bit. I'm hoping if I am tanned the tattoo with not be so noticeable and maybe blend in more with my skin. It's so hard to hide it during summer and hard to find clothes that cover. Any thoughts on this? Will tanning make a tattoo more or less noticeable? Hope everyone is doing well and having luck with removal! :)

Treatment 11

Just giving everyone an update! I went in for my 11th treatment today and the technician said she turned the laser up even more. She also did 2 passes on the very top of the tattoo that sticks out of my clothes. Normally I am worried after each session about how bad it looks and freak out a bit thinking it looks horrible and like I am going to scar... I just finished taking off the bandages and I have to say today is the most worried I have been. The whole thing is quite red, raised, and scabbed over. It is the two outer flowers that are worrying me the most. I have never bled this much after a treatment and the two outer ones look like open wounds. Hopefully this is normal and everything heals okay. I never received pictures from the clinic from my last session so I asked again today for them to send them to me so when they do I will post those as well. I think this is going to be my last treatment for a while until fall and I will just let it heal. This picture was taken right after removing the bandage (about 8 hours after treatment).

5 days after treatment 11

Still quite a few scabs and raised areas but it's looking better. Hopefully everything heals well with no scarring. Here is another picture.

2 weeks after treatment 11

Just thought I would post a picture to update everyone. Keep in mind the picture shows it more faded then it actually is. I definitely have some more scarring after this treatment. I also have quite a few spots where the white ink has oxidized and looks grey/green. Hopefully that fades within time. Does anyone know how long I should wait after treatments before allowing myself to get any sun? I'm afraid if I am out in the sun too early I might risk scarring or pigmentation problems even more. Also what has everyone experienced with tanning and their tattoo? I thought getting a tan may help to hide it a bit for the summer (it shows out of my tops sometimes) but one of the technicians said having a tan may make the tattoo more visible/ darker. Thoughts?

Side by side after treatments 9 & 11

treatment 12 finished

I went for treatment 12 this past Saturday. I waited almost 6 months between my last treatment and this one. The technician only treated the darkest parts of the tattoo. She said I should let the rest of the fading happen as naturally as possible to avoid further scarring. The laser was turned up again this time and I am now being treated on the highest setting which is 12.5. The sound of the laser hitting the ink was so loud this time it was hurting my ears. There is still more ink left than the pictures are showing but it has definitely faded quite a bit in the last 6 months. I am also quite worried because even in spots where the ink is almost gone I can still see the shape of the tattoo because my skin is raised. It looks like I have scars in the shape of my tattoo. I plan to give my skin another 6 months or so before I go for another treatment and hopefully the scarring will go down. Hopefully a lot more fading will happen during that time. Such a long process but I am getting closer and hoping it can be fully removed. I will try to attach a few pictures.

another update

My skin is all healed so I just thought I would post some more pictures. I think it has been about 3 weeks since my last treatment. It is hard to capture in a picture how much ink is really left. I haven't noticed much fading since my last treatment but it is still early and I am going to give my skin a long break before I go for another treatment. Some of the darkest spots that are left are from where I had white ink which oxidized. I even have one spot that turned green. Hopefully that goes away within time. I have been using Endocare Lotion is the morning and Palmers Coco Butter skin therapy oil in hopes of helping with some of the scarring.

Hi everyone! Just thought I would post a quick update! :)

I just thought I would check in and give a quick update since it has been a while. I haven't had any more treatments since October. I have decided to give my skin a nice long break in hopes of letting it fade some more on his own. I have noticed a bit more fading since my last treatment but there is definitely still some ink left. Unfortunately the tattoo is still fully visible (probably more so to me since I know what I'm looking for) due to the scarred raised outline. I definitely think the scarring is from getting the tattoo in the first place. Hopefully one day I'll be able to find something to fix that. I tried taking pictures to show my progress but at this point it is hard to get a good picture to show what my skin really looks like. The ink is very faint now but I think I still have a long ways to go before it's all gone. Looking back at pictures it's hard to believe it was once so dark! It has been a long process! Hope everyone is doing well and thanks to everyone for all the kind words! So glad to have found this site :)


I just thought I would check in and give another update. I haven't been posting much because I haven't had any additional treatments. My last one was last October I believe. There is still some ink left which I'm hoping will fade on its own. What worries me the most is still the scarring. I seem to have a raised outline in most areas and it almost looks like where it isn't raised I have a white scars in the shape of the outline. I have tried taking pictures to post but it really doesn't show the scarring or what my skin actually looks like. I was out in the sun a bit a couple weeks ago because I wanted to see if it would be less noticeable with a bit of a tan, but the outline actually turned red and quite noticeable so I'm pretty worried about that. I'm now using Shea butter on my skin every night because that was recommended to me for scars. It has only been a month or so but I haven't noticed any improvement yet. I'm amazed when I look back at my pictures and see what I used to have but unfortunately I am still stuck hiding my back! If anyone can recommend good products for scars or if anyone has had experience with treatments such as fraxel left me know! Hope everyone is doing well!

Treatment 13!

I went for treatment 13 yesterday! It's been quite a while since I posted and even longer since I've had a treatment. I decided to give my skin lots of time to heal and hopefully fade on its own. The last time I had a treatment was October of 2014. I still had quite a few spots where I could see ink and also a couple spots that had turned green where the white ink oxidized from removal. Hoping those can be removed. The technician doing it said she couldn't even really find the spots but I can definitely see them. I don't think she treated them all but hopefully enough that it's going to get rid of most of this. I'm planning on giving my skin quite a bit of time to heal and fade after this and maybe finally get a little bit of sun this summer! ???? I think in the fall I will look into some treatments for all the scarring I have. The technician I had yesterday suggested Intracel Micro-needling. Has anyone here ever tried it before and had good results? I'm interested in your feedback good or bad! Hope everyone is doing well!
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