Lift and Augmentation - 20 Weeks Post Op

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*Treatment results may vary's been some time that I have been on this...'s been some time that I have been on this site reading about everyones experiences. Now it's my turn. I waited till last minute to post this, it is now 12:44 am and I am up trying to finish chores before getting to my surgeon at 7 am this morning. I am quite nervous, as you can see I can't sleep... lost my appetite and I am watching the minutes pass. I am nervous and excited at the same time.

In a few hours my saggy boobs will be history. Ever since puberty, I questioned the shape of my breasts, they never looked like the other girls - even my mom commented one day that she wondered why my breasts were so "flat". I have always wanted to lift them up and now I am going to do it along with 400 cc silicone implants. Wow, I am really going there!

I have read and looked at pictures until I can't look anymore. I know the good and the bad and I enter into this with my eyes wide open. I have one child (12 yrs), I am 39 years old, 5' 8" and about 185 lbs. My breasts are quite droopy and I currently wear 34/36 B or C bras. I figure next year I will be 40, so its now or never time!

Well, I am thinking I should get some sleep now. Got a long day ahead of me and I still have a little laundry to fold. Since I will be home for the next week, my goal is to make daily updates on my progress. Talk to you all soon!

So, I did it. I am now in my recovery room,...

So, I did it. I am now in my recovery room, snuggly wrapped up resting comfortably in bed. It seems just like a dream. I arrived at 7:15 am - traffic was a bitch this morning - and being late was not a good combination to my anxiety and nervousness, No worries, once I arrived, the nurse and office manager pleasantly greeted me and helped to calm me down. I gave them my meds and the office manager, who is also an RN went through everything with me and walked me through what was going to happen. She told me to get changed into the gown and let me know the doctor would be right in to make some drawings on my chest.

From there it happened so fast.We confirmed the details and the doctor made his drawings and took some pictures of my breasts. He asked if I had any questions and then led me into the operating room. It was immaculately clean and bright. I was introduced to the anesthesiologist and the same nurse from earlier was there. They asked a few questions, set my IV and kept a light humour in the room before putting me to sleep.

Before I knew it, I was in the recovery room all wrapped up under some heated blankets. I was in and out of consciousness for a bit, and then fully awake. I was given some pain meds and then they brought me a wheelchair and carted me up to my room. The office mamager told me I could call her anytime if I had any questions or problems. She explained the meds to me again, just in case I needed to take them and let me know how smoothly things went. I feel great, no pain really, no nausea, just really tired which is easily remedied in my cozy bed. My mom has been with me every step of the way and is comfortably sleeping beside me right now.

I did have to make a trip to the bathroom and after returning to bed I thought I might throw up, but it was a false alarm. I was able to eat a small bit of chicken & veggies and drink some water and gingerale. The other eventful thing that happened was I noticed a little leakage of fluids from the incisions have soiled the bed a litlle. The RN came down to check and assured me not to worry. She brought extra gauze and a gown for me as well.

My follow-up is scheduled for 830am tomorrow morning. I am looking forward to seeing how I am healing, hearing the doctor' comments and going home. So far this experince has been super positive. I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to actually bring one of my dreams to life.

So today is October 6th and I had my surgery on...

So today is October 6th and I had my surgery on October 3rd. I felt great on Oct 3rd... but the 4th and 5th were kind of rough. I had to take the strong pain meds to sleep in the night on the second and third day and I didn't like the feeling they gave me. Those pills are way to strong!! Today I have not taken anything and I feel great. I am still all bandaged up and I can't wait to see the results. I figure I am healing okay because I can feel tingling happening under the tape.The implants are riding really high! They are all up in my collar bone and I can't wait for them to drop. Actually, I can't wait to see what the incisions look like and how everything is healing. My next appointment is scheduled for Wednesday, exactly one week post op. So, I am adding some photos today to show my progress. Like I said I am looking forward to day 7 when the tape comes off, but so far I think it looks good.

So today...hardly any pain, no meds required and I...

