Weight Loss Journey Starts Before BBL

I need to lose about 40 Lbs. before booking a Fat...

I need to lose about 40 Lbs. before booking a Fat Transfer & BBL procedure- I haven't been to a consultation yet but I know enough about health & fitness to realize what needs to be done.
In the past 4 years I've dealt with a considerable weight gain which made no sense to me since I was always pretty active (jogging & weight training.). I assumed it was age creeping up and affecting my body/metabolism. But the tiredness and lack of energy made no sense to me.
Last spring I was informed that I have a thyroid issue and my doctor and a specialist are in disagreement as to whether I have Hashimotos or just an slightly under active thyroid. Now I've done things to improve my health (after doing a lot of research and a whole lot of re-education on nutrition) and I feel I'm at a better place to potentially reverse what's been going on. I realize supplements were needed and have started talking them. I have cut out wheat in fhe past year but nothing has budges except my bloodwork improved. I know a low carbohydrate diet is ideal and have attempted it twice (but summer is hard to do the diet.) in the next week I will prepare my home for my new approach. I have a medical appointment on Tuesday and will make sure I get bloodwork and a check up prior to getting this ball rolling.
The surgery afterwards is the goal to getting back to a better physical health & shape. I miss my old clothes and looking sharp. I always felt a great level of confidence in being physically fit. I want that feeling back!

So I'm day 3 of my low carb diet and I fell off...

So I'm day 3 of my low carb diet and I fell off track. Back up on the saddle. PMS is vicious with my sense of satiation (is that a word? Lol) but patience. I joined an excellent and inspiring fb group that is full of motivation. I know I need to identify my hurdles & traps so they don't become obstacles in my efforts. I figured once I get going on my diet and make some headway that I'll also share a photo journal (of sorts) of my transformation. As far as losing weight - Its not a matter of IF - its a matter of WHEN it happens. So we'll get back up from this trip & fall and start again (I sometimes get this defeatist type of attitude and make myself fall when I only really tripped a slight bit.. So I'll also work on that habit I've allowed myself to create.)

Next week will be different & better! 

Until then... Stay tuned! xo

Lost 9 Lbs so far... 30ish more to go!

So I started and fell off.. Now I've been committed to keeping up with my weight loss journey. I've been doing low carb and I'm down 9 lbs. I am determined to lose 30 more lbs by the end of December.
I've also started working out a bit. Primarily focussing on legs and buttocks (Weighted step ups targeting glutes, squats, and donkey kicks - for those who know the moves.) I aim to start some short interval running too (I used to run daily - even did a few marathons back in the day - Toronto Scotiabank Waterfront Marathon & Íslandsbanka Reykjavíkur Marathon - I did not do full marathons, but still ran a good distance for each and trained hours each day leading up to them - my legs used to be cut too!)
The prospects of this procedure has made me do a re-evaluation or maybe 'reflection' is a better word of the things that I am capable of, or that I have achieved - and instead of feeling like I've failed myself by my present reality - I'm realizing I AM STRONG.
I have accomplished a lot (not just physically challenging things. Even in career) so this hurdle or bump in the road is only temporary. This journey to a procedure is making me have moments of enlightenment. It's bringing me back to who I really am. I can say the weight gain and subsequent feeling of failure, self-deprecating body image and disappointed self-image is not fair to myself. I need to encourage myself to become better.

Used a simulator - just wanted to share my image after using it

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