Thought for a long time it was a lost cause....but I'm very happy now :)

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Well hello:) I'm scheduled for my breast...

Well hello:)

I'm scheduled for my breast enlargement next week... I've been thinking about getting one for I think almost forever...Well, I'm kidding, but my brother used to make fun of me and I've always been very self conscious about the fact that I had almost nothing. Not that it impeded me meeting guys and having boyfriends, but I never felt really comfortable going around in a bikini, underwear or worse, naked, in front of people because of it.

Then I had my daughter and breastfed her. It didn't help my case at all! LOL! Now I feel like I really don't have anything to show! And the worse part is that I got separated over a year and a half ago. I did meet some guys, but I don't especially like getting naked in front of people now because of the way they look.

This is why I decided to have my breast done. It will be 350 cc silicone high profile implants placed under the muscle. I feel like I will maybe feel more like a woman now since I always felt there was a part missing.

One last thing... I'm a bit anxious and very excited because they have moved my date from the 11th of July to the 3rd.... It's coming so fast! LOL! It's a good thing though, it gives me less time to be anxious! hehe:)

I'm hoping this will be a good thing. It will be nice to have a self confidence boost after what I've lived for a year and a half that's for sure!

P.S. My first language is French, so please forgive my mistakes if there are some :)

Hey:) I'm sorry. I had to post new pistures...


I'm sorry. I had to post new pistures because the other ones made me look like I was on the heavier side and it was bugging me...LOL! I'm actually 5 feet and 100 pounds so let's say I didn't like it one bit!

I guess I'm like many...I can only think about the breast augmentation these days...Tuesday can't come soon enough! I know it will hurt, but it will be done!

Good night to everyone!

My operation is in two days and I had to go to the...

My operation is in two days and I had to go to the doc's last week because I had something like strep throat... I'm still a bit under the weather, but I'm on penicillin now. The doc told me it's fine...I just hope everything will go well on Tuesday!

I have to keep myself busy these days because I only think about the surgery. I'm going out with friends tonight...I guess I'll be the DD, I can't drink anyway! LOL!

Have a good day!

The day has arrived.... I don't know anymore if I...

The day has arrived.... I don't know anymore if I feel like I'm crazy for doing this or if I made the right choice... I gu├Ęde the fera of the pain can be worse sometimes than the pain! I'll let you know later! I'll make sure to post pics too! A good day to everyone!

It's all done! Wasn'y so bad after all! M'y pain...

It's all done! Wasn'y so bad after all! M'y pain isn't that bad either! Can't wait to see t hem settled! Thanks girls for the speech recovery wishes! I'll post pics later:)

Hi girls, Today I'm 4 days post op. I can't say...

Hi girls,

Today I'm 4 days post op. I can't say my recovery is hard, it's very manageable. I slept every night and I stopped taking the Tylonel 3s yesterday. My only problem was that I was very constipated, but it's okay now. I,m still a bit bloated though. I started my periods yesterday so i guess that doesn't help! LOL! I know TMI.... ;)

I'm a bit concerned about how my breast looks though... I hope they get better! I've posted some pics so you can see. They look conical and there is a bulge on top of them. I can't say I'm in love with them right's kind of sad...

Hi:) Today I'm 12 days post op and I like my...


Today I'm 12 days post op and I like my new boobies better and better! They still have dropping and fluffing to do but they look more normal now which is good because I was scared at first and I was wondering what I had done... I'm meeting my surgeon on Wednesday and I'll be sure to asl all the questions I have about that though :)

I posted some new pics. Maybe it will give some hope to some woman one day when going through something similar! hehe :) I can say that I look really good in a bikini though ;)

Have a good day!

Hi girls, I saw my surgeon yesterday... My...

Hi girls,

I saw my surgeon yesterday... My right breast is still higher than the left and my natural breast has some problems adjusting to sitting on top of the implants. I had very small saggy breast so now I have some sagging on top of the implants and it seems like I'm getting some snoopy in there...He did mention I might consider another surgery eventually but also told me to wait for 6 moths and see if my breast would simply adjust to the implants so the snoopy could go away on it's own... Let's hope so...I cried just thinking about the possibility of having another surgery... :(

Anway, if anyone is reading this while considering getting a BA, I would ask more questions about my natural breast before the actual surgery. Women that have some constriction or dense breast tissue might get weird results after the BA. Sometimes it goes on it's own, but often a lift or other types of interventions might be needed during the initital surgery or, worse case scenario, in a second surgery. It is true that if you don't have a perfect shape before, the implants won't give you a perfect shape after...

Anyway, wishing a great day to everyone!

Hi, I'm over 6 weeks post op now... and I met...


I'm over 6 weeks post op now... and I met my surgeon on Wednesday. There is still the possibility of another surgery next year... My natural breast doesn't adapt very well, which forms a snoopy, or double bubble if you prefer, above the implant. It's due to sagging of the natural breast and because I have dense breast tissue. My breast does look better and the surgeon still hopes that since it's not VERY noticeable, that it will go on it's own.

I can actually say that if both breasts looked like the left one, I would consider leaving them this way, but my right breast is still tighter and needs to fluff, so the natural breast sags even more over the implant...

I guess I'll have to wait and see:) It's not all that bad though and they look more natural now so at least I don't feel like hiding all the time! I've even ventured into going braless in public! LOL! I never ever did that before:)

I posted new pics :)

Have a good night!

Hi, well it's almost been three months now... I...


well it's almost been three months now... I saw my surgeon again on Wednesday...Now he says we shouldn't touch them again and that I should just live with the way my boobs are. If both were like my left one, I wouldn't mond, but the right one still looks weird...

Someone on this site said that this procedure is not for the faint of heart....I'd agree, the waiting to see what they will really be like is the worse!

Anyway, I've updated with a pic from before and two pics now... I still think that I made the right choice with having the procedure...I just wish they'd look more normal...

Have a good day!

It's been a while since I updated... I can say...

It's been a while since I updated... I can say it's been SO MUCH better since I last updated! My left boob is starting to settle more, and I can say that I can live with now. So I decided that I was not going to have another surgery.

I'm soooo happy about my choice now:) I'm wishing everyone the same outcome!

I forgot to say that I went from a 34 deflated B...

I forgot to say that I went from a 34 deflated B to a 32DD :)

It's been 7 months since my BA... I've been trough...

It's been 7 months since my BA... I've been trough a lot....and looking back at my pics I can say I would be mortified if my breast had stayed the way they were....

The right one is still not perfect, but I still notice changes in it even after all that time :)

If you're reading this after just having your BA done and don't like the results, I'd just say wait and see....They CAN and PROBABLY will get better :)

I attached one pic so you can see....

Wishing a great night to everyone :)
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