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I need to lose about 40 Lbs. before booking a Fat...

I need to lose about 40 Lbs. before booking a Fat Transfer & BBL procedure- I haven't been to a consultation yet but I know enough about health & fitness to realize what needs to be done.
In the past 4 years I've dealt with a considerable weight gain which made no sense to me since I was always pretty active (jogging & weight training.). I assumed it was age creeping up and affecting my body/metabolism. But the tiredness and lack of energy made no sense to me.
Last spring I was informed that I have a thyroid issue and my doctor and a specialist are in disagreement as to whether I have Hashimotos or just an slightly under active thyroid. Now I've done things to improve my health (after doing a lot of research and a whole lot of re-education on nutrition) and I feel I'm at a better place to potentially reverse what's been going on. I realize supplements were needed and have started talking them. I have cut out wheat in fhe past year but nothing has budges except my bloodwork improved. I know a low carbohydrate diet is ideal and have attempted it twice (but summer is hard to do the diet.) in the next week I will prepare my home for my new approach. I have a medical appointment on Tuesday and will make sure I get bloodwork and a check up prior to getting this ball rolling.
The surgery afterwards is the goal to getting back to a better physical health & shape. I miss my old clothes and looking sharp. I always felt a great level of confidence in being physically fit. I want that feeling back!

So I'm day 3 of my low carb diet and I fell off...

So I'm day 3 of my low carb diet and I fell off track. Back up on the saddle. PMS is vicious with my sense of satiation (is that a word? Lol) but patience. I joined an excellent and inspiring fb group that is full of motivation. I know I need to identify my hurdles & traps so they don't become obstacles in my efforts. I figured once I get going on my diet and make some headway that I'll also share a photo journal (of sorts) of my transformation. As far as losing weight - Its not a matter of IF - its a matter of WHEN it happens. So we'll get back up from this trip & fall and start again (I sometimes get this defeatist type of attitude and make myself fall when I only really tripped a slight bit.. So I'll also work on that habit I've allowed myself to create.)

Next week will be different & better! 

Until then... Stay tuned! xo

Lost 9 Lbs so far... 30ish more to go!

So I started and fell off.. Now I've been committed to keeping up with my weight loss journey. I've been doing low carb and I'm down 9 lbs. I am determined to lose 30 more lbs by the end of December.
I've also started working out a bit. Primarily focussing on legs and buttocks (Weighted step ups targeting glutes, squats, and donkey kicks - for those who know the moves.) I aim to start some short interval running too (I used to run daily - even did a few marathons back in the day - Toronto Scotiabank Waterfront Marathon & Íslandsbanka Reykjavíkur Marathon - I did not do full marathons, but still ran a good distance for each and trained hours each day leading up to them - my legs used to be cut too!)
The prospects of this procedure has made me do a re-evaluation or maybe 'reflection' is a better word of the things that I am capable of, or that I have achieved - and instead of feeling like I've failed myself by my present reality - I'm realizing I AM STRONG.
I have accomplished a lot (not just physically challenging things. Even in career) so this hurdle or bump in the road is only temporary. This journey to a procedure is making me have moments of enlightenment. It's bringing me back to who I really am. I can say the weight gain and subsequent feeling of failure, self-deprecating body image and disappointed self-image is not fair to myself. I need to encourage myself to become better.

Used a simulator - just wanted to share my image after using it

Still Fat lol

I have tried so many things. I guess the thyroid stuff is beyond me. Going for another appointment to see what's up with this Hashimotos. I think I weigh more than I ever have... although it's hard to say because PMS is on a whole new level. Like I gain around 8Lbs every time (which is a sign of hormonal imbalances I presume.) I lose it all again. But it's this never ending wave of weigh ups and downs that I'm trying to wade through. I've joined about 3 weight loss groups, added motivating people to my Fitbit... some losses but it creeps right back up.
Tomorrow I'm getting back on the low carb wagon to see if this time it'll work. I do have a bit more energy than before. A very bit.
Ok, over and out until my next post.
(Will try to check in more frequently too.)

Still fat... but healthier!

So during my last medical appointment (last week) I was informed that my Thyroid condition had improved! (I felt like phoning my previous doctor to tell her to 'suck it!' since she told me there was nothing I could do about the Hashimoto's.

Her words: 'why are you bothering cutting out certain foods? This is a condition you will have for life... it will attack your Thyroid, until it destroys it - and you'll be on medication for the rest of you life!' (In a smug, matter-of-fact sort of way.)

Well here I am healthier, and out of the sub-acute risk area - yay!

Now losing weight won't be a volatile yo-yo battle. The nurse told me that the weight should start coming off. *Fingers crossed*

I have been doing intermittent fasting for a while now... going to restart my keto/low-carb diet along with it and get this journey on a roll!
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