Chin and Buffalo Hump Liposuction 07/2012 - Toronto, ON

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Hi all, I had liposuction of my chin and buffalo...

Hi all, I had liposuction of my chin and buffalo hump yesterday afternoon so i thought id post on the procedure and recovery.
reading these posts have really helped me so i figure id pass it on =)

This is not my first experience with liposuction, i have had my tummy done twice, once as a revision from a different PS; and once in combination with my arms which the current PS also did
anyways, so i roughly knew what to expect.

My PS,anesthesiologist and I discussed my options for anesthesia and we decided that even though the areas are so small, i was still better off with GA because i would be quite uncomfortable doing my chin and then having be flipped onto my stomach to do the buffalo hump which is...WAS...=) located on my upper back, right on the spine.

The pain on my neck was intense when i woke up, very stingy and lots of burning but that went away within an hour in the post op room. Chin didn;t hurt at all, just felt tight from the bandage!
I went home and immediately checked my smile which was perfect! no nerve damage what so ever, i can frown smile and even move my teeth and jaw back and forth without any discomfort

The chin is swollen and sore to the touch, but this is to be expected and id say is uncomfortable, not even painful
the bruising is minimal

I plan to massage with arnica and keep this head gear on as long as possible! i have not seen the results under the bandages but my boyfriend says even through the head garment he can see a big difference in my side profile, and the hump i can feel and have been told is FLAT.
Ive had the hump since around 8 yrs old, and delt with so much ridicule being called a hunchback and having people randomly say "whats wrong with your neck?" but the worst was the pain it gave me and how my bikini tops would cut into it, and at the gym pulling down the bar to work out the back? omg it would hit it every time! id give myself bruises if i wasnt paying attention.
and now its GONE!!

the price was 2500, and then we added 1000$ for the GA however, my PS, the amazing person that he is did not charge me for the hump =) he is so great. such an amazing PS here in Toronto

sorry for the longest post in real self history! ill post much shorter ones during my recovery and will get pictures asap


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