2nd Treatment in 1 Year - Toronto, ON

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Procedure Day I had my 2nd Fractional CO2...

Procedure Day I had my 2nd Fractional CO2 treatment today, 10 months after my first treatment. So far so good, but this time less bleeding. I wil be posting before/after photos in a few days. The first treatment was great, looking forward to the results this time around.

Start of day 1: today it's a lot more obvious...

Start of day 1: today it's a lot more obvious that I had a treatment but the pain has subsided and the redness and swelling has increased.

Day 2: Skin still swollen, red but turning...

Day 2: Skin still swollen, red but turning darker, starting to itch. Showering regularly, and washing with spectrogel.

Day 3: Skin is starting to rub off when occlusive ointment applied. I seem to recall this happening last time around the end of Day 3 - everything seems to be healing faster. Still very itchy and red/dark.

Day 4: A lot of the dead skin has come off, it doesn't peel just seems to come off when I wash it I guess or when I put on the occlusive ointment. Face looks almost back to normal but forehead still very dark and hasn't peeled completely yet, so keeping the occlusive ointment on. Still very sun tanned looking. I tried to not reapply the occlusive ointment around 4pm onwards but skin now feels just very dry, so I have reapplied but I think I should be ok to return to work tomorrow.

Overall, I'm surprised at how more smooth the healing has been this time around. I think the treatment was equally aggressive but maybe it wasn't such a shock to my skin like last time. I still expect dramatic results but I experienced less discomfort, and I healed faster. Tomorrow I return to work, will let you know how I feel after using my regular skin care regimen and with makeup. This week I will be shopping for a good BB Cream and a sunhat to preserve the results.
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