So today...hardly any pain, no meds required and I am still taking it easy. TMI ALERT!! Up until this morning I still had not used the bathroom. I think that is what was making me feel so tired and lethargic. To all those who are going to have surgery under anesthetic, take heed and drink prune juice prior to your procedure. I was warned and I didn't prepare, so last night I had to drink epsoms salts to help push it along. This afternoon I also went to the grocery store to get that prune juice, some bananas and apple sauce. So, TIP# 1 - drink prune juice prior to your procedure and a few days after! I must say I am feeling much better now after the epsoms salts and prune juice. I am feeling more myself, but the constipation took a number on me. Being a large woman, I am trying to eat light, lots of fibre, fresh fruits, and drink lots of water. I am ususally a beast in the gym and this limited activity may make me gain weight - which is something I can't afford. I am looking forward to getting the okay from the doctor to start walking soon. So far, no regrets, feeling good, will update with new pics when I get the bandages off.

So I am updating my status to "YES - it was worth...

So I am updating my status to "YES - it was worth it". It's nine days post-op and I got my tape off yesterday. I was so anxious, but I saw the new girls and they are shaping up fine. Saggy boobies are no more, it so exciting!!

So far I have noticed that the swelling has gone down some, my pain is very minimal and I am beginning to feel more and more back to myself each day. I went back to work yesterday (8 days post-op) and all is well. Other updates include, some itchiness, no bruising, and i have been able to raise my arms up and down not problem (but I am also taking quite easy). I am so excited to see how things progress in the coming weeks. Posting some new pics today.

So I am so excited. I looked in the mirror and for...

So I am so excited. I looked in the mirror and for the first time in my life I feel like I have normal boobies. Yeah, so they are kind of high, but I am still happy and I think I will be more happy when they "drop and fluff". I went to the doctor yesterday and he took the white tape off. I have lolipops incisions so he has covered them again with clear tape now. I was finally able to see my new nipple size yesterday. I will have to get used to the new shape and colour (seems much darker).Its late and I am falling asleep, so I shall update more later. For now, short update and two-week post-op pic

Happy three week anniversary bubbies! It is...

Happy three week anniversary bubbies! It is exactly three weeks since my surgery and I am seeing changes each week. My implants are still quite high, but I can see a difference from last week and they also feel a bit softer. There is no tape on the incisions anymore and I think they are healing quite well. My next appointment is scheduled for next Tuesday, so I plan to talk to the doctor about what type of cream I can put onto the scars as they heal.

So... concerns I have right now include weight gain from not being able to go to the gym and slight back pain from sleeping on my back. As for the weight gain, I need to get back into the gym so I can be in the right state of mind when it comes to eating - thats just how it works for me. So far I am up about 10 lbs since surgery. My clothes fit the same but the scales says something different. URGHHH!!!. So I guess I just need to stay focused and keep trying. I will keep you all updated on the weight gain loss as I make progress. Ultimately my goal is to lose 25 lbs from where I am right now. I hope it does not affect my breast to drastically when I get there (thinking positively).

As for this flat on back sleeping thing... sleeping flat on my back just doesn't work for me. So far I have been propping myself up with pillows each night and every morning I wake up with a slight pain and kink in my back. Oh well, I guess its a small price to pay for perky bubbies and its only temporary, right? But honestly, I can't wait till I am permitted to officially side sleep and stomach sleep. Ciao for now ladies.Talk to all again soon.

Hey ladies, wow 4 weeks already? As far as updates...

Hey ladies, wow 4 weeks already? As far as updates go, there have not been too many changes since week 3. Things I have noticed include less tightness and more softness in the breast eveb though they are still riding high. The swelling has gone down a lot and I think the size will end up just where I need it to be.

I went to see my doctor yesterday and he said I am healing beautifilly. My scars are very flat and I am going to start using Vitamin E on the scars to assist with the healing process. I also received the okay to go to the gym - NO Bouncing of course! I am wearing a band in the night to sleep and I am allowed to do a minimal massage technique he showed me to help push the implants downward in the next few weeks.

The setbacks that I have notices is numbness in each nipple and more numbness in certain areas on the right breast vs. the left. I guess because I am right-handed and I favour my pecs on that side, it is taking longer to heal. I am attaching updates for week three and I am looking forward to them taking shape more and more each day. My next appointment with my surgeon is in 4 weeks.

**Correction** photos attached were for week 4 -...

**Correction** photos attached were for week 4 - sorry I am a bit tired. night.

It's my 6 week anniversary! I am excited that I am...

It's my 6 week anniversary! I am excited that I am just about back to myself and I am happy to see my breast progressing - however slowly. I am a very patient person so the small changes I see each day make me very happy. I have 400 cc silicone implants and they are still very high at the 6 week mark. I do see that they have dropped some and I can also feel that they have move further downwards into the pocket. Each day they start to feel more like my boobs as the majority of the swelling has gone, the tightness has disappeared and they continue to get softer. I have noticed that they are dropping more as I am using a band in the night when I sleep.

The scars around my nipples are basically invisible, but the line going down the front is pretty apparent. It is very smooth and I have been using vitamin E on the insicisions in the mornings and evenings. The incisions have healed very nicely and its just a matter of fading now.

So even though I hate the sports bra, i live in it day and night - I think I am just paranoid that I will have saggy boobs again if I don't wear it, but I will be happy when I can get into a normal bra. New pics are posted. I am looking forward to when they settle a bit more and hopefully start to look more natural.

So I have added new photos, I am now 9 weeks post...

So I have added new photos, I am now 9 weeks post op. I have noticed considerable dropping and I am quite happy about that, but I still have a ways to go. I am pretty happy with the size (I did 400 cc silicone in each) now that the swelling has gone down. At first I was a little scared because they seemed really big, but now that the swelling has subsided, I am a happy camper.

At nine weeks I am pretty much back to myself. I had my first realy gym workout yesterday including weights and 45 minutes of cardio with some light jogging and it felt great! I don't really have any aches and pains anymore. Morning boob and back pain are gone. I also found myself sleeping on my stomach a few days ago and it felt normal. Thank goodness! I plan not to make this a habit, but at least its not painful or uncomfortable.

The books are getting really soft. I play with them and massage them down (as advised by my doctor). I am looking forward to the day when they fill the bottom area of my breast and fall into the pocket like they are supposed to. My doctor said at 3 months they should pretty much be in place.

Overall I am very pleased with my results. I know they are not perfect in some eyes, but they are perfect for me. I am very pleased that they are no longer lying on my torso and I feel like I have normal, womanly, sexy breasts. The scars were a small price for me to pay. I am treating them with lotions and silicone sheets and I am looking forward to them fading over time.

Last week I was able to wear a top that I bought years ago, but was too ashamed because of my sagging breasts. I haven't been measured as yet and I am still in the sports bra, so I am looking forward to my next appointment with my doc in mid January - where I am hoping he will say things have settled nicely and I can start wearing regular bras now.

I would like to say thanks to all the ladies that posted pics and shared their stories. It has been a great journey so far and I am looking forward to the final result. Merry Christmas ladies!

Oh, how the time has passed! It is officially 20...

Oh, how the time has passed! It is officially 20 weeks (about 4 months) since my surgery and all is going quite well. In all honestly, I feel that the implants are still quite high... but I have noticed as time passes that the girls continue to make positive changes.

The major thing that I have noticed is that my nipple sensation has returned! Yay!! :-) My nipples were never that sensitive, but now... Wow! As the feeling has returned, I have noticed they are much more sensitive - I feel like I have heightened feeling. I am very pleased about this because they were very numb for the first 10 to 12 weeks.

Another thing I have noticed, is small pains and odd feelings from time to time in my breasts. I think as the implants settle, my nerves are reacting, hence the sensations. Also, I have no problems sleeping on my side or my stomach - sleepless nights are finally over!!

So, the boobies are very soft. They even jiggle because my previous breast tissue was ample enough to start. The scars are still very visible but like I said before, for me it was a small price to pay to get my sexy back. Posting new picts at the 20 week mark. Still very happy with my decision and I am looking forward to the final result in the coming weeks. I hear it sometimes takes up to 6 months or 1 year. I will keep updating until that time.

Thanks Ladies!! :-)

Okay, I just realized that I am terrible at...

Okay, I just realized that I am terrible at calculations. 20 weeks = a little over 4.5 months. Please excuse (blush).

Its time for a change again

Hi ladies, its been 1 year and 4 months since my lift and augmentation. I have decided that perhaps the implant route was not the right choice for me. I have decided to have them removed and I am scheduled for late June. Its been quite an experience, no issues or problems , just more about self discovery. I may do an explant review, so catch my entries on that section of the site. Thanks for all your support on my first journey and good luck to all of you who are discovering who you are.
